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When Kazuya agreed to go home with Eijun for Christmas, she hadn’t quite expected how happy it would make Eijun. 

As soon as they escape to Eijun’s room for some alone time after lunch, Eijun is in Kazuya’s space. “You met my parents,” Eijun says, her entire face cracking into something bright and delighted. “They like you.”

Kazuya swallows. She’s not entirely sure how true that is. “I mean, I came home with you for Christmas,” she responds, toying with the sleeve of Eijun’s sweater. “Of course I met your parents. They live here.”

Eijun rolls her eyes, pushing Kazuya back until she hits the wall, cornered by Eijun’s vibrant expression and greedy hands. “No, you met my parents , Miyuki Kazuya,” she repeats, reaching up to pull the elastic from Kazuya’s braid. “Like. Met my parents.”

Oh. This is one of those sentimental moments for Eijun. Kazuya bites her lip and smooths her hands down Eijun’s sides. “Yeah,” she agrees, letting Eijun cage her in. “I’m glad I did,” she offers, because she is. Because this is… important. 


“Me too,” Eijun murmurs, undoing the coils of Kazuya’s braid slowly, leaning in close. “I’m really happy. I love you.”

Kazuya goes warm all the way to the tips of her toes. She loves when Eijun gets like this. A little reverent, a little wild. “I love you, too,” Kazuya responds, sighing when Eijun finally undoes the last of her braid, scraping her nails along Kazuya’s scalp. It feels delightful after the day of being coiled tight. “I love that,” Kazuya teases, smiling softly as she tilts her head to make more room for Eijun’s touch. “God.”

Eijun giggles, bumping her nose to Kazuya’s as she brings her second hand up to join the first, massaging Kazuya’s scalp. “Like this?” she responds, gently coiling Kazuya’s curls between her fingers, tugging lightly. 

Kazuya groans, wrapping her arms around Eijun’s waist. “Mhm,” she sighs, resting her forehead to Eijun’s. “You’re so good to me.”

Eijun swallows, eyes dropping to Kazuya’s mouth. “I can be even better,” she promises, pressing in close. “I’ve been thinking about going down on you all day,” she says shamelessly. “You wore these leggings and you kept bending over to help my mom take things out of the oven,” she rambles, dragging her nails behind Kazuya’s ears. “Why do you have to look so pretty all the time?”

Heat skips down Kazuya’s spine at Eijun’s suggestion. She rubs her thighs together unthinkingly, subconsciously responding to Eijun’s words. “I can’t tell if you’re complaining or if you’re happy,” she mutters, pinching Eijun in the side. “I can cut my hair, if you want. Will that make me less pretty?”

Eijun snorts. “Of course not,” she says earnestly, sliding forward to slip a thigh between Kazuya’s. “I don’t love you for your hair, Miyuki Kazuya.”

Kazuya isn’t sure she’s ever been this in love before, warmth unfurling from behind her ribs, stringing adoration through her veins. “Right,” she drawls playfully, trying to ignore the heavy, affectionate beat of her heart. “You love me for my thighs.”

Eijun grins and wraps her arms around Kazuya’s neck, tilting her chin up. “I do love your thighs,” she declares, sighing happily when Kazuya slides her hands over her waist. “Now come here and kiss me.”

Kazuya snorts, smoothing her palms up the length of Eijun’s spine. “Bossy,” she murmurs, leaning in close, mouth skimming over Eijun’s cheek. “My girlfriend is so bossy.”

Eijun giggles. “Good thing you like being told what to do,” she quips haughtily, tilting her head, bangs trickling Kazuya’s skin. “Isn’t that right?”

Kazuya’s cheeks burn. “Brat,” she mumbles, tugging at Eijun’s shoulder length hair in retaliation. “Shut up.”

Eijun’s smile only grows, her own cheeks darkening attractively. “Make me.” 


That’s what Sawamura Eijun is.

And Kazuya loves her for it. 

Kazuya pinches Eijun in the side lightly and Eijun squirms, jerking in Kazuya’s hold. Kazuya takes advantage of the distraction and tilts her head, catching Eijun’s mouth in a warm kiss before she can retaliate.

The surprised noise that paints Eijun’s lips drops a stone of satisfaction in Kazuya’s stomach. 

