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Good Vs Evil.

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(Over at one of the warehouses in Gotham Batwoman along with the other heroes quickly rush into it looking for both Reagan and KJ who they have been looking for the last three to four days and when they finally

got a location on where they believed they were. As they got to the warehouse they rushed in and looked around for them as they looked around Mark could hear something in the distance and looked at Circe who

looked around and spotted her.)

Circe: Mark!

(He looked over at her and ran up to her as he got there she looked at him crying.)

Mark: KJ!
KJ: Uncle Mark.

(He quickly picks her up and looks around the warehouse.)

Mark: Where's your mommy at?
KJ: The mean lady took her.

(Mark looks at her and then looks around the room.)

Mark: (Comms) Batwoman me and Circe have KJ.

(Kate puts her head down relieved.)

Batwoman: (Comms) What about Reagan?
Mark: (Comms) No sign of her. Reagan!
KJ: She not here Uncle Mark I keep calling but she won't answer.
Mark: Oh god.
KJ: I want my mommy.
Mark: I know sweet girl. Sophie!

(She runs up to them and looks around the area where Mark just found KJ. That's when they hear Luke over the comms.)

Batwing: (Comms) Guys we've got trouble.
Batwoman: (Comms) Where?
Batwing: (Comms) Over at the Crows former head Quarters.
Supergirl: (Comms) Who is it?
Batwing: (Comms) It's Reagan.
Circe: I've got her you three go.
Mark: You sure?
Circe: Yeah. Go get my sister back.
Mark: Okay.

(They rush off to go and try and get Reagan back.)

Sophie: (Comms) Have you seen Renee?
Batwing: (Comms) Not as of yet.
Sophie: (Comms) Okay.

(As they get out to the car they both get in and quickly take off as Circe walks out of the Warehouse as someone pulls up and she quickly gets in once she's in she closes the door.)

Circe: Take us to see Mary.
Iris: Okay.

(She quickly takes off towards Mary's clinic as they drive off both Mark and Sophie continue on their way to the Crows former head Quarters as their headed that way Luke comes over the comms again.)

Batwing: (Comms) Yeah We've got another problem.
Mark: (Comms) What?
Batwing: (Comms) Reagan's not acting like she normally does and her eyes.
Flash: (Comms) What?
Batwing: (Comms) Guys their red.

(Mark looks at Sophie who looks just as confused as he speeds up as they get to where the Crows former Head Quarters are Mark quickly stops and gets out of the car along with Sophie they close their doors and

rush up to everyone else.)

Mark: (Comms) Supergirl you see her anywhere?
Supergirl: (Comms) No.
Sophie: Come on Reagan where the hell are you?

(They continue looking for her until Mark spots something or well someone and gets annoyed by who it is.)

Mark: (Comms) Batwoman we've got an even bigger problem?
Batwoman: (Comms) What?
Mark: (Comms) Safiyah's in Gotham.

(She looks over at Julia who looks off annoyed.)

Julia: (Comms) Think she's behind this whole thing with Reagan?
Mark: (Comms) I wouldn't be surprised.
Sophie: If that's the case.
Mark: We might of just lost Reagan for good.
Batwoman: (Comms) No way in hell I'm going to let that bitch take over my wife's life all because Alice screwed her over.

(They all look at each other then look off.)

Mark: We're gonna need help if we're ever going to save Reagan from Safiyah.
Sophie: Yeah.
Mark: Come on.

(Then someone catches Mark's eye and he turns to see who it is.)

Mark: Oh you've got to be kidding me.
Batwoman: What?
Mark: Alice is here.

(They look off annoyed.)

Julia: Bloody perfect.
Batwoman: (Comms) Everyone meet me back at the Batcave we need to regroup and find out just what the hell Safiyah did to Reagan.
Mark: (Comms) Copy.

(They both rush back to his car and head off back towards Wayne Tower.)

Minutes later.

(Back over at Wayne Tower down in the Bat cave. All of the teams are there talking and trying to figure out how they can help Reagan and save her from Safiyah safely as their brain storming someone walks into the

Batcave and tells them what they can do getting them all to turn and look at him.)

Mark: What you just say?
Man: I said why don't we just kill her and get out of her misary.

(Mark walks over to him and grabs a hold of him.)

Kate: Who the hell are you?
Man: I'm sure Mark knows who i am.

(Mark looks at him and quickly pulls his weapon getting him to quickly back up.)

