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Nightmare is Not a Good Person

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My head hit a brick wall. My vision turned blurry almost instantaneously, blackness splotting every so often wherever I looked.

My body was constricted so tightly that I couldn't move, either. It was difficult to breathe.

A thick, yet somehow slickish goop was enveloping my sides, progressively crushing me even more than it already had been. Its scent was so strong, but I didn't smell it more than I felt it, stinging against my skin like an acid that wouldn't give me the benefit of just corroding.

"Just... let me die, if that's what you want," I spoke, broken and quietly.

A low rumble of laughter was heard from across the room. "Let you die? That's a concept... but, unfortunately, it is also a mercy I am not willing to grant you. Your life is too valuable for me to dispose of it so quickly. There's so many things you have to live for... so many things that will fall apart and leave you miserable. Such emotions are too precious to let go untouched."

The grip around me tightened, with my last bit of wonder having every failure and defeat I had ever been through flash before my eyes. But only the failures... only the defeats... Everything hurt as I was finally dying -- even my emotions weren't spared. I tried to suck in one final breath, only to fail as I began to feel everything shut down --

-- before the tight grasp was let loose and I collapsed onto the floor. Immediately my body just started hacking and heaving for air, blood dripping from the corners of my mouth as I tried to catch back my breath.

Another slimy tentacle of sorts twisted itself underneath my chin and forced my head to tip upwards. The sight before me wasn't visible... not to my blurred and splotching gaze. There was only so much one could see of a pitch-black beast in an already dimly lit room.

My own damn curiosity is what got me this far. I was told not to try, but for some reason, something still seemed to be guiding me along anyhow... even though I wasn't really sure that I wanted to.

"You make quite the interesting decisions. Perhaps more interesting for me than for you... or maybe you're just some insane masochist. I am not here to judge. If that is the case, then, well, you've certainly come to the right place for your twisted pleasures." A wicked smile spanned across his face cheekbone to cheekbone, practically glowing bright white against his obsidian body. "But you should know your choice of entertainment comes with a price. I won't take your life, that has no benefit to me, but I will take your body. For... as long as I see fit. If you still wish to know what it's like to fuck me so badly, I'll indulge you with that knowledge. Over and over and over and over again, whenever I feel like it. But you will not have a say. Your only consent comes from accepting this fate in the first place.

"But of course... if you don't want to subject yourself to this more than today, or at all now that you have met me, I won't stop you from leaving right now. No, you won't satisfy your interests, but that isn't my problem. Your overwhemlingly frustrated curiosity benefits me just as much as your physical and emotional suffering. So the decision is up to you."

And yet, with all intellect in my body somehow erased to hell and horniness, the only answer that managed to fall out was: "Take me."

My head fell to the floor as the tentacle retreated, the figure across from me booming with an intense laughter. "You're an idiot! Hah! Oh, I'm going to have fun with you." The grip around my body returned as I was tossed aside into something else -- it wasn't the hard wall again, that was for sure, but it wasn't exactly soft, either. "Killer. Take care of that. Put it somewhere I can find it later."

"You got it, boss." Oh, that's what it was. A person. His voice sounded strained as he spoke, almost as if he was in a lot of pain himself but was trying to cover it up. He didn't move -- and I didn't dare attempt -- until there was the sound of a slamming door. In that moment I was dumped off of him entirely, taking a hefty breath before standing up from the ground and dusting himself off. "Wow. And I thought I was crazy. But look at you. So desperate for a little fun time that you literally just made yourself Nightmare's sex toy. You're insane." The one named Killer just exploded with laughter. "Come with me. I'll show ya to the boss's room. I figure you're gonna be stuck there a while."

I tried pushing myself off of the ground, but I lacked the strength to do so. Although reluctantly, Killer reached out and pulled me off of the ground by force, half carrying and half dragging me out the door of the office and down the regal, dark hallway.

"Geez, you're heavy. Outta get someone else to do this so I don't have to carry ya anymore." He paused with a bit of a grumble, shifting his grip around me. "Though, now that I think about it, should probably find someone who can heal you and get them in here. Somethin' tells me the boss is gonna want to mess with his new toy a lot... but we don't wanna have it breaking, now, do we?"

I didn't really know what to say to something like that.

But... it did make the totality of the situation begin to click.

The rest of the walk was silent.

Luckily for me, it was no time before there was the sound of a door clicking open to snap me from my awful thoughts. My vision was still a bit hazy, but the room seemed massive. Killer dragged me along to the left before eventually setting me down on a comfortable surface of sorts. Perhaps a bed... it was rather soft and squishy.

"There," Killer sighed, seemingly happy for some reason. I could only assume it was because he was no longer carrying me. "Hopefully he doesn't get'cha when you're sleeping, but not like I can promise you anything anyway. But you should try to sleep regardless, it'll make you feel better. 'M sure the boss doesn't was his new toy broken already." He started taking a few steps towards the bedroom door, gesturing something -- maybe waving to me -- as he did so. "Anyway. Have fun. Or don't. I could care less honestly."

Killer didn't hesitate as he left, the door shutting loudly behind him. My mind felt empty, everything suddenly sounding really quiet... so I decided it was best to focus on actually trying to fall asleep, despite Killer's warnings. Surely enough, I passed out within moments... and woke up who knows how much later to a plethora of pain.

"I can't promise you anything" was right.

I screamed immediately as I woke up without even thinking, so much pressure scraping my ass's inside as it was being dryly thrusted into. I only now noticed my pants were off, as well as my underwear, but I was far too preoccupied to worry much about that beyond my initial discovery of it. It was just... so much. Just pure pain. Every thrust practically pushed in deeper and deeper, or maybe it just felt that way because it just kept getting worse and worse. There were already tears pouring down my face, blurring my vision to hell, and I wasn't even fully awake.

"Having fun?" A hoarse voice behind me hissed, stuttering slightly with every painful thrust I felt. "I'm giving you what... you wanted."

There was another bit of pressure against my vaginal entrance, this one much more slick and thick. I terrifyingly knew immediately that it was one of Nightmare's tentacles, recognizing that awful acidic feeling from earlier. Said horrific theory was confirmed as it slipped inside without a care for my physical being whatsoever. It went deeper and deeper, as far as it could go, taking up more space than it should -- I thought I might just explode. My screaming started to slow into loud sobbing as just everything hurt more and more, my voice growing too weary for anything more intensive, as everything was being invaded worse and worse.

"Yes... keep crying. It only makes me... want to do this more." A violent thrust penetrated my ass once again, and at this point, I swear my own blood was acting as a lubricant that specifically helped him go faster while making my pain just even worse. It stung. So badly. Like a thousand tiny bugs just started crawling into my blood stream directly, killing me from the inside out. I was beginning to fall so weak that I barely had the energy to cry.

"I hope... this is what you expected... because it's only going up from here, he- heh..." Nightmare's words were choked down as he was distracted by his own actions. "Ugh... I've had better. P... Perhaps I'll keep you less time that I'd hoped..."

He slammed harder and harder against my backside. My already-dying screams finally fell to silence as I ran out of breath to vocalize anything... so instead everything came out as tears, snot, and drool instead.

Humiliated. That's what I felt.

Nightmare somehow still wanted me quieter, though, because another tentacle found its way up and into my mouth, not hesitating to find its perfect spot to trigger my gag reflex and refusing to let go. I felt like I was choking, but I could still breathe just fine. It was a never-ending cycle of suffering. My stuttered, weak sobs spilled out through my nose, sounding muffled and pathetic.

I really had no control over anything right now.

Nightmare soon changed his course of action; he had started panting heavily, his speed at least doubling as I kept trying to cry and scream. A grip around my shoulders I hadn't even noticed he held until this point, probably having been so dulled by the rest of the pain; was suddenly sharp and digging into my skin as if they were hammered nails to try and hold Nightmare stable. He pierced me harder and harder, nothing but painful smacking sounds and his ugly breaths filling the room, until eventually he let out a low exhale as I could feel every part of me filling with liquid. My ass, my mouth, my vagina -- so much of it. So much of it, and I could feel it trying to escape from the weak corners of each opening. When every part left my body, I could only assume every hole was left dripping with the same teal substance from my mouth that tasted and felt like death.

Nightmare recalled his tentacles as he flopped on his side. His breath was heavy and winded. I was able to catch a glance at him... only to mostly regret it.

First of all, he was naked. Maybe that should have been expected, but it was still gross seeing his... ecto-body. I tried to not think about it for long, but it was hard to not noticed a bright-green chubby belly only a foot or so away. And... I think what I hated the most was how much I realized he didn't deserve such a cute chubby belly. ... Wait, what? Who the hell is thinking that he looks cute after that?

Second of all, when my eyes finally looked back up met his, he was smiling. Nightmare looked proud of himself. His teal eyelight was staring at me, his head otherwise leaning playfully against one of the bed's pillows without intention of leaving. His genuine enjoyment was terrifying enough in itself.

"Your fear is delightful," he breathed. "Your body is horrible, but your emotions are so strong... perhaps I'll keep you for other things, now that I've given you what you wanted."

I wanted to say something like " That isn't what I wanted," but I didn't have enough energy to speak, not to mention my... throat was still clogged a bit, although it was draining. Being reminded of it caused me to cough, bits of teal splattering about.

Nevertheless, the look in Nightmare's eye told me he already knew what I was thinking, anyway.

"Of course it's never what someone actually wants. I don't care about that. When I grant someone's desires it comes at their expense, not mine. I only do what benefits me, and of course, what benefits me is your suffering. Did you not know that before coming here? Or perhaps you were misled into thinking you'd be able to change me? Whatever the case is, you were wrong." He rolled his eye before summoning a tentacle back to wrap around me, it placing itself gently against my already sensitive and soiled clit. A shiver crawled up my spine as he laughed lowly. "Let me give you another example... but something more simple... I'm far too tired for anything else."

The tentacle started rubbing against me... agonizingly slowly. I could feel my expression morph into one of both need and satisfaction at the same time. And he kept going... back and forth... back and forth... back and forth... so cautiously, so lightly, so slowly, it was making my whole body shake with a need for more. Already, I was crying again, knowing I wouldn't get that "more" that I needed. Every once in a while, he would tease me entrance before denying it entirely. A second tentacle tipped my head to face Nightmare directly, our faces terrifyingly close to each other.

I felt awful. I felt like I wanted to die and orgasm at the same time, both of which I knew would never happen. My stomach was in knots of guilt, pain, and frustration, making me feel like I wanted to puke all of my guts out. I was shaking so much that I was practically getting winded from that alone, my eyes flickering shut as all feeling between my legs started to go numb from a lack of cooperation. His eyelight was so piercing it felt as though literal knives had been shoved into my shoulders, rather than just metaphorical ones.

Back and forth... back and forth... a wince slipped its way from my mouth, the first noise that managed to break free of many more to come.

"That's it. Keep doing that." Nightmare chuckled, slowing down his speed and strength in the meanwhile. An involuntary moan complied as he did so. I couldn't move at this point. I was shaking, numb, bleeding still from earlier, and on the edge of sickness and orgasm without any relief in sight. "You're in an absolutely perfect state right now... such a cooperative toy! I'm growing to like you more every second..."

Nightmare retreated his tentacles once again, without giving me the satisfaction of orgasm or throwing up; using another one to roll me down onto my back. "You should rest now. You might have permanently negative effects if I continue, and I've decided I don't want to break you just yet. Do what you must so you are in peak condition for next time I am bored."

He sat upright before slipping off of the bed's surface, snapping his fingers as he stood up. The messy sheets below me once covered with blood, teal, and black goop where now instantly clean and fresh. I was sort of distracted, although it didn't feel very voluntary, either; because it was stupidly hard to take Nightmare seriously when he was just...