“Not fair,” Eijun breathes against Kazuya’s lips, but her fingers tangle in Kazuya’s hair and she melts , slotting her mouth to Kazuya’s more firmly. “Not… fair.”

Kazuya hums, internally preening as she smooths her palms up Eijun’s sides, pulling her closer. “I shut you up, didn’t I?” she teases, nipping at Eijun’s lip.

Eijun groans and surges forward like a typhoon of need, breasts brushing against Kazuya’s own, tongue sweeping into Kazuya’s mouth with practiced ease. “You shut up,” she retorts childishly. 

Kazuya can’t help but laugh, taken by Eijun’s brash behavior. She wraps her arms around Eijun’s waist and tilts her chin up, trying to catch her breath, but Eijun doesn’t let her, pushing her backward until her knees hit the mattress in the middle of Eijun’s room. “I love you,” Eijun murmurs, easy and honest, like always, mouth skimming over his chin and down the tendon of her neck, fingers dancing over Kazuya’s shoulders. “Even though you’re a brat.”

Kazuya snorts, humming beneath Eijun’s ministrations. “I’m the brat?” she counters.

“Yes,” Eijun declares, and then she’s pushing Kazuya down onto her childhood bed. “God, I’m so happy you came home with me for Christmas,” Eijun says. “Like, so happy.”

Eijun climbs over Kazuya, toying with the hem of her shirt. Kazuya hums, parting her legs to make room for Eijun. “And happy I wore your favorite leggings, too?” Kazuya asks teasingly, knocking her foot to Eijun’s calf. 

Eijun groans, greedy fingers dipping down to play with the band of Kazuya’s leggings. Her touch lingers on Kazuya’s skin, making her shiver, hyperaware of the feeling. “ No ,” Eijun denies, chewing her lip as she glances down Kazuya’s body. “Because that’s been torture. Do you know how hard it's been to not touch you around my parents!?” She huffs, fingers smoothing over Kazuya’s hip. “It’s been hard, Miyuki Kazuya. Hard, I tell you!”

Kazuya squirms, tugging Eijun closer by the sleeve of her shirt. “God forbid you show some restraint,” she drawls, eyeing Eijun’s pretty mouth again. “I know that’s not something you’re good at.”

“I’ll show you restraint,” Eijun mumbles cutely, nosing at Kazuya’s cheek. “Just wait until we get back home and I can tie you up with that new rope we got last week.”

Kazuya laughs, turned on by Eijun’s suggestion. She loves when Eijun gets like this - greedy and assertive, wanting and affectionate. “Yeah?” Kazuya drawls, slipping her fingers into Eijun’s hair, catching her mouth beneath her own. “Sounds like a lot of talk to me,” she teases.

“Why you,” Eijun growls, pouting against Kazuya’s mouth. God, she’s cute. “You just - you know what - ugh !” She stumbles over her words, flustering. “Why are you like this,” she grumbled, pushing up to tug at Kazuya’s shirt. “Take this off.”

Kazuya laughs as she pushes up onto her elbows, leaning up to kiss Eijun again. “You like it when I tease you,” she flirts, shifting to pull her shirt over her head. “Don’t you?”

Eijun’s eyes immediately drop to Kazuya’s chest, lashes swooping low. Eijun loves Kazuya’s breasts. “Maybe,” Eijun responds distractedly, reaching up to trace the lace decorating her cleavage. “This, too,” she requests, chewing her lip as she tugs at a bra strap. “Take this off, too.”

Kazuya inhales deeply, heart skipping beneath the intensity of Eijun’s gaze. Sometimes, Kazuya thinks Eijun is going to swallow her whole with the electric storm in her eyes. “You have to take yours off, too,” Kazuya bargains, playing with the hem of Eijun’s shirt. “I want to see you, too.”

Eijun nods eagerly, a blush spreading high over her cheekbones. She leans back and pulls her sweater over her head, exposing her tanned skin to Kazuya’s hungry gaze. She’s got a red bra on, one with a little bow at the front that doubles as a clasp. “Okay, now you,” Eijun returns, smoothing her hands up Kazuya’s torso, fingering the lace at her chest again. “Can I?”

