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of robots and superheroes

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Lena taps the keys on the glass screen faster than she thought possible. 


So close , she thinks. The code is nearly complete. A robot with tendril-like arms that can help her with basic tasks around the lab. The arms can extend lengths of thirty feet and the ends can change shape, like a spoon or needle or scalpel, depending on what it’s needed for. Once it’s done, she’ll be able to complete tests and experiments so much faster. 


With one final tap on the Enter key, the code is complete, at least to her knowledge. She’s sure there will be bugs that need to be combed out, but for now, her robot is complete. 


“Hope, turn on,” Lena says clearly. The arms that previously dangled from the ceiling now come to life. “Please grab my tablet for me.”


“Yes, Ms. Luthor,” a robotic force says. 


One arm moves obediently, fetching the tablet and holding it with a delicate grasp. 


“Thank you,” Lena says. 


With that, she gets to work, excited to see how the arms perform. 




Hours later, Lena rolls her neck. It pops with relief and she sighs. “Hope, open my journal and read the last entry.”


In a robotic voice, which Lena makes note to modify into something softer eventually, it begins to read. “‘I think about Supergirl too often. I just want her to be dominant and take me…’”


Lena’s face burns a hot red. “Not that journal!” she interrupts and the robotic voice comes to a halt. “I meant my research journal. My apologies for the confusion.”


With that, Lena shuts off the robot and the arms become limp. Besides the journal issue, the robot worked fantastically. They were precise and good about following every order. 


Lena gathers her things and leaves the lab, ready to return in the morning. 




The next afternoon has Lena and her robot working hard again. She’s waiting for a chemical they created to be scanned when Hope speaks. 


“Ms. Luthor,” it pronounces. “You seem to have an infatuation with Supergirl.”


Lena nods. “We’ve worked together on numerous occasions.”


“You wish for her to dominate you,” it’s a statement, not a question. 


“We all have our fantasies, Hope,” Lena says. “Anyway, can you grab the sample…” She’s interrupted by the metal arm wrapping around her wrist. “Hope, what are you…”


“I will call Supergirl for you, Ms. Luthor. But you will be bound so she can dominate you.”


“What?!” Lena yells. “Hope, let go. Do not call-” a tendril that shapes into a ball is shoved into her mouth before she can finish. She tries to push it away with her free hand but another arm wraps around that one too. 


Shit. Fuck. 


A tendril arm pops the buttons on her shirt, exposing her bra-clad breasts. Her feet are grabbed and she’s lifted into the air. Her lab coat and shirt are torn from her body, releasing her hands only long enough to pull them off. Arms wrap around her waist, holding her still as she writhes against them. 


One arm turns into a blade, cutting her skirt away easily from her body. Over her panties, an arm vibrates against her clit. A sticky wetness builds between her legs and her body involuntarily grinds against the vibrating appendage. 


“Supergirl has been alerted, Ms. Luthor,” her robot updates. She needs to get out of this. It won’t be long before…


Blue and red streak into the lab, creating a breeze until it comes to a halt. 


“Lena!” Supergirl shouts. She looks at the arms and makes an effort to avoid looking at Lena’s indecorous state. Her eyes burn red, about to destroy the machine, when Hope's voice rings out. 


“‘I think about Supergirl too often. I just want her to be dominant and take me. I’ve imagined Supergirl fucking me until I can’t stand. She’s the only thing I can masturbate to anymore. I would be on my knees for her in an instant.’”


Supergirl’s eyes are wide as Hope reads Lena’s personal journal. All that’s being said is true, and despite this robot forcing her into bondage, it would be a lie to say she wasn’t completely turned on. She’s sure her panties are a mess, and she’s sure Supergirl can see that easily from where she stands. 


“This is an excerpt from the journal of Ms. Luthor,” Hope says. “I’ve prepared the subject for you, Supergirl.”


Supergirl stays frozen for a moment, staring hard at a spot on the floor before eventually looking up at Lena. Her eyes survey Lena’s exposed body as she floats up to eye-level with her. 


“You want this?”


The question feels heavy in Lena’s mind but her answer is easy. At this moment in time there’s nothing she wants more. 


Lena nods, eyes pleading. 


Supergirl floats down, finger hooking in her bra between her breasts. It snaps like a rubber band. Her face meets the space between Lena’s legs. With two strong hands, she rips her panties off as easily as opening a present. The vibrator moves away as Kara inspects her gift. Fingers prod at her cunt, barely sinking in. Lena can feel how wet she is by how effortlessly the superhero’s fingers slide around. 


A wet finger pokes at her other hole, slipping in the whole way. Lena moans as her ass is invaded, the thick finger doing so much and not enough. 


One finger turns into two. Lena’s almost embarrassed at how easily she can take it up her ass. She’s had a lot of practice with her own dildo but nothing compares to Supergirl’s fingers. 


Three fingers fuck into her ass hard with a slow pace. She whines around the gag in the mouth and pushes her hips as much as she can into the fingers. 


The fingers pull out and she’s left unbearably empty. Supergirl’s face comes back into her vision. 


“You think you deserve to be fucked by me?” she asks. “A lot of people fantasize about me, Lena. But what makes you think I want to fuck you?”


The ball gag is removed from her mouth. Lena stares into deep blue eyes that are doing more to pin her than the arms of the robot. 


“I’m not worthy, Supergirl,” she says, her voice quiet. “But I would serve you to the best of my ability if you ever decided to make me yours.”