Kate: Mark!
Mark: What the hell do you want?
Man: I just came to see if you needed my help.

(Mark puts the gun to his forehead.)

Mark: If we really wanted your help we would of asked for it.
Man: Oh come on.
Mark: Ocean you keep forgetting what you told Alice.

(He pushes him back with the gun.)

Sophie: What the hell do you want?
Ocean: I just came to help.
Mark: And who the hell said we needed your help. We can get back all on our own.
Ocean: Not when it comes around to Safiyah.
Mark: You realize because of you Alice is the way she is right?

(He keeps the gun pointed at Ocean's head.)

Ocean: I.
Mark: You just had to go and try take the Desert Rose off of Coryana.
Ocean: Mark!

(He presses harder into his forehead. As he keeps the gun there Julia walks up to him and puts his arm down.)

Julia: He's not worth it Mark.
Mark: I'm aware of that.
Julia: Hey.

(He looks at her and removes his gun from his forehead.)

Mark: We'll get help from someone who isn't going to stab us in the back. Or well tell us to kill my bestfriend.
Ocean: I'm just saying.
Mark: You know the last time you said something. You told Alice that Kate was Toxic.

(Kate looks up when she hears what Ocean said.)

Ocean: I'm sorry are right.
Mark: Just get lost Ocean we don't want your help.
Kate: You heard him get out.

(He turned and walked off as they all started talking about what they could do next in order to save Reagan.)

Barry: Well i can't really think of anything. I don't think there's anyone who can help us reach Reagan.

(Mark looks at him as he thinks about something.)

Mark: There is one person.

(They all turn and look at him.)

Sara: Who?
Mark: Lucifer!
Oliver: You mean the same bonehead who keeps trying to get into Circe's pants?
Mark: Yeah. And i still wanna deck him for that.

(They start laughing then calm down.)

Mark: No. It's just if there anyone who help reach Reagan when we finally find her.
Kate: How the hell can he helps get through to Reagan?
Mark: Think of his name Kate.

(She looks at him and then looks off.)

Kate: Oh.
Mark: Maybe there's away we can try and give Reagan back her soul.
Julia: What makes you think she doesn't have it?
Mark: Because there would be one reason as to why her eyes would of been glowing red.
Luke: And that would be because she's got no soul.
Mark: Pretty much.
Oliver: Okay so how do we find him?
Mark: By using the phone. I mean he does have one.

(He looks at him as Mark grabs out his phone and calls him as Kate's trying to keep from laughing. As their waiting for him to answer Mark starts thinking of someone else who could possibly help but doesn't bring

them up until he can talk to Lucifer then he hears him pick up and Mark talks to him on the phone as their talking Mark looks over at Kate and gets worried for her because for over the last four days she's been

worrying about both her wife and little girl due to Safiyah taking off with them once they had figured out it was Safiyah who taken both Reagan and KJ they all quickly started looking into where she might have

them. After hanging up with Lucifer Mark walked back over to them.)

Kate: What he say?
Mark: He said he would help. But he needs someone else help if we're gonna be able to give Reagan back her soul.
Kate: Who?

(Sara looks up at them and then over to Laurel who looks at her sister.)

Sara: His name is John Constantine.
Kate: Who?
Sara: He was apart of my team for awhile.
Luke: There anyway we can get a hold of him.
Mark: I'm sure there is.
Ryan: Think this John Constantine can give Alice back her heart.

(They look at her and start laughing.)

Mark: And here i thought Kate coming back from the dead would do that.

(She turns and looks at him.)

Kate: Hey.
Mark: What?
Kate: What?
Laurel: Anyway. You have anyway of getting in contact with him?
Mark: Yeah just tell Sara to bend over and crack a smile.

(She looks at him as the other's start laughing at the joke then calm down.)

Mark: Oh no wait. Sara's not Alex.
Alex: Okay.

(They start laughing again.)

Sara: Okay. I'm gonna go and try to find him and then I'm gonna come back here and beat up Circe's husband for making that joke.
Mark: Like Kate and Ryan weren't thinking the same thing.
Kate/Ryan: Hey.

(They start laughing again then calm down.)

Luke: But than again Mark's wife did tell Sophie she'd take the Bat bike and that Sophie should take the U-Haul.

(Sophie looks at him as she looks off and then looks up.)