Kazuya reaches up and toys with the bow in between her breasts. Eijun’s chest is smaller than Kazuya’s, more athletic, but it’s perfect, with soft, perky mounds and dusty nipples. Sensitive, too. “Yeah,” Kazuya consents, swallowing. “Yeah, of course.”

Eijun moans in delight, surging forward to kiss Kazuya. It’s a fierce, eager kiss, knocking Kazuya back down onto her elbows. “Take mine off, too,” Eijun orders as she slips her hand behind Kazuya’s back to unhook the clasps of her bra. “God, you’re so pretty. You’re so pretty.”

Kazuya laughs against Eijun’s mouth, falling back on her elbows with the force of Eijun’s enthusiasm. “So eager,” she teases, but her words are laced with mirth and affection as she tugs at the clasp between Eijun’s breasts, heart thumping as the fabric comes loose.

It doesn’t matter how many times Kazuya sees Eijun’s body likes this. 

It leaves her breathless every time. 

She’s just - she’s so soft, with her slight curves and smooth skin, freckles shoulders and shoulder-length hair. Her waist pinched in just enough for Kazuya to rest her palms at the dip of her hips, and her toned muscles slide beneath her skin as she moves. 

Eijun is beautiful

Eijun grins as Kazuya stares, eyes immediately dropping to the swell of Eijun’s exposed breasts.  Eijun shimmies playfully, her cheeks dusting pink as she pops the clasp to Kazuya’s bra and pulls her straps down. “Hi,” she says sweetly, leaning in to kiss Kazuya again. “Like what you see?”

The back of Kazuya’s neck burns. “You know I do,” she says lowly, clearing her throat as her own bra joins Eijun’s on the floor. “I liked that bra, by the way,” Kazuya flirts, bringing her palms up to cup Eijun’s chest. “It was cute. You should wear it for me again.”

Eijun moans softly, arching into Kazuya’s touch. “I’ll wear anything for you,” she says, and it’s cheesy, so cheesy, but it makes Kazuya’s heart skip regardless. “Let me touch you.”

Eijun shifts before Kazuya can properly respond, palming at Kazuya’s chest hungrily. Kazuya’s breasts are larger than Eijun’s, a little heavier, and Eijun loves them. “Your boobs are the best,” Eijun says bluntly, sighing as she thumbs at Kazuya’s nipples. “The best.

Kazuya’s toes curl, arousal skipping down her spine. Her chest is sensitive, leaving her distracted, her own hands coming to rest at Eijun’s sides as she loses focus of her own task. “ Eijun,” she breathes out, a whine at the back of her throat. Heat settles between her legs, making her squirm. “I hope you plan on finishing what you started,” she murmurs. 

Eijun gives Kazuya a brazen, wild smile. “I always finish what I start, Miyuki Kazuya,” she promises.

Then, she ducks her head. 

Her lips wrap around one of Kazuya’s nipples, tongue flicking over the sensitive nub. Soft heat surrounds Kazuya and she gasps, whimpering at the sudden onslaught of Eijun’s mouth. It’s overwhelming in the best kind of way, Eijun’s teeth teasing one breast while her hand takes care of the other.

It makes Kazuya smolder. 

A slow-burning fire licks over her skin, embers settling low in her gut. She’s damp between her thighs, body responsive and eager, wanting, desire sparking through her veins. “God, I love your mouth,” Kazuya finds herself saying, fingers toying with Eijun’s hair as Eijun switches to the other side of her chest. “Eijun.”

Eijun hums in approval, pleased by Kazuya’s praise. She gives the proper attention to Kazuya’s second breast before popping off, lips red and cheeks dark. “My mouth can do more than this,” she purrs, hand slipping down Kazuya’s abdomen to toy with the band of Kazuya’s leggings. “Want me to?”

Kazuya’s heart skips, desire coiling tight in her gut. Yes, Kazuya definitely wants what Eijun is offering, but - “Your parents are downstairs,” she hisses, even though she lifts her hips when Eijun tugs at her leggings. “You’re a monster.”

Eijun giggles and pulls Kazuya’s pants off, discarding her own in the process. She’s wearing a pair of red panties that match her discarded bra. Cute. “So,” she says cheekily, dropping a playful kiss to Kazuya’s lower belly. “Guess you better be quiet.”

What a brat. 

