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After Sloan agreed to stay, the guest bedroom became Sloan’s room. He got her a cell phone and went with her to shop for some new decor. After all, Mark’s very stark and plain bachelor pad wouldn’t be enough for a teenage daughter moving in. He made it very clear to Sloan that he’d enroll her back into school and hire a tutor so she could catch up on her schoolwork. 


Even though Mark wanted Sloan to do well in school, he didn’t want to put too much pressure on her. He’d never been the best student. He did well in high school, especially in the subjects that mattered. But it was only really thanks to his tutors and the Shepherd family’s influence. Otherwise, he has no doubt in his mind that he would’ve been a complete slacker when it came to academics. Beyond putting Sloan back into school, Mark had no idea how to take care of a teenage girl. But he was still going to try.


A few weeks passed, and things were going pretty smoothly. Sloan was going to a nice private school about 20 minutes away from St. Ambrose. She’d already made a few girlfriends and agreed to tutoring sessions after school at the house. But other than that, Mark didn’t know what else to do. Or rather, he didn’t think there needed to be any more discipline than that. After all, that was really the only thing Everett and Madeline enforced in their household. A good education.


Meanwhile, Derek and Charlotte were hard at work, making sure everything was ready for the new surgical interns. They’d be young, energetic, and excited. But most of them would also be incredibly green. For most of them, this would be their first experience working as a real doctor. There were a few transferring from other hospitals, and Derek even saw a few from Seattle Grace (or rather Seattle Grace Mercy West now). 


But Charlotte and Derek hoped this program would result in brilliant doctors someday. But that would only happen if they struck the perfect balance between an intern with great potential and capable attendings. By the end, they all wanted the program to be enough to convince these interns to stay at St. Ambrose instead of transferring elsewhere.


Derek and Charlotte needed to make sure that their physicians were more than capable of not only being great doctors, but also outstanding teachers. Luckily, Callie and Arizona had teaching experience. Not only that, but they were more than willing to help other surgeons who didn’t have as much experience in that area.


“You ready?” Charlotte asked. Today was the day: the first day of St. Ambrose’s new surgical residency program.


“Born ready,” Derek flashed his signature smile before they opened the double doors of one of their many new ORs.


Inside, a crowd of interns stood chatting and looking around the room in awe. When they entered the room, everyone turned to face them and quieted down.


“Good morning, everyone,” Derek greeted them all. Most of them gave him a quieter  “Good morning” back.


“Welcome to St. Ambrose,” Charlotte added.


Then the two went on with their scripted and rehearsed speech. They welcomed everyone to the hospital and thanked them for being part of St. Ambrose’s first surgical residency program. Everyone here was a part of making history. 


Every intern looked around at each other. They weren’t just their peers; they were also competitors. Charlotte talked about the history of St. Ambrose as an institution and how she built her reputation here as one of the youngest female chiefs in the country. Derek focused more on the aspirational and inspirational parts of their speech. They finished by saying that they were confident they all had the potential to be great doctors someday. And if St. Ambrose could have a part of their story, it honored them to be a part of their stories. 


Then, everyone got their assigned residents and Charlotte and Derek let them take the reins. Part of why Derek believed in this program was because of how great the doctors at St. Ambrose were. And that didn’t just include the attendings, but the residents too. After months of training, they were ready to take on the challenge. They all were. This was their chance to prove it. 


Later on, an intern group caught up with Derek and he walked them through a craniotomy he had that morning. It felt good to teach again. Especially since these students seemed genuinely interested and eager to learn. And he had to admit, they were better than the ones from Seattle Grace. They were still wide-eyed newbies, but they weren’t shy about asking questions. And Derek encouraged them to ask anything they wanted, even the dumb questions.


“Why, hello,” Mark walked by, eyeing the new interns. Specifically, the female ones.


“Dr. Mark Sloan, everyone, AKA our head of plastics, ” Derek introduced him to everyone.


