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Oh, darling.

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You opened and closed your eyes and pinched yourself.

“This is not real! This is a hell of a nightmare and I need to wake up now!” You desperately thought to yourself, as you struggled to keep your breathing quiet.

There was no way you could remain hopeful, not sane.

Your stomach was tangled into tight knots, as you drowned in despair, dread, and regret. Maybe this was karma, a God’s punishment for the way you complied so easily with Murkoff’s vicious ways of treatment of their patients.

There is no God in this place. He abandoned us all.

You always tried to convince yourself that all of this pain, suffering, and downright just violations of human rights are justified. That the patients were monsters that killed and brought families to eternal grief and anguish. And that it was for a greater good.

But what greater good? America’s way of researching new ways of how to mind-fuck communists as they did in the past? What fucking greater good could possibly justify raping, drugging, and torturing mentally ill people?

All of this shit was inhumane, and maybe you deserved to be in the situation you’re in. All cramped up in a locker, waiting for a mutilated psycho to get out of the room.

It did not help that you were the only woman working at the Asylum. They needed your competence as a scientist, but often doubted your capacity. You couldn’t help yourself to just roll your eyes at the remarks of your fellow scientists and superiors. But when it was remarks made by patients, your body trembled, and fear seeped through your skin.

You winced when the sound of the door slamming close reached your ears. Now you could breathe more easily, but your body was rigid. You thought that maybe you could just stay here forever and sleep the fear away.

But you know what will happen when reinforcements arrived. They will kill everyone to sweep the shit they have done under the rug. And if you are going to survive crazy motherfuckers, you would survive the Murkoff pigs.

“And I will make sure to burn this fucking place to the ground.” You thought, gritting your teeth and leaving the locker.

The file room was a mess. Bodiless limbs laid lazily on the floor. Your mind was foggy and organized thoughts were in no way possible. But when you saw a knife sunk into an eyeless, decapitated head over the desk, you smiled.

You were no fighter, of course. But fuck it, this is better than uselessly using punches to try and get rid of a lunatic. A knife happens to be significantly more effective.

You quietly left the room. The light on the corridor failed to stay consistent, flickering furiously. Your steps were too slow for your taste, but you were too afraid to walk at a normal pace.

The blood on the walls, lost limbs, and weird noises echoing through the hallways was something that you were getting quite used to. But when sudden, loud and quick steps came towards you, panic blinded you.

You were tired of running, but you did it almost involuntarily. Your response was so automatic that you didn’t catch a glimpse of who was chasing you. But soon he grabbed your feet, and you fell.

You fucking fell!

But you didn’t wait.

In half a heartbeat, you plunged your knife into the man’s chest. Again and again.

Until your arm burned from the repeated movement.

Again and again.

You were now covered in blood; you rubbed the back of your hand on your brow, trying to get rid of the sweat and prevent it from going into your eyes, and could not bring yourself to hide a tiny smile.

That felt good.

But no fucking time to be contemplating about it! Keep walking! Keep yourself alive!

You ran vigorously, but when you had the brilliant idea of looking behind, to look at the lifeless body of that man. You bumped into someone. And their hands were quick to grab you.

“Oh, oh! What do we have here?” The man grinned, excited to see your little body trembling at his touch. “Aren’t you just... Stunning! I think I found my soulmate.”

That was Eddie Gluskin, the patient that cried for your help, who looked you deeply in the eyes and begged you to do something.

You struggled, trying to get out of his grip, but damn! He was strong! He traced his free hand over your curves, looking at you vigorously.

If you don’t escape this fucker, you will lose more than your life. His hand was now at your neck, tightly pressing and leaving you with no chance of breathing. You choked, letting tiny noises of struggle escape your mouth. It seemed like you simply forgot that you had a knife. But when you remembered, you plunged into his arm.

He groaned and lost his grip. And fuck this shit! You ran in the opposite direction, almost falling, but you kept yourself balanced.

“YOU WHORE!” He roared, he was right behind you, with the knife buried in his arm.

“Fuck you!” You said it back, not loud enough to be a shout.

“I thought you loved me!” He cried out. “But you just are just like the other sluts!”

He was far behind you, so you entered another room, hiding underneath a bed. Tears forced their way out of your eyes.

You just wanted this to be over. You wanted to be at home, safe.

You closed your eyes. And the silence made you feel more calm, if that was even possible.

Some minutes passed, the silence still ruled your mind. And your muscles relax. But it was too good to be true. The door opened, and the image of Eddie’s shoes appeared.

“Oh, darling. I know you are scared. These maniacs searching for you.” His voice was buttery, honeyed with a weird type of courtesy.


“But no worries, sweetheart, I’m here to protect you.” You didn’t know if he noticed your presence. It seemed like he was searching for you, uncertain that you were actually there. “And I forgive you for the knife. I’m sure you didn’t mean to do that. We are perfect together! I won’t let this minor inconvenience destroy what we have.”

But that did not impede you from feeling numbly in panic. You covered your mouth; the tears rolling uncontrollably.