Sophie: Oh.
Oliver: Oh the fun we have when we're all together.
Mark: Yeah. Anyway.
Kate: Mark you looked like you were thinking about someone else while you were waiting for Lucifer to answer.
Mark: That's because i was.
Kate: Okay. Who?
Mark: Ares!

(She looks at him and then to Oliver.)

Oliver: How would Ares be able to help us save our sister?
Mark: Because as I'm sure Reagan's mentioned to Kate.
Kate: She was in love with Ares at one point wasn't she?
Mark: Yes she was.

(Kate looks off.)

Mark: Their just friends now Kate.
Kate: I know that. So how can Ares help her?
Mark: She can help Oliver distract Reagan while Constantine and Lucifer do what they can to try and give Reagan back her soul.
Kate: You have anyway of getting a hold of her?
Mark: I do. And i won't really have a whole lot of trouble finding her either.
Kate: How's that?
Mark: She's here in Gotham.

(Kate and Luke look at him.)

Luke: Since when?
Mark: Since two weeks ago. Santino moved his business here to Gotham in order to remain under the radar and away from John Wick.
Kate: Why would he be so worried about John Wick?
Mark: Because Santino burned his house down.
Kate: Lovely. So where is she?
Mark: You remember that building that the look out in it?
Kate: Tommy's building?
Mark: It's not anymore. Santino bought it three months ago and has been running his own club out of it.

(He hands Kate the file on him and she looks through it.)

Kate: How the hell did me and Luke not know this?
Mark: We've been kind of busy in between Tommy kidnapping Reagan Sophie Beca Circe and KJ to Bruce doing everything he could to try.
Kate: Yeah i know we've been really messed up. I'm just really glad Sophie's alive.

(Sophie looks at her and smiles.)

Mark: I think a lot of people are. Mainly Renee.

(Sophie laughs at him.)

Kate: Okay why don't you guys go and talk to Ares and see if she'll help us get Reagan back.
Mark: Okay.

(They walk off to go and talk to Ares.)

Oliver: You are right?
Kate: Yeah I'll be just fine.

(He nods his head at her.)

Minutes later.

(Over at Santino's building Mark pulls up and stops the truck once it's stopped he looks at them.)

Sophie: This is a nice building.
Mark: Yeah. Come on.

(He shuts it off and they all get out of it as they get out they close and Mark locks the truck up as they walk up to the building as they get to it they walk in and head for the elevator as they get there Mark pushes

for it to come and get them. As their waiting Mark's phone goes off and he grabs it out to see who it is seeing the number he answers it.)

Mark: Luke!
Luke: Yeah. We just had an alarm go off at Gotham National Bank.
Mark: Reagan!
Luke: Yes and by the looks of it she's threating to kill anyone who tries to stop them.
Mark: Where's Kate?
Luke: She's enroute to the bank along with Oliver and the other's.
Mark: Okay. Keep us updated. We're here at Santino's building.
Luke: Will do.

(Then they hang up.)

Sophie: What?
Mark: They just had an alarm go off at Gotham National Bank.
Julia: Reagan!
Mark: Yeah.
Sophie: What the hell are they doing at the bank?
Mark: Good question.

(Then they elevator reaches them and they walk onto it as they walk on he pushes for the floor Santino's office is on as it reaches his floor the doors open and they walk off of it and head down to his office as they

get there their greeted by his men who look at them and quickly put their weapons up. Sophie and Julia go to do the same thing only to have Mark stop them.)

Mark: You gotta remember Santino's trying to lay low and seeing us has them on edge.
Sophie: Well you know these people.
Mark: I do. But their still going to be keeping their weapons on you.

(They both move their hands away from their wastes as Mark turns and looks at them.)

Mark: Niko!

(He looks at him and knows who the voice belongs to as he lowers his weapon.)

Niko: Mark!
Mark: Yeah.
Niko: What the hell? What you doing here? You with Wick?
Mark: I haven't seen or heard from John Wick in over four years.

(He looks at him.)

Niko: Oh. What you want?
Mark: We came to talk to Ares.

(He looks at him then tells the other's to lower their weapons and they do so.)

Niko: What for?
Mark: It's about Reagan Queen. She's in trouble and we need Ares help.
Niko: Hey Boss.

(She walks forward.)

Sophie: Boss.
Mark: Ares is Santino's Enforcer. And these men are her team.
Sophie: Oh.
Mark: It's the way of the mob life Sophie.

(She looks at him and laughs.)

Mark: Just one thing before.
Julia: Holy shit.