“Fuck you,” Kazuya mutters, kicking Eijun in the hip. Eijun laughs and runs her nails down Kazuya’s thighs, kissing her hip. Kazuya squirms, inpatient. “Come on, then.”

Eijun grins and presses a finger to the wet patch at the front of Kazuya panties, kissing at her thigh. “Don’t worry,” Eijun coos, nosing at Kazuya’s mound through the fabric, teasing. “I’m gonna take good care of you.”

Kazuya’s hips roll upward, thighs flexing. “So you keep saying,” she quips, but Eijun’s teasing turns her on even more, sends sparks down her skin. “Yet, I’m still waiting. 

Eijun laughs softly, delighted, and finally tugs at Kazuya’s panties. “You like it,” she boldly claims, tossing Kazuya’s underwear to the floor. Kazuya shudders, thighs falling wide without thought, making more room for Eijun to settle between them. “I love you,” she adds, leaning up to kiss Kazuya, sweeping her tongue into her mouth as she drops a hand between her legs. “So much.”

Kazuya sighs, tucking a strand of hair behind Eijun’s ear. “Love you, too,” she returns, pulling her down into a slow kiss, slick and warm and messy. “Even though you’re - “

Eijun’s fingers dip between Kazuya’s folds and Kazuya’s words come empty.

Eijun’s touch is soft yet confident, sliding over Kazuya’s skin with familiarity. It took them many tries to get this right after they started dating, many times for Kazuya to get Eijun to slow down, to take her time, to let the pleasure build.

Now, though, Eijun knows exactly what to do. 

“You’re so wet,” Eijun breathes, sloppily kissing at Kazuya’s jaw, sighing against her ear. “Wow.”

Kazuya flushes, moaning softly as Eijun circles her clit teasingly. “That’s what happens when my girlfriend jumps me and forces me into a make out session,” Kazuya tries to defend, but her words are breathless and affected, lashes fluttering as Eijun begins kissing back down over her chest. “Imagine that.”

“I didn’t jump you,” Eijun claims, sucking at Kazuya’s nipple once more, looking up at a Kazuya from beneath her lashes as she continues her descent downward. “I simply stated how happy I am that you came home with me.”

“Yeah, by pinning me against the wall,” Kazuya rasps, biting back a groan when Eijun slips her fingers down to tease at her sensitive entrance, lighting fire to the delicate nerves there. “And then to the bed.”

“Are you complaining?” Eijun responds cheekily, sucking a soft mark into Kazuya’s thigh. “‘Cause the last I heard, you were going on about how much you love my mouth,” she accuses flirtatiously, hovering over the mound between Kazuya’s legs. “I can stop, if you want.”

Kazuya’s hips lift involuntarily, seeking Eijun’s mouth. “Don’t you dare,” Kazuya mutters, ears burning. “Why don’t you go ahead and do something productive with that mouth of yours already,” Kazuya taunts, wiggling beneath the feel of Eijun’s breath on her skin. 

Eijun giggles and lifts Kazuya’s thigh over her shoulder. “Someone’s impatient,” she teases, sighing softly as she sinks her teeth into the delicate skin of Kazuya’s hamstring. 

Kazuya inhales sharply, feet flexing. She shimmies her hips and tugs at the sheets, letting out a frustrated, aroused growl. “Like you’re one to talk,” she mumbles petulantly, lashes fluttering when Eijun’s nose brushes the crease of her thigh, tantalizingly close to where Kazuya wants her. “Come on, please,” she gives, reaching down to card her fingers through Eijun’s hair. “Just - please?”

Eijun purrs. She looks up at Kazuya, cheeks flushed and eyes hazy, just as affected as Kazuya is. “Okay, okay” she murmurs, kissing the inside of Kazuya’s wrist. “Yeah, okay.”

Kazuya has only enough time to exhale in anticipation before Eijun descends upon her. 

Eijun’s mouth really is one of Kazuya’s favorite things. For someone so loud and noisy and brash, Eijun’s tongue is deft and soft and wonderful. Eijun sucks and licks and sighs against Kazuya, teasing at her clit with little kitten licks, and then sliding down to prod at Kazuya’s entrance, slick and gentle and slow, driving Kazuya out of her mind. 