“There you are!”

He found you. And he grabbed you. Dragging your body by the floor. You screamed and struggled, but you were tired. So you just let it be. This will end soon.


“Look who’s finally awake!” He hovered over you, a bright smile on his face. “You passed out from exhaustion, it seemed. Are you well rested?”

You tried struggling to get out of him, but his body was heavy over yours. You were weak, and your body didn’t want to respond to your commands.

“I can’t wait for our marriage ceremony to happen! I’ve made a perfect wedding dress for you.” He kissed your neck, making you shiver. It would be a pleasant feeling if it were in a normal setting. “No, really. I can’t wait.”

You felt his fingers brushing lightly between your legs, and you cursed at yourself for wearing a skirt that day and at how easily he found your panties.

You managed to let out a weak “please.” But the “don’t” you tried to say got stuck in your throat.

“Oh, darling.” His voice was breathy, but sounded almost like a purr. “I know we should wait for our honeymoon. It would be ideal. But i just…” Mr. Gluskin made sure to bite you on the neck, making you release a tiny wail, and that noise just made him more hard for you. “Need to fill you up with all my love.”

His finger touched your clit through the fabric, making tiny and gentle circles. And when he stopped, you could feel the ghost of his touch. And you could feel your pussy aching, needing more of that friction.

Did your body really need to betray you like that?

You are terrified, trembling and a total mess.

But something about Gluskin just made you unbelievably wet.

And petrified.

He got up, finally making the claustrophobic feeling leave you. But he pulled your arm, yanking your body from the table, making you sit. You know that if you looked around, the fear would take over you even more, but looking at him would have the same effect. So you kept your eyes shut, comforting yourself in the darkness of your mind.

You didn’t even try to struggle anymore. Maybe after all of this he would get tired and escaping would be less difficult. You felt his hand over your thigh, and you couldn’t help but cry. And when he forcibly spread your legs, you opened your eyes in response. You didn’t want to do it, but your body betrayed you once more.

It would betray you all night.

And it’s only the beginning.

His handsome and scarred face was right between your legs, his icy blue eyes looking deeply at you with passion. Like he loved you.

And that smirk, that lustful and deranged smile.

Damn it!

You could feel your cheeks warming up.

“That’s right, love.” He suddenly slid your panties down, making you squeak like a little mouse. “Keep your eyes opened, and look at me.” He kissed your inner thigh. And you bit your lips in response, not really knowing that you did it because you liked it or because you were nervous.

Maybe both, but you told yourself that was because of the fear you felt.

“I hope our children have your eyes, wouldn’t that me great?”

You could feel his breath in your folds, and you could feel how hungry he was for you. He passed his finger lightly in your folds, but stopping when it was close to your clit.

“I’m so glad we found each other, you know? And I don’t even need to modify you.” He kissed your thigh again.

Insanity is taking you. There’s no logical explanation for how much you wanted him. It’s funny how the brain reacts to situations of danger.

In half of a heartbeat, he dives straight into your dripping cunt, making you gasp. Your eyes were full of tears again, and you didn’t know if those tears were from fear, or downright from desire.

And those tears were enough to have his boner twitch inside his pants.

“Oh, darling! You taste marvellous.’’ He purred, digging his nails into your legs.

You closed your eyes again, covering your mouth. You could cry, scream and beg. But you will not give him the pleasure of hearing your moans, even though they fought so eagerly.

His tongue was impatient, twisting and frantically dancing around your clit. Your legs were weak, trembling.

“E-Eddie…” You exhaled, your voice faint. “Please.”

"Stop this. I would never fucking marry you, you deranged fucker." You wanted to say. But only a sob of pure satisfaction came out. If you could punch yourself in that moment, you would.

“You are delicious, i can’t get enough of you.” He groaned. Your taste simply intoxicated him. As his warm and long tongue made sure to reach every corner of your cunt, stroking hungrily.

“St-Stop!” You cried out, your voice was so weak and tiny it was almost unexisting.

“Oh, darling… I don’t think you want me to stop, you’re clearly enjoying yourself.” He sucked your clit, making you sob. And the moan he let out echoed through the room. The vibrations of it made you quiver.

Your mind was a total blank space at this point, and all you could do is concentrate on the sensation of his tongue relentlessly abusing your cunt.

For your own sanity, you had to make him stop. You didn’t want to cum in the mouth of a criminally insane man. No matter how borderline and hypnotically hot and skilled he was.

Your mind didn’t want to, at least.

But your body.

It was totally a different story.

And he noticed it.

“No, no, Darling.” He stops eating you out, his smirk wet from your juices. The way he towered over you did not help your case at all. “Pardon my vulgar language, but i want you to cum in my cock.” He said almost in a growl. His voice was dominant, but still gentle.

His wide grin appeared again, and his gloved palm gently landed on your cheek, thumb wiping your tears away. His hands were almost the size of your entire face.

The sound of metal of his belt clinking made you sob again, vigorously shaking your head, denying. Now the strength to struggle came back. You tried pushing him away, to recoil from him. But he just pulled you closer, making you sit on the table's edge.

