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A Shot In The Dark

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“Alright everyone,” Mr. Schue said, clapping his hands together. His hands were always loud whenever he clapped them together, that’s why he did it, so he could get their attention. But this time it was a little too loud and even he knew it. Everyone looked around the room and at each other, suspecting something was off but also seeming like they were trying to deny the idea that something was wrong. And then another clap sounded but this time it wasn’t their teacher’s hands. And this time after the clap sounded there was a scream.


They all sat there for a few moments, still looking around at each other but this time frowning. They knew what was happening but they didn’t know what to do. Sure they had heard about these kinds of things happening before and they had practiced what to do in the case that it did happen but these kinds of things… they weren’t supposed to happen to them. They were supposed to take the extra precautions but they weren’t supposed to put them into action. This wasn’t supposed to happen.


“Was that a-?” Blaine started to ask but everyone shushed him, listening for any other loud claps.


“Maybe someone just dropped something,” Brittney told them, shrugging the sound off. But everyone knew that even Brittney wasn’t that ditzy and that it was just wishful thinking on her behalf.


They sat there for a few moments in eerie silence. No one dared to move except to hold the hand of their partner or friend as they waited for someone to tell them what to do. They were thinking that Mr. Schue would know what to do and would give them their instructions but he seemed just as scared and unsure as they were and stayed frozen in his spot.


“Students, teachers, and staff, can I have your attention please?” Everyone heard Principal Figgins say as he came on the announcements. “I regret to inform you all that there is an active shooter in the building. I cannot stress this enough students but you must remain calm. Your teachers will instruct you on what to do and we are doing our best to take control of the situation and to keep everyone safe. Teachers, I will let you instruct your students on how to properly execute the lockdown procedure and everyone is to stay inside the classroom until you are told otherwise. Thank you,”


“Everyone get down,” Mr. Schue told them quickly after Principal Figgins ended his announcement. He rushed over to the door and locked it before shutting off the lights while everyone else sat around the walls of the classroom. Kurt sat in the space in between the wall and piano along with Sebastian, Blaine, Sam, and Artie who Sam helped out of his wheelchair and onto the floor. They did everything as quickly and quietly as possible but even the slightest sound of someone’s breath made them flinch.


“Are we even sure-?” Blaine started to ask again but everyone shushed him again. Kurt felt bad for him so he leaned in front of him and grabbed his hand, squeezing it reassuringly.


“Okay everyone, take your phones and start texting everyone you know, okay? Your parents, friends, even your neighbors,” Mr. Schue instructed them to do. “But keep your sounds off, we don’t want to draw any attention to the room. And volume at a minimum,”


Everyone took out their phones and started doing as Mr. Schue told them to do. His dad and Carol were both in DC but he tried to call them anyway, to let them know what was going on when they didn’t pick up. He didn’t really think much of that though. That had happened before if his dad was in a big meeting and couldn’t be interrupted but he kind of wished he could somehow tell his dad that this was an emergency.


He knew in the back of his mind that everything was going to be okay so he wasn’t freaking out over the fact that there was a school shooter in the building or on the property. He was remaining calm and was instead silently comforting Blaine and Sam who were freaking out while Sebastian and Artie called their parents. 


Things like getting shot while you were at school didn’t happen to people like him. Yes, he knew he kind of sounded snobbish or that he was being rude to the people that had been victims of school shootings but he didn’t mean it like that. He just meant that if he stayed calm and thought positive then things would be okay. Besides, he couldn’t freak out, he had to be strong for his friends. They needed someone calm and willing to help keep them calm while they waited this out. But nothing bad was going to happen. It couldn’t.


He felt someone grab his hand and looked next to him to see Sebastian holding it. He gave him a tight smile and he smiled back before he looked across from him to look at Blaine, Sam, and Artie. Artie was whispering into his phone, talking to his mom and he seemed pretty calm for the most part but Blaine and Sam were heartbreaking. They were both sitting with their knees brought up to their chests and their heads tucked in between their knees while they held hands. 


“Blaine? Sam?” He whispered to them, making them look up so he could see their tears shining in the little light that was in the room. “Do you want to come here?”


He scooted over, still holding Sebastian’s hand but so that Blaine and Sam could sit next to him. They sat close to him and Blaine leaned his head on his shoulder while he hugged the both of them towards him.


