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Beloved Part 3: Undercover

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Yushi Huang is only able to detain Jun Wu for a moment; before Xie Lian and Hua Cheng have time to make a plan the guards are announcing the Heavenly Emperor’s arrival.

Hua Cheng starts to move towards the curtains, but Xie Lian is afraid of having him so far away in case there’s an emergency. Before he can second-guess himself he grabs Hua Cheng around the waist, yanks him into the bed, and pulls the blankets up over their heads.

Then, limbs intertwined and faces pressed close, they wait for Jun Wu. Xie Lian should be feeling more anxious than he is, but Hua Cheng is smiling at him with a hungry expression that renders his mind pleasantly blank.

Jun Wu walks in so softly Xie Lian wouldn’t have heard him if it weren’t for whatever he places on the bedside table with a small thunk.

“Xianle, are you sleeping?” he asks.

Hua Cheng smirks and presses his lips to Xie Lian’s to stop him from answering.

Xie Lian almost gasps, but he doesn’t want Jun Wu to think he’s awake, so he holds it in with effort. Hua Cheng smiles against his lips.

Jun Wu starts speaking in his sweet, forbearing tone about how naughty Xie Lian been, and Xie Lian can only agree, but without any of the shame Jun Wu seems to want to instill.

While Jun Wu is talking, Hua Cheng slides his leg between Xie Lian’s and presses closer. Xie Lian’s breath hitches and he shares the gleam in Hua Cheng’s eye; it seems they were both having similar thoughts.

Jun Wu catches the tiny sound and takes it as a sign that Xie Lian is listening. “Xianle, this is for your own good. If you listened to me more, you’d be hurt less.”

Xie Lian is far from hurting, though. Hua Cheng’s touches are lighting him up from the inside and making him feel not just good, but cherished. He’s just heard Mei Nianqing lecture him about his choice of a partner, and now Jun Wu about his life choices, both in front of the man he wants, and he can’t help it if their lectures spur him only to think about all the things he and Hua Cheng have already done together—and might still do together.

Hua Cheng is slowly but insistently grinding against Xie Lian’s groin, his mouth on Xie Lian’s to keep him quiet. Xie Lian barely breathes, and the points of contact send a sharp pleasure arcing through him.

Then, with a devilish grin, Hua Cheng moves lower until he can dip underneath Xie Lian’s robes. Xie Lian says a silent apology to the Brocade Immortal as Hua Cheng moves slowly up between his legs.

Suddenly Jun Wu, who had previously been sipping his tea and lecturing from somewhere near Xie Lian’s bed (but clearly not looking at him, how could he not have noticed Hua Cheng moving?), lifts the covers off of Xie Lian. Hua Cheng goes very still, his head low between Xie Lian’s thighs.

What Jun Wu finds, then, is a very red-faced Xie Lian with apparently nothing else amiss. He gives Xie Lian an odd look and lets the covers drop back down.

“That robe doesn’t suit you,” he says quietly, and Xie Lian disagrees. This robe suits him just fine, as long so Ling Wen stays in her daruma doll form.

He remembers that she’s currently tucked into his sleeve and goes even redder, realizing how many people are currently witnessing Hua Cheng—doing this, to him!

“Xianle, where have you hidden Ling Wen?” Jun Wu asks, and Xie Lian can feel Hua Cheng’s huff of air against the inside of his thigh as Hua Cheng’s mind goes to the same place as Xie Lian’s.

“And where are you hiding your friend?”

At this, Hua Cheng pulls Xie Lian onto his side. Xie Lian wonders why for a split second before lips close over his erection, and he realizes with an internal shout that it’s so the covers won’t be lifted so much when Hua Cheng moves.

Xie Lian huffs dramatically, trying his best to sound like a bratty child and not like the unbearably-aroused person that he is, and uses the opportunity to pull the covers up over his head.

If Jun Wu is suspicious, he doesn’t show it. Xie Lian can hear him investigating the room, making the occasional comment about Xie Lian’s general irresponsibility, but Xie Lian is barely aware because between his legs, Hua Cheng is stretched around his length and moving with his eye closed, face somehow relaxed as though this is the most comfortable place in the world for him to be.

Xie Lian knows because he’s watching, intently, with one hand holding Hua Cheng’s hair back. Hua Cheng has pushed the robes open so that he can meet Xie Lian’s eyes every few seconds, and he’s warmed his mouth to the point where it’s almost too hot, but the edge of pain only magnifies the pleasure of his tongue pressing against the most sensitive places and the tight suction of his mouth. He takes Xie Lian back so far that he nearly gags, but Xie Lian holds him back with difficulty because he’s still aware enough to remember that if Jun Wu catches them, here, it will not go well.

Then, Xie Lian remembers the ring Hua Cheng had given him. Something tells him this would be a good moment to slip it into his mouth, and when he does Hua Cheng buckles.

Xie Lian opens his eyes wide in silent apology and nearly drops it, but Hua Cheng reaches up with one hand to hold it over his lips. The hand is shaky.

Xie Lian tries an experimental suck, and Hua Cheng presses his face into Xie Lian’s pelvis, hot breath ghosting over his still-hard length. Then, as though he’s gotten a new surge of energy, he redoubles his effots, and soon the only thing keeping Xie Lian from crying out is the intense need to not drop the ashes—he’s realized by now this is almost definitely what they are—that he’s holding in his mouth.

It’s the most lewd thing he can think of, and Hua Cheng apparently loves it.

Then, after squeezing his hand in Hua Cheng’s hair a few times in warning he’s coming, pleasure crackling through him and bursting through his skin, and he’s only able to suppress his moans by pressing the ring to the roof of his mouth.

Hua Cheng is gripping Xie Lian’s thighs so tightly he knows it will bruise, and it feels so good he keeps running his tongue over the ring until Hua Cheng is shaking, and looking up at him like he’s had some sort of revelation. Then his face goes slack and he lets go of Xie Lian’s length as he comes, too.

Once again, the butterflies help them clean up in an instant. Hua Cheng closes Xie Lian’s robes again and is still shaking with his face pressed to Xie Lian’s pelvis when Jun Wu says,

“Xianle, stop sleeping. You can’t sleep anyway. Get up and come with me.”

There are so many things wrong with that sentence that Xie Lian doesn’t know where to start, but he meets Hua Cheng’s eye and Hua Cheng nods. I’ll be okay, gege.

Xie Lian sighs and strokes Hua Cheng’s face, wishing they could just stay in bed all day, but Jun Wu will definitely find them out if he comes back to lift up the covers now, so Xie Lian pulls the ring out of his mouth, gives it one last kiss, and climbs out of bed to follow Jun Wu.