“Behave, or I won’t be gentle with you.” He said between his teeth, voice covered with annoyance and thirst. “Or maybe that’s what you want.”

You gasped when his finger nudged the insides of your wetness, crooking at the top, making eletric waves run all over your body. His fingers slipped into you so easily, by the way you were dripping.

Even your thoughts were incoherent as he stroked your insides.

It was weird having him quiet, so concentrated on making you into this horny mess. Eddie was definitely a man that like the sound of his own voice. But soon the stroking stopped, and he yanked his fingers out, making you come back to reality.

And reality was gruesome, making panic be your state of mind once again, even with your cunt begging for more of Mr. Gluskin.

His fingers were now replaced by his cock, twitching, so hard and buried deep inside of you, so much so you couldn’t help but let out a scream.

A scream, not a moan.

You had men before inside of you before, but nothing compared to Eddie.

He was too big, too deep and thick. You could feel his cock reaching your cervix.

“You’re so tight, love. F-fuck!” Eddie ground his teeth, just now making movements, gentle as he was. But soon he stops again. “You know what?”

You looked at him, confused. Did he change his mind and will just kill you?

“I was going to be gentle, you know… Make passionate and sweet love to you. But I just remembered - You stabbed me.” He lets out a chuckle, yanking your arm so roughly you sighed in pain. He made you bend over, ripped your skirt out, and smacked your ass. The noise echoed in your ears, as your blood pressure lowers. “And I think is just fair for me to fuck your brains out.”

He didn’t wait a mere second to get inside of you again, pounding so intensely you thought you were going to break.

“After all, a husband should be able to punish his wife.”

And you defeated yourself, letting out a moan escape you. But you didn’t care anymore. You didn't care if he was a lunatic, that he killed people, and that you were probably going to die soon. You just wanted to feel his cock inside of you, to be fucked so hard you melted at his arms.

You even started to consider yourself to be quite lucky. You were here getting railed by Eddie Gluskin instead of hiding and running in fear.

“Holy shit, Eddie. Y-you’re so big.” You cried out, eyes rolling.

He chuckles in response, thrusting intensively. He pulls your hair, making you whimper, closing your hand into a fist.

“You like when I pull your hair, then.” His voice was weak, but it sounded like velvet and honey in your ears. “Such a good girl, I knew you like it rough.” He slapped your ass again.

You yelped when he turned you around, lifting you so easily, after all, you were tiny compared to him, light weighted as a bag of feathers. Sitting you at the table, again. You laid down and bit your lips, putting your legs over his shoulders. He slammed his way in again, wrapping his hand around your throat. The sight of him staring deeply into you while fucking every inch of your pussy was so debaucherous that you were almost sure this was only a perverted and bizarre realistic nightmare.

You didn’t know if Eddie realized the amount of pressure he was putting around your neck. Air struggled to make its way in, but failed. You grabbed his wrist, trying to get out of his grip, or just to make him notice, but he was so focused on wrecking you, he ignored your hand.

Your vision was starting to get blurry, and any strength you had was completely gone. He groan loudly, finally loosening up his grip.

“Sorry about that, darling. I got too excited for a second.” He chuckled, shoving his thumb in your mouth. Your immediate response was to suck on it, dancing your tongue around it, muffling your moans.

It tasted like blood.

He took it out and lightly slapped your face, kissing you so hungrily. Like you were the air he so desperately needed, shoving his tongue deeply inside your mouth. His moans made you want more of him, and you could feel the urge to cum getting closer and closer.

“F-faster, please.” You pleaded almost in a whisper. “I want to cum in your cock, Eddie.” You finally admitted.

He was quick to grant your wish, pounding you so hard you didn’t know it was possible. He placed a hand on your tummy, the outline of his cock appeared in your abdomen.

“Fuck! I’m gonna c-cum.” He whimpered, finally breaking character, with his furrowed eyebrow buried and eyes concentrated on yours. “Take my seed, darling.” He weakly said, slamming in cock inside of you. It didn’t take much for you to orgasm, your body twitching.

You moaned loudly, tears coming out once more. His hips stutter as he mumbles a bunch of incoherent things. His moan was strangely high-pitched and pornographic, and you could feel his cum filling you up.

You tried moving around. The heavy-breathing mess that was Eddie Gluskin made sure you didn’t, with his cock still deep inside of you.

“Wait a bit, love. I want to make sure you take every drop of my seed” He smiled, but when he looked around, his smile dropped, and you could see his expression turning into an irritated one.

“We have someone peeping.” He looked at you. It was so bizarrely convincing that he loves you.

You didn’t respond to him, still too static to say anything.

“You are not allowed to see such beauty!” He yelled, finally taking his cock out of you and putting his pants back on. “I’ll deal with this annoying piece of shit, darling, i’ll be back soon, Love you.”

“Love you too.” You said in a weak voice, body melting.

You had to figure out how to escape, but for now, maybe you’ll let Eddie enjoy more of his new wife.