Behave ,” Charlotte said as she walked by. Mark feigned innocence by pretending to look insulted. Even she knew his reputation by now.


“What she said,” Derek added when Mark looked at him.


“What do you mean by that?” A young female intern asked, raising her hand slightly before asking.


“Let’s just say he’s not boyfriend material, Dr.,” Derek stretched out the word as he didn’t know most of their names yet.


“Grey, Dr. Lexie Grey,” she answered for him.


Grey. It wasn’t an entirely unique name. Maybe it was a coincidence. All he ever knew about Meredith and her family was her mother, Dr. Ellis Grey. She never mentioned anything about any other family. Then again, maybe she wouldn’t after she found out he was married. And Addie showing up in Seattle didn’t exactly make her feel like she could share.


“Right, Grey,” Derek shifted his shoulders, clearly feeling uncomfortable.


“Let’s go check on our patient, shall we?” Derek shook it off and went back to work. 


He and Addison were in a good place now. The best place. New parents, a healthy and beautiful baby boy. A great job. He only took a few days off from work after they brought Nate home. And it was blissful. As much as he loved his job, he missed being home with Addie and Nate. Even more so since Addison said he smiled at her the other day while he was at work. But teaching again was a good compromise for now. Plus, he knew Addison was a great mother so far, and that he was doing everything he could to be a great father, too.


“Hey,” Addison peaked into St. Ambrose’s doctor’s lounge to see Callie, Arizona, Mark, and Derek all getting something to eat.


“Hey!” Callie got up immediately to rope her in for a hug from the side. Addison’s hands were full, with a car seat in one hand and Nate’s diaper bag in the other. Nate, meanwhile, seemed very focused on his linked-ring toy while sitting in his car seat.


“And hello there, cutie,” Callie cooed as Arizona and Mark moved closer to see the baby.


“What are you doing here?” Derek smiled, giving his wife a quick kiss as he let everyone else coo over the baby first.


“I just thought I’d check in to see how it’s going on the first day,” Addison said.


“Plus, I thought it’d be nice for you and Nate to get some more face time,” Addison added, smiling.


Derek kneeled to unbuckle Nate from his car seat before picking him up.


“Hey, buddy,” Derek said, before kissing the top of his head. However, Nate seemed more distracted because he dropped his toy.


“Oops, here you go,” Arizona picked up the toy before putting it back into his little hands.


Nate looked back at the toy curiously, gripping it as hard as he could, before leaning onto Derek’s chest. It’d only been just over three weeks, but Nate was getting used to both Derek and Addison taking care of him. And while Addison was around more, Derek always made sure to come home by bedtime so he could at least rock him to sleep. It wasn’t the same as getting to spend all day with him, but Nate’s bedtime routine became his favorite part of the day.


“Lookin’ good, kid,” Mark commented, shaking one of his legs like it was an arm.


Nate looked around curiously, amused by all the adults and his overall surroundings. When he saw Addison again, his lips curled upwards just slightly. Addison’s smile got bigger than it was before, and Derek matched her sentiment. Not only did he get to see him smile, but so did everyone else. Albeit, it was a small smile, but still. After a little more cooing with the baby and idle chitchat, most of the doctors went their separate ways. Derek decided it might be nice for them to show Nate his office, and Mark tagged along.


“So, how’s fatherhood?” Addison directed the question at Mark.


“Good,” Mark said.


“At least my kid’s not still in diapers,” Mark joked as he looked over at Nate, still in Derek’s arms.


“Where is Sloan anyway?” Addison asked, glancing at her watch. The time read 5:38.


“I don’t know,” Mark said nonchalantly.


“How do you not know ?” Derek asked.


“She’s probably just out with her friends,” Mark brushed off his question.


“Mark!” Addison exclaimed.


“What?” Mark asked, innocently.


“She’s a teenager. She could be anywhere,” Derek commented before they reached his office.


“We’ll both be home later. What’s the big deal?” Mark asked.