“It’s going to be okay,” He assured the both of them while he rubbed Sam’s back. “And I love you both so much and nothing is going to happen to any of us okay?”


They both nodded their heads but he could tell they weren’t convinced so he just hugged them even tighter. He continued looking at his phone, having run out of people to contact, and instead, looking at pictures to keep his mind off of what was going on. 


The intercom went back on, making a beeping sound causing Blaine to flinch back but he just held him tighter, trying to assure him it was okay.


“Hello McKinley students,” A voice that definitely wasn’t their principal’s but was still very familiar, said into the intercom. “It’s me , your shooter,”


If it was even possible, the room went even quieter and everyone looked up at the ceiling, at the source of the sound. Why was that voice so familiar?


“I’m guessing that you all are wondering why I’m disrupting your day here today,” He continued saying. “Well I’ll tell you why and I’ll tell you who you can blame, how’s that sound?”


He could tell that everyone was holding their breath, including himself.


“You see I want one person and one person only. I’m not going to kill them, maybe I’ll harm them but I’m not a murder. But you see this person hurt me and ruined my life. And now I want revenge. I want to hurt this person the way they hurt me and I want them to know how it feels to have everything taken from you. I want to take everything from this person.” He paused and gave out a crazed laugh before he continued talking. “And that person is Kurt Hummel,”


His heart sunk to the bottom of his stomach and his mind went fuzzy. But he knew who it was. Karofsky. No wonder the voice was familiar, it was him. And this was his fault, he was the reason Karofsky was there right now, scaring his friends and causing havoc and chaos at their school. But what did he want with him? How had he hurt him? And what was he going to take from him if he wasn’t planning on killing him? Surprisingly he wasn't scared, he was confused and angry. 


He could feel everyone in the room staring at him but he kept his eyes on the speaker on the ceiling. 


“Yes my old friend , old faggy Hummel,” Karofsky spat as his voice started to break. “He took everything from me, he ruined me by spreading his gayness everywhere. And if you idiots had any sense at all then you would hand him over to me right now so he gets what he deserves. Or else you might be next,” 


“And as for you Kurt, I never wanted to hurt anyone but you made me, you did this to me. And now you have to suffer or else I’ll hurt everyone that ever uttered a single word to you, understand? I’ll keep everyone here as long as I need to Kurt, all you have to do is come and see me in Figgins’ office. Don’t be scared Hummel, don’t be a wimpy, faggy fairy. Come and get me, come and fight me but this doesn’t involve anyone but you and I so come alone. Or don’t but either way, I’ll get what I want. And I want to hurt you so bad Kurt,”


The intercom beeped again, signaling that Karofsky had hung up his line. He was shocked but he was also determined. He was going. So he moved Sam and Blaine off of him and let go of Sebastian’s hand before he stood up with his fist balled. But no one else had any intention of letting him go.


“Are you crazy ?” Sebastian hissed at him, standing up next to him. “You aren’t going Kurt, I won’t let you,”


“I’m going Sebastian,” he told him. “Karofsky doesn’t want to hurt me or he doesn’t want to kill me at least but this is between me and him and no one else is going to get hurt or be scared because of me or him. If I don’t go then he’s going to seek me out and he’s going to come here. And if anyone stands in my way then he’s just going to shoot them. He’s going to hurt anyone who gets in his way of getting what he wants just like he said and trust me when I say that I know he’s not lying. You don’t know what he’s capable of but I do. I’m going,”


“No,” Sebastian told him, wrapping his arms around him tightly so he couldn’t get free. “Sit down right now and we’ll let the police figure this out but I’m not letting you go,”


“Sebastian…” He said, trying to get out of his grasp. “Let go of me, there’s no other option,”


“Kurt, I can’t let you go,” Mr. Schue told him, coming over to the both of them. “I know this is hard and I know this is putting everyone in danger but you’re what’s important right now,”


“Are you serious?” He asked his teacher while Sebastian kept his hold on him. “I’m what’s most important? Look at what he’s doing, he’s just a boy,”


“He has a gun Kurt,” Finn told him from across the room. “How do you think you can stand up to him when you couldn’t even stand up to him when he was shoving you into lockers?”