"Nice ass."

... standing with his fat, teal, ecto ass in my full view.

Of course, that statement didn't go without punishment -- in seconds Nightmare turned around, tentacles swooping down, half like knives and half to force my gaze to attention. His expression melted into what barely resembled a real face, eyelight dissolved into a mere pinprick-size and his mouth stretched out wide and scratchy like some sort of horror film. But it didn't last long until that terrible face fell back to its usual state. Nightmare looked almost curious, despite frowning, almost as if he'd acted on impulse and then... ran out of things to say...? No, that couldn't be it.

"... You are pathetic," he eventually settled on. "And... weird." Uh, so is your choice of words is... to say "weird." That doesn't suit you at all. "I come in here, leaving you in nothing but pain, and your reaction is 'nice ass'?" Okay, it was kind of funny hearing him say that back and I really had to hold back some immense laughter.

... Maybe I am the more fucked up one that I would do something like that... and then laugh at it.

"You are a twisted sort of masochist that I am unsure how to respond to. Whatever." He let go of his grip, retracting the tentacles as he went to go grab his shirt off the floor. "Your opinions do not matter to me. I just wish your... negative emotions would have lasted longer than they seemed to have." Nightmare tried to glare back to me as he was slipping his jacket over his shoulders. Once his shorts were slipped back on, he shuffled his way out of the door without another word.

He did have a point. But to be honest, after all that was done, I somehow didn't necessarily feel that bad anymore. It was as if there had been so much that it hit a breaking point, and now it was just numb. My whole body was numb, and even my emotions had begun to feel dull. And the moment Nightmare left the room, it was as if a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.

... Hopefully I haven't already dug myself a hole into Stockholm Syndrome. Cause whatever I'm feeling right now should definitely not be emotions I should have towards a guy that just... consentually raped me? Well, I told him he could, but from there the consent wasn't very evident. Either way. Definitely shouldn't have had the guts to say "Nice ass," of all things.

Or maybe this is all just one fucked up wet dream I'm having and that's why all my emotions are muted. And why I'm saying and thinking things I wouldn't usually say. Then again, he said my emotions were plentiful earlier. So they were only muted now that it was said and done.

The door slammed open again. I rolled over slightly to see who it was, gaze momentarily met by Killer, who stopped when he saw me, then backed out slowly and shut the door again. "Put on some pants, would ya?!" he yelled from the other side. Oh, right. 

He waltzed back in with an unamused expression after I'd called back to him, now fully clothed. "At least warn a guy that you left 'um half naked before you go send me off to do your lame work..." He seemed to be mumbling to himself before he shook his head and focused on me, sitting down at the edge of the mattress. "Welp, I was told to keep and eye on you and make sure you don't try to kill yourself or anything. Also to try and make you feel better or something. I dunno. That's not my forté though, so I texted someone else in the castle and they should show up soon. He's kind of an asshole at first, but he's probably the only one here with a genuinely decent overall personality."

"You know what would make me feel better?" I blurted, not even sure why I did.


"If you helped me orgasm."

Killer stared at me blankly, although there seemed to be a hint of "Why the fuck is this the job I have," before he sighed and pulled me closer. "Okay, but just this once, you got it? Get someone else to do it next time."

"Oh. I didn't expect you to actually do this."

"Yeah, I didn't either, but the boss'll get mad at me if I don't do what you want right now, so just tell me what to do and then shut up."

"So mean..." I teased, reaching for his hand for a moment. "It won't take long, really, just... finger me a little, please."

He sighed, unamused, but even still pulled my pants down just enough before grazing his fingers across that entire sensitive area. My eyes rolled back for a moment as my eyelids flickered. His fingertips pressed cautiously against my entrance as he glanced back to me for a moment. "There?" he asked softly. I nodded aggressively, a heavy breath escaping the moment I felt him slip inside. His movements were nothing special, but it was just what I needed after that mess of nearly climaxing for endless minutes.

And, well, I was right about how it wouldn't take very long -- because in probably less than a minute I already came.

"... Wow that was pathetic." Killer laughed as he retrieved his hand and snapped my pants back into place.

"He left me on the edge of coming, okay?" I breathed. "I just needed to climax."

"That explains it." Killer was already wiping his hand off on the blankets, although still a level of disgusted when he got off all that he could. "Couldn't have done that yourself?"

"You wanna watch me masturbate?"

"Hey, I can sit in a corner while you do your business, or are you the one too nervous about it?"

"It's just better when someone else does it," I noted with a grin.

"Uh-huh. Even some random guy who's associated with the one you were just tortured by? Good plan." Killer shook his head. "Anyway. Where the hell is Cross? It shouldn't take him this long to walk across the castle."

"This place is pretty big, you know."

As if right on cue, the door clicked open cautiously, another head poking inside. For a moment, his face seemed to dye into a purple hue as he started backing out again --

"Get in here, we're not doing anything anymore ya baby," Killer yelled in slight annoyance.

The other skeleton wandered in shortly after that, his expression turning from slightly embarrassed to full-on annoyed. "What do you need this time?" he muttered.

"You have feelings 'n stuff, you try and connect with this human to make 'um feel better or whatever. The rest of us are dead inside."

The other scoffed. "Really? So you're just trying to get me to do your work for you again. It's a miracle Nightmare keeps you as right hand."

"Yeah, do you want the job, Cross?"

Cross fell silent.

"That's what I thought. Now get your ass over here."

Although mumbling with annoyance, Cross did in fact shuffle his way sheepishly towards where we were, his face half-buried in his thick turtleneck sweater collar. He, too, crawled on top of the bed, although he sidestepped Killer in an attempt to face me more clearly. His mismatched eyelights looked me over for a moment, not saying anything. He blinked a few times, sending a few confused glances to Killer in the meanwhile... before he groaned in annoyance and just faced Killer entirely. "What the hell do you want me to do?? I don't know anything about talking to people or making them feel better!"

I snickered. "Wow, and this is the best guy you have for this kind of job?"

Killer instantly broke out laughing with that one. "Hey, can't be that bad if you're at least finding insulting him to be funny," he noted with a wink.

Cross wasn't amused. His death glare swapped between both Killer and I before he eventually just sank down in his spot with his arms folded over.

"You guys are cute." Why did I say that?

But Killer just kept laughing when I did. In fact, it sent him laughing through such histerics that he toppled over onto his side. Cross, on the other hand, loosened his stiff and grumpy posture to look at me with something between an appalled and offended gaze. He blinked multiple times before turning to Killer and blurting, "What the hell is wrong with this guy? First he comes here demanding to fuck Nightmare and now he's calling us cute."

"I- d- dunno, but damn it's fucking hilarious, " Killer responded between his giggle fit. He brushed away a black tear with one final wheeze for air, deciding to once again sit upright. "Stars above, you're absolutely hysterical. Do you have a death wish? Or are you really so desperate for a good time that you came here to fuck people? There's better places for that, y'know!"

Frankly, I don't really know why I came here. Or... actually, I don't remember how I came here either, or... anything before that moment with Nightmare in that office earlier. Nothing but a vague guidance that led me to this place. Oh well...

Killer elbowed Cross. "Say, if this little dumbass wants to play around, could always give 'um something a bit nicer than what the boss is gonna do."

Cross stared back, unimpressed. "Not now."

"Well, duh, not now, do you see the state of them? There's still the boss's cum dripping from their face."

I didn't realize that was still there and immediately went to wipe it off. Unsurprisingly, Killer was dying of laughter once again, but Cross remained uninterested in everything going on. "Can I just go now?"

"No," Killer said, very flatly despite his laughter from two seconds previous. "Actually, hey, you called us cute, but which one of us is cuter?"

"You just want him to answer with you so you can lord being cuter over me," Cross complained.

"Uh, duh. Anyway. Pick, would you?" Killer smirked.

Unfortunately for Killer's joke and potential pride, I instead pointed at Cross. It seemed the both of them were left surprised at that kind of response. Until I realized it was more... concern from Cross... while Killer was offended.

"Wrong answer," Killer voiced, low and harsh... before immediately leaning closer to me with a wicked grin and frustrated brow. "Do you need me to prove to you why?"

"H... Hey, I thought you said you were gonna leave them alone --"

"Shut up, Cross, this is important." Killer's blank gaze stayed locked on my eyes as he answered that, seemingly waiting for something. I didn't know what to say, but this didn't seem to make Killer any more willing to ignore me. He leaned closer -- I tried to lean back in instinct, but it seems he wasn't having that based on how he grabbed me by the back of my neck. "How cruel. First you ask me so nicely to finger you, and then you admit you don't even think I'm that cute? You're toying with my fragile SOUL here."

He leaned in closely, nearly no space left between us.

"I think someone needs a lesson on what 'cute' is."

And with that, he pinned me to the bedsheets, sealing the remaining gap with his teeth pressed against my lips -- hard. My heart started racing, and I wasn't sure if it was in panic or excitement. I really hoped that, for logic and sanity's sake, it was the former.

Killer leaned back for a moment. "Cross, you want front or back?"

"What??" He seemed startled. "I thought you said we'd do this another time...! N... not that I wanted to to begin with..."

"Aww, you really gonna turn down someone who just called you cute? C'mon. They need something to compare to so they know they're wrong." Killer turned to me once more. "Actually. Now that I say that, I think I'm gonna take the front. I need them to look at me."

Cross wasn't very happy, but he agreed anyway. Perhaps Killer was right, he is nice when you get passed his asshole-ish exterior... and I feel bad that he had to be roped into whatever this is.

... "Whatever this is." What's wrong with me? I know I'm about to get fucked again. And this time not even dubious consent was involved. So why am I so nonchalant about it?

Killer pulled me off of the bed's surface and started tearing off my pants again... although, he was literally tearing them, so after this I wouldn't have anything to change into. Wonderful.

"Don't worry about it," Killer hummed, as if reading my thoughts. "Boss says he wants to get you a pretty little dress instead. Easier than pulling down your pants all the time... don't you think?"

Cross crept up behind me in the meanwhile, my weight being thrown to him while Killer decided to strip off his own shorts.


Cross's voice whispered in my ear while Killer was distracted. He held me carefully, both his hands loosely around my waist. "I don't want to do this either. But we might both get hurt if we don't... so just play along for now, ok?" His grip turned weak, voice following suit as he sighed very gently. "I'll do the same."

I just barely got the chance to nod when Killer grabbed me back. "Ok, Cross, now your turn."

"Ugh..." he complained, the fidgeting of clothing fabrics heard from behind me.

"C'mon, I know you hate that outfit but is it that hard to get off?"

"Yes! It's all a tangled mess and it sucks!!"

"Just rip it off, then." Killer laughed.

"N- No. I don't wanna do that."

"Boring," Killer sang. "Hey you, stay here." He dropped me to the bed as he said that.

"Wh-- hey!! I can figure it out myse--"


"Killer, you prick!!"

"Now you can get a new outfit too, hehe. Do you also want a little dress?" Cross responded with a slur of angry words, and Killer just blatantly ignored every one of them. "Now hurry it up, we've gotta prove I'm the cuter one to this new guy." I was picked up again, Killer staring his voided eyesockets into me with a smirk that screamed he was nothing more than proud of himself. He put me in his lap, hands gripping my thighs, before pressing his forehead against mine. The tip of what looked like a red tongue grazed over Killer's teeth in anticipation, almost looking like he was closer to wanting to eat me rather than fuck me.

His hands started moving around my thighs, creeping up their interior, closer and closer to my core, more sensitive every step of the way he took. "Want a little more fingering to get'cha warmed up? I don't play softly, so consider this an offer to make things easier on you. Unless you'd prefer it rougher." He smirked.