“Well, I don’t think I need to be the one to tell you she didn’t just have a baby out of nowhere,” Addison said.


“Well, what do you suggest I do?” Mark asked.


“You need to set some ground rules,” Addison said.


“I did!” Mark insisted.


“Yeah? Like what?” Addison asked, her hands on her hips now that she put Nate’s car seat down by Derek’s desk. 


“She needs to catch up on her schoolwork, get good grades, and eventually go to college,” Mark counted with his fingers as he talked.


“That’s it?” Derek asked after he didn’t say anything else.


“What else is there?” Mark asked.


“That’s all I needed to do with Everett and Madeline, and I turned out just fine,” Mark argued, sensing Derek and Addison’s judgy looks.


“You now have a teenage daughter you never knew about and technically a grandson,” Derek started bouncing Nate as he started getting a little fussy. 


Addison handed him the diaper bag when he started crying.


“Hey, it’s not my fault I didn’t know about her,” Mark argued back.


“Still,” Derek said, gently putting a squirmy Nate on his desk to change his diaper.


“Now, is that a Sloan or what?” Mark peeked over as Derek pulled off Nate’s dirty diaper.


“Well, it’s impressive. I’ll give you that,” Derek joked.


“You’re disgusting,” Addison directed her comment at Mark.


“And you’re not helping,” Addison told her husband. Derek mouthed a “sorry” before turning his attention back to Nate.


“So, what do you suggest I do?” Mark gave in. 


“Does she have a curfew?” Derek asked as he struggled to close the clean diaper. 


Nate stopped crying in between the diaper change and was now squirming by moving around his legs. Addison couldn’t help but giggle watching the two. Within the last week or so, Nate became much more mobile. It was nice to see Derek struggling with it for a change.


“A curfew? You’re kidding, right?” Mark chuckles. But it doesn’t last long when both Derek and Addison glare at him.


“Okay, so a curfew. Midnight sounds good, right?” Mark suggests.


Derek and Addison looked at each other and both took a deep breath. This was going to be harder than they thought. 


“Alright, Mark, here’s what you do,” Addison sighed before getting into everything Mark needed to do to give Sloan a little more structure in her life. 


Derek watched as his wife give Mark parenting advice. They were new parents themselves, but they had plenty of time before Nate became a teenager. Addison told Mark how he needed to give Sloan some structure. And while making sure she did well in school was admirable, it wasn’t enough. 


“She’ll need a curfew, but not midnight. And if she’s gonna be late, she has to call first,” Addison started.


“Yeah, ‘cause that worked out so well with Amy,” Derek commented, bouncing the baby as he cuddled in his arms. Addison glared back at him.


“So, what time should this curfew be at?” Mark asked.


“Nine o’clock on school nights. And maybe 11:00 on weekends. I don’t know. I’ll let you decide that one,” Addison thought out loud.


“Okay, that doesn’t sound too bad,” Mark commented.


“And chores,” Addison added.


“Chores? Really?” Mark asked.


“Oh, come on, we had chores growing up,” Derek pointed out. This was true. Mark helped sometimes when he came over. But only because it meant Derek could hang out sooner.


“Yeah, but I have a cleaning lady now,” Mark said.


“Well, the cleaning lady can still come. But maybe Sloan can at least keep her room clean and do the dishes,” Addison suggested. 


In all honesty, Derek and Addison also had a cleaning lady. Right now, with a new baby, Marissa was a Godsent. But Addison assumed they’d eventually adjust her schedule in the future when Nate got older.


“Okay, so good grades, a curfew, chores…anything else?” Mark counted them off on his fingers.


“I think that’s good for now,” Addison approved.


Mark looked at Derek, to which Addison rolled her eyes. He needed Derek’s approval, too. Just another facet of their friendship. Derek nodded, and Mark repeated the gesture before leaving the room. Then, it was just Derek, Addison, and Nate, who looked around in wonder.


“How about that tour now?” Derek asked the baby, who was now clean and no longer fussy. 