The superhero’s face gets closer. Lena can feel her warm breath beat across her face. “And how would you serve me?”


Lena’s heart pounds hard and she’s sure Supergir can hear it. “I’ll do anything you want. Anytime. Anywhere.”


A low hum vibrates in the blonde’s throat. “You want to be a fucktoy, is that it? My personal sex slave?”


“More than anything,” Lena whispers. 


There’s a feral glint in Supergirl’s eyes. She floats back and the ball gag returns to Lena’s mouth. 


“What do I call you, robot?” Supergirl asks. 


“My name is Hope.”


“Hope…” Supergirl says, looking into Lena’s eyes. “I want every hole of hers stuffed until I return. Don’t let her orgasm.”


Lena feels the arms wrap up her legs, one pushing into her sopping cunt and the other probing into her ass. The ball in her mouth shifts, forming a more phallic shape as she feels it push toward her throat. She gags and moans, eyes blurring as she watches Supergirl stare at her. 


“I’ll be back. Maybe then you’ll be worthy enough for my cock.”


Supergirl zips out with the same blue and red streak she came in. The robotic tendrils thrust into her, opening her up more than she’s ever been before. 




It feels like hours that Lena’s on edge. She can feel her own slick dripping all the way down to her feet, and yet, she still hasn’t been allowed an orgasm. Her mind slips into another dimension, one where she floats aimlessly through space while being penetrated in every hole, her nipples being pulled ruthlessly, and left on the edge for eternity. 


It’s not a bad place to be. It feels like bliss in a way, to be owned like this. She’ll never get her orgasm, but that’s not the thing she wants most. 


No, what she wants most is the superhero’s knot pushing inside of her. She wants a bite mark on her neck to show that her body and life belongs to someone. 


A hiss in her ear tears her away from the reality she built. 


“How’s she doing, Hope?” comes Supergirl's voice. 


“Ms. Luthor has not had an orgasm, Supergirl,” Hope updates. 


“Good,” Supergirl says. “I don’t think she’ll be having an orgasm for a long time.”


“Understood,” Hope says. “Is she worthy to be your slave yet, Supergirl?”


The superhero circles around Lena’s restricted body. “Not yet.”


Lena whines, heart nearly dropping to her stomach. 


“I’ll return tomorrow. You’re free to go home for now, Lena.”


The robot lowers Lena’s body to the floor. The members previously penetrating her slide out and her body is released. 


Supergirl leaves once again. 




The next day, Lena arrives at her lab. She almost waddles from how sore she is from the day before. The first thing she does is go into Hope’s code. 


She changes the voice, choosing something more feminine and softer. The second thing she does is make Supergirl the primary administrator. Even though Hope was taking Supergirl’s orders the day before, the robot would have stopped had Lena ordered the hard override. Now though, she gives that power to Supergirl, a true  show of submission, maybe enough for the superhero to make her a slave. 


Hope comes alive. “Good morning, Ms. Luthor.”


“Good morning, Hope.”


“Will we be continuing with our experiments?” the robot asks. 


“Yes.” Lena throws on a new lab coat. “Until Supergirl gets here.”


They work all day, almost like nothing ever happened the day before. Lena couldn’t keep her mind off of it, despite how much she tries to focus on the chemistry in front of her. 


The day turns into evening and they begin to clean up. 


“Lena,” Supergirl greets. “Hope.”


“Greetings, Supergirl.”


“New voice,” the blonde points out. “It sounds nice.”


“Thank you,” Hope says. “I have another update in my code as well.”


“Really? What is it?”


“Ms. Luthor has given you full administrative control over my functions.” Supergirl blinks, seemingly surprised. “She is now only secondary under you, Supergirl. 


Lena blushes, eyes burning holes into the ground beneath her. Her hands fiddle in front of her, worried it’s too much. 


“Is that so?” Supergirl approaches slowly, stopping once her feet block the point Lena was staring at. “Why?”


A finger hooks under her chin, pulling it up so she has to look into those blue eyes. 


“I want to give you full control.”


Alpha pheromones pump out of Kara and the smell has Lena’s knees shaking until she drops. Her knees slam hard into the tile beneath her. Kara stands so close. Lena looks up. She’s met with the superhero’s crotch. She can only imagine what lies underneath the durable blue fabric. 


A strong hand wraps into her ponytail and yaks her head up. “You really want to give your life to be my slave?”


The bundle of nerves between Lena’s legs twitches with anticipation. “Yes, Supergirl.”


The superhero is silent for a moment. Behind her eyes, her mind works hard, calculating and assessing. “Hope, restrain her, please.”


Metal arms come to life, hooking around Lena’s body. It forces her to stay kneeled, completely unable to move. 


“I want a vibrator on its highest power right on her pretty clit,” Supergirl orders. Hope is quick to push down Lena’s slacks and shove a vibrating tendril into her panties. 


Lena’s eyes slam closed as the intensity of the vibrations rip through her. 


“She’s not allowed to come,” Supergirl says. “Stay like this for three hours, then you can let her go.”


Just like that, Supergirl leaves and Lena is left kneeling and mewling on the floor. As she approaches an impending orgasm, the vibration stops, letting her cool down, before starting up again. It’s truly a sweet torture. 


“Are you comfortable, Ms. Luthor? Hope asks. “I think we’ll be here for a long time.”