"I've had enough 'rough' today from your boss, I'll take what I can get," I replied.

Killer snickered. "Oh, right. Maybe I will be a little easy on you. Cross isn't much one for roughness either. You guys are making me so merciful today! It feels weird." One of Killer's hands found its way to the side of my face, cupping it gently as his thumb circled around my lips. "... so squishy, hehe. Lips are definitely a rarity for me. Makes me wanna kiss you even more just to get a better feel for it."

"You're weird."

"Hope you'll be changing that to 'cute' soon, heh."

"Not sure why you think fucking me will make me think you're cute, honestly."

Somehow, that seemed to change Killer's demeanor a lot. He leaned back slightly, still circling his thumb around my lips, but his own expression seemed to fall to a pout. "What do you mean?" he asked suspiciously.

"... I mean what I said? I don't think most people would change their opinion on someone who just arbitrarily decided to fuck them."

He narrowed his gaze. "You sure about that? Sure you don't wanna test it to make sure you're wrong?"

"Frankly, I'm tired, so not really. Besides, I know I'm right." I shrugged slightly. "I know I at least don't really feel attracted to anyone like that."

As if something clicked, Killer pouted, immediately deciding to choose to push me over rather than say anything else. I was barely caught by Cross as Killer decided to slip off of the bed and grab his shorts from the ground. More than anything, I was shocked I changed his mind.

"Fine, if that's not one way to convince you, then I won't do it. But I will hear you genuinely call me cute once." Killer smirked back to me once his shorts were back on... and then he glanced to Cross with a bored expression. "Well! He's your problem now. Have fun doing my job for me. I'm gonna do something else."

"Wh-- Kil-- But--" Cross didn't get a sentence out before the door was shut behind Killer. "Dammit."

"So... are you stuck here with me now?"

"What do you think? And the stupid asshole was making me get prepped for... nothing, in the end!"

I turned myself around to face him, although like a magnet my eyes were immediately trailed down to his fully erect purple dick. My gut instinct was, "Ew." But my horny instinct was, "I wanna suck it." I really do not agree with my horny instinct. Nor do I know where the hell it's coming from.

Cross choked on air in the meanwhile, trying to shove my face away. "S- Sorry! I shoulda said something!"

"No worries, it's not like the plan less then five minutes ago wasn't to have sex anyway. You wanna try just the two of us?"

I swear, that last sentence wasn't mine. I wasn't going to say that--

"What? Wh- No, I can- deal with this..."

"But I'm right here, I can help you."

Who is talking? It's me... but not... "me."

Cross went silent as his face lit up with a purple display. His gaze flickered from right to left... until he eventually just nodded. "Okay... Okay. Yeah. It's fine."

"You want to do me? Or want me to do you? Or a blowjob? Handjob?"

"A... blowjob would be alright." His voice sounded like it was cracking with embarrassment.

Within seconds, I found myself face-to-face with the end of his cock. My lips met his tip -- a shudder already emerging from him -- as I glanced up, waiting for confirmation to continue. Cross stared down at me with his smile crooked and excited, his eyelights practically sparkling as his expression was clouded by a purple blush. His hand met the back of my head, fingertips slipping through my hair and tracing around my scalp. He couldn't bring himself to say anything -- a guess based on his random noises that led to no words -- but he did push my head a little closer towards him, as if guiding me to continue.

I pulled open my jaw and pushed him deeper inside. Cross hissed for a moment before releasing an exhale, his grip on my hair doing a similar motion. I tried to caress his form in my tongue, licking around the suface while gently bobbing my head. Awkward, half-vocal noises croaked from Cross in the meanwhile.

And then I heard a door creak. Well, that didn't last very long.

Cross quickly panicked and somehow amidst all this he managed to cover me up in a blanket. But I could already feel from here who had entered the room, and we were probably screwed. Hopefully not literally.

"Cross," Nightmare's voice echoed condescendingly. "What are you doing in here?"

"I-- Uh-- Killer-- had me stay here while he went to do something." Cross's voice was stuttered and jittery.

Nightmare seemed to mumble something inaudible. "Of course he did. That's a recurring theme with him lately." A long, gross sigh had the misfortune of gracing my ears. I... hadn't stopped sucking Cross's dick, either. But I did slow a bit in fear for being caught, which was bound to happen regardless.

As if right on cue, Nightmare added, "And the human? The one that was in here. Are they also elsewhere?"

"U- Uh... m -- augh -- aybe?"

Good cover, Cross. Though, probably my fault for still keeping my mouth over his dick.

There was a long pause in Nightmare's speech. "You're not lying to me, are you?"

Cross didn't respond. He seemed to be trembling at this point, and I debated pulling back entirely...

But before I could make a decision, the blanket that was hastily thrown on top of me was removed. Cross jolted -- which caused his cock to do the same and hit my gag reflex, forcing me to pull away lest I throw up for real.

"... You two are lucky I am far too tired today. Cross, you should at least know using my toys is unacceptable behavior... especially in my own bed. How disgraceful." A slimy form made its way around my shoulders and forced me to sit up straight. My arms were binded by one of Nightmare's tentacles. "As for you... take this as a warning, because I will not be more lenient next time. You do as I want. That was the deal. Not what you want or what anybody else wants. You can have your fun with my servants after our deal is over. But not while it is active. Do you understand?"

I nodded, although some part of me feared that this wasn't going to mean much if that other voice kept speaking and doing things for me.

Nightmare loosened his grip. "Good." His attention was brought back to Cross. "Now, leave."

"Yessir," Cross replied before he quickly phased out of reality. It was suddenly much colder and lighter next to me and it felt very eerie. Especially since...

"Did you...?" I'd started before Nightmare seemed to answer my question.

"He used a shortcut. It has nothing to do with me."

He stepped his way around to the side of the bed opposite to me, sliding onto its surface as he recalled his tentacles into his back. He took a hold onto my jaw, his hands burning my skin from their goopy surface; seemingly looking over my face for something. But I guess he wasn't satisfied, since he let go of it and decided to lay down. "Join me, won't you?" Nightmare offered, but his gaze told me it was an order. So I decided to lay down next to him, facing him directly.

A grin coiled up his cheeks as he turned to face me, his hand reaching over to trace its way along my jawline. He hummed quietly, toying at my skin with his acidic phalanges repeatedly. Somehow disappointed, they found their way to my lips, tracing around them as if trying to paint them with the goop they were soaked in. It burned like hell, but I didn't let more than a wince show.

"... What do you have to gain from holding back your pain like that? I am not going to mock you. In fact, I rather appreciate it when you express it. I know this hurts you. I want to see that." The tip of his finger found its way passed my lips, now burning its way through my mouth. God, this hurt so much more than I remembered his tentacle did earlier... though everything was so painful before that it may have melded together with everything else. Unless it had something to do with that voice...

Nightmare pulled his fingers from my mouth, instead wrapping them around the back of my head and pulling me forward. He didn't hesitate to press his teeth against my lips, which, momentarily, didn't really hurt, considering it was spared from his goop, but eventually the thick acid started caving in around my lips and it was undeniably awful.

He forced my lips to part, an object I could only assume was his tongue making its way inside, although not without bringing its own gift of the black substance, practically painting the interior of my mouth in full. It stung severely -- and finally managed to pull noise from my throat. But of course, Nightmare only chuckled and continued onward with his work.

And then the weirdest thought came over me. Or maybe the stupidest.

Everything about this hurt, that was for sure, but Nightmare's actions themselves weren't anywhere near as rough as they had been earlier. It felt almost as if he were consciously trying to do this as perfectly and delicately as possible. Was it to make sure every edge of my mouth was burning? Probably. But even still, it made this whole situation feel...

Nightmare pulled back suddenly while I was amidst my thoughts. "... what?" he hissed.



"Wh... Did I do something?"

"Yes, you did. Your stupid emotions. Why are you suddenly happy? Is this not agonizing enough for you or are you really that sick?"

"... I'm happy?"

"Happier than you should be. " A single tentacle rose from Nightmare's back, quickly wrapping itself around my neck and shoulders before protruding its tip into my mouth. "Fine. If you're going to continue to be weird about it, then I'll do things this way."

... but it didn't really change anything. The pain was the same, the motions were the same... although now I could --

Nightmare slapped my forehead. "Stop sucking on it! And don't look at me so lewdly! Ugh, you're disgusting."

So instead, I started licking around the suface of it. My tongue collected the burning sensation like it was a never-ending prize of pain and suffering, but I couldn't bring myself to stop. Especially not seeing Nightmare's reaction --

He recalled his tentacle immediately and crawled on top of me, pinning my arms to either side of my head. "This was not part of the deal," he demanded.

I had a sudden burst of confidence from who knows where after seeing his expression turn so soft and teal for just a brief moment. "Actually, you did say you were going to fuck me 'over and over and over again, whenever you feel like it.' Is that not what you're doing?"

"No, not that, you're -- your face. Your emotions. They are not what I wanted. Your inability to cooperate is infuriating and I hope you realize there are ramifications for what you have done."

"I can't control what I'm feeling."

Nightmare ground his teeth together. "Fine. Then I'll do what I did before."

A few more tentacles emerged, each one of them taking a spot at one of my openings before slipping inside without any warning. I probably would have screamed had it not been for the tentacle shoving itself down my throat. My eyes were strained from the sudden pain being so much it nearly threw me under, but I managed to catch a glimpse at Nightmare's usual wicked gaze replacing any softness he may have had earlier.

"That's better. Suffer. It suits you so much better."

The tentacles didn't do much for thrusting more than they just kept teasing me. That permanent sense of choking started to return at the same time my g-spot was grazed over so faintly all it did was make me want more. The only thrusting was done in my ass, which the tentacle felt only slightly better than Nightmare's dick, probably just because these were so much slicker.

I yelped as I felt something clamp against my front. I tried to glance, but it was hard to see; it looked like Nightmare had decided to roll up my shirt and bite around my nipple. His grip shrank and shrank, focusing specifically on the very tip, as he kept biting as hard as he could without piercing my skin. Once he was one with the one, he swapped to the other to do the same thing.

My vision started to blur from tears now, instead. My verbal cries continued to be muffled as Nightmare kept getting worse and worse...

Until everything pulled back with a pop, all but the tentacle still inside my vagina as it tried to graze over my g-spot one last time before exiting completely... leaving me an unwillingly horny, bloody, and coughing mess.

"That's much better," Nightmare grinned. "I much prefer seeing you this way, rather than sassing me. It's much more fitting." He gently cupped a hand around my cheek before scraping at my skin with his sharp fingertips. I winced with a small whine. "So much better. I can't wait to see those scars form on your face. I'll be able to remember just how much I hurt you today and smile... won't that be nice?"

Nightmare leaned back before he decided to lay on his side, pulling me close to him by the waist. He rather uncharacteristically buried his face into my neck, although the acidic sting that came with it clarified his actions immediately. "You did interestingly for your first day of being here... although a little less rebellion would be nice in the future. You're currently my toy, nobody else's, and it is most certainly not the other way around. Do not forget that. Because if you do, I won't be pleased, and then we'd have to start all over...

"I was hoping to be a little nicer after I put you in your place, not to mention repeatedly doing that is so tiring... but it seems your emotions have other ideas. I'm afraid it'll have to be repeatedly worse and worse, lest your emotions get the best of you! We can't have you caring for me... that isn't good for either of us. I might have to kill you if you become too much of a burden or hassle, and I really don't want to do that."

