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Kiss me, cupcake

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Kiss me, cupcake



“Honey I’m home!”


Vi grins around her toothbrush at her roommate’s greetings, then spits in the sink and calls out to her: “I was so worried, come and join me in the shower!”


She hears Cait’s low chuckle in the hallway – where she’s probably taking her shoes off – and she goes back to brushing her teeth, ignoring the little warmth spreading in her chest now that Cait’s here. She hears noises in the kitchen, and then steps down the hallway, and when she looks up in the mirror she almost chokes on minty toothpaste.


“You lied,” Cait says with a raised eyebrow, meeting her eyes in the mirror, “you’re not in the shower, I’m disappointed.”


This, she’s used to. It’s like a little game between them, to flirt back and forth until one or both gets a little too embarrassed. Vi loves playing this game; she knows it’s just a game for Cait, and maybe there was a time where she’d hope it would get a little more than a game for her roommate, but it never did, and she’s fine with it. Cait is her best friend, and it’s fine if she doesn’t want to push Vi against a wall and kiss her senseless, like Vi wants to. Vi can live with that, the only thing that matters is to have Cait in her life for as long as possible – as long as she’ll have her. So she’s used to this flirty little game, and it barely does anything to her big ass crush on her now when they flirt like this.


What she’s not used to though, is Cait flirting with her while looking like that.


Caitlyn’s hot. She’s always been, Vi’s noticed it the second her eyes laid on her, the first time they met. Tonight though, well, tonight she’s even hotter than usual. Vi can’t help herself. She lets her eyes travel down her friend’s body in the mirror, hoping her cheeks aren’t as red as she feels them to be. That dress should be illegal, she thinks. It hangs on Cait’s curves in the most delicious way, and that purple color really suits her a lot more than that blue Enforcer look of hers.


If Cait notices Vi’s eyes traveling south, she doesn’t show it. She grins in the mirror, her usual ‘hey it’s my best friend’ grin, the one that might make Vi’s heart jump in her chest every now and then, and Vi grins back around her toothbrush, before spitting in the sink once again. “Looking hot, cupcake,” she says, proud of herself for not sounding as breathless as she feels. Then she busies herself with rinsing her teeth and toothbrush, because her cheeks are definitely hot, and she doesn’t want Cait to see it.


She doesn’t want her to see, because she doesn’t want to muck things up between them. She would never forgive herself if she made something happened between them, and then it didn’t work out. She doesn’t want to lose Cait. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to her.


Besides, Cait is straight, so there’s that.


“Not hot enough, apparently,” Cait lets out, and Vi hears the pout in her voice.


“Whoever thinks that is a fucking dumbass,” she retorts without thinking, wiping her mouth on her towel then turning to face her best friend in the bathroom doorway.


Cait is looking at her with a very soft look that does something to Vi’s heart, and when she speaks there’s a little grin on her lips. “Too bad you brushed your teeth, I grabbed some Jericho’s on my way back.”


Vi cannot help herself at that. She brightens up instantly, relishing in the way it makes Cait chuckle, and then dashes past her toward the kitchen without even trying to disguise her enthusiasm. “I can always brush them again later!”


“You animal,” Cait laughs, following her, and shaking her head with that fond look again as Vi unwraps the food with delighted little noises.


Vi dives right in, and it only tastes a little weird because of toothpaste, but she won’t admit that to Cait anytime soon. Nothing beats Jericho’s, you could ask her at any given moment of her life if she wants some and she’ll reply with ‘hell yeah’. Cait obviously knows that, because every now and then she brings some back, and has a lot of fun complaining about Vi’s unhealthy eating habits.


Somehow with this thought comes a realization, and Vi looks up with a small frown, mouth half-full. “Wait, you were on a date in the Lanes?” she asks, and maybe she’s mistaking but is Cait blushing?


“Not really,” her roommate shrugs, averting her eyes, “but I figured it’d been a while.”


“Oh, m’kay.”


Vi isn’t entirely sure what else to say, so she dives back in, trying to ignore the little butterflies erupting in her chest. Cait was on a date that apparently did not go well – she’s back at 9:30 on a Saturday night, exhibit A – and she decided to take a trip down to the Lanes to buy Vi some of her favorite food. Is that a thing best friends do? Vi thinks she’d definitely do that for Cait, too, but then again she’s had the biggest crush on her for over six months now, so there’s that.


“I’m gonna go change,” Cait says then, and Vi nods again, wiping her chin with the back of her hand and offering her best friend that toothy grin full of slop that she hates. Cait rolls her eyes, muttering ‘gross’ under her breath, and Vi wiggles her eyebrows in response, delighted to see her roommate trying to fight a grin.


Maybe Vi watches Cait walk away then, because that dress looks fantastic from this side too, and because she allows herself to thirst for her best friend just a little every now and then as well. Nobody needs to know.