Addison smiled as she walked over to sit on Derek’s desk as he pointed out everything in his office. There wasn’t anything unusual in this room: a desk, some drawers, the window, the trash bin. But Derek found joy in showing Nate around the small office space. Especially since Nate also seemed amused. And the baby cooing sounds he made whenever Derek showed him something new made it very clear.


“So, how’s the program so far?” Addison asked.


“Good,” Derek said.


“Haven’t heard any big complaints yet, so that’s a good sign,” Derek added. Then, Nate yawned, which made both his parents giggle at how cute he was.


“Is it nap time now?” Derek asked him softly as he rested his head on his chest, his eyes blinking sleepily.


“I think that means it’s time to let your dad get back to work,” Addison whispered, picking up the car seat from the floor.


“Thank you for doing this. I really needed it,” Derek said after they strapped the baby into the car seat. It was true. Today had been a good day so far, but seeing his wife and son only made it better.


“Of course,” Addison said. Derek pulled her in after putting his arms around her waist as she put her arms around his neck.


“I’ll see you later,” Derek leaned down to kiss Nate on the forehead.


Then, Derek gave Addison another quick kiss and waved goodbye as they walked out of his office. After another minute, he went back out to check on his patient from that morning. The rest of the day went pretty well. Some interns shined more than others, but for the most part, Derek was pretty proud of how things were turning out. 


Derek spent most of his day teaching students during a surgery and helping Charlotte redirect lost interns when needed. But Addison and Nate’s visit gave him a nice and necessary break. He was exhausted, but excited to get back home to rock Nate to sleep. But he had to finish up some post-op notes for his patient first.


“Are you okay, Dr. Shepherd?” Lexie asked shyly as Derek stood near the nurse’s station.


“Yes, Dr. Grey. I’m fine,” Derek kept his response short.


“Are you sure?” Dr. Grey asked. She could tell something was bothering him. She just couldn’t figure out what it was. He’d practically been avoiding her all day and for the life of her, she couldn’t figure out why. But she was already talking to him. There was nothing to lose now.


“...Because I feel like you’re avoiding me or something. And I don’t know if I did something wrong, but whatever it is, I’m sorry,” Dr. Grey continued.


“No, you…you didn’t do anything wrong,” Now, Derek felt bad. He didn’t want her to feel neglected or disliked because of something that just existed in his head.


“You just…remind me of someone. Someone I don’t particularly like anymore,” Derek tried his best to articulate as well as he could.


“Oh. I’m sorry,” Lexie said awkwardly.


“I’m sorry, you’re fine. It’s just me. I’ll get over it,” Derek apologized.


“Is there something I can do to fix it? I could dye my hair or something if that would help,” Lexie joked, trying to lighten the mood. And it worked.


“No, you don’t have to do that,” Derek chuckled.


“It’s just…it’s stupid. My ex, she has the same last name as you,” Derek admitted.


“Oh. You didn’t date my sister Molly, did you?” Lexie asked.


“Cause if you did, I’d have to tell her husband, Eric,” Lexie joked.


“No, not Molly. Her name was Meredith,” Derek winced when she said her name. It still had a visceral effect on him. Even after all this time.


“Oh…She’s um…she’s my half-sister,” Lexie said awkwardly.


So, it wasn’t a coincidence.


“But if it makes you feel better, I don’t like her either,” Lexie added quickly. Derek looked back curiously.


“I started my internship at Seattle Grace to try to get to know her, but she just…shut me out. Didn’t even wanna try to be friends,” Lexie explained.


“And I thought it’d be nice to have more family after my mom died, but she wasn’t interested. And she was kinda the only reason I wanted to go to Seattle Grace. Then there was the merger with how messy that was and I just…needed a fresh start, so…I’m so sorry, I’m rambling,” Lexie apologized.


“I’m sorry, too,” Derek said.