He just kept rambling about these things so casually, as if this was normal conversation to be had. It was hard to react when most of my body was frozen in fear. But such emotions just caused Nightmare to burrow closer, his leg wrapping around one of my own. I squeaked when something crawled up my neck, my anxiety not at all calmed when I realized he had licked me. Nightmare, on the other hand, was having a great time by the sounds of it.

"You should relax better. You've got a long while ahead of you..." Nightmare chuckled.

Chapter Text

I was screaming when I woke up again. Agonizing. Torturous. Every piece of me ached so much, but I couldn't find the source of the pain.

As I woke up, however, I slowly came to realize nothing was happening around me. I'd felt a sudden shock of pain, but there wasn't anything here to cause said pain. I was in the room all by myself. Maybe it was a bad dream that just didn't stop right away when I woke up?

I sat up in the bed, left with only my shirt, which was loosely stained with that black acid Nightmare called his body. It felt heavy, like the fabric was wet, but also stung like an acid burning into my soul... it hurt me emotionally more than physically.

The door clicked open. "Rise and shine, horny bastard. Man do you sleep through a lot."

The voice alone told me it was Killer, but when I looked up, it seemed he'd brought Cross along with him again today, although the latter refused to look at me. Cross was wearing a different pair of shorts today, also. They looked a bit similar to Killer's...

"Anyway, you've got a whole new outfit to change into on request from the boss, so you're probably gonna wanna wear it as soon as possible." Killer held out on full display what looked to be a mini-skirt dress with a zipper up the front. "Shouldn't be too bad. Boss specifically chose it because it was easy to get in 'n out of. Though, that's all he wants you in. So good luck dealing with that."

"... oh." I went to reach for it, wincing a little bit in more sudden pain. Okay, so, it wasn't from a dream... Maybe I just slept weird... although, I did notice that Killer seemed to have a slightly peeved, yet unfazed expression when I jolted. I didn't know if that was directed at my sudden wincing or not but...

"I'd offer to help dress ya, but I don't think the boss wants us messing with you for much longer than we have to. Somebody had to go and ruin our fun."

Cross growled, but he didn't say anything.

I shook my head and took the dress in my hands, telling them I'd be fine and I'd be able to put it on by myself. "You can go, now, if you want to," I suggested, really hoping that they wanted to.

"Unfortunately, we're not the ones goin' anywhere," Killer continued. "We're supposed to take you out of here."

"Huh? Like, to leave leave?"

"Stars no." He laughed. "Boss would have to  hate you a lot to kick you out after one day. But... well, maybe it's a misfortune on your behalf, but he seems to like you a bit. Something about you tasting good? Maybe? I wasn't really paying attention to that part. Man, did you actually somehow get the man to enjoy oral or something? Shoulda gotten a piece 'a ya when I had the chance." But Killer shook his head, his usual smirk faltering. "Nah, nah. Nevermind. Just get changed and come with us."

I slipped off of the other side of the bed, pulling my stained shirt over my head before sliding over my shoulders and zipping up the dress over my otherwise naked body, no underwear at all. The fabric was thick and black, fitting me so perfectly that it was a little unnerving. The zipper was a shade of bright silver, its tag being a hoop of the same color. It was surprisingly comfortable. I felt... oddly confident, despite knowing that when I left this room, that confidence would be taken away in an instant.

Cross's face was slightly flushed as I wandered back over to the pair. Killer whistled, although the gesture felt petty. "Man. Even he looks good in a dress. See, I bet you could pull off a look like that too, Cross, what do you have against dresses?"

"I told you yesterday I don't want to wear any!" Cross blurted, turning away as he pulled at his sweater collar. Killer snickered.

"Anyway. Follow us." Killer waved me along through the door.

It was no time at all before I began to realize a huge downside to this outfit... or, I guess it was literally only a dress. The castle was very cold. Especially the floor. I hadn't even been graced with so much as socks, much less shoes... and because of it, I'd started to lag behind the two of them, shivering every so often.

Killer glanced to me over his shoulder for a moment or so before he turned back. "Cross, you carry them, I had to do it yesterday."


"You heard me," Killer growled.

Cross's gaze slowly fell towards me, eyelights refusing to meet mine. He took a few steps closer to me before mumbling, "Sorry." My puzzled expression didn't remain for very long as he did as Killer asked.

Although Cross hesitated for a moment or so, he did eventually reach around and lift me so I was laying out in his arms, completely off the ground. And... I was warmer, too, as a result. Cross was pretty soft... especially with a thick fluffy jacket like he had on. All of my instincts wanted to lean into said jacket, but I didn't want to make him more uncomfortable than he already seemed to be, so I decided against it.

Where we ended up was in that office-like area from yesterday -- or so I assumed, since my memory of it was jagged at best. It was far emptier and brighter than I remembered, though that wasn't saying much. In my memory it was basically pitch blackness.

"Lock the door," Nightmare's voice ordered.

Cross froze when he heard the instruction. Nightmare tipped his head up from his desk, a brow raised. "Put the human down and lock the door," he repeated. Cross still remained stiff.

Out of nowhere, a shock of pain shot throughout my whole body, much like the one I'd felt earlier. I couldn't help but let out the loud squeak of suffering that bubbled and popped in my throat. Almost instantaneously, Cross moved. He sat me down on a couch, one where Killer had already sat in, and sprinted back to the door. And with a click, it was locked, and Cross returned to our trio.

"Good," Nightmare replied, pleased. "Was that so hard? You already know what's going to happen, so calm yourself, Cross."

Cross didn't respond. Nightmare didn't acknowledge him any further.

"I see you've changed," he continued, looking to me. "I hope you tolerate the outfit. It is merely more convenient to work with given the conditions of our deal. We can get you something more appropriate when I'm done with you."

"... you keep saying 'when I'm done with you,' but do you have any plan for when that is?" My voice spoke without my input.

Nightmare pushed aside the papers and pens on his desk. His teal gaze met mine briefly, equally unimpressed now as it was moments ago. "Only been here a day and you're already asking when you can leave? Ha, such impatience only makes me want to keep you here longer... but I think I would lose my own sanity if I had to put up with you for longer than a few weeks." He huffed and rolled his eyelight.

"Consider your sentence to be a month, only shorter if you do something to anger me beyond punishment, or if your emotions keep going at the dying rate that they are..." Nightmare narrowed his gaze. "It's so unfortunate that someone whose negative emotions are so strong would turn them into apathy so quickly... but I suppose delicacies only come in limited amounts, after all. I'll just have to savor them while they last."

A tentacle rose from Nightmare's back, slipping around and gripping my torso tightly before ripping me off of the couch and pulling me towards its source directly. Nightmare's bright white teeth shone brightly through his obsidian exterior, despite how faint his smirk was. "I think today I ought to try a different route, see if you have any empathy... and if these emotions last any longer."

He reeled and forced me into his lap, facing back outwards to Killer and Cross; as two more tentacles emerged in the direction of the other skeletons. Neither touched or caught the others, but they seemed to be at the ready for some reason. Cross's expression was much more worried than Killer's... the latter looking almost bored, in a way. Or maybe he was just trying to not emote at all...

"Killer. Stab Cross. Not lethally."

I thought Killer might have tried to fight it, but he seemed as expressionless as ever, drawing a knife from his sleeve and leaning towards Cross without hesitation. Cross, on the other hand, did try to back away, but one of the tentacles forced him in place. He cried out in pain.

The knife sank in the side of his ribcage, a distinct crack cutting the tone of the room. Cross's eyes narrowed into small pinprick-sized pupils, his mouth agape as he was trembling.

"Good. Now, you..." Nightmare's tentacle around me shifted. "Just stuck in shock. Hm, how boring. What else... Killer. Break another of Cross's bones." Cross already began to cry out incomprehensible words, clearly against this idea, but the tentacle just slapped him across the face. "Silence. You will be healed later. This isn't about you."

Killer did, without slight objection, exactly as he was told. Cross's forearm within his grip, he managed to crush one of the bones without hesitation, only causing Cross to cry out in further pain. It was clear there were tears in Cross's eyes.

I didn't understand what I was watching. Or, rather, it didn't make sense why I was watching it. This was horrifying to see... I just wanted to close my eyes and not think about it--

"Ah-ah, no. Keep your eyes open, human. This is my gift to you and you should learn to have some respect for it." Within seconds, one of Nightmare's hands forced open one of my eyelights, his other around my neck as he twisted it to the side as I felt his teeth sink into my neck. At the same time, that awful shock surged through my body -- an unavoidable cry echoed from my throat. Nightmare retracted his bite quickly. "There. Now. Pay attention... Killer, take off Cross's shorts."

Cross whined again, which in turn resulted in one of the tentacles finally just shoving itself into his mouth. Any noise from him became muffled. Killer did as requested, once again, and yanked down Cross's shorts, turning to Nightmare as if waiting for another order.

"Make him summon his ecto. Summon yours while you're at it."

Killer turned back to his work, thumbs and fingertips crawling over Cross's pelvis. Cross was whining and moaning of equal upset value, the tears once pooling in his eye sockets now completely breaking loose.

"Wow... I am impressed with your ability to form such quick attachments." Nightmare's voice hissed in my ear like a venomous snake. "You're so worried for them and you barely know them. You're even upset for Killer..."

The addressed skeleton tipped his attention our way as his name was whispered, only for Nightmare to force Killer's attention back on Cross. "This conversation does not involve you," Nightmare snapped. Killer went back to work without saying a word.

Cross, in the meanwhile, was continuously suffering. His whole body was trembling, pelvis practically radiating purple as tears of equal hue flooded his expression. His fingers were curled, gripping the edges of the couch, desperately trying to hold on as if he were going to fall. However, what did happen when Cross let his grips loose was a plethora of magic collecting around his pelvis into shockingly not a dick like he'd had yesterday, but rather a vagina this time. His expression definitely didn't seem relieved to finally let it be, however -- Cross looked, at best, embarrassed. At worst... humiliated.

The grip around me tightened. "This is working better than I thought. Perhaps the key is to strike your empathy..." But, as he said that, Nightmare's voice began to drift off with some sense of realization. "Although, that wasn't part of our deal, was it? I did say I would be the one doing things to you, after all. Hm... well, I'll be generous. We play this out, and I owe you one. But don't get too full of yourself, it won't be anything too extravagant. This isn't worth anything like that." His fingertips glazed down my arms, their acidic surface burning invisible lines along their whole trail. "Killer." The skeleton perked up, his expression dead, as he heard Nightmare's voice. "You should know what to do at this point."

Like an obedient dog, Killer merely nodded and continued. His own shorts were shed to the floor as he wasted no time to grab Cross by the back of his thighs and pull him closer. Cross yelped through the tentacle still in his mouth, staring over to where Nightmare and I were sitting as if begging for release. But it didn't matter seconds later, since Cross's eyes screwed shut as he screamed, Killer having pushed inside of him without warning. It didn't take long for Killer to get into a rhythm of thrusting. Eventually, he let go of Cross entirely in favor of pinning his arms to either side of Cross's body and hovering over top of him. Cross's legs were hesitant, but they seemed to want to curl around Killer's back.

"Why are you making them do this...?" I whispered.

"Because it hurts you," Nightmare answered simply. "Their pain is also quite nice, of course, but there's a reason you're here, closest to me." His acidic body was pressed closer to me from behind as he chuckled lowly. "I've said it before. Your negative feelings are strong. You ought to write this down if you're going to keep forgetting."

Killer, at this point, had his head buried in Cross's collarbone. Cross had even given up and tightened his legs around Killer's back. He was panting and whining without stop, tears still pouring from his sealed eye sockets. Killer's actions were all at ridiculous speeds... as if he just wanted to get this over with. It started to get more desperate after a while, Killer beginning to tip his head back up.


