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Countless Celebrations

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“Happy birthday, Taki.”

The honeyed voice pouring into the billionaire’s ear was almost doused by the splashes of the tempered water threatening to spill from the bath. A strong rose scent seeped into the air; the petals dancing above the surface nearly deprived Taki of his senses, further intoxicating the man already dizzy from succumbing to the pleasure of the burning heat scorching between his thighs.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself, my love,” MC purred, her fingers entwining tighter around the length of his throbbing passion. “Tell me, has this birthday been a pleasant one for you?”

A giggle trickled as MC witnessed the uncoming of her lover. The acknowledgement of her inquiry was rejoined with the resonating moans of satisfaction as Taki reached the high of his climax, due to the seasoned pumps of her hand. MC’s plan on luring her man into taking a nighttime bath to cleanse the aftermath of sweat on their bodies from their previous lovemaking went off without a hitch. Prepping the tub with relaxing essences and heated water, MC invited Taki to join her for a tantalizing scrub. Simple exchanges of teasing kisses had led to some innocent enough petting, which in turn led to a fervent handjob session for the birthday boy.

High on the appeasement of the successful execution on her plan of spoiling the birthday boy, she sighed and rested her eyes shut when Taki’s arms enveloped her against the defined muscles of his chest. Relaxing into his embrace, MC’s breathing hitched as Taki’s hot breath suddenly was trickling onto the back of her neck.

“Do you even have to ask?” Taki murmured, dipping his head to nibble on her crimson stained earlobe, flushed from the heat. “Because if you do, I must not have done that sufficient of a job assuring you of how pleased I was.”

Releasing her from his grasp, MC was about to pout until the shock of his fingers caressing the curves of her waist elicited a gasp instead. Lifting MC without hesitation, Taki delicately submerged her beneath the rippling water until the entirety of his manhood was buried within her.

“Ah-h, Taki, that feels so good,” MC whimpered, bucking her hips in a plea for him to thrust deeper inside of her.

Her body was still sensitive from all of the orgasms from earlier, and being reacquainted with Taki so shortly afterwards left her pining for more. Pulsations coursed through her veins, her blood on fire racing to her head. Dangerously hot, MC was concerned (yet aroused) at the prospect of Taki fucking her senseless beyond the point of remaining conscious.

“Hmm, oh, yes. Give it to me, Taki!” MC begged, the words slipping from her mouth betraying the desire of how frantic she was for a release.

“Are you still having doubts on whether or not I’ve been enjoying myself this birthday?”

His question was a cruel one. No one in the entire world knew this woman as well as he did. From every cry MC would utter, to the way she squirmed when he touched her, Taki recognized the signs as she unraveled closer and closer into a blissful madness of ecstasy.

“None,” MC huffed, attempting to arch her back for the much needed friction. “None, whatsoever. Now please……, please, let me cum on you. I want you to finish with me this time.”

Not one to ever classify himself as weak, Taki had no qualms in conceding to the revelation that MC brought him to his knees. He was whipped for her; in both the physical and emotional sense.

What was that phrase Yosuke started using recently in his efforts to jest at him? Simp? Yes, that was the one. In the simplest of terms, a man that had infinite power at his disposal, was rendered defenseless when their embodiments of their affirmations were enjoined as one.
The soft whimpers flowing from the women Taki was buried inside drew his attention back to the matter at hand. That and the frenzied grinding of her ass pressing down to guide him further beyond her velvety folds. His arm around her waist fastened, while his other hand traveled to her lips. MC sighed when Taki’s thumb traced the part of her lip; her tongue licking at his digit as her walls began to clench around him. A lewd scream that MC couldn’t fathom that she was even capable of producing, unleashed as the nectar of their fluids flowed together.

“Thank you for another memorable birthday, MC,” the whispers of her beloved hummed into her ear, as his lips trailed along the nape of her neck.

Her body shuddered violently; receptive from the peak Taki had recently delivered her to, yet she was eager for more.

“You’re more than we-WELCOME!” MC shrieked in bewilderment when Taki spun her around until she was facing him.

The taut cut of Taki’s chest cushioned the soft flesh of MC’s breasts as he nuzzled their foreheads together. He reached down to firmly cup the mound of her ass, his eyes glinting seductively while coaxing moans by his fingers stroking her bottom.

“It was memorable,” Taki panted. “It was memorable, however, I’m a man of greed. I’m a man of greed and my hunger hasn’t been fully satisfied yet.”

His pants transformed into a carnal growl when MC gave a slight nod before snapping her hips forward to settle herself onto Taki’s lap. She teased the head of his erection by brushing the glistening entrance of her cunt against him, evoking a moan from how damn extraordinary MC felt on him.

“Then allow me to present you with your next gift, Mr. Kozaki,” MC cooed, inching closer to wrap her legs around his sides. Successfully straddling Taki, MC lowered herself down onto him to connect them for the countless time of that evening.

The affirmations of love and gratefulness of spending another birthday together, lasted long past the clock struck midnight, signifying Taki’s birthday had since ended.

Though the special day had ended, a love as pure as Taki’s and MC’s warranted the entirety of eternity. Moments would come and go, but their connection would forever be timeless.

And there was no better birthday wish that Taki could ever hope to ask for.