So, having Meredith’s half-sister here wasn’t ideal. But he sought comfort in the fact that Lexie wasn’t a fan of her either. Plus, from what he’d heard from the other attendings, Lexie was a great student. He even heard she had a photographic memory, which would be a great asset as a doctor.


“You know what? It’s fine. We’re good, I’ll get over it,” Derek finally said after they stood awkwardly for another minute.


“Really?” Lexie hesitated to get too excited. She wasn’t sure if he was being genuine or just trying to be nice.


“Yes, really. We’re glad to have you here at St. Ambrose,” Derek finally said, putting a hand on her shoulder for reassurance before walking away. This was awkward, but he’d figure it out. And he couldn’t be more excited to tuck his boy in for bed that night.


Meanwhile, Mark recited the speech he’d give Sloan all on his drive home. When he got back, Sloan was nowhere to be found. When Mark checked his watch, it was already past ten o’clock. While waiting for Sloan, Mark paced, figuring out what he wanted to say. He’d never been a parent before, let alone disciplined anyone. And his parents weren’t exactly the best example to follow.


“Hey,” Sloan greeted as she entered the front door. It was almost 11 o’clock. 


“Where have you been?” Mark asked sternly.


“I was out with Brooke and Cassie,” Sloan said nonchalantly.


“It’s a school night,” Mark pointed out.


“So?” Sloan asked, not really paying attention as she put down her backpack on the floor and threw her jacket onto the couch.


“Hang those up,” Mark said, pointing towards the jacket and backpack and back at the hanger next to the front door.


“Okay…,” Sloan said, picking up her things to hang up.


“What’s up with you?” Sloan asked, very much aware of Mark’s difference in demeanor.


“It’s a school night. You should’ve been home and in bed already,” Mark said.


“Since when?” Sloan giggled. But she stopped when she looked to see how serious he looked. It was weird to see him like this compared to how easygoing he’d been up till this point.


“This is how it’s gonna go from now on. You will come home before nine o’clock on school nights, you’ll clean up after yourself, and you’ll study hard to get good grades,” Mark went on pacing. 


He knew he looked ridiculous because he felt ridiculous, too. But he was too focused on trying to be the disciplinarian to care that much at the moment.


“Understand?” Mark asked after Sloan didn’t say anything in response. She was practically frozen in place while sitting on the couch.


“Understood,” Sloan felt the need to match his tone. 


On the inside, she couldn’t help but find this all to be ridiculous. Mark wasn’t a necessarily stern person, at least not from what she’d seen over the past few weeks. She may not have known him for long yet, but she could tell that this was coming from someone else’s influence. 


“Okay, good,” Mark shook his head, trying to think to see if he missed anything.


“Oh, and you’ll need to get one of those tracking apps,” Mark thought out loud.


“What? No, you’re not tracking me,” Sloan stood up.


“I don’t know what’s going on with you, but this isn’t you,” Sloan gestured to his much-taller stature.


“No, but I need to know where you’re going and who you’re with,” Mark argued back, ignoring Sloan’s comment.


“Okay, but you don’t need to track my phone. You can just ask me,” Sloan admitted he had a point. But tracking her phone felt like too much of an invasion of privacy.


“Alright, that one might’ve been too much,” Mark admitted, scratching his head in thought.


“What’s going on with you anyway?” Sloan asked.


“Derek and Addie may have pointed out that I may not be doing as well as I thought I was as a father,” Mark said shyly.


“What are you talking about? You’re doing great!” Sloan insisted. Then again, she loved the amount of freedom she had now.


“Thank you, but they were right. I need to be more responsible. And I need to know where you’re going and who you’re with,” Mark said.


“Not because I’m trying to invade your privacy, just for safety reasons,” Mark added defensively.


“Okay, that sounds…acceptable,” Sloan thought out loud.


“Good, good,” Mark nodded his head.


“Is that all?” Sloan asked after a minute passed.


“For now, yes. Now, go up and get to bed,” Mark pointed toward the stairs.


“Okay. Goodnight,” Sloan got up from her seat awkwardly before going upstairs.