But all of Killer's motions ceased the moment Nightmare spoke. He was unnaturally stiff yet shaky, clearly on the edge of coming. Cross, on the other hand, came anyway, the moment Nightmare gave the order to stop. A loud moan that morphed back into a sob echoed from Cross, allowed to be at full volume as Nightmare recalled his tentacles. Cross looked absolutely miserable despite finally being released in multiple ways.

"Unfortunate. You still can't take a simple order, Cross. Such a waste of my time... Get out of here before I decide to break every bone you have."

Cross only needed "get out of here" before he shortcut much like yesterday. Killer, on the other hand, was left practically ready to explode at any second. His body was shaking, his cock twitching as it was leaking from its tip. He was frozen in place, as if too afraid to move somehow.

"Are you just going to leave him like that?" I blurted.

"He'll either cave or it'll fade away eventually. Why should I do anything for him? Leaving him like this benefits me." Nightmare's grip around me tighted as another spark of pain shook my body. "He'll be fine. It's just a mere orgasm denial after all. It's in no way lethal or harmful. Just... pleasantly annoying."

"Let me do it, then," I blurted. Killer faced me slightly. "You said you owe me one, let me go."

"Yes. I owe you something. He has nothing to do with it." Nightmare retracted his tentacles into his back, aside from the one holding me, and started to rise from his seat. He shifted me from his front to his side, my feet not touching the ground. "I suppose we will leave then. As much as it would be nice to soak up both of your frustrations, I would appreciate not being berated with questions in the meanwhile."

I managed to get one last silence exhange from Killer before being dragged out of the office. Nightmare left the door open on our way out. 

He seemed to be in a slight rush as he carried be down the hall back to his quarters. Even when we did get back, he scurried inside, and even locked the door behind him. The second he got the chance, he threw me face-first into the bedsheets. "I told you I owed you one. This is your only time to redeem that. I'll do something... nicer with you, if you so desire. Or I will leave you alone for the rest of the day. It is your decision. In other words, I will do nothing else to prod negativity from you until it turns over to the next calendar date."

"Well, I don't want you to leave..." Why? Why didn't I? Of course I fucking did! Who's talking? Why does this keep happening? Have I had any control over any of this?

Nightmare clicked his tongue. "Foolish. But, what is it that you want?"

"I've seen glimpses of your softer side, now let me see it!" What? Where was this coming from?

"Of course. My alleged, non-existent softer side." Nightmare's tone was blunt and bored.

"I've seen it for a little bit... I'm sure there's more!" I collected myself and my body began to move towards Nightmare on its own. "Like that cute tealish blush of yours..."

"Please. I am incapable of such a thing." Although, ironically, I could see a slight blush on his cheeks. Was he denying it or was he just that ignorant? But I didn't get time to ask: other words were said for me.

"Join me," I'd spoken, my arms offering for Nightmare to climb into the bed with me. His expression wasn't amused... but he did so anyway.

"You are... a sick human, you recognize that, yes?" He rolled his eyes. "I do not understand you. You were so scared moments ago... perhaps I should have reconsidered my choice to give you free reign."

"I'm determined to get that softer side of you out before the day is done," I spoke unwillingly. I had a feeling I wouldn't be agreeing to anything that was going to happen for the rest of the evening. "There's no way someone can be all bad, and I want to see what no one else has before..."

Nightmare laughed loudly. "Not all bad? You realize I am made of pure negativity. What good can come from that? You're so naïve it hurts."

"Not all negativity is super-terrible! Embarrassment, denial... that's not so bad. Not as bad as humiliation, suffering, depression, or... whatever! Something can be negative and not the end of the world."

"I like to call that 'weak,' rather than 'not so bad,' but I suppose I cannot change your mind on the matter." Nightmare huffed as he shifted his way over to the other side of me, settling in within the plethora or pillows stacked at the head of the mattress. Naturally, for some fucking reason, my body shifted over closer to him... pinning a leg and arm both around Nightmare to face him while hovering just a bit over top of him. He craned his neck, having been turned on his side, expression unamused. Nighmare turned back. "Do you need something?" he asked matter-of-factly.

"You," my voice responded. Eugh.

Even Nightmare laughed in disgust. "I am never 'owing you' something again, even if it is deserved. I cannot put up with this. You are too annoying."

"What happened to how much you seemed to find value in me earlier? Suddenly when I'm no longer a pet I'm not worth anything to you?"

"Correct," Nightmare answered bluntly. "You are only worth as much as your emotions are valuable for me. Which, while yours come off so strong, for some reason you can switch to... whatever this is. And you feel nothing at all."

"What? Nothing? I'm so upset with you, Nighty..."

"Don't call me that," he hissed.


"Even worse."


" Just call me Nightmare. "

I felt a pout across my cheeks. "Well, still! I feel a lot of things right now... and I'm really hurt that you don't even notice them."

"You are not hurt," he sighed. "Just silence yourself, will you? You're starting to get on my nerves and it's... what are you doing."

My arm had begun to move, tracing a fingertip along Nightmare's side. My gaze was fixated on his singular eyelight as he once again faced me directly. A smirk had begun to replace the pout on my face. Such an expression, or perhaps "my" actions, if not both; seemed to be infuriating Nightmare beyond ways I wished to see, but to my present fortune and potential future misfortune, he did not act on it. "Fine. What do you want from me?"

"What does a guy have to do around here to make you just blush a little?"

" Nothing, I told you this already. It is not possible. This ridiculous 'soft side' you keep insisting I have does not exist." Nightmare's eyelight watched as my hand went to caress his cheek, his face unwavering and dead. My palm surprisingly didn't feel very pained... there was still some ache that felt as though it shot up through my blood stream, but it wasn't anywhere near as bad as it usually was. Nightmare sighed. "Are you done?" I didn't respond, my thumb instead finding the ability and confidence to trace around Nightmare's cheek without hesitation. As if patronizing me, he leaned his head into my palm, gaze flickering off to the side. For a moment, I thought his face did turn a bit more teal...

My other hand reached over to try and grab one of Nightmare's. He freed his crossed arms and let me do so, although he wasn't impressed.

What struck me, however, was how uncharacteristically willing he was for all of this. I wonder how far that can go... and I suppose whatever was controlling my body had begun to wonder the same thing.

"How far are you willing to let me go like this?" My voice whispered.

"Until you are satisfied, the time limit runs out, or until I am so unbearably uncomfortable that I can't continue. Do whatever you must. It is the deal I set," Nightmare clarified, although he didn't seem happy.

"I won't be satisfied until I make you smile genuinely."

He roared with laughter, a smile of... some sort ripping out a bright place on his obsidian expression, but this isn't the smile I assumed we were looking for. "You are going to run the clock long before something like that will happen."

"What are things you like?"

Nightmare's gaze narrowed, unenthused by the question... or by being ignored. "Your suffering," he answered bluntly.

"But, like, hobbies! What do you do for fun?"

"This isn't a petty date or hangout, you fool. Stop asking ridiculous questions and pretending this is... what it's not." Nightmare rolled his eyelight as he leaned back into the pillows. "You haven't got much time. Stop wasting it on this."

"Oh, you're concerned how much time I have? Hm..." My body leaned back from where it was hovering, releasing my grip in favor of tapping my chin. "You said when the calendar date turns over, yes?"

"... yes?" Nightmare's gaze narrowed, uncomfortably suspicious. Which, was a fair place to set yourself: I had no idea what was going to happen either.

And what it was, well, I definitely would have never predicted.

I slid off of the bed. My arms stretched out wide, allowing a break in the fabric of this room's reality, revealing a bright cityscape through the other side. "Then let's go somewhere where the date hasn't turned over, and isn't close to turning over yet!"

Nightmare shot up from where he was sitting. His expression was the most vibrant it had been this whole time, somehow painted in a panic. "You... since when...?"

"How do you think I got here in the first place?" A giggle erupted from my throat.

The sound of painfully grinding teeth echoed within the room. "I think... it would be better if we just stayed here, don't you think? It's much cozier... than going anywhere else."

"It's okay, Nightmare, you don't have to be scared. There's only a couple places I know of that aren't yet crossed over to the next day. It'll only be another twenty more hours than your two or three you expected!" The voice speaking was so ridiculously confident that it was probably going to drive me insane, forget Nightmare's annoyance.

"I --"

"You made a deal to do whatever I wanted," my voice rang.

"... you're dead when this is over." Nightmare spoke in probably the most serious tone I have heard from him yet. Somehow, that was only worth a giggle from my end as I watched Nightmare reluctantly rise from the bed, trying to begrudgingly walk right through the portal, until, it seemed, he caught wind of my outfit again. He clicked his tongue and threw out a tentacle, reaching to grab something from across the room, before handing me a crop-jacket, underwear, leggings, socks, and a pair of boots. "Put these on first."

Going to grab them all, I replied, "Wow, you just had these cute clothes at the ready? I didn't know you had such taste."

He glared. "They were supposed to be for when I kicked you out. I couldn't care less about clothing."

"I can tell," I answered sarcastically, already putting on the remaining parts of the outfit. "But you should change into something nicer, too, you know! I don't wanna be overdressed standing next to you in a jacket and shorts."

Nightmare groaned. " Fine. How's this you whiny little..."

I glanced up to see just the tail end of his body morphing, his outfit now a solid black suit that still matched the obsidian hue from the rest of his body.

"Ohh! I didn't think you'd change into something that nice... but I like it! You look cute. And now this feels like a real date!"

"Call it a date again and the deal is off, I will murder you here and now."

The only reaction from me was a measely pout. Definitely not what I would have emoted when being threatened with death, but I don't think I would have gotten here in the first place without this person, so what does that matter. Had I been the one playing the cards, I would have just told him to leave when Nightmare gave me the option.

I strolled over back to him once my own outfit was fully on. My hand reached out for Nightmare's, no hesitation to walk out through the open portal... which was closed behind us. No going back now.

"Well, what do you want to do?" My voice asked.

"I don't care," Nightmare muttered.

"Aw, c'mon, you've gotta wanna do at least something. "

He glared out of the corner of his eyelight. "What I would love to do right now is kill you and use that horror as a starter for havoc and fear around this area. I can only imagine it would be better than whatever it is you have in mind."

"Hmm... what if we went to see a horror movie instead? A buncha people have gotta be ready to feel terrified and horrible in one of those. And I'm sure bad with them, so you'll be able to eat up my fear too or whatever you do."

Nightmare's gaze narrowed, unimpressed, but not unenthused by the idea. "Fine," he snapped.

And so, well, that's what happened.

Which is fucking ridiculous to think about.

I have been tortured and forced to watch others go through the same shit I have over the course of a mere two days I have known this man, and then somehow it has led to us going on a horror movie date? What?? I'm sort of disgusted with myself, even though I know I'm not the one doing this. It's something else controlling my body. Someone else, more likely. I have no desire to date a terrible man like him, yet this person seems to be very adamant about it. Though, they seem to be adamant about flirting with everyone... maybe it wasn't Nightmare specifically. Either way, it didn't matter, I still hated it!!

When the movie was finally over, Nightmare seemed to have calmed down a bit from his angry fit earlier, shocking to me, anyway. I don't think most people walk out of a horror movie relieved in any way. They usually are shaken up a bit. Then again, I didn't feel much of anything, either. Not in this state.

"See, that wasn't so bad, was it?" A not-unfamiliar thing to say to someone when leaving a movie theater after a horror movie, but this likely wasn't the same context as most people would have expected it to be.

"No," Nightmare agreed, "but that does not mean I enjoyed myself. That felt more like a necessary meal."

"Aw, you should have told me you were hungry! We can go somewhere to eat if you want," my voice sang.

