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Now we are free (to build a family)

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We did it. We really did it. We came out alive from the National Bank of Spain AND stole the gold.

We laughed hysterically in euphoria and rush of Adrenaline not believing that we where finally free.

And some point Sergios and my looks crossed each other and from one moment to the other there was a burning desire in both of us.

A burning flame which got brighter and hotter every damn second we looked at each other. Every other person present in the helicopter was not important anymore.

With long steps we crossed the distance between us and smashed our lips over each other, embracing each other as tight as it was possible, smelling each other, breathing each others scent as we deepened and deepened the french kiss, into something physically impossible.

But this was what we needed here and now.

There was nothing more important than our near and the fact that we where finally free and able to expand our family, to marry and to grow old with each other.

To love each other until the end of our days.

“ Mi amor are you crying?” she surprisingly felt his soft voice in her neck and his tender thump on her cheek, wiping liquid away, so obviously she was crying seconds ago but at the moment knew she never felt happier in her whole life. She knew they where Happy tears and probably caused trough all the emotions which rushed trough her.

“ Happy-tears. Cariño these are happy tears!” she confessed and hugged him tight, while she covered her face in his shirt as she suddenly felt all the dumped early pregnancy symptoms kicked in, caused from her relaxing and the loss of adrenalin.

And while she fought with her rising nausera it felt so damn right to do this.

To be weak in front of him, in front of their family.

To finally accept that she was heavily pregnant somehow in the first 2 months and just to sink again the strong torso of her fiancé and to gain strengh out of this to resist the current smell of the helicopter and to hide something about her tiredness after this adrealin boost and the heist in general.

“ What you said in front of Tamayo… Did you mean it?” she suddenly whispered a slightly broken voice after a eternity, where she enjoyed having her face buried in his torso, deciding that much more waiting would defently kill her.

“ Enlighten me mi amor!” was the simple response to her question while he decided to stroke her hair soft and tender to gift her courage.

“ That you hope to be a father somedays” she wispernd softly and while she rose her gaze to met his with a hopeful glow in them.

“ Yes… every word of it. I coudn’t imagine something nicer than to give Paula a…” he wanted to end his confession, but realised how white Raquel became in her face just in a second and his sorrow rose in second so that he decide to interrupt, in order to make sure that she was alright.

“ Do you have a…thank you Mon” she tried to safe a smile for the blond woman who seemed to realise that she was seconds away to emty all her food ether on the floor of the maschine or into the plasic bag.

“ Mi amor are you alright? What’s happening? Are you getting sick? Was it the heist? Was it too much? Or do you get sick in airplanes?l he got more anxious than before and asked packed all possibilities in question bevor she even finished to volmit in the plastic bag while he held her hair back, rubbing her back softly and slowly to sooth her down.

“ Sergio…” she tried to get trough to him by simply calling his name and expected nothing but was positively surprised when he stopped his brabbling immediately and gave her all his attention from one second to the other.

“ Congratulations daddy” she suddenly whispered and placed their hands over her still flat belly adding a loving “ we are becoming parents. I am perfectly fine. Maybe I am in the need of sleep and a little bit under stress and full with adrealin. But I am fine. We’ re becoming parents Cariño “ managing to form a full sentence after she emptied herself in the plasic bag, because her nausera was much better and the body of her fiancè kept her in presents.

“ Are you serious?” he nearly cried out of loy and surched her eyes to seek confirmation which he found immediately when she just continued to look in his eyes and squeezed his hand encouraging as he got uncomfortable because litterally everyone in the helicopter was holding their air and following their conversation.

“ what are you… i just volmit…” she nearly wanted to protest as he, instead that he said something, used his mouth to speak and kissed her loving, tender and a certain amount of euphoria at the same time, begging for entrance a few seconds after his lips found hers.

“ I don’t care. I fucking don’t care!! Te quiero Raquel! You are perfekt. The 4 of you. You just made me the happiest man on earth you know” he smiled and swept her in her arms turning around himself as he kissed her again, not wanting to notice the cheers of their friends and enjoy the love bubble between them as long it was possible.