“Because he isn’t going to shoot me,” Kurt explained to everyone. “He’s scared, he’s a coward. I didn’t know that at first but now I do and trust me, he’s not going to do anything to me,”


“Don’t go, Kurt,” Rachel begged him through tears. “Please don’t go, we can’t lose you,”


“You’re my brother,” Finn told him.


“And my boyfriend,” Sebastian added.


“And our friend,” Artie said. “You can’t go,”


“He’s just messing with you,” Quinn told him. “He wants you to think that he’s not going to kill you but he’s just lying. You can’t go or else we’re never going to see you again,”


“So I’m just supposed to sit here and do nothing when this is my fault?” He asked them. “I’m sorry but I can’t do that, that’s not who I am. He’s scaring everyone except for me and you guys don’t know him like I do. Sure he bullied all of his but he bullied me the worst and there’s way more to it than you think,”


“You aren’t going,” Sebastian told him sternly. “Sit back down now,”


“Let’s just see what happens,” Mr. Schue told him. “The police have been called a hundred times by now and the S.W.A.T team is probably on their way. We don’t want anyone to get hurt if it’s not necessary Kurt,”


“You guys aren’t listening to me,” He told them, while Sebastian pushed him back on the floor and sat down next to him, wrapping him up in his arms like he was imprisoned. 


“You have nothing to say that can change our minds, Kurt,” Puck told him. “Sit your gay ass down because if you die because of this, I’m going to kill you,”


“Now is not the time to be making death threats, Puckerman,” Santana told him.


“Everyone calm down and you can talk quietly to each other now that we know what’s going on,” Mr. Schue told them. “I need to call some of the staff,”


“You guys are overreacting,” He told them, trying to cross his arms and pout but with Sebastian wrapped around him, it was impossible. “And let go of me, Seb,”


“No,” Sebastian said, resting his chin on his shoulder. “I’m never letting go of you. Are you suicidal or something? You really want to go after this lunatic who wants to hurt you?”


“Yes,” He told him like it was a reasonable thing to want. 


“Please don’t go, Kurt,” Blaine whispered to him. 


“Just stay with us,” Sam told him. “I need you,”


His expression softened a little but he was still angry. Here Karofsky was hurting two of his best friends right in front of him and no one was letting him do anything about it. It wasn’t fair, it wasn’t their fault they were friends with him.


“Fine, I’ll stay,” He told them, as Sebastian let go of him and he sat back down in his original spot, in between the two boys. Blaine put his head on his shoulder again and he wrapped his arm around Sam and resumed rubbing his back. “But not because I want to, because I’m being forced to,”


“Imagine being upset because your friends are keeping you from being killed,” Artie said sarcastically. 


“Exactly, you’re crazy,” Sebastian told him. 


“I need to call my dad,” He muttered, pulling out his cell phone and dialing his number again. He held it up to his ear but the call still went through without any answer. Maybe it was just a really important meeting and his cell phone was off or something but he figured that if his dad saw him calling so much that he would see that something was wrong.


“Finn,” He quietly called over to his brother who was sitting in the corner across from where he was with Quinn, Rachel, and Puck. “Have you called your mom?”


“Yeah, but she didn’t answer,” Finn told him. “Did Burt answer you?”


“No,” He told him. “But maybe they’re just in the middle of something important,”


“Well that’s what I thought but my mom doesn’t go with him to his meetings, she just goes to DC with him, so why wouldn’t she be answering?” Finn explained to him. He had a good point but he didn’t know what to say so he just shrugged before looking back down at his phone.


“Artie, what are you doing?” Sam asked him and he looked up to see that Artie was recording the four of them with his camcorder.


“We need evidence as to what happened if something happens to any of us,” He explained, directing the comment at Kurt. 


“Nothing is going to happen,” Kurt told him.


“Who knows with your crazy ass,” Santana told him from where she was sitting with Mercedes and Brittney. 


“It’s not even if that happens,” Artie told him. “Just to have evidence of this. Does anyone want to say anything? Any last words- they don’t have to your last words per say, quit looking at me like that Kurt,”


“I’ll say something,” Sebastian said, turning Artie’s attention off of Sam and Blaine who obviously didn’t need to be talking about last words at the moment.


“Do you remember this?” He asked Sam and Blaine, showing them a picture of the three of them at the beach on his phone. “Wasn’t that fun?”


“Yeah,” Blaine said, smiling through his tears. “It was,”


“We’re going to go again,” He assured them. “And Sam will get chased by those seagulls again and we’ll have so much fun, okay?”


“Why are you so positive?” Sam asked him. “Karofsky wants to hurt you, Kurt, doesn’t that bother you?”


“It does,” He admitted. “But it doesn’t scare me, it makes me angry. Like I said, Karfosky’s just scared, he says he wants to hurt me but he really doesn’t. And he’s going to get what’s coming to him so no one should worry about any of this. And the only thing that could make this any better is if you guys would let me go ,”


“Shut up Kurt,” Sebastian told him. “You’re not going anywhere,”


“See what I’m talking about?” Kurt asked them. “I’m not going anywhere, okay you two? And neither are you so don’t be so sad,”


“I’m so scared,” Blaine told him, burrowing his face in his shoulder. “I don’t want to die,”


“Blaine, honey,” He told him when he heard Blaine starting to cry. “Don’t cry, it’s going to be okay,”


And of course just as he said that Karofsky came back on the intercom.


“Thirty minutes and Hummel’s still a no show,” He said into the intercom. “What a wuss. Well, remember what I said about what would happen if you didn’t show up Kurt? Remember how I would say I would hurt everyone that you loved? Well… I’ll leave it at this. Check your phone,”


He clicked off the intercom again and he immediately pulled out his phone. What did that asshole do now? He looked at his home screen, unsure where to go when a news notification went off. Why he clicked on it, he didn’t know. He usually ignored those kinds of things because politicians were all liars (except for his dad) and the news was depressing but he clicked on it nonetheless. 


It was an article about the Capitol in Washington DC… where his father was. He took a deep breath before he scrolled down and read the article. There was a shooting. He read the opening line of the page and it said there was a shooting and after that, his mind went into a spiral. He didn’t read anymore after that, he just scrolled to the end of the page where there was a list of victims. After that he slowed down, going through each and every name in alphabetical order. He scrolled down to the letter H and there waiting for him at the top of the list was…


Burt Hummel. And the page told him that he was dead. His father was dead. And it was supposedly because of him.


“No,” He whispered, tears coming to his eyes for the first time that day. “No, this can’t be happening,”


“What is it?” Sebastian asked him, taking his phone from him and looking at the page he was on. 


“I’m going,” He yelled through his tears, standing up again and this time Sam stood up with him and held him back. He violently struggled against him though, trying to get free. “He killed my dad, he killed him,”


“What?” Finn asked, getting up and helping Sam hold him back.


“He’s dead Finn,” He told him, tears pouring uncontrollably down his face. “He said that he was going to hurt the people I love and he’s doing it. He killed my dad,”


“Kurt, please…” Tina told him, crying as well. “Please don’t do this, you can’t go after him,”


“I’m going to kill him,” He yelled, still struggling against Finn and Sam. “I’m going to kill him, let me go,”


“Kurt, you need to calm down,” Mr. Schue told him.


“He’s my dad,” He said, his voice breaking as his body went limp. Finn and Sam let go of him and he turned around and found himself right in Sebastian’s embrace, sobbing into his chest.


“I can’t believe this,” Finn said, shaking his head. “Kurt, did you see my mom?”


“She wasn’t there,” Kurt assured him. “There was a shooting… at the Capitol building but she wouldn’t be allowed there during their meeting. She’s okay,” 


“You know what, let’s go, Kurt,” Finn told him angrily. “If we’re going to kill him, we’re doing it together,”


“Finn don’t encourage him,” Artie told him. “He’s not leaving and neither are you,”


“He killed my dad,” Finn yelled, tears running down his own face. “It’s his fault, Karofsky did this. He killed the closest thing I had to a dad. And what if he kills my mom? If he kills her then he’s killing the closest thing that Kurt has to a mom. He can’t do this to us, he tore our family apart. Don’t you get it?... He was all I had,”


“Finn you can’t go,” He told him, turning to face him. “If he killed my dad then he won’t spare you. He told me to go alone, he said that he would do anything he needed to do, that he would hurt anyway that’s in his way of getting to me. I already lost my dad today… I can’t lose you too,”


“I think we all just need to take a deep breath-” Mr. Schue started to say when Blaine cut him off.


“Mr. Schue, it’s been an hour,” Blaine told him, dried tear stains on his face. “When is this going to be over?”


“I don’t know but until we know more, no one leaves this room,” Mr. Schue told him. “I know this is hard especially for Kurt and Finn but we don’t need to lose anyone else today,”


“Maybe it was just a coincidence?” Rachel told them. “Did it say in the article who did it?”


“I didn’t read all of it,” He told her. “All I read was that there was a shooting at the capitol and then I knew that my dad was there today so I scrolled down to the end of the page and his name was on the list,”


“Oh baby,” Sebastian said sympathetically, pulling him back into a hug. “I’m so sorry,”


“Please Mr. Schue,” He begged him. “Let me go before he hurts someone else,”


“If you go then he’s going to hurt you,” Mr. Schue told him. “I’m sure your dad would want you to stay safe and you’re safe here,”


“I can’t do this anymore,” He told Sebastian, looking up at him to see that he was crying too. “Please, let me go,”


“I can’t lose you, Kurt,” Sebastian told him. “If we die, we die together and I really don’t want that to be how it ends. It’s going to be okay,”


“But he’s dead,” He whispered to him. “He’s not coming back,”


“Everyone sit back down,” Mr. Schue told them. “Let’s just see what happens now,”


He sat back down and cried while Sebastian held him and cried with him. This wasn’t fair, why was Karofsky doing this? Was he that scared, that hurt that he was willing to hurt people and then get in trouble for it? There was no doubt in his mind that Karofksy had something to do with his dad’s death, there wasn’t any way that that was a coincidence but to wreak havoc on other places in the world, that was even worse. 


And he was completely helpless, completely useless in the situation that was his fault. No one got it, they didn’t know Karofsky like he did. They didn’t get that once Karofsky found out that he wasn’t coming, that he was just going to come to him and hurt everyone that was with him. They just didn’t get the fact that he needed to go. He didn’t even care if Karofsky killed him anymore, he took something from him that could never be replaced. 


“Seb?” He asked him, wiping his tears and looking at him. “You know I love you right?”


“Yeah,” Sebastian told him. “I love you too,”


“And if anything happens to us…”


“We’re going to be okay Kurt,” Sebastian said, pulling away from him and holding him by his shoulders to look at him. “But I’m always going to love you,”


You’re going to be okay,” He told him before kissing him on the lips so he couldn’t say anything. This could very well be their last kiss together and he wanted it to mean something. He cupped his cheek with his hand, feeling fresh tears welling up in his eyes before he pulled away from him and smiled.


“I’m so sorry Sebastian,” He whispered before he quickly stood up and grabbed a chair before running to the front door. No one else was getting hurt because of him.


“Kurt…” Mercedes said quietly while everyone just looked at him, begging him with their eyes to stay. But they didn’t understand, he needed to do this.


“I’m going with you then,” Sebastian said, standing up and walking over to him. “I’m not about to lose you because of this,”


“No one can leave,” Rachel told them. “It’s not safe,”


“You can’t go, Seb,” He told him, shaking his head. “I’m not letting you, sit back down,”


And before Sebastian could say anything else, he opened the choir room door and walked out before shutting the door behind him and placing the top of the chair under the doorknob so no one could get out. He heard Finn and Puck yelling from inside the room but he didn’t care. They were safe in there and he would be damned if anything happened to them.


He took a deep breath before he took off in a run towards Principal Figgins’ office… towards Karofsky. But he wasn’t scared, he couldn’t let fear get the best of him. Maybe he was a little frightened at the aspect of never seeing anyone he loved ever again but then again, he knew Karofsky was just a scared little boy that didn’t have the guts to shoot him. He would be fine.


He opened the doors to the office to see all the office workers hiding under their desks, shaking with fear. They looked up to him when they saw him enter the room and some pursed their lips, trying not to make a sound while they cried. Before he went inside the main room in the office, he bent down in front of one of the ladies who was crying under her desk.


“Ma’am?” He asked her, getting her attention. 


“You can’t be here,” She whispered to him. “You have to go back to your classroom, it’s not safe,”


“I’m afraid I can’t do that,” He told her. “But it’s okay now and I need everyone to leave this room,”


“We can’t leave you here,” She told him. “It’s not safe, it’s not right,”


“I’m not asking,” He said sternly. “I’m telling you that I know what I’m doing and that I need everyone to leave this room. I assure you I’ll be fine but no one else in this room is safe, so leave,”


“You’re such a brave boy,” The lady told him, giving him a sad smile before standing up from under her desk.


“Thank you,” He nodded at her.


He waited for all the other ladies to leave the room before he took one more deep breath and opened the door to the principal’s office. No more fear, only anger and resentment and bravery, and courage.


“Well, well, well, look who finally decided to grow some balls,” Karofsky said, revealing himself by turning his chair around to face him. “Hello, Kurt,”


“Where’s Principal Figgins?” He asked him angrily, looking around for the man. “What did you do with him?”


“Figgins is fine,” Karofsky told him smugly. “I told him that if he let me use his intercom that I’d let me go. The old man left already,”


“Why are you doing this?” He asked him. “Do you know what you’re doing?”


“Pretty sure I do,” Karofsky shrugged. “I show up here with a gun and everyone bows down to me like they should,”


“I’m not bowing down to you Karofsky,” He snapped at him. He was done with this bullshit. “Bowing down to you would’ve been staying in the room I was in so you would’ve had to seek me out yourself. But that’s not what I did because I’m not scared of you,”


“This all seems so familiar, doesn’t it?” Karofsky asked him, standing up from the desk and coming over to him. “Do you remember that day? The day that started it all,”


“Unfortunately yes,” He hissed at him, pushing his hand away from his face when he tried to touch him. “Don’t touch me you monster,”


“Ah, so you found out?” Karofksy smirked at him. “How does it feel to have something taken from you, Kurt?”


“How could you?” He snapped again. “How could you do such a thing? You’re a murder , Karofsky,”


“Everyone had it coming,” Karofsky yelled at him, tears welling up in his eyes. He looked up to the ceiling and took a deep breath before he looked back down at him. “They have it coming, especially you,”


“So what are you going to do to me then?” He asked him, shrugging his shoulders. “You really think that making my life an even bigger living hell than you already have is worth all of this. Think about your future…”


“I have no future because of you,” Karofsky yelled again. “You ruined me,”


“Oh that’s right, blame me you big baby,” He spat at him. “Face it Karofsky, you’re just the same scared little boy that you were last year and you blame everyone for your mistakes because you can’t face the fact that you are who you are,”


“And who is that faggy Hummel?” Karofsky asked him, balling up his fist and stepping towards him.


“You’re gay,” He told him, raising his eyebrow. “You’re a fag just like me,”


“You did this to me,” Karofsky yelled, punching him in the face and making him fall to the ground. “It’s your fault Hummel, it’s your fault that your dad’s dead, it’s your fault that I’m going to hurt you, it’s your fault,”


“And how do you plan on hurting me exactly?” He asked him, his eyes flashing violently as he tasted blood in his mouth.


“I want you,” Karofsky said, giving him a queasy smile. “I want to touch you, I want to feel you, I want you to know who you belong to, Hummel. You belong to me,”


“You sick bastard,” He yelled when he realized what Karofsky was talking about. He kicked him in his balls and pushed himself up from the floor when Karofsky fell in a heap of pain. “You don’t come anywhere near me, do you understand me? I don’t belong to anyone ,”


“We’ll see about that,” Karofsky told him, wincing in pain. “Remember who has the gun?”


Fuck , he forgot about that.


“You aren’t going to shoot me,” He told him, rolling his eyes at the idea of him doing such a thing. “You don’t have the guts, alright. We both know that you didn’t shoot anyone today. Okay, you sent people to do your dirty work for you and you shot those bullets here to scare people but you weren’t actually going to hurt anyone. You’re a coward and I’m the only one who sees through you,”


“Kiss me,” Karofsky smirked at him. “Kiss me and we’ll see who’s the real coward,”


“You make me sick,” He glared at him. “Don’t come anywhere near me,”


“I think I’ll do whatever I want,” Karofsky told him, reaching towards his back pocket and taking out his gun. “I’ll tell you again Hummel, kiss me,”


“I don’t care what you do to me,” He told him. “I have a boyfriend and I'm loyal to him to the very end,”


“Gross,” Karoskfsy muttered. “Just come over here and give me one little kiss and then you can go back to your little boy toy,”


“Never,” He told him, shaking his head, very aware of the fact that a gun was being pointed at him. 


“Then I guess I’ll have to kiss you,” Karofsky shrugged, getting up and coming over towards him. He kept walking backwards but Kaorfsky kept walking forward until he had nowhere left to go and Karofsky was pressed up against him.


“Don’t you dare Karofsky,” He warned him, moving his head against the wall to further his distance from him. 


And then Karofsky kissed him and it was last year all over again. The feeling of violation, the isolation, the pain, it was all back. It felt the same too, he tasted sweaty and his lips were chapped. He felt dirty pressed up against him, shoving his tongue in his mouth.


“Stop,” He moaned, trying to get Karofsky off of him. “I think I’m going to be sick,”


“Moan for me again,” Karofsky told him, leaving saliva all over his face as he kissed his cheeks. “Do it and I’ll let go,”


“No,” He told him. “I won’t do it,”


“Then I won’t let go,” Karofsky told him. “I’ll keep doing this and then if you still won’t cooperate, I’ll do more,”


“No, I won’t let you,” He told him, kneeing him in his stomach before pushing him away from him. He fell to the floor and the gun fell out of his hand but before he could go to grab it, Karofsky grabbed it and pulled the trigger, shooting him in the arm.


“OW,” He yelled, falling to the floor. He clutched his arm and felt blood pouring out of his arm.


He watched out of the corner of his eye as Karofsky got up and went over to the desk and pressed the button on the intercom before speaking into it.


“I have him,” He said before clicking off again. He smirked at the intercom before he went back over to him. He felt dizzy and knew he was losing too much blood but he didn’t know what to do, only that he couldn’t die. He had to see Sebastian again, he had to apologize for Karofsky kissing him, he had to tell him he loved him. He wasn’t going to die.


“You did this to yourself,” Karofsky sneered at him. “You deserve everything that you’re about to get…”


He didn’t hear the last part though, his mind went blank and the room went dark. The last thing he heard was another bang before another shot of pain went up his arm. He was pretty sure he was dead.

“That fucking idiot ,” Puck yelled after Kurt had left the room. “He’s going to get himself killed,”


“And he blocked the fucking door,” Sebastian said, trying to open the door. “I have to get out of here, he can’t be out there alone,”


“We could break the window,” Mike suggested. “With another chair and then we could move the chair that he used and we could go and get him,”


“No, no one else is leaving the room,” Mr. Schue told them. “Kurt already made his decision…”


“He’s going to die,” Sebastian yelled at him. “He’s an idiot, he can’t go, I need to stop him,”


“Seb don’t say that,” Blaine told him. “He’s going to be okay,”


“No, now is not the time to play around with the positivity crap Blaine,” Sebastian told him. “My boyfriend is seconds away from being shot and he’s your friend too. This can’t happen,”


“Mr. Schue is right Sebastian,” Rachel told him. “Kurt would want you to stay here,”


“And his dad would’ve wanted him to stay here but look at what he did,” Sebastian told her. “I can’t lose him, I have to get out of this goddamn room,”


He tried the doorknob again, thinking that he could loosen the chair to open the door but it didn’t work. Then he started banging on the door. He wasn’t really trying to get it open though, he was just trying to get his anger out. He was scared and he couldn’t believe that Kurt would leave him like that, that he would risk his life because of this. So he banged harder and harder and his hand started to burn and he started to cry but he didn’t care. He needed him.


“Sebastian stop,” Sam told him, getting up and going over to him. “You’re hurting yourself,”


“I need to get out of here,” He yelled. “I need him, I love him, don’t you get that?”


“We love him too,” Quinn told him. “But there’s nothing we can do,”


“Just come sit down Sebastian,” Blaine told him. “Please, he’s going to be fine,”


“No,” He said before turning around and banging his fist on the door again. “I need to get out,”


He felt someone grab him from behind and pull him into a hug and he broke down, sobbing into Sam’s shoulder. He felt like something heavy was sitting on his chest. Why would Kurt do this to him? Didn’t he love him? Was he not enough to make him stay?


“It’s going to be okay dude,” Sam assured him. “He’s going to be fine,”


“Why would he leave?” Sebastian asked him, continuing to cry. “What did I do wrong?”