"That is... not what I said. Your apathy is just... so unbelievably annoying."

"Theeeen let's go some place that sucks! People will be mad there for sure. Or maybe a fast food place. No one's ever happy in those."

"You..." Nightmare growled. "You're absolutely ridiculous."

"I'm doin' my best here for ya!"

Nightmare didn't respond to that. He just kept walking alongside me, eye facing straight ahead. Another pout managed its way across my cheeks... or maybe this one was a legitimate frown, I wasn't certain. It wasn't my own feeling I was expressing, after all.

In the end, we went to a nearby fast-food restaurant, too lazy to look for anything else. Unsurprisingly, it was jam-packed with people, half seeming to be families in a rush, the other being miserable folk who probably had to go back to work in about twenty minutes. Although, the mood instantly dropped the moment we walked inside, a few heads turning our direction because of it. Nightmare seemed unfazed and tried to push me along from my unexpected state of awe. "Go," he hissed softly.

In the end, all I ended up ordering was a couple of large fries. I was the one eating most of them, since Nightmare didn't seem to have any interest in them whatsoever. A slight interest was peaked at some point, I assumed, as he summoned and reached a tentacle to grab a couple of fries from the container before setting them in his hand, leaving himself to munch in his boredom.

"... couldn't you have just grabbed those with your hands?" I asked, for once an action being out of my own will.

"I could have. But I didn't feel like reaching with my arm." He took another small bite of a fry, evidently still uninterested in it entirely.

"Okay, weirdo," I blurted, shoving another handful in my face.

"'Weirdo'... you're one to talk. You're the one who insisted on calling this a 'date.'"

"So you admit that it is one?" My control was lost.

Nightmare ground his teeth. "No. That isn't what I said. Do you even listen to me, you apathetic freak?"

"Sometimes!" At least the asshole was honest. It seems Nightmare's expression was saying the same thing. He sighed before throwing the half-eaten french fries on the table, returning to his crossed arm-and-leg sit as he just stared at me furiously.

"How much longer until the day turns over?" he asked.

"Combined with another AU, at least sixteen more hours!" Nightmare wasn't pleased by this reponse. "Oh, c'mon, don't give me that face. You'll grow used to this, I'm sure."

"You say that as if growing used to your constant disrespect for me is something I desire. It is not," Nightmare blurted.

"Disrespect? But I've been trying to find things you'll still be able to enjoy at least a little bit. Maybe this fast food place isn't as miserable as I thought it would be... we could go a casino! Those are always filled with miserably addicted people!"

The suggestion was cut off by Nightmare slamming his fist into the table. He opened his mouth to say something, but just as quickly as he did, he lost the ability to speak, his own self-generated tension already loosening. His furious gaze averted as he released his fist. "May I ask you a question?" he murmured.

"What's that?"

"Why are you doing any of this? Yes, yes, my whatever 'soft side' you claim I have. Passed that. You must have some motive. People aren't 'nice' to me. So just tell me already."

I certainly didn't have a reason, but it seemed the person causing all this trouble while using my body didn't feel like admitting their reason, since they took a long while to respond. Hell if I knew why. Did they just not have a reason? Or was it something else he said that was bothering them? At least they did, in fact, eventually decide to answer.

"You've never had someone just be nice to you for the sake of being nice?" My voice sounded heartbroken. Disgustingly so, if you asked me.

Nighmare scoffed, edging on pure laughter. "What? Why in the history of the multiverse would anyone want to be nice to me? You have seen what I am like firsthand. It is an insane 'miracle' you are bothering with kindness at all. Is it a ploy to get me to stop doing what I am doing? Because that won't happen and you know it. If you don't, you're nothing more than a naïve fool." He continued by mumbling, "I've called you that enough times today, I wonder when it'll actually go through your thick skull."

But, brilliantly so, my voice responded with an empathetic, "That's awful, no wonder you're so mean to everyone..."

His expression darkened. "Will you listen to me? I am a being of negativity. I ruin people's lives on a regular basis. It is what makes me happy and keeps me alive. And you are trying to say I am 'mean' because nobody is nice to me?? "

"Yeah!" My voice has never sounded so dumb. "Doesn't it make you feel bad? Knowing that no one wants to try and adapt to you and make you happy despite your reality?"

His fist clenched again. "Stop talking, human. Your attempts at manipulation are obvious and sickening."

"What? I'm not trying to manipulate you. I'm just asking you an honest question." A sentence that never comes from a person with honest intentions.

"You are either just a blatant idiot, or you have the most unbelievably terrible and sudden case of Stockholm Syndrome that the world has ever seen," Nightmare blurted. " Or you're just trying to say something nice so I'll be nicer to you in the future, which isn't going to happen no matter how much you try. Once this day is over, you are being given the worst punishment I have ever administered before I perhaps even kill you so I don't have to deal with you anymore."

Why did I feel a smile on my face? "If that's what you want." What?! No!! Son of a bitch, don't say shit like that, what the hell is wrong with you?? They're going to get me killed because they want to play around with death. You've got to be joking me.

Nightmare slid off of the chair. "Let us go somewhere else. I don't want to talk about this anymore, lest I kill you on the spot. Despite the amount of times I have hovered it over your head already, I really would prefer not resorting to that."

Fries gathered in hand, the other me played along, sliding my body out of the chair and following him. Nightmare was essentially leading them along from here forward in the day, however, it was a pathetic lead. He wanted to be in control so badly, but every time he tried, whatever was controlling my body just denied him that ability. I feared for what would become of me after this was all said and done. I had this awful feeling I wouldn't even see to the next day, much less the end of the month.

The two of them -- us? the three of us, maybe? -- continued throughout the day to various different places of varying questionable enjoyment. The casino was hit, although they mostly spent time at the non-gambling aspects due to the fact that they just didn't have any money. It was mostly a bust. Later, an amusement park was also a place of interest -- and, despite the irony in the name, it ended up being a pretty decent place for Nightmare to soak up a plethora of endless fear. He didn't want to go on any of the rides, a disappointment to "me," but in actuality I was very thankful due to the fact that I knew I had a weak stomach.

Speaking of a weak stomach... it was currently twisted in knots. Confused knots. I wasn't sure fully if these emotions were my own or not, just because of the other person corrupting my body, but... I didn't like it regardless. Nightmare noticed something, that much was obvious, but for some reason he wouldn't say anything about it. Better for me, honestly. Gives me time to put these emotions away.

"Okay, I think I have a couple other places we can visit for the evening, and then you can go back to absolutely torturing the living shit out of me. I decided I wanted to go out with a bang, so, eheh..."

My hand was gripped around Nightmare's at this point, shockingly left not miserable or burning from the contact. Well... it felt numb, more like, because they'd been holding hands for a while now and the pain of touching his body had ceased. I'm sure if they let go and tried to do something else, it would hurt just as much as it normally did. Right? Then again, earlier there were moments when touching him didn't hurt, too...

The bell attached to the front door of the building rang as the entrance was swung open, the reeking scent of alcoholism punching like a fist to the throat. They'd agreeded to go to a bar, but it had to be one with a horrible reputation and horrible folk who come in as regulars alone. Of course. Sure enough, the second the two walked in, over half the bar turned their heads -- all human -- to glare daggers at Nightmare and "me." I couldn't feel much of anything other than perhaps an apathetic, logical fear from this reaction. Nightmare, on the other hand, seemed amused by the sudden negative attention.

"I appreciate this place the most already." He smirked, dragging "me" along to the counter and... okay, the fact he was so short and trying to climb into a bar stool clumsily because of it was remarkably adorable in ways I both could never describe and hated severely. The other me agreed unsurprisingly, letting a soft laugh slip by, but they didn't comment on it. Thank god.

They ordered drinks and then just... sat. For a moment, there was silence, one I assumed was going to be broken by "me," since they can never keep my mouth shut and keep saying ridiculous things with my voice of all things. But, well, they didn't get a chance to speak before Nightmare, shockingly enough.

"I believe I owe you an apology," he started, which made me wonder if he was already drunk. "You are correct in that no one would dare attempt to spend a day with me like this. But your attempts to still be considerate for my aura --" he turned to face us with a raised brow, "which, I might add, you've shown no signs of reacting to lately -- when trying to pick things we can 'enjoy' has impressed me slightly." His hands were folded as he leaned into them on the countertop. "I have never had someone bother to adapt around my negativity consumption quite like this before. It is... odd, I will admit."

And within a moment, "I" ruined his whole speech. "My gosh, I didn't actually expect to make such a dent in you after just twenty hours!"

"A miracle what being stuck together can do." Nightmare sighed as his drink was set before him. His voice wasn't very genuine, and it left me a little suspicious. He reached for it and took a very small sip. "Surely you can understand my violent outbursts earlier. Like I said, I am not used to gestures like this. Or... being adapted to, for that matter." He seemed to bury a frown in his drink after he said that.

"And you laughed at me earlier for saying you were just mean because no one was nice to you!" my voice chuckled.

"Oh, no. You are still wrong. It is far more deeply rooted in who I am as a person than anything else. You are just... putting up with it, which is the confusing part." He took another sip as my drink arrived to the table. "I don't know what to think about it."

"Do you like me?" my voice rang out, teasing and sing-songy.

Nightmare smiled darkly. "I will enjoy the presence of another person only when I meet the sweet embrace of death. Don't push it more than you already have today. I will still be in control once more the moment we return to the castle." He narrowed his gaze. "Although, I might have to keep a strict eye on you... I can't have you telling people about what happened today."

"About your soft side?" I felt a smirk pull across my cheeks.

Nighmare rolled his eyes. "It is not a soft side."

"You haven't hurt me all day!"

"Because we made a deal. There is nothing else to it. Stop being so self-absorbed."

The smirk melted into a pout as they took a drink. It tasted fruity, but of course with that distinct alcohol taste ruining it. Man, I hate drinking. Of course, they didn't care, and kept going, it wasn't their body. If only I could gag.

"You can expect my intolerance towards you to return as well once this is finished," Nightmare continued. "That was also part of the deal. You may have discovered your little loophole that I sorely overlooked... but unfortunately, time still passes, and this day will end whether you want it to or not."

Nightmare offered a weirdly genuine smile as he took another drink. "Ah, I miss the feeling of someone staring daggers into the back of my head. That raw hatred... it is rather pleasant." Surely enough, there was a table just a little bit away that filled with people staring at us like we had just walked over and thrown their drinks out the window. Maybe they'd been already angry, and it had been worsened due to Nightmare's aura he mentioned... He merely took another sip as he grinned, seeming more cheerful than ever. Well, at least it was making him happy? Is that a good thing?

"So... combined with that other AU, there's approximately four hours left, yes? What do you plan for the rest of the time?" Nightmare asked. "Or are you attempting to get me drunk to get your revenge for what I've done to you?" Despite saying that, he took another sip anyway.

"No, I'm not really a fan of revenge like that. I figured we wouldn't get more than one drink each." Nightmare's gaze flicked with a puzzled expression to his nearly-empty glass as "I" said that. "But I did have plans to get a hotel room for the night... if you know what I mean." My face smirked, although the expression felt rather weak. "But also, if you don't want to do that, we don't have to either."

Nightmare frowned. "Why do you keep asking what I want? Don't you remember the deal? It doesn't matter what I want right now. If it did, you probably would have been nearly killed if not legitimately killed at this point. So stop bothering with the question."

"Okay, but I don't want to make you do something you don't want to either."

"Why? That is what I do to other people. Do you know how many would likely kill to take your place and torture me right now... and you are taking the time to be nice? " Nightmare hissed.


"You're sick and naïve."

"Why am I sick for being nice?"

