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Olbídame y piega la vuelta

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Hace dos años y un día que vivo sin él
" there has been nearly two years and one day that I'm living without him"

though Raquel Murillo as she was laying awake at 3 o' clock in her bed in Palawan and wasn't able to fall asleep during to the events 2 years prior and  the fact that she lost her soulmate and the father of her beautiful nearly 2 year old daughter Salvina, which Name reminded her somehow of Sergio and which signification was perfect for her, because she did save her from crumbling completely and for sure she would be as wise as her father and mother together.

Hace dos años y un día que no lo he vuelto a ver,
there has been nearly two years and one day that I haven't seen him again

she caught herself at calculating the time since Sergio was lost, most probably dead, when she finally reached the stadium of pre sleep, thanking her mind for it, because now she was fully awake again, her eyes wide open and her heartbeat slowed painful down as a reaction for her everlasting love for him.

Y aunque no he sido feliz aprendí a vivir sin su amor
and although I have not been happy I learned to live without his love

Normally after 2 years she already knew how to go on and controlled her heartbreak quiet well but unfortunately this night was one of her weakest since a long time.
Suddenly she heard someone knocking violently at the door and went there with a " I am coming one moment" asking a nearly fearful:

¿Quién es?
who is it?

in case it was the spanish police or interpol who found her after she already escaped for years. She already wanted to take her rifle, just in case she would have to defend herself, her mother, Paula or Salvina but froze in her movement as she heard such a familiar

Soy yo...
it's me...

which voice was so much the same to Sergios that she felt her heartbeat quicken, her tears rising in her eyes, her voice breaking to talk, but managed nothing of these things. As if she would be in a trap, waiting for someone to safe her with soothing her down.

¿Qué vienes a buscar?
what are you looking for?

where the only words which the former police woman brought over her lips, the moment she opened the door with all her might an beeing because she remembered that it was in the middle of the night and that it was cold even in Palawan. To be exact it was raining cats and dogs. For that Sergio had to be soaked wet by now.

A ti...

he answered calmly also with tears in his eyes the moment he saw her silhouette and moved already more near to Raquel, to embrace her, kiss her, hold her, but stopped as he saw that she stepped back with a look of horror in her eyes as if she didn't wanted to be touched from him.

Ya es tarde...
now, it's too late

left her lips without the possibility to control her words by herself only thinking about the risky pregnancy in her 40s when he WASN'T THERE, the alzheimer of her mother which got worser every day where he WASN'T THERE and Paula which was a real exhausting Teenager now and again HE WASN'T THERE to support her...

¿Por qué?

Sergio asked calmly but couldn't hide his fear from her answer. Did she move on? Was she already married? Did she fall out of love with him after these two years?? 


Porque ahora soy yo la que quiere estar sin ti...
because now I am the one that wants to be without you

she snapped at him but closed her eyes at the next moment as she realised what she just started. The love of her life, the father of her daughter, was trough a miracle alive, healthy and returning to her after" who knows what" and the only thing she returned of his " why?" was the explaining that she was over him and didn't wanted to life with him anymore.

Por eso vete, olvida mi nombre, mi cara, mi casa, y pega la vuelta
for this reason, go, forget my name, my face, my home and go away

she spoke herself further and further in this fight and was really in rage. She couldn't understand why but the moment she met his eyes and opened her mouth all her anger at him over his absence in the last 2 years over-rolled and took her over and didn't even think about letting him speak as a weak " Raquel " left his lips.

Vete, olvida mis ojos, mis manos, mis labios,
Que no te desean
leave me, forget my eyes, my hands, my lips,
that they do not want you

For that she continued and didn't even felt the hurtful stab in her heart as she nearly spit in his face that he better should forget her, because she, her eyes, her hands, her lips wouldn't miss her a bit.

Estás mintiendo, ya lo sé
you are lying, I know it...

Sergio shouted over her loud voice and took all his courage to step up to the unbelievable strong woman to take her in his arms even when she denied now that she wanted his presence, denies that she still  loved him endlessly and that she was just currently protecting herself for getting as broken as 2 years ago all over again. That they where both soaked wet wasn't important at all now.