(Sophie looks at her ex and then over to Ares who had just come to the front.)

Mark: She's Kate's double.

(They both look at him and then look at each other.)

Julia: Whoa. What's that say for Calamity.
Mark: Yeah.
Ares: (Signs) What you want Buchanan?
Mark: (Signs) Reagan needs your help.

(She looks at him as both Sophie and Julia look at him confused.)

Mark: She's mute.
Sophie: Oh.
Ares: (Signs) Why?
Mark: (Signs) Safiyah took her soul.

(She looks at him and gets annoyed.)

Ares: Shit.

(Both Sophie and Julia look at her.)

Sophie: I thought?
Ares: I can talk. I just wanted to see if you guys would do anything.
Julia: Is she?
Mark: Yes.
Julia: She's got an accent?
Mark: She's from Italy Julia.
Julia: Oh.
Sophie: Okay. I can see it.

(Mark looks at her and laughs.)

Mark: Yeah. Ares wasn't talking when me and Reagan worked with them.
Sophie: Okay alot of new information in that sentance.
Mark: Oh i didn't tell you guys.
Sophie: No.
Mark: I'm not really supposed to tell anyone. Other then well Alex.
Sophie: Oh come on.

(They start laughing then calm down.)

Ares: What about Safiyah?
Julia: How you know who Safiyah is?
Mark: Long story.
Julia: Shorten it.
Ares: Let's just say Roman Sionis owes my boss.

(Julia looks at her along with Sophie.)

Mark: Santino holds a marker for Roman.
Julia: How?
Mark: How the hell do you think he got Circe back.

(He walks over to her and she hugs him getting him to smile at her then she pulls away from him.)

Ares: So what about the bitch?
Mark: She came back kidnapped Reagan and her little girl.
Ares: Oh gees.
Mark: Yeah.
Ares: So what you need me for?
Mark: Other then Lucifer you're really the only other person who can help us get through to Reagan.
Ares: Okay.
Mark: You sure?
Ares: Yeah. But I'm not going anywhere near that bitch without my guys.
Mark: I hear ya. You guys can come back with us to Wayne Tower.
Damien: What's at Wayne Tower?
Marco: More like whose at Wayne Tower?
Mark: Batwoman!

(They look at each other as Ares laughs at them as they walk off with them. Over the next couple of weeks after introducing Kate to Ares and her men to talking and getting both Lucifer and Constantine to help

them try and give Reagan back her soul and with Reagan both Reagan and Safiyah continuing to cause problems all over Gotham it got the attention of the one sister neither Kate or Mary wanted to deal with but

some how got stuck with her all thanks to Sophie's new girlfriend after two weeks the final showdown with Reagan and Safiyah finally came to head when they arrived at the same warehouse where Reagan had

weeks earlier left her's and Kate's little girl there crying for her mother soon after getting there their fight with Reagan had started as they all fought Reagan Constantine and Lucifer started getting things ready to

restore Reagan's soul as their finishing getting things ready Mark walks up to Reagan and hits her in the back sending her down only to have quickly turn and look at him seeing her eyes turn red she got up to go

after him only to have Lucifer and Constantine start chanting as they finish and just before Reagan's soul is restored she goes after Safiyah and goes to stab her only to have Alice rush forward.)

Alice: NO.

(She turns and looks at her.)

Batwoman: Alice what the hell are you doing?
Alice: Keeping your wife from making a mistake she'll later regret.
Evil Reagan: She's nothing to me.
Alice: Reagan please don't do this. If you kill her you'll lose everything. And once your soul is fully restored you'll regret it.
Evil Reagan: I don't really care.

(She goes to stab her only to have Ares come in and tackle her to the ground as she goes over the knife flies out of her hand and she goes down as she goes to the ground Reagan starts beating on her as their

fighting Reagan's soul gets restored and she quickly falls to the ground and looks at the woman she was once in love with then looks around and looks at her friends.)

Reagan: Ares!

(She looks at her and nods her head at her as she looks up at everyone else.)

Reagan: What the hell is going on?

(Then they notice her eyes flash red again and she gets up and goes after Safiyah again only to have Alice step into her line of sight and she gets her sister in law instead.)

Batwoman: No. Alice!

(Ares quickly gets up and catches Alice as she falls and Reagan looks at Safiyah then quickly runs off.)

Mark: Reagan!
Batwoman: Don't let her. She did something she didn't think she'd ever do.

