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Wake Up Call

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Seven years ago, if someone had told Amanda Rollins that one day, she’d be sleeping in Dominick Carisi’s arms with her two daughters fast asleep in the room across the hall, she would have told them they were crazy. Why would a man like Sonny want her? He was too good for her, like her dad had said. The only men she’d ever have were her ‘losers,’ because the kind of love, peace, and happiness she felt now wasn’t meant for people like her


But it wasn’t crazy, after all, because here she was now, lying on her side, being spooned by the man who gave her the kind of love she never thought she’d get the chance to have. He had his arm wrapped around her waist, and his face rested in the hollow between her neck and her shoulder. His soft, even snores filled the air, and his breath caused goosebumps to form along the stripe of exposed skin, where his face rested. 


She didn’t move, because she wasn’t ready for him to wake up and let go of her quite yet. Their day would be filled with blood, filth, pain, and countless tears, so she wanted to stay in this bliss for as long as she could. 


The precious bliss lasted thirty more seconds. 


They groaned at the sound of the alarms on their phones, exchanging lazy good morning kisses before turning the incessant beeping off. 


Amanda got up and stretched her arms above her head, then rolled her eyes when she saw that her boyfriend had laid back down on the pillow. 


“You realize you have to be in court at nine-thirty, right? And your boss won’t be as nice to you if you’re late, as Liv would be to me.” 


“I’ll call in sick,” he grumbled. 


“Babe, we haven’t disclosed yet. It’s gonna look bad if we both show up to work late.” Amanda said with a smirk, thinking of what she could say to get through to him. 


“You know, if we share the shower, we’ll save time.” 


“Ok, I’m up!” She giggled as he followed her into the bathroom, a look of pure want in his eyes. In their haste to undress and turn on music to drown out the noise, so the girls wouldn’t overhear, Amanda failed to notice her finger had slipped on the call button of her phone. The water and music successfully blocked out the voice that picked up on the other line, as they got lost in one another. 




“Captain Benson?” Olivia covered her mouth with her hand to suppress her yawn as she answered the phone, not bothering to check the caller ID. “Hello?” She rubbed her eyes, growing irritated when she didn’t hear a response. She wasn’t expected to be at work for another hour. Noah was at a sleepover, and his friend’s mom would be taking him to school, so she wanted to enjoy a quiet morning, and didn’t appreciate being prank called while she tried to sleep in. She pulled the phone away from her ear; her irritation quickly turned into concern when she read the name Amanda Rollins on her screen. “Amanda? Is everything ok? Can you hear  me?” She heard a moan, and her instincts as a captain skyrocketed. “Amanda! Amanda, are you hurt? Do I need to call a bus?” 


She’d been at SVU for twenty-three years and her mind was spinning with the horrific possibilities of why her detective might be calling her, without responding. Another moan filled the air, followed by a light chuckle. 


“Is someone else there with you? Are-” Realization filled her features. Her detective wasn’t in pain, and she wasn’t being attacked-


“Oh God. You feel so good, ‘Manda. I’m close.” 


“Just relax, Sonny. I’ll take care of you.” 




“So much better than coffee.” Olivia heard Amanda’s distinct laugh. 


“Guys?” She made a half-hearted attempt at getting their attention. They hadn’t disclosed it to her yet, but she knew. She’d had a feeling for a while and didn’t want to ruin their moment. They worked a job where they were surrounded by the worst parts of sex; as her own former partner had once said, sex should be one of the best parts of life, not the worst. If her detective wanted a healthy romp in the shower with a man who clearly loved her, before she had to deal with filth and scum all day, Olivia wasn’t going to interrupt it. 


What Chief McGrath didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. 


“You know it’s not fair that you’re the only one that gets breakfast.”  


“You gonna do something about that?” 


Olivia placed her phone on the nightstand, and mentally scolded herself for continuing to listen, but she felt her own body reacting to what she was hearing. It had been a while, a long while, actually, since she’d been comfortable allowing a man to touch her intimately. Her nipples peaked, and wetness pooled between her legs as she heard the ADA tell her detective that he was “definitely gonna do something about it” with a rasp she’d never heard him use before.


She opened her drawer and pulled out one of her quieter vibrators, one of the ones she’d been using more often since Elliot Stabler returned to her life. 


She pulled down her sweatpants and laid down on the bed. 


“Are you getting too old to be on your knees, Counselor?” Amanda snorted when he grunted. 


“I’d still get on my knees for you if I was seventy, Rollins.” 


Olivia slipped a finger inside her folds and suppressed a moan. She tried to imagine what the scrape of Elliot’s beard would feel like on her thighs, on her entrance, as his tongue pushed into her depths the way it seemed Carisi was doing to Amanda. 


She applied generous globs of lubricant, before turning on the device in her hand. Cursing in pain wouldn’t help her accomplish her goal of not being caught listening to her detective be pleasured in the shower. 


She pushed the device inside her slowly, as she heard Amanda tell Carisi to go faster, push deeper, and suck harder . She bit into her pillow to suppress her own moans as she moved the vibrator and applied pressure to her clit, imagining the flat of Elliot’s tongue doing so instead. She moved her other hand to pinch her nipples as she felt herself getting close. 


“Oh shit, I’m close!” 


“Come for me, baby.” 


“We are so getting fired.” She laughed. 


“Was it worth it, though?” 


“Hell yes. Carisi!” 


Olivia whimpered as she heard her detective climax, quickly hanging up before the waves of her own orgasm ripped through her. 


She released a breath, sliding the vibrator back in the drawer and quickly got dressed, choosing an outfit with slightly more color than many of her recent ones. 


Thanks to that little wake-up call, she felt more satisfied than she had in years , and contrary to what they might believe, no one was getting fired today. 




Olivia tried to hide her blush when she saw Amanda in the squadroom. Both women looked relaxed and satisfied. 


“Did you girls have a fun night?” Fin joked.


“Eyes on your paperwork, Sergeant.” Olivia rolled her eyes. “The night wasn’t bad, but the morning was even better, wasn’t it, Amanda?” 


“Huh? I-I mean, sure, I guess.” 


“Especially the shower.” She raised her eyebrows in Amanda’s direction with a small smirk; she then closed the door to her office, laughing under her breath.


She sat down at her desk and pulled out her phone, gnawing at her lip, as she shot off a quick text to Elliot. 


Are you free tonight?


Should be, if we don’t catch a case. 


Can your mom and Eli go to Maureen’s? 


Why, Captain Benson, are you propositioning me? 


My water heater broke. I need to use that shower of yours…