Vete, olvida mis ojos, mis manos, mis labios,
Que no te desean.
Estás mintiendo, ya lo sé
leave me, forget my presence, that you knew me,
and do not be surprised, forget everything that for this reason
you have such experience

she tried to scare him off with hurtful words that he wouldn't care about her, which was another proof for Sergio that his thoughts where right all along. He also felt that it was time to explain to the most gorgeous/ amazing woman on earth why he missed 2 years of the life of their family.

No hay nada más que hablar...
there is nothing left to discuss...

she still tried to hold her denial and interrupted him bevor he could say something all along, but alone from the look she gifted him, she saw how her facade broke. opening him the way to the fragile, heartbroken, scared woman she was now. Still she was fighting against his grip and managed to get a grip at her rifle, just because a rifle was the last thing Sergio thought Raquel would use anymore against him.


she threatened him, her finger on the trigger, the rifle  pointed directly at Sergios head, her hand calm as always but he still could sense her heartbrokenness in the rest of her body and cursed himself all over again for that.

¿Por qué?

Sergio dared to ask again, this time why they had to do the " rifle stadio" between them again and calculated from the emotions of her eyes if she would really hit the trigger on him, decided in the end that it was the best to seperate his " Mujer" and her pistol, in taking it from her. So he turned her fastly, to fast and surprising for her, so that she stood with her back to his torso his strong arms, squirming and shouting, even crying all over again the moment she felt hid arms around her again, a part of her still wanting all of that, what she lost 2 years ago. To turn around, to kiss him and to take him inside with her, to finally get a real sleep after such a long time.


Porque ahora soy yo la que quiere estar sin ti...
because now the one who wants to be without you is me

she responded shouting another time between sobs and wanted him out of her sight or his lips at her but decided that the first was the better option. Another time she wanted to use her rifle against him but he was faster and now it was in his hand and  without loosing more time he shoot the whole munition of it in the floor in order to make it useless.

As soon as he threw it on the floor and embraced Raquel again a small " You are here" left finally her lips and suddenly they found their home on his. Desperately, wet from rain and tears, her body pressed on his as if she wanted to make sure that he was real. " I am here mi amor i am here" he smiled and embraced her tiny body as if he has to protect it from the cruel world around them.

" Are we... " he asked nearly surprised when he suddenly heard a  children's cry, probably woken up by his gunshots, only that he wasn't, because he could perfectly remember their nights without protection.

" Yes... we are parents Cariño. Let's see if she is ok, what do you say?" was the answer which made him smile wider as he though he even could while he took her hand and let her lead him into the house to the room of THEIR daughter.

" ah Cariño?" she stopped in front of the door where he could hear the cries and turned to him.

" yes" he was surprised and looked loving at her

" I still love you endlessly " she smiled and took his hand while entering slowly the room of their daughter, more happy than she ever was.

"Mama, i am scared!" they heard immediately their daughters innocent voice and went further in the room where a small, tiny girl was looking with big eyes in their direction.

" It's ok baby... It's ok, you are safe with us. Don't ever think otherwise!" Sergio saw and heard his beautiful girlfriend sooth their daughter and again he wasn't able to control his tears. it was perfekt. Them and a baby. This was always his dream since they even got together.

" Who is that?" Savina asked, now that she was in the save arms of her mother, curious and looked innocently at her father realizing that the man in front of her was crying.

" This is your father Salvina" Raquel explained softly with a low voice trying to let it sound as if she was utterly happy about it and that it was perfect normal that her father was here now after he was considered dead for over 2 years.

" My dad?" she asked in awe and slipped out of her mothers embrace to go to Sergio and to hug him, without fear.

Than she took him by the hand and went back to her mother, without realizing that she just helped her parents to connect with each other again.

Because as they stayed in the hug they shared with their daughter, while slowly falling asleep together on the bed in Salvinas room, they realized that this was everything they ever wished for.