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Getting the Oreo out of its shell

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Cross was…

An interesting monster, to say the least.
The newest member of the team also happened to be the shortest, standing at the usual four foot height of the average sans. And they were always walking around in an overly complicated uniform. How he even managed to get into it was an enigma to Horror.

They practically never spoke. They just stood there, like a possessed doll.

Their voice, the few times Horror had heard it, was quiet and commanding.

Cross was extremely proficient with weapons of any kind. While they preferred to use their daggers or that giant knife of theirs, almost anything he used to fight with was wielded like he had used it his entire life. Spears, battle axes, maces… you name it, he knew how to use it.

And their fighting skills were anything but ameature. They attacked with blow after blow, barely letting the opponent get a hit in. And when they tried to, he almost always had a counter ready.

Cross was nothing short of an impressive teammate to Horror.

But the only thing that Horror really didn't like about Cross was that he almost always skipped his meals. When he did eat, he ate practically nothing. And when he wasn’t eating the bare minimum to survive, he was working himself down to nothing training and honing his skills. Horror had been woken up a few times by the sound of one of their blasters firing in the training room.

Horror rarely saw Cross at all. He only ever saw him during mission briefing and the missions themselves. Anywhere outside of that, Cross would seemingly vanish. Another thing Horror didn't like.

Horror had convinced himself that he’d try to at least talk to Cross. They had not been on the team that long, maybe a month or so? Horror couldn't remember.
Any time Cross was with anyone else in a room, Cross said nothing. He didn't even respond to Killer’s constant teasing, though it was quite obvious that it bugged him. Maybe some positive interaction would help him warm up to them a bit.

Footsteps. Horror turned to look over his shoulder at whoever had entered the kitchen.

“Speak of the devil. Was just wondering… bout ya.” Cross had walked in, hood pulled up and mask over his nose and mouth. “Howya doin, Cross?”

Cross said nothing, just walking up next to Horror at the counter and staring at the supplies in front of him. Horror chuckled at the sight. The counter wasn't exactly built with shorter people in mind. The counter was just barely taller than Cross. He had to get up on his tiptoes to look at the materials. And not to mention, the counter was built for Horror, who usually stood at around seven feet tall.

Cross was just above Horror’s iliac crest.

“Y’want a stool or something, pal?” Cross shook his head. “You… sure? Don’t mean to- uh… Offend you or anything… but you’re kinda short.”

“I know.” Cross muttered something else under his breath. Horror gave him a pat on the skull through the hood. Cross jumped, sidestepping away.

“Sorry- Didn't... mean to startle you, Cross.”

“I’m fine.” Cross slowly inched his way back over to where he was standing.

“You hungry?” Cross shook his head. “You sure, pal. You haven't eaten in two days.”

“Days..?” Horror sighed.

“Where do you... even go all this time?”

“Room.” Cross pointed to the general direction of the bedroom hallway. “Safe in there.”

“Safe from what?” Horror crouched down, trying to get down to Cross’ height. Cross looked away from him.

“Cross, what's… making you not… feel safe here?”

“Everything.” Cross muttered.

“Everything? You need to be more specific, Cross. I… can't help if you don't tell me.” Cross made a sound that resembled somewhat of a whine, wrapping his arms around himself. Horror reached a
hand out, waiting for Cross to see it before pulling the tiny skeleton close to him. Cross yelped, thrashing.

“S’okay, buddy. I won't hurt ya.” Horror held the terrified skeleton close to his ribcage, rubbing their back gently. Cross whimpered, turning as still as the statues in the throne hall. Horror let go, stepping back.

“Don’t wanna talk about it?”

“No…” Horror nodded. Cross did not trust anyone here, and it’s understandable that he’d be afraid to shade his fears with what was still considered a stranger. Changing the subject would probably do him good.

“Wanna help me make something?” Cross turned, a look of confusion on his face, tilting his head slightly.

“I’m making dinner. Wanna help?” Cross shook his head.

“Dont wanna ruin it…”

“I’ll be right here helping… Cross. Its simple, I’ll guide ya through it.”

“Okay…” Cross came up to the counter, pulling himself up onto it.

“Cross, I can get you a stool, ya know.” Cross’ face was flushed with lilac from the embarrassment. Horror snickered, gently prying Cross off of the counter.

“Be right back.”


Horror came back with the stool, Cross standing there patiently. They haven't even moved from where Horