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Concern, Creation Connection

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Red or Green, Creativity didn't really help or resolve Virgil's concerns but they did usually distract him from them, which at least kept him from sending Thomas into a panic until there was no need for any alert to be shared with him at all. They'd known this since high school and all the stories Roman would tell that could completely divert his attention without being related to his original worries at all.

Remus had taken longer to learn how to help Virgil with his role. According to Logan it still shouldn't be possible since the thoughts of dangers and horrible what ifs' primarily came from him, but all the Dark sides agreed that it would take a while before Logan actually saw their roles for what they were. Still Remus was going to keep on trying and find a way to help Virgil with the Anxiety he filtered through Thomas's mind, just as the other helped him when his thoughts grew too dark for even him to remain calm in the face of.

It was during a meeting when Virgil next started to spiral and try to pull Thomas out of keeping plans they'd already made. “Too Risky!” He snapped, glaring at Patton until he quieted from the attempt to say it wasn't. “We bring up that subject so close to the news that everyone's heard, and people will hate him. Patreon will be gone! And we'll be out on the streets living out of a cardboard box!”

“Sounds like a fun time to me! We could play with rats, start the ninja turtles with some more interesting mutations than just being big.” Remus agreed, nodding, even as Thomas sighed.

Looking to Logan for a rational argument and only getting a hand wave saying breathe deeply, Thomas shook his head. “Okay, perhaps delaying that idea is sensible, so how about we all take a while to calm down? I'll go for a walk, you all sink out and do whatever you want.”

Virgil sank out readily, a glance and thought tugging Remus with him to the imagination. It wouldn't have forced him but neither Creativity minded following summons. That included ones not meant for themselves as Roman also turned up in the imagination with them a short while later.

“You really want to try living on the streets with me?” Remus was bouncing at the idea, recreating the streets of the city centre closest to Thomas's home. “It'll be so much fun.”

Roman snorted. “And if you need someone to save the day against the crime rates done to the homeless, then I'm more than happy to oblige.”

Virgil pouted between them, not meeting their eyes as he turned to look around the streets now created. “Can we start with how the hell homeless people get food?”

Remus beamed and Roman made a thoughtful noise, “I think we've got some ideas that'll work for that.”

The scenario Remus had started and Roman helped to build might not have eased Virgil's concerns about ending up homeless but it had them all laughing and the Creativities learning to work together again, enough so that Virgil sought them out next time he was worrying.

“We're going to get snowed in, and either freeze or starve to death.” Virgil muttered, barging into the imagination and just assuming one of the Creativities was going to be there.

Thomas had gone on holiday in December and hadn't checked the areas usual weather for the season before packing. So now he was sat watching snow fall heavily and wondering how deep it was settling.

“Let's try that! I'll even bring an axe with us so we can chop up all the furniture to burn for warmth.” Remus bounced over, as if being thrown from somewhere far off.

A cabin had just sprung up when Roman wandered over, snow following behind him, “You know, every time the snow settles fairies are likely to be snowed in. They make their homes and then push tunnels into the snow to visit others. Want to see how?”

“Yes!” Virgil and Remus agreed simultaneously, pulling Roman into the cabin with them and watching as the snow fell heavier outside the door.

Anxiety doesn't work with reality. It's exaggerations of negative reactions most often, and even if logic could be used to combat it, Creativity made some wonderful games from it instead. Learning that had been enough to bring Virgil, Roman and Remus together to create stories together.