Nightmare cursed under his breath before glancing around, a gesture that confused me. I figured he would just mutter he wanted to move on like every other time this conversation came up today. But, instead, he grabbed my arm, forcing me out of the seat and furiously dragging me out the door. The bartender quickly noticed and tried to call out to us for having not paid, but the world was soon submerged in blackness. It took a few more steps before the two of us walked out the other side into a desolate alleyway: dark, gloomy, and smelling worse than Nightmare himself.

... okay, that joke felt poorly timed. Moving on.

The moment our feet were on the concrete, he turned around and smacked me into the wall, a tentacle pinned to either side, snatching me by the collar to pull me down to his level. "I am going to tell you something that if you even think about telling anyone else, even think about mentioning even slightly in a conversation, I will eternally torture you and everything you hold dear. Do I make myself clear? You will keep this a secret or you will pay the price."

"Why tell me if you are this afraid of letting it out?"

"Because I'm sick and tired of your 'why' this 'why' that. I will tell you the reason and you better not ask again." He let go of my shirt collar with a heavy sigh, letting his eyelight drift its gaze to the side. Even despite that threat, he still seemed very hesitant to say anything. Nightmare looked unwaveringly pissed, unwilling to let his expression loosen and say a word. He forced his socket shut for a moment before he released another breath, focusing his gaze onto me once more.

"Positivity is, quite literally, the only thing that hurts me. Your kindness might be 'well-intentioned,' however this is the most severe pain I have felt in a long time. At the very least, going out to the locations with horrified and depressed people you have chosen have helped to balance that out. But every time you try and be 'considerate' or ask me something out of your 'kindness,' I can feel it burning my SOUL. So stop it. If you want something, just take it from me. It hurts less."

He fell silent. He took another deep breath, to go with his clear frustration. I didn't really know what to say... Neither did "I," it seemed.

"Take it from me, it hurts less" ?

That went against everything I had been taught, everything I stood for. The other me remained quiet as well, so I could only assume that they must be going through a similar dilemma... Not that I could blame them. Despite their "devious" plan to be nice to him, it turned out they've been hurting him all day. What do you even do about a situation... where literal consent makes someone feel sick? Or... maybe even worse than just sick. He said it was burning his SOUL.

Nightmare retracted his tentacles into his back. "Nothing to say? Perhaps you are too nice for your own good, if you quite literally have no more words you can speak."

"One more suggestion," my voice blurted. Nightmare raised a brow, but prodded them to continue. "I'm sorry if this hurts. But... in the future, would it be better to just tell you to do something or just start doing something, and if you don't say no, assume it's okay?"

He winced slightly, his eyelight trailing off to the side. "You are... so very adamant about adapting around me, aren't you?" Nightmare's voice was strangely quiet. "Fine. Don't expect that future to be very long, however. Like I said, I am taking back control immediately, and at that point whatever you have done today will no longer matter." He shifted his stance, as if silently asking for us to continue onwards. "Just remember, don't tell anyone. Or you'll regret it. Now just open the portal to the next AU... unless you would prefer to return to the castle now after hearing all of that, anyway."

A smile somehow pulled across my cheeks as he prodded, my arms reaching out to form another portal anyway. It was only slightly brighter in the other city, only a few hours before midnight here, but it was much longer than the few minutes left here. "Don't worry. I'll be gentle with your negativity... or, well, rough, if it means so much to you."

Nightmare merely rolled his eyelight as he walked through, the portal closing behind me as I followed suit. There was a weird sense of nervousness in my chest.

"I can feel that too, you know," he mumbled.

"Feel what?" my voice questioned. But Nightmare merely glanced to us over his shoulder before staring back at the ground.

"If you don't recognize it, it is not my responsibility to announce it." He held out a hand. "Just lead the way."

We took the offer without much thought. For an anticipated moment, the pain stung, but yet felt... somehow very welcome at the same time.

I hated this so much.

The streets were still brightly lit with lights and cars, despite the late hour of the eve. I didn't know where we were going, but the other me seemed to be confident in their path choice, so I didn't question it. I'm glad someone felt confident, because Nightmare's expression was unreadable, and the silence between us was killing me.

His grip suddenly tightened as I thought that to myself. "Perhaps I owe you another explanation as well..." he murmured. "But... I'll save it for when we get there."

I raised a brow, but he didn't continue.

Luckily, the walk wasn't much longer when we found the hotel the other me was supposedly looking for. Luckily, there was a vacancy, and we didn't have to go hunting for another one. It would feel cliché that it was a single bed room, but unfortunately the other me asked for that specifically, so it really didn't feel as trope-y anymore. With the room keys in hand, we scurried off.

The door opened with an easy swipe and click. It wasn't the most spacious of places, but at the very least I was able to find out quickly that the bed was comfortable and fluffy, which is the most important part.

A sudden shock went through my spine, but when I jumped from its pain, it turned out it was just Nightmare. He was hovering just near me, his hand now an awkward distance from my back. My hand reached to grab his arm, pulling it to rest more gently around my shoulder. It still stung, but it didn't hurt quite as much.

... why did he... retaliate after hurting me, though? Right? That's what he did, didn't he? Why else would there have been a moment of pain followed by him hover-handing me?

Nightmare curled up on his side, arm wrapped around me, although he didn't look at me. Instead, he just headbutted my chin slightly when I tried to get a closer look at his face. A slight laugh slipped by me. His body still stung against my chest... but still, as it had been all day, remained a awful, welcomed pain. I really had fallen to some whack Stockholm Syndrome at this point, haven't I? Finding comfort in pain of all things... Ugh.

"You said you had another explanation?" The other me spoke.

"Correct." Nightmare's voice mumbled against my chest... it tickled, but I didn't say anything about it. He leaned back for a moment, although retrieving his arm in the meantime. I tried to pull it back, but he denied the action. So we quit.

"I... Hm. How odd of me to feel... nevermind." He brushed the topic aside as if he weren't saying much of anything important. "Anyhow... the explanation. Well, last night, while you were asleep, I managed to do some adjustments to your SOUL... by loosely linking it with mine. It was intended just so I could project anger and pain onto you whenever I felt like it."

"Is that what those sudden pain shocks have been?" I blurted myself.

"If that's how it ended up, yes. Good to know it worked as intended. I'd told Cross and Killer about it too, as a motivation to get them to participate today..." He paused slightly before turning onto his back. "They have a strange interest in you already, too. Perhaps it is because you made such a big show out of appearing before me. It must have resonated within the castle." He shook his head. "But I digress. There is something else I noticed while implementing that into your SOUL..." Nightmare turned his head to face me once more, although the eye contact didn't remain for very long. "Might I ask... who I am talking to?"


"Which one of you has taken initiative at the moment? Unless you two are always active?" he elaborated. "It's very clear two people are trying to control the same body."

"What are you talking about?" Weirdly enough, it was the other me who was talking. "What other person?"

"Oh, so you are unaware. I thought you would have noticed." Nightmare sat upright for a moment, his fingers cupping around my chin and forcing us to look up to him. "I had my suspicions... but once I got to see your SOUL, it seemed blatantly obvious. You sometimes act very weak-willed, other times with unwavering confidence. And that said pattern of confidence aligns with your great amount or lack of emotions respectively, as well. I wondered if it was perhaps intentional, a defense mechanism against me... but you seem to not know about it. Or, at least, one of you doesn't. If only I knew how to force a switch..."

"I knew about it," I blurted. I could feel the surprise form on my face from the other me as I said that. Nightmare seemed content for a brief second.

"Interesting. The weak-willed emotional one is the one who notices. It leads me to believe you have an intruder in your body rather than anything else."

"Fine, fine! I'll admit it!" The other me started speaking. "I... I didn't know there was going to be another person here, though..." There was guilt lacing their voice, as if they genuinely had no idea I was here this whole time. "... I had a vessel made for me to use because I was too scared to approach you myself. So I figured that extra barrier would help... because, despite the warnings, my curiosity was killing me. I needed to know what it was like to be with you or it was going to drive me insane."

Oh. That's where those thoughts came from. I remember that... but I didn't know where the motivation came from.

... wait, a vessel? Made? For them?

Nightmare laughed. "Well, at least I remain unapproachable. This also explains your confidence and lack of emotions that I can sense... well, most emotions. Some you're not very good at hiding..." Nightmare leaned down, his grip on my chin released to instead place his hand next to my head on the pillow behind it. "Let me alter the deal. If you let me keep your vessel as a toy... I'll meet you in person, and I'll treat you like I have today. I can't promise kindess or the like... but I'll continue from where we left off. It has been mostly you today, has it not? I think the little vessel would have wanted me to off it, had it been them."

The other me hesitated its response. I had to bite my tongue as to not say something stupid while impatiently waiting. "I'll... I'll do it on one condition."

"Hm?" But his humming was cut short as my body twisted and slammed Nightmare on his back. He appeared reasonably startled.

"While I have this confidence, I want to be able to top you. Just once. Just to say I have."

Nightmare blinked once or twice before snickering. "You really have a one-track mind, don't you? Well, I can admire your dedication towards it. You're quite the lustful demon, using others just for a chance to sleep with me..." A smirk coiled up his cheeks, flashing his bright white teeth. "What a wonderfully determined gesture." His hand cupped around my cheek before pulling me close. "Don't you want a chance to have this in-person, though? Or are you really actually so nervous that you won't even have the guts for it? It is rather painful, after all... even when I am being 'gentle.'"

"I... I'll think about it. But for now, I know this is what I want to do," they blurted.

It only left Nightmare chuckling lowly. "You are so perfectly pathetic despite that confident coating you've offered to me all day... I cannot wait to meet you outside of this vessel, human." He didn't hesitate to pull us in for a strong kiss, that acidic taste flooding my senses immediately. Had I been able to make the decision, I would have fought it without question. But the other me was in complete control, and they merely pushed deeper into the kiss. It hurt a lot, so much I thought my skin was going to burn off.

And yet, after a fair while, it almost began to soften, in a way. The sharpness of the pain began to dull the longer the kiss went on. My tongue reached out to swipe over Nightmare's teeth. He didn't allow entry, but instead took this chance to slip his own tongue inside my mouth. Unfortunately -- well, "unfortunately" as far as I was concerned -- the gesture wasn't foreign. The other me didn't even fight as Nightmare's tongue swirled around and explored every inch of our mouth, driving actual me insane. The other me seemed preoccupied with reaching my arms down to my pants and trying to pull down the leggings underneath the dress.

Nightmare pushed us back, retracting his tongue, in the meanwhile. Suddenly I was left panting for breath, since the other me had been too preoccupied to worry about it. "See, this is why I wanted you only in the dress... it's much easier than getting all of this off. Let me help you."

He sat upright, hands finding their way to my thighs naturally as he went to roll up the ends of the dress... before he toyed with the end of the zipper, as if suddenly remembering it. He found his way to my chest instead, finger curling into the hoop tag and pulling it down. He didn't hesitate to slip his hands underneath my dress, an expeted yet instant zap of cold and acid from his hands against my skin causing me to jerk back for a moment. "Stop it, it'll just be a second," Nightmare ordered. And sure enough, it was, and the jacket and dress were on the floor. But... he didn't go right away to my pants, rather fixated on my chest, his hand creeping back as his finger tried to trace along a rounded scar under my nipple, but he retreated when I yelped at his touch. It was as if he'd been distracted for a moment, but then immediately went back to my pants.

Nightmare slid the leggings off of me cleanly, but he didn't remain focused on the result for too long. Weird, or so I thought, anyway. I feel like most people tend to take in the body of the person they just stripped, but he literally set me aside in favor of unbuttoning his own jacket. "Let me do it," my voice blurted as my hands offered themselves around the jacket buttons. Nightmare mumbled, but he didn't turn me away.