“Jesus,” Kazuya gasps, thighs quivering as Eijun palms at them, pretty nails digging into Kazuya’s skin. “Yes, finally.”

Eijun hums in approval, burying herself deeper as she begins to work Kazuya with her mouth. Kazuya softens, hips pressing forward, seeking more, and Eijun gives just as much as she takes, leaving Kazuya’s toes curling and her skin prickling. She licks back up to Kazuya’s clit and wraps her lips around it, sucking gently, just the way Kazuya likes, and - 

“Yes,” Kazuya says again, hand tangling in Eijun’s hair, back arching. “Yes, yes, thank you,” she moans. 

This is definitely Kazuya’s weakness. 

Eijun groans as Kazuya’s fingers twist in her hair, tongue flicking faster, deeper, hotter, sucking a little more fervently. 

Eijun loves this. 

She loves being between Kazuya’s thighs. 

Kazuya knows because Eijun told her once. “I love how you taste,” Eijun had said once, horny after fucking Kazuya with her tongue. “Love how loud you get.”

That’s true - Kazuya does get loud when Eijun’s mouth drops between her legs.

There’s just something so intimate about it - the softness of Eijun’s tongue, the slick, curious pressure of her mouth. The way Eijun buries her face in the heat of Kazuya’s mound, sucking at her labia, lapping at her clit, circling her entrance with her finger. It feels like Kazuya has all of the control and none at all, with the ability to tug at Eijun’s hair to pull her closer while simultaneously wobbling on her knees to keep herself upright. 

It’s Kazuya’s favorite thing.

Eijun moans as Kazuya’s thighs flex around her ears, fingers digging into Kazuya’s hips. She buries her face deeper, increasing her intensity, movements messy and noisy, delicious and electric. Kazuya’s abdomen tenses, hips rolling up into Eijun’s mouth. Eijun hums, pleased, sticking out her tongue, encouraging Kazuya to grind how she wants, and God , yes, this is always what gets Kazuya the most, the way Eijun trusts her, gives to her, takes care of her - 

“I’m gonna - “ Kazuya gasps, bucking up against Eijun’s mouth. She drops her head back into the pillows, fingers twisting in Eijun’s hair, a low, needy groan on her lips. She’s so close. So close, right there, right at the edge, about to fall over, yes. “Gonna - Gonna - Eijun -

“Sweetheart, is everything okay in there?”

Kazuya freezes, clamping a hand over her mouth as Eijun’s eyes go wide, pulling away right before Kazuya comes, dangling at the precipice. Kazuya whimpers into her hand, embarrassment washing over her as she kicks at Eijun, rolling onto her side, throbbing between her legs. 

Fuck, she was so close. 

Eijun scrambles upward, glancing over her shoulder at the door. “Yeah, mom!” Eijun manages to say, voice rough and scratchy. “We’re just, um. Watching a movie!”

Kazuya knees Eijun in the side. What a bad excuse. There’s a pause on the other side of the door before Eijun’s mom responds. “…Okay, honey,” she says. “There’s hot chocolate downstairs if you want some.”

“Thanks, mom!” Eijun returns, glancing at Kazuya, catching her leg. “We’ll get some in a bit.”

They listen to the sound of Eijun’s mom retreating down the stairs. 

“We’re watching a movie?” Kazuya hisses quietly as they both let their heart rates calm down. “You’re the worst liar,” she says, cheeks burning. 

Eijun pouts and pokes Kazuya in the side. “I didn’t see you coming up with a better excuse,” she accuses, and then her mouth curls into a smug grin, eyes roaming down over Kazuya’s body. “Considering you’re the reason we almost got caught,” she teases. “With all the noise you were making.”

Kazuya’s embarrassment deepens. 

I’m the noisy one?” Kazuya deflects, catching Eijun’s wrist to pull her back down, running her fingers up Eijun’s ribs to tickle her. “Have you met yourself?”

“I never said I’m not noisy,” Eijun grins, sliding back on top of Kazuya with ease. “But I wasn’t the one to blame this time.”

Kazuya rolls her eyes, trying to will her cheeks to stop burning. “Shut up,” she mutters, swallowing a whine when Eijun’s breasts brush her own. She’s oversensitive and soaked, frustrated from being so close to release and then being denied. “You’ll have to make this up to me once we get home,” she demands.