When Cait walks back into the living-room ten minutes later, Vi is sitting on a couch pretending to read that file about that case Cait’s been wanting her to read for like a week. Cait’s wearing her usual tank top and pajamas shorts, which Vi thinks is unfair because Cait has great legs, and when she sits down beside her on the couch, maybe Vi is mistaking once again, but it feels like she’s sitting closer than she usually does.


Vi closes the file over her thumb and grins at her soulm– roommate, and Cait grins back, before nodding to the file. “You still haven’t read that, have you?”


“It’s so boring,” Vi retorts, making a face and setting the file aside, and Cait rolls her eyes good-naturedly.


“Maybe it is,” she tempers, “but–”


“So how was your date?” Vi cuts her, chuckling when Cait stabs her with her infamous death stare. She’s pouting, and looking cute while doing it, which is not fair once again, but Vi is mostly used to that so she keeps going, nudging Cait in the ribs. “That bad huh?”


“Considering how early I came back, and the fact that I stopped by Jericho’s on my way here, then yes, pretty bad.”


“Sorry cupcake,” Vi tells her softly, then before she can tell herself not to, she wraps her arm around Cait’s shoulders, and Cait moves closer, leaning against her side with a quiet little sigh that definitely messes with Vi’s heart and brain. Vi takes a few seconds to focus, to try and ignore how right it feels to have her best friend leaning against her like that, to try and ignore how fast her heart is beating, to try and ignore how her crush is most probably not just a crush at all at this point. “If it helps, I’m sure they were an ass.”


He wasn’t,” Cait retorts with a shrug, and Vi frowns despite herself. “I think it’s me.”


If she was listening to her first impulsion right now, Vi would sit up, grab her friend by the shoulders and shake her asking ‘what the hell are you even saying you’re perfect’. Instead of that though, she hugs her a little tighter, and whispers teasingly: “But you’re so sweet?”


Like a cupcake.


The words hang in the air between them, like an untold little secret that they both treasure, and it makes Vi’s heart full and warm. She leans her head on Cait’s hair, and Cait hums peacefully against her. They stay quiet for a little while, and maybe Vi closes her eyes a little to really bask into the moment because it feels so nice. And maybe she jumps a little when Cait speaks again.


“Sometimes I wonder if I’m into dating anyway.”


Vi ignores the way her heart stutters a little sadly in her chest, and retorts with half-a-shrug: “It’s more than okay if you’re not, cupcake.” She would say she doesn’t date much either – or at all, really – but then again the only reason she doesn’t date is because she’s found the one person she wants to date but can’t, so yeah.


“Can I ask you a favor?”




Oops. Maybe that was a little too deep, but it’s too late to take it back. Not that Vi would ever want to take that back, she means it, means it more than she’s meant a lot of things before, and maybe it’s a little scary. Cait sits up, and Vi instantly misses her warmth, but then she’s staring at her, her bright blue eyes boring into hers, and Vi can’t really think anymore.


“Sometimes I wonder if it’s me dating men that’s the problem.”


Vi’s been punched in the guts a lot of times before, and this, this feels just like it. She gulps, mouth extremely dry, and nods in what she hopes is an encouraging way, because she is a good friend, and if Caitlyn is coming to a realization and needs her help, then she definitely has to be there for her.


Cait is close enough to her that Vi can pinpoint exactly when she starts to blush. Her best friend looks down to her hands, pinching her lips, and Vi stays quiet, not entirely sure what’s about to happen. And then Cait looks up, her face very serious, and asks: “Can I kiss you?”


Vi’s heart skips several beats, but she barely has time to open her mouth before Caitlyn launches herself into a stammering rant: “See, I don’t want to make things weird, but I know you’re into girls–women, and if the reason I’m so bad at dating is because I’m actually not that into men, I figured it would help to maybe just, you know, try? But obviously you don’t have to say yes, I would totally understand if it’s not something that you’re comfortable with, or–”


Vi reaches forward, brushing her best friend’s cheek with light fingers, very efficiently shutting her up. Cait bites her lip, and Vi offers her a grin. Her next words are as much as a surprise to her than to Caitlyn.


“Kiss me, cupcake.”


Vi has to be honest, she’d have thought it would take a little more convincing for Cait to take the leap. Which is why she’s absolutely dumbstruck when her best friend positively throws herself at her, her insanely soft lips meeting hers in a clumsy but fucking mind-blowing kiss. It barely lasts a second before Cait moves back, cheeks all pink in the cutest fucking way, and mutters a ‘sorry’ that Vi doesn’t have the brain power to even acknowledge.


A good friend, she tells herself, while her heart is too busy imploding in her chest. I’m simply being a good friend.


Deeply aware of her own lips, Vi leans forward, pushing a strand of hair out of Cait’s face. “Here,” she whispers, intoxicated by the look on Cait’s face. It’s not a look she’s ever seen on her face before, and she’s spent countless hours staring at said face, so she’d thought she’d seen them all. Turns out she hasn’t. It makes her happier than she’s ever been, even if a little part of her keeps warning her that this is not real.


