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Dearly beloved

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Alessio was still angry at himself for getting that red card against Sassuolo, Simon had tried to calm him about that and not to worry too much. He felt bad for leaving his partner and the kids to go to Genoa without him. It was what it was.

Already dressed in pajamas and fuzzy socks the Milan captain went to the kitchen to heat up water for some tea. He had prepared some chocolate cookies for the kids when they came back. Dani and Theo both had asked him about that for a week now but with their busy schedule Alessio had never found any time.

Maybe the red card had been good for one thing although Alessio definitely preferred to be with his family and not see them through a TV screen.

The pot with water screeched and Alessio turned it off before pouring it into a mug and dumping a tea bag inside. One glance at his watch told him that the game would start in a few minutes. Checking the cookies before leaving, Alessio switched the light off and made his way to the kitchen, he set the mug on the coffee table and draped a blanket over his lap.

His face immediately lit up when he saw Simon and the kids.

He wasn´t surprised that Dani was not playing, Pioli wouldn´t even give him a chance and even though their youngest would never complain, Alessio knew that he was sad about it. He was even sadder that Pietro had asked to leave in January.

With a sigh Alessio sipped on his tea and watched as the game started and his mug nearly fell out of his hands when Simon lay on the grass, clutching his knee. His heart nearly stopped and he jumped up, the blanket slipping off his lap as he made his way to the TV pushing his nose against it.

He could feel himself shake. With Simon they were always safe and Alessio´s was spiraling. He cursed himself for getting that damn red card, he wanted to be there and pet Simon´s hair and tell him everything would be ok. The kids had gathered around the blond and Alessio knew they were most likely panicking.

Alessio felt helpless as he watched the stretcher appear on the pitch and he wanted nothing more than to hold Simon´s hand and tell him that he loved him and that everything would be ok.

He was praying to God that it was nothing too serious.

The mug was forgotten on the table and even as Ibra scored a goal and gave them the lead, Alessio couldn´t feel happy about it until he knew what Simon´s condition was.

He started pacing up and down and around the couch, biting his lower lip in worry. He wasn´t even focusing on the TV anymore.

A noise on the coffee table nearly made him jump. He had completely forgotten he had left his phone there.

It was a text.

From Simon.

I am ok. Don´t worry.

A sigh escaped Alessio´s lips. This should have reassured and calmed him but it didn´t. He wasn´t there to check it himself and it terrified him. But he trusted Simon and if he said he was ok then he was ok.

How could he not worry.

Dumping the tea into the sink, Alessio opened the oven and put the tray with cookies on the stove to cool down. None of the kids had written him and Alessio knew that they would have if there were something serious with Simon.

Breathing in and then out to calm himself, Alessio returned to the living room and picked up the blanket and covered himself with it. It was past midnight and he would wait for Simon and the kids to come home.

If it had just been a regular win with no injuries he would have probably gone to sleep but the worry was consuming him.

In the end he doze off and he only woke up because there was noise at the front door.

Nearly tripping over his own feet, Alessio opened the door.

Simon was being steadied by Theo and Sandro.

“Are you ok ????”, Alessio nearly yelled and Dani grabbed his arm to allow Sandro and Theo to help Simon inside. He was scanning Simon´s body with his eyes. Dani had a pair of crutches in his hands that were put against the kitchen table.

“I told you mama would panic”, Theo whispered as him and Sandro navigated Simon to the couch.

“No. Bring him to the bedroom. It´s-“, Alessio glanced at the clock, “nearly 4 in the morning. All of you need to sleep.”

The darkness of the corridor hadn´t allowed Alessio to see what exactly was wrong with his partner.

Sandro and Theo sat the blond on the bed while Dani peaked his head inside, a cookie in hand. Theo looked at him like it was Christmas and rushed to the kitchen followed by Sandro who turned around and smirked.

“You made us cookies because you knew we would win.”

“Those are for breakfas-“

A hand on his arm made him stop and he looked up. Simon had unzipped his hoodie and had thrown it in a corner.

“Usually I am the one to scold the kids. I thought you were the nice parent. Let them have the cookie they did well and they deserve it.”

Alessio sighed and nodded.

“Leave some for breakfast”, he shouted in the direction of the kitchen.

“Yes mama.”

Simon had made himself comfortable on the bed.

“I´ll make you a tea”, Alessio whispered before getting up just to be stopped by Simon who grabbed his wrist and pulled him back.

“You forgot something.”

Alessio tilted his head confused before Simon pulled him in and kissed him.

“I already feel better”, he grinned before letting go of Alessio´s wrist who hurried to the kitchen. The kids were still eating some cookies.

“I thought I told you it´s one cookie and then off to bed ?? No one listens to me”, he sighed and put the kettle with water to boil while the kids giggled, before each of them gave him a kiss on the cheek and left.

Returning to the bedroom, Alessio handed Simon the mug with tea carefully and sat next to him, the plate with cookies in his lap.

“I thought those were for breakfast”, Simon teased.

“Only for the kids.”

Anxiously Alessio looked at the fully bandaged knee and he knew that it would be examined later and his worry nearly suffocated him.

“Don´t look like that”, Simon mumbled against the rim of the mug while Alessio ran a hand through his hair. He was definitely panicking.

“This is my fault.”

Simon frowned and put the now empty mug on the nightstand, the plate with cookies forgotten between them.

“If I would have not gotten that red card, Pioli could have played me today and you could have rested a bit…”

“We both know that’s bullshit. I would have gotten injured anyway this not your fault. Now come here. You were the one nagging on me to take some rest. I am taking some rest.”

“I never wanted it to happen like this”, Alessio looked like a kicked puppy left in the rain but he curled up against Simon´s side. That had definitely been his captain´s voice and it sent shivers down his spine. Gently he placed his hand on Simons injured knee.

“You will be ok.”

The blond turned his head and looked at his partner.

“Are you trying to convince me or yourself with that ??”

A long sigh escaped Alessio´s lips.

“Both of us.”

Alessio had thrown a blanket over Simons hips carefully, trying not to hurt him.

“Those fuckers at the Ballon D´Or gala cursed you”, Alessio huffed against Simon´s chest. He was angry and he should have gone with Simon that evening but the blond had insisted he go alone because the kids would have probably burned the house down and with kids he meant Sandro specifically.

"The malocchio is a real thing, amore. Next time I am gonna put a clove of garlic into your suit pocket." Simon chuckled against Alessio's head and pressed a kiss against his hair.

The kids had definitely panicked at seeing Simon on the grass clutching his leg.

“I should have been there with you”, Alessio mumbled guiltily.

“Stop it. What would you have done ?? Hold my hand and petted my hair and kissed me in front of a thousand people ??”

Alessio knew that Simon was right. There was nothing he could have done. He would have panicked and he wouldn´t have been able to focus on the game anymore anyway.

“I am home and I am safe with the people I love and we´ll tackle this together tomorrow. It´s late and we should sleep.”

Even while being injured, Simon remained calm and collected and wise. Alessio nodded against his chest and the panic that had threatened to swallow him, lessened at least for a little while.

He lifted his head and tied the cross necklace around Simon´s neck. The blond looked at him confused before he smiled and pressed a kiss against Alessio´s forehead.

With Simon´s steady heartbeat in his ear, he eventually fell asleep, praying to God that Simon would be alright.