Eijun blinks, confused. “What do you mean when we get home?” she asks, biting her lip. “You don’t wanna finish?”

Kazuya’s flush spreads down her neck. “Your mom almost caught us!”

“So,” Eijun says, raising a brow, hair brushing Kazuya’s cheeks as she leans back in. “Just be more quiet this time.” It’s a challenge, one that makes Kazuya’s toes curl. “Here, I’ll help.”

Then, she drops her hand back between Kazuya’s thighs, fingers slipping over slick, warm skin.

Kazuya gasps, a soft moan at the back of her throat. God, Eijun is so unpredictable sometimes. “How is this helping,” Kazuya asks, shivering when Eijun finds her clit again. “Fuck - Eijun - “

Eijun kisses her, sweeping her tongue into her mouth.

It’s overwhelming, being overtaken by Eijun like this, from not ends, by both mouth and hand. Kazuya’s lips slip against Eijun’s as her body rolls, chasing the promise of Eijun’s touch, moaning into Eijun’s mouth. Eijun whimpers, pulling back for a moment to pant against Kazuya’s cheek. “See,” she says, voice a rasp. “If I just keep kissing you, I’ll keep you quiet.”


Kazuya shudders, arousal spiking. “Aren’t you clever,” she mumbles, charmed, hand skimming down to thumb at one of Eijun’s nipples. “Come back here, then,” she breathes, demanding.

“Needy,” Eijun murmurs, but the word is laced with affection and desire as she arches into Kazuya’s touch. “Gonna make you come soooo hard,” she promises, dropping back down to kiss Kazuya. “Love you.”

Kazuya groans as Eijun presses her thighs wider with her own, fingers slipping down to tease her entrance. “Love you, too,” she croaks, hips chasing Eijun’s touch. She sucks at Eijun’s lip and hitches her ankle over Eijun’s hip. “God, you’re gonna drive me crazy.”

Eijun giggles, carefully pushing her finger forward, tentatively exploring. This is definitely a task Eijun has learned to take slow. “I like that,” Eijun breathes, kissing the corner of Kazuya’s mouth. “I like seeing you go a little crazy.”

Kazuya bites her lip as Eijun presses into her, groaning at the feel of her walls stretching around Eijun. Kazuya has always liked this, this feeling of being stretched, of being touched so intimately, so meaningfully. “Eijun,” Kazuya sighs, tipping her head to chase Eijun’s mouth. “Fuck.”

Eijun moans softly, catching Kazuya in a kiss as she curls her finger. She pulls out only to press in again, picking up an easy rhythm. She tries to kiss Kazuya as she works, but it’s a bit too much to coordinate and she ends up mouthing at Kazuya’s cheek, down her jaw, over her ear. “You’re so - “ Eijun rasps, nipping at her earlobe. “You're so wet,” she rambles, nuzzling into Kazuya’s neck. “So soft.”

Kazuya whimpers when the palm of Eijun’s hand grinds against her clit, sending tiny sparks of pleasure up through her abdomen. Eijun’s words caress her, goosebumps erupting over her arms. “You and that mouth,” Kazuya gasps, shuddering. 

Eijun giggles against Kazuya’s ear and adds a second finger. “I’m gonna fuck you properly when we get home,” she promises, panting against sensitive skin. “Like, so good.”

Kazuya groans and tangles her fingers in Eijun’s hair, pulling her back up for a kiss. “I’ll hold you to that,” she breathes against her lips, licking into Eijun’s mouth messily as Eijun curls her fingers. “Oh God.”

Their kiss is sloppy and Eijun’s hands are sloppier. She breathes hard against Kazuya’s cheek, wrist rolling as she works Kazuya in earnest, her own hips stuttering forward against Kazuya’s thigh. “Fuck,” Eijun says, fingers slipping out of Kazuya at the same time her tongue slicks against Kazuya’s. She adjusts, sliding her touch up to find Kazuya’s clit. “Want you so bad. You’re so hot. Oh my God.”

Kazuya moans, breath hot against Eijun’s skin as she kisses her cheek. “Yes,” she approves, bucking up against Eijun’s fingers, grinding against them. “Yes.”

Eijun’s movements become uncoordinated, a little frantic, caught up in her own arousal. “So pretty,” she babbles, working Kazuya quickly, smearing slick all over Kazuya’s heated skin. “So wet. So good, yes, Kazuya, want you to come.”

Kazuya’s going to.

It doesn’t take Kazuya long to climb back to the edge, already high strung and sensitive from before, from the knowledge that Eijun’s family is right downstairs, that Eijun is sullying her childhood sheets with Kazuya. “Eijun,” Kazuya gasps, toes curling as Eijun’s fingers slide over her labia, slipping over her wet skin. “Fuck,” she pants, thighs falling wide as she bites her lip. “Eijun, I - “

“Want you to come,” Eijun repeats, eager and breathless, lips skimming over Kazuya’s cheek. Her chin is damp, slick from being between Kazuya’s thighs, and maybe that shouldn’t turn Kazuya on as much as it does, but Kazuya loves it, loves seeing her mark on Eijun like this. “Come on, Kazuya.”

She finds Kazuya’s mouth and clit at the same time, and Kazuya keens, grateful for Eijun’s tongue to dampen her cry. Her hips roll upward, skin flushed and clammy. She’s still close from before, prickly, a little oversensitive from hanging on the edge, and God, Eijun really knows how to work her hands. 

Or maybe she just knows how to work Kazuya. 

Eijun rubs quick circles around Kazuya’s clit, then strokes over her directly, just the way Kazuyua likes, fast and a little rough, pulling her right to the edge, heat coiling in her gut, dragging here there, right there - 

“Eijun,” Kazuya gasps, body tensing, jaw falling wide. “Eijun - yes, yes, yes -

Eijun moans, wrist flicking faster. “Yes,” she pants into Kazuya’s ear, her own hips grinding against Kazuya’s thigh. “That’s it,” she encourages, pinning Kazuya’s legs open with one of her own. “That’s it, that’s right, yes, yes, yes, good girl.”

Kazuya arches and pitches forward, barely managing to shove her palm over her mouth before she’s coming, hard and intense and hot. 

The world goes black as she squeezes her eyes shut, heat flooding through her, walls clenching around nothing, throbbing, wanting, as Eijun works her through her orgasm. She whimpers into her palm, heart pounding in her ears. She tries to keep quiet, but it’s hard , and she has to grip at Eijun’s shoulder, nails digging into her skin, shoving her face into Eijun’s neck to try and stifle her moans. 

“Okay,” Kazuya whines as she begins to come down, too sensitive, too sensitive, God, shit, fuck. “Okay, okay, Eijun.”

Eijun lets out the softest, most pleased noise Kazuya has ever heard as she slows her touch. “I love you,” Eijun slurs, lips smearing over Kazuya’s jaw. “Love you. You’re so hot. Oh my God.”

Kazuya shivers, wrapping her leg over Eijun’s hip, burying her fingers in her soft, messy locks. “I love you, too,” she responds, kissing beneath Eijun’s ear. Eijun hums, wrapping her arms around Kazuya’s waist - she knows how much Kazuya likes to cuddle after coming, knows how clingy she gets, how much she relishes the feel of Eijun against her, her oversensitive skin brushing Eijun’s own. “Want me to take care of you in a minute?” 

Eijun moans, wiggling against Kazuya. She’s impatient, horny, wet and eager. Watching Kazuya come always leaves Eijun hot and a little insatiable. She pulls back slightly, just enough to kiss Kazuya on the mouth, sweeping her tongue over her bottom lip, nibbling gently. 

Kazuya already feels her body responding to Eijun’s again.

It’s amazing how Eijun does this to her. Makes her want. Makes her warm and giddy with affection, drunk on her love even when she’s just had an orgasm, hungry for more. 

“No,” Eijun breathes out as she pulls away, which is weird. Eijun always wants Kazuya to touch her after Kazuya is done. Eijun drops her hand between them, curling her fingers between her own thighs. “Want you to watch like I just watched you,” she says. "Unless you'd rather go have some hot chocolate?

Kazuya snorts.

Like she'd rather have anything else right now.

"No," Kazuya responds, kissing Eijun again, because she can't help it, not with the way her heart is racing and her gut is twisting, affection and arousal twining into one. "This is all I want."