Once his jacket was undone, my hands trailed back up to his collar, slowly but surely undoing the whole button-down shirt. My hands slipped inside once they were both opened, the surface of his bones burning the palms of my hands, but I was able to reveal his torso without much effort... the ecto around his tummy still formed from how I remembered it a while back. Other me's instinct was apparently to just start tickling it, but Nightmare swatted our hand away shortly after they attempted. A mere laugh was our only response.

His pants were uncomfortably tight, and it didn't take much effort passed barely undoing the pants button for his cock to spring out in its freedom. A little startled, I couldn't help but start laughing, the other me only increasing said laughter. Nightmare smacked the back of our head with a snap of, "Don't laugh at it! Just keep going!"

"Sorry," the other me apologized. I wasn't apologizing. I was gonna laugh more. Even though I'd -- we'd? -- already seen his dick before, it wasn't like that. "I just didn't expect that. Didn't expect you to be packing so much, either."

"Shut it, don't talk about it." Nightmare seemed oddly embarrassed. The other me just seemed more intrigued as he said that, their attempts to roll off Nightmare's pants stopping in favor of going to inspect his dick instead. I didn't really want to keep looking at it, but, I guess I didn't have a choice.

Although, we both managed to realize something in this (unwanted) endeavor... the other me reached my hand out to try and trace down its backside --

Nightmare choked back a noise as he forced out a tentacle to pull my hand back. "I said, don't. Leave it alone."

"It's barbed, huh? No wonder you said everything hurts even when you're gentle," my voice spoke.

He merely groaned. "Yes, it is, now move on."

"Why are you so flustered all of a sudden?"

"I am not, I just don't care for... bodies. Now move on. That's an order." He seemed rather desperate to do literally anything else.

"Fine, fine."

Was it wrong that I couldn't wait for the other me to leave my body and get their own destroyed potentially even worse than mine currently was? No? Glad you agree with me. What's that? You didn't actually say anything? That's a shame. I don't care.

Nightmare's pants were tossed aside with the rest of the clothing pile. His hands were digging into the surface of the mattress, gripping the bedsheets rather excessively given how nothing was happening. His gaze wouldn't leave my eyes... mostly. Sometimes, they would fall back to those scars, but those two seemed to be his only anchors. "Hey, Nighty?" my voice asked.

"Don't call me that."


"... what is it?"

"Can you form a top-half too?"

He sat silently, staring. It looked as though he wasn't ready to say a word. A sigh slipped by his bright white teeth, gaze averted. "You really want all of my secrets in one day, don't you?" he mumbled. "First my weakness, now this."

"Hm? What's --"

The sentence was cut off as he did, in fact, let his ecto form as his chest. However, I don't think anything could have prepared me for seeing him with a couple of double D's. "... oh." Even the other me was shocked.

"Are you happy now?" Nightmare growled. "I don't like to summon it. It gets in the way and -- haugh?! " He slapped a hand over his face after letting an awfully ugly noise fall from it. I was laughing inside my own headspace.

The other me had begun toying with them in my hands. Caressing them in my palms, thumbs circling around his nipples... Nightmare, weirdly enough, not saying anything about it for once. My gaze met his once again; he was practically biting his hand to keep his mouth shut, eyelight unwaveringly focused on my face and nothing else. I felt the other me go to speak, but it didn't last long before they gave up trying and merely leaned down to latch my mouth over his nipple. Nightmare hissed, but he still didn't turn us away. ... I caved, and let my own hand start working on his other tit as the other me was working on sucking and licking at his nip.

I tried to move in sync with what the other me was doing to the best of my ability, caressing as they were licking and gently tugging as they were softly biting.

"... harder," Nightmare finally spoke, his voice strained. "Bite harder."

So we did, I tugging harder instead while the other me did as he asked. That was the first time I'd heard Nightmare genuinely moan after something... although, he wasn't happy with the fact he did so, and cut it off very obviously.

We leaned back shortly after that, gaze meeting Nightmare's very messy one. His expression was so gentle, it was almost terrifying in his own way. Other me disagreed.

"Aww, you do have a soft side, I was right!" Their hand reached up to caress Nightmare's face. "You just have to be completely... out of control of what happens to you, huh?"

His eye was still silently weeping. "How naïve... this isn't a 'soft side,' you idiot."

"Weak side?" my voice hummed.

"How dare you try to call me weak?"

"No, I'm not saying you are. I'm trying to re-name it to what I think you would call it."

Nightmare bit his mouth shut briefly. "Fine. Perhaps I do."

"It's not weak, though!" The other me cut him off before he could continue. "Honestly... letting me keep going like this really shows you have a strong trust in me."

"Silence," Nightmare snapped. "Enough with the sappy talk. Keep going."

"I" giggled slightly. "Yes, sir."

My body inched forward, up until Nightmare's cock was pressed against my front. He made a very specific effort to look me in the eye, so specific and awkward in fact that it almost looked like his eyelight was trembling. "... I'd reassure you, but you said that doesn't help. Um... would a slap across the face help?" my voice offered.

"Just do it," he blurted, his voice dying at the end of his words.

"You're miserable right now. No, I'm fixing this first." They tried to reach for Nightmare's hand, letting the acid surface soak painfully into our own. For a moment, he seemed to have more confidence, although the confidence was to summon a trio of tentacles, wrapping two around my thighs and the third to raise me up for a moment... and then drop me down at the perfect spot to slide over his cock.

Which hurt.

A lot.

He was really thick, and the barbs didn't help. I screamed almost instantly; Nightmare seemed relieved the moment I did so.

He started using his tentacles as supports to guide me up and down, every movement somehow hurting more than the last. At least this time it wasn't in my unlubricated asshole but... damn, those barbs really just were ruthless to my interior. Already tears were threatening to break at the corner of my eye sockets.

Potentially a little desperate, Nightmare kept pushing a bit deeper every thrust or so, causing me to whine. "I... missed that sound," he suddenly spoke. "Keep crying like that... it's so wonderful to hear you cry..."

Unlike last time, I didn't hold back any tears at all. Once he said he wanted to hear it, the other me didn't even hesitate to make me release every single sob that wanted to leave my throat. It caused him to pick up speed -- in the meanwhile, the other me joining in again, trying to mirror his thrusting. It started to hurt even more as that happened, which only caused me to scream in even more pain.

It seemed Nightmare stopped caring about the noises he was making, too. Although, they were short and sweet: a mess of grunts and groans consistently coursing from his mouth, which was agape as strands of teal drool were spilling down the side. His eyelight was forced shut, hands clawing at the bedsheets, the edges of his grips tearing at the fabric.

I already could feel like I was close to climaxing, despite how it overall hadn't been much time at all. But I couldn't do more than assume Nightmare was feeling the same as he started rubbing his tentacles tenderly against the inside of my thighs, a third, stray one finding its way directly into my mouth. My arm reached out to hold on to it as the other me just started sucking on the end of it.

And with one final, deep thrust, as far in as he could go, I began to feel myself fill up in nearly every possible way, although clenching around his already tight-fit of a dick wasn't exactly pleasant.

He pulled out -- or, rather, pulled me off -- with a very distinct pop, retracting his tentacles shortly after. Some of the stray liquid from his tentacle trailed down my lip as it left. I tried to lick it off, but Nightmare knocked me down to his side before I got a chance. Although, he noticed it himself, and instead wiped it off with his thumb. The rest that was in my mouth I just swallowed. It burned all the way down.

He just stared at me for a while, his mouth slightly agape and panting. Nightmare's expression was lit up with teal to color his otherwise obsidian body. He'd even let his ecto fizzle away into nothing, leaving this as the final bit of hue to his void. My hand started to reach up to his cheek, thumb circling against his blush slightly, causing it to grow.

"... That was not exactly how I planned to spend my day," Nightmare sighed. "I..." He narrowed his gaze to the side. "I have not... done that for any bit of pleasure ... in a very long time."

"Was it alright, though?" my voice asked.

"... it was something. I still don't know how I feel about... the whole 'pleasure' thing. It's... odd. It feels... like a strange imbalance. Or perhaps... I am merely used to using sex as a show of power."

"Maybe," my voice whispered. "The biggest thing though is... whether or not you actually enjoyed it. If you didn't, tell me! I've still gotta learn how to adapt to someone like you, after all."

"What?" Nightmare hissed with puzzled laughter. "You want to do that again? "

"Not right now! I'm tired. And I'm sure you are too." My fingers glazed across his cheeks before sliding down to his chin and tipping him to face me more directly. "But if you want to, I'd be up for it. Maybe in my own body next time..."

Nightmare frowned slightly between his heavy breathing. His gaze averted the side the more "I" talked. "Fine. To answer your question... it wasn't... horrible. But I don't think I... liked it. Not when you're on top of me. It strips me of my only bit of power I have at that point... I don't want to do that ever again."

"Okay. That's fine with me." A grin found its way across my cheeks.

"... I also do not want to use ecto next time. I'd... rather be like this."

"Really?" My tone was of genuine shock.

"I don't like that body. It's pathetic. I much prefer this one the way it is. But I don't often get that chance since... it doesn't hurt others as much, and I cannot exactly force someone to do something without hurting them enough, in most cases. It's... annoying."

"You sure you'd be okay, then? I thought you'd need to hurt me at least a bit to try and balance out the good-feelies or something."

"Your skin burns when you touch me, does it not? Besides there is always... that small link between our SOULs."

"Doesn't just this vessel have that?"

Nightmare frowned, as if that reminded him suddenly. "Indeed. You make a fair point. Perhaps I'll have to re-link our SOULs when I meet you in person."

"Can I be awake for it this time?"

"No," Nightmare snapped.

"Why? Is it embarrassing?" My voice was sing-songy and teasing. A tone which Nightmare did not appreciate.

"It is... an intimate process. I don't need you making jokes while it happens."

"I won't joke! I'll stake my life on it."

Nightmare stared, dumbfounded. "You would put your life on the line, just to see me... toy with your SOUL?"


"You are an irredeemable fool."

"But I'm your irredeemable fool."


"But you even said our SOULs are linked!"

"Mine and the vessel's. Not yours."

A pout overwhelmed my expression. I'd rather it was the other way around, too, other me, I don't want to be connected to him.

"... Fine. I will save it until later. But you better be prepared to die if you slip up, human," Nightmare declared.

"You got it." "I" tried to curl up close to him, but he pushed me away without hesitation, disgust lining his features.

"Put something on. I refuse to sleep naked with you."

"But that's half the fun is getting to cuddle naked together after you have sex!"

He wasn't amused by this suggestion, sitting upright as he went to grab some of his own clothes from the pile -- oh, and my own. He dropped the dress onto my face. "Put something on. This is not negotiable."

Pouting, the other me did as requested. The dress was comfortable at least, but it really wasn't comfortable for sleeping. Nightmare, on the other hand, was merely wearing his button-down shirt, which on its own was rather oversized on him...

"You look cute," my voice chimed.

"Silence," was all Nightmare responded. They still couldn't help but chuckle anyway.

"Now can we cuddle?" The sound of my voice speaking on its own in this cutesy, flirty tone was beginning to get on my nerves. Nightmare didn't exactly seem enthralled by it either.

"I cannot wait to see what you are like with half the confidence you have now," he murmured. "But fine. You'll suffer from it more than I will."

Although, he was one to talk, since Nightmare was the one who pulled us in for a tight embrace. For a second, I thought I caught a slight smirk on his face. But I couldn't see it anymore as buried my face in his chest.

And the room fell silent as we tried to fall asleep.


"You know, this would be more comfortable if I had some big tits to use as a pillow."

"Don't push your luck, human."