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Do You Think They Bought It?

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“Pass the potatoes.” Lizzie looked pointedly at Hope. Her words were innocent enough, but the antagonizing tone was anything but. 

“Say please.”

“Are you kidding me?” Lizzie narrowed her eyes.

Alaric and Josie exchanged a fearful glance. 

“No, have some manners.”

“Fine, Josie, could you please pass me the potatoes?” Lizzie batted her eyelashes politely at her sister. 

Josie sighed and reached for the potatoes. She knew it was a trap. 

“No.” Hope clamped her hand down on the potatoes before Josie could. “Don’t.” 

Josie leaned back in her seat, crossing her arms. Every dinner between the four of them ended like this. 

“I’ll just starve to death then,” Lizzie said dramatically. She threw herself back in her chair and crossed her arms. 

“Like you could starve to death after how much you already ate,” Hope quipped. 

“Alright.” Alaric stood and tossed his napkin on his empty plate. “I think dinner’s over.”

He swooped through, grabbing everyone’s dishes in one practiced move, diffusing the situation as fast as possible. “Everyone go to your rooms.”

Josie scurried off all too fast, relieved to get away from the tension in the air, but Hope and Lizzie both huffed and stomped their way to their rooms, over exaggerating every step and slamming doors. 

Except, when Lizzie slammed her door, there was no one inside. And when Hope slammed her door, there were two.

“Do you think they bought it?” Lizzie asked, hands finding the side of Hope’s face and pulling it to hers.

Hope dragged them back towards her bed, hands covering Lizzie’s. “I think so.”

The back of Hope’s legs found the edge of the bed, and the two of them went tumbling down, Lizzie catching herself on her elbows before she crushed Hope - not that Hope would’ve minded at all.

“Jo can’t find out,” Lizzie said breathlessly. Hope was already unbuttoning her pants.

“Which means your dad can’t find out.” Hope nodded. She knew this. She knew all of this. She rolled on top of Lizzie, pinning her wrists down. “Which also means …” Hope ducked her head to kiss Lizzie’s neck. Her lips brushed against her ear. “... you’ll have to be very quiet.”