(He looks at her and nods his head at her as he looks down at Alice whose losing a lot of blood until Sophie acts quickly puts pressure onto her wound as someone turns Safiyah around and stabs her getting

everyone to turn to see who it was.)

Oliver: No. Damn it.

(She falls over as Mark looks up and sees her fall he gets up and rushes over to her as he gets there he puts pressure onto her wound as he sees who did it and gets annoyed but doesn't do anything.)

Mark: Safiyah!

(She looks at him and smiles a little at him as he keeps his eyes on Ocean whose standing there with a look of shock on his face.)

Mark: You're a dead man.

(Ocean goes to run off only to get a gun to the face knocking him down seeing him go down Sophie looks up and sees Renee there.)

Sophie: Babe i need your help.

(Renee rushes over to her and helps her keep pressure onto Alice's wound.)

Alice: Kate!

(Kate takes her cowl off and rushes over to her sister's side and grabs her hand.)

Kate: Why the hell did you do that?
Alice: I love her.

(Kate looks at her and then looks at Sophie who looks just as surprised.)

Kate: What?
Alice: I love her. And I'm guess thanks to Ocean she's dead.

(Kate looks over at her and then sees Mark put his head down.)

Kate: Mark!

(He looks at her and shakes his head as Kate looks at her sister.)

Kate: I'm sorry.
Alice: Oh god.

(Sophie continues to keep pressure onto Alice's side. Over the next couple of weeks since Reagan regained her soul and was brought back to her family after coming home and Alice being released from the

hospital quickly went back into hiding after losing Safiyah thanks to Ocean who tried to get Alice back but she told him to back the hell off and that she never wanted to see him again he continued to try until Mary

showed up and told him to stay the hell away from her sister seeing how protect of Alice both Mary and Kate were being so he turned and walked off out of Alice's life again seeing her sisters there Kate grabbed

Alice into a hug getting her to smile at her. Soon after everything with Alice happened Reagan started having nightmares and would stay awake at night whenever she would have them and instead of talking to Kate

about them she went and talked to both Sophie and Renee about them seeing how close Reagan has gotten to Sophie and seeing how quickly their becoming friends Kate can't help but smile at her and along with


Sophie: Have you thought about talking to Kate about these nightmares?
Reagan: I have. I just haven't.
Sophie: Reagan i would tell her before it gets to the point to where.
Reagan: I know. I just wish i knew why my eyes keep going red. I mean i have my soul back.
Renee: It could have a lot of to do with what Safiyah might of done to you.
Reagan: Like what?
Renee: I'm sure there are some spells out there that could damage the soul when it gets taken from you.
Reagan: Meaning when Safiyah had my soul taken from me?
Renee: She caused damage to it.
Reagan: Well that's just great. So i have to deal with the fact that whenever i get pissed off my eyes turn red.
Renee: Sadly yes.
Reagan: I hate this.

(They start laughing at her as they walk off and continue to talk and joke around. As for Kate and KJ whenever Reagan starts feeling like she's starting to lose control and her eyes go from hazel to red and the only

two who can really keep Reagan from really losing it is her wife and their little girl. And both Kate and Reagan both know that if there is one person other then Kate who keep Reagan calm it's KJ and her being as

adorable as she is. As their both sitting down on the couch KJ knowing something is wrong gets into Reagan's lap and looks at her face.)

KJ: Mommy.
Reagan: Yeah baby girl.
KJ: I love you.

(Reagan looks at her and smiles as she hugs her.)

Reagan: Oh baby girl i love you too.

(She kisses her head then pulls away from it.)

KJ: Batwoman!

(Reagan looks at her and laughs as the dog runs into the room and jumps up onto the couch.)

Reagan: Why Batwoman?
KJ: Because of momma.
Reagan: Oh okay. You really think Batwoman is better?
KJ: Yeah. She better then Uncle Oliver.

(Reagan starts laughing at her as she hugs her again and then kisses her cheek getting her to look at her and pokes her cheeks getting her to laugh. As Reagan continues to spend time her's and Kate's daughter

and the dog who both Kate and Reagan both find funny that she named Batwoman. But wouldn't dream of making KJ change the dogs name not as long as she's happy to have both of her parents in her life

including the now family dog that Roman keeps swearing at whenever he sees her. But there's nothing Kate or Reagan can really do to stop the dog from tearing up the couches. Well there is but he doesn't have

the heart to tell them otherwise.