“Seb, you didn’t do anything wrong,” Blaine told him. “He did it for you, for us , not because of you,”


“Let’s just wait it out some more,” Finn told him. “Maybe he’s getting us help instead,”


“Let’s sit back down,” Sam told him, leading him over to where they were sitting before. He sat down in between Sam and Blaine and tucked his head in between his knees, trying to convince himself that this was all a dream, a nightmare.


They sat there for what seemed like forever. Really it had only been about three hours at that point but it wasn’t like sitting around anxiously was making the time go by any faster. No one said anything anymore, no one even cried. They all felt numb and were only scared that they might never see Kurt again.


And then they heard it.


“Oh my god,” Finn whispered when they all heard the bang. It was faint this time but it still made everyone jump. And they knew who had been shot.


“Everyone stay calm,” Mr. Schue told them and for once , they actually listened to him.


“I have him,” They heard Karofsky say when the intercom went back on.


“No,” Sebastian whispered, more tears coming to his eyes. Kurt was dead? That couldn’t be.


“He’s dead,” Puck muttered. “He did this…”


“For us,” Quinn finished. “He died for us, I can’t believe it,”


“He can’t be,” Sebastian told them. “He said he wasn't going to kill him, that he was only going to hurt him,”


“Then maybe he just shot him in the leg or something,” Artie said. “Maybe he’s still alive,”


“Or maybe the police are finally here,” Santana suggested. “And they shot Karofsky,”


Then they heard two more faint bangs. And they heard the sound of someone walking outside of their classroom and they saw their door open to reveal two policemen.


“Is everyone okay in here?” One of the men asked, peeking his head inside the room.


“Yes,” Mr. Schue said, going over to the men. “But a student of mine, Kurt Hummel, he went after the shooter. The shooter came for him and he went to the principal’s office in the front of the school,”


“We’re aware,” The other man said. “Kurt’s okay, just passed out from losing too much blood,”


“So he got shot?” Sebastian asked, coming up to the men.


“Yes, in his arm,” The officer said. “But he’s going to live, the paramedics are with him right now,”


“I need to see him,” Sebastian said, moving past the three men and running down the hallway to the main office. He ran straight inside the office to see two paramedics along with Karofsky and a bunch of policemen filling up the room. He would’ve gone right over to Karofsky to punch him in the face, especially since he had the audacity to glare at him when he got there but he wasn’t worth his time. He had to find Kurt.


“Seb…” He heard someone whisper and he looked behind him to see Kurt sitting on the floor with his arm in a sling. He was pale and his clothes and hair were all messed up but he was okay. He felt a big weight lift off of him as he rushed over to him and pulled him into a hug.


“Oh my god,” He said, starting to cry again, this time happy tears. “Oh my god, you’re alright,”


“Oww,” Kurt winced and he moved back to give him some space.


“You’re okay,” He said happily before he frowned and became upset. “You’re a really big idiot, you know that?”


“I know,” Kurt shrugged, tears welling up in his eyes. “I’m so sorry Sebastian,”


“Kurt, you saved us all,” Sebastian told him, taking his hand. “And you were so brave and…”


“He kissed me,” Kurt told him, tears slipping down his face.




“Karofsky. I didn’t want him to Seb, he cornered me. I didn’t have anywhere else to go and he kissed me and I told him I didn’t want it but…” His voice broke. “He didn’t listen,”


“Oh it’s okay Kurt,” Sebastian assured him.


“You aren’t mad at me,” Kurt asked him.


“Oh, I’m mad at you all right,” Sebastian laughed. “I’m really mad at you, you’re an idiot but I’m not mad at you for that,”


“I didn’t want anyone else to get hurt,” Kurt told him, wiping his eyes. “I’m so sorry,”


“Come here you idiot,” Sebastian said, giving him a kiss. “You’re so stupid… and I love you so much… but you’re so stupid… never do that again, okay?”


“I didn’t want it, Seb,” Kurt told him again before bursting into tears. “I’m so dirty now,”


“Kurt, you aren’t babe, I promise,” Sebastian assured him. “It’s going to be okay, everything’s okay now,”


“My dad’s dead, my arm hurts and he kissed me again,” Kurt explained. “How is that okay?”


“It’s not,” Sebastian admitted. “But it’s going to be. Do you trust me?”




“Then trust me when I say that it’s going to be okay,” Sebastian told him. “And don’t ever do that again,”