I’m just being a good friend.


Vi presses her lips softly to Cait’s, moving slowly and purposefully, kissing her the way she’s wanted to kiss her for a very long time. If her heart was pounding before, it’s nothing compared to now, especially as Cait easily responds to her kiss, moving forward when Vi leans back, not letting her break it. Her lips are so warm, so real, they feel so perfect against her own. Just when Vi wonders if she could maybe push her luck just a little and add a little tongue to the mix, Cait licks at the seam of her lips, and then they’re both moaning into the kiss as tongues tangle and dance around each other, Vi’s brain turning into mush.


Cait is cupping her cheeks, while Vi’s hands are gripping her knees, desperate to get closer but not daring to. Cait’s skin is unbearably soft under her fingertips. When Cait eventually breaks the kiss, leaning her forehead against hers, Vi lets out a shuddering breath despite herself. She doesn’t open her eyes just yet, because she doesn’t want this moment to stop.


She knows it has to, though.


She was just being a good friend. This kiss, however fucking breath-taking, mind-blowing, world-shattering it was, well, it doesn’t mean anything.


She was just being a good friend.


Cait’s hands drop to cover Vi’s hands on her knees, and Vi doesn’t open her eyes just yet. She can feel Cait’s gaze on her, but she can’t bring herself to meet it. She feels too raw, too vulnerable to do it. Maybe this was a terrible idea after all. Maybe she should have said no.


Why does something so beautiful have to hurt so fucking much?


“I was right, then.”


Cait’s voice is very quiet, and she’s still not letting go of Vi’s hands. Their foreheads aren’t touching anymore, and Vi thinks to herself she must look ridiculous with her eyes closed like that now. She forces herself to open them, glancing at their hands, not daring to meet Cait’s sparkling blue eyes. “You were?”


“Mmh.” Her hum is thoughtful, quiet, and Vi cannot read it. It takes everything in her to look up, and then her heart skips several beats in her chest when she sees the look in Caitlyn’s eyes.


It’s like her ‘hey it’s my best friend’ look, but this one is burning with something else, something else that takes Vi’s breath away more surely than any punch she’s ever taken in her life. Her mouth is very dry all of a sudden, a tiny flame of hope lighting itself up in her chest as Vi stares back at her best friend.


“Women it is then?” she asks, and it doesn’t sound as teasing as she intends it; no, it sounds hopeful.


Disgustingly hopeful, but then again she cannot bring herself to care, not when Cait glances down at her lips in such an obvious manner. Her roommate grins, hands tightening their hold on Vi’s, and when she opens her mouth Vi holds her breath despite herself.


“No, not women. You.”


Somehow with that they’re kissing again, a fiery, desperate kiss like none Vi’s ever had before, hands grasping clothes and brushing skin, bodies meeting in full force and moving in tandem. It leaves Vi breathless, intoxicated by the feel of Caitlyn wrapped around her, by the taste of her on her tongue, the smell of her hair and of her skin enveloping her, the sound of her moans and delicious little noises that Vi never wants to forget.


When they part for air a little while later, they’re both laying on the couch, Cait’s fingers tangled in Vi’s hair. Vi’s hands are spread over Cait’s ribs, her skin deliciously warm under her fingertips, and she can barely function over how fucking lucky she feels right now. “I’ve wanted to do this for so long,” she admits, her lips brushing Cait’s, and she feels her grin before seeing it.


“Me too.”


“Wait, what?”


Cait chuckles then, kissing her lightly on the lips before diverting her kisses to the side of Vi’s neck, making shivers run down her spine. “I’ve had feelings for you for a long time,” she whispers against her skin, and Vi tries to keep her head clear, tries to make sense of her words, but her head is swimming with a burning desire like she’s never felt before. “I just couldn’t find a way to make you see.”


“Make me see?” Vi gasps as Cait starts sucking kisses all over her collarbone. She lets out a moan, her vision blurring, and bites her lip hard to focus. “I thought you were– I didn’t, I– Cait–”


“Shh, that’s alright,” Cait whispers, and she sounds quite smug all of a sudden, moving back up to brush her lips against Vi’s, “I’ve got you exactly where I want you now. You really fell for that, didn’t you?”


Somehow Vi manages to push against Cait before she dives back in for a kiss, and she stares at her, torn between the awe inspired by what she just said, and the absolute need to fucking kill her by death glare. She cannot believe this! She can’t, how can sweet, kind, lovely Caitlyn trick her like this, that’s, that’s–


But then Cait bites her lip to hide her smile, and her eyes are shinning in amusement and fondness and love, and all Vi manages to do is pout for half-a-second, and then mumble grumpily:


“Just kiss me, cupcake.”


And Caitlyn does.