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possessed kids toys are not good gifts

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It'd started off with Eddie's fear of Hildy. A small, irrational fear that Buck found absolutely hilarious and constantly teased him about. He'd even bought a Hildy coffee machine as a prank. And that seemed to be the end of it.

Until Christopher's tenth birthday.

Everything had been going fine. He'd gotten some video games, board games and more coloured pencils and markers so he could draw.

And then came Buck's gift.

He handed it to Christopher, Eddie sitting nearby with his camera ready to get a picture. And when the box was opened, he couldn't help but glare at his boyfriend. Because inside was blue furby. And it was horrifying.

"I love it!" The ten year old grinned, trying his best to open the box before giving up. "Dad, can you help?"

"Uh...." Eddie just sat there, staring at it.

Buck stood up, trying his best to hide the grin on his face as he picked up the scissors from the coffee table, "I got it, Chris."

He took the box from the boy, carefully cutting through the tape and the zip ties that secured it in the box. And once it was open, he handed it to Christopher, completely ignoring the fact that his boyfriend was glaring at him.

"We'll get some batteries for it in a bit, then you can play with it." Buck told him. And Christopher was ecstatic.


Doo-koh the furby quickly became Eddie's worst enemy. He was sure that thing was possessed. Everywhere he went, there it was staring right at him making it's weird noises.

It was even starting to affect him in his sleep. He'd be having some great dream and then boom, the furby was there.

And worst of all, Chris' love for it hadn't seemed to lessen. If anything, the more he played with that thing, the more he loved it. It was driving Eddie insane.

But there was nothing he could do, because if he took it away, Chris would be heartbroken with how much he loved it. So he had to power through it, which was easier said than done.

"So, you think this toy is possessed?" Hen asked when Eddie brought it up on shift. Everyone except Buck and Bobby were there, both of them in the kitchen working on dinner.

Even Ravi was there listening to Eddie's rant.

"Yes! By el diablo himself!" Eddie nodded. "It's there everywhere I turn!"

Chim looked at him, eyebrow raised, "So, you don't believe in the jinx yet you believe that a furby of all things is possessed by the devil?"

"It's more likely for the devil to be real than the jinx!" Eddie argued, and all Chim could do was look at him incredulously.

"Have you thought about getting rid of it?" Ravi suggested. "Just... throw it out. Never have to deal with it again."

"Yeah, but then Christopher would be upset." He explained. "And I'm not all too sure that getting rid of it would help. It'd probably just appear somewhere else."

Hen shook her head, "Of course it would."


A month after Christopher's birthday, Buck and Christopher awoke on the couch to the sound of laughter. The furby laughing to be specific. Buck was taking Christopher for the night, and he'd made sure that Christopher left the furby at home.

Neither of them really even liked the thing. They just thought it was funny how Eddie reacted to it.

But the minute they heard the laughter, they knew Eddie was right to be scared of it. Because how the hell did it get into Buck's apartment if they'd left it at Eddie's?

"Chris... please tell me you hid it in your bag..." Buck looked at the boy, who just slowly shook his head.

The ten year old clung onto Buck, "Bucky, I'm scared." 

"Yeah? Me too, kid. Me too." He stood up, having to lift Christopher up as he refused to let go before heading over towards the sound. And there, right on the kitchen counter, was that evil robot staring right at them.

"I don't like it anymore." Christopher whimpered.

"Me neither." Buck agreed.

Not long after, Buck made Christopher swear never to tell anyone about how he'd taken a hammer to the toy until it let out one final, demonic sounding laugh before it died. 

And when Buck dropped Christopher off a few hours later, Eddie brought up the missing furby.

"It's gone." Christopher responded, glancing at Buck after he said it.

And Eddie would never tell the two that it was, in fact, him that planted the furby in Buck's kitchen, knowing full well that it'd lead to it's destruction.

And none of them ever brought the toy up again. Because that thing was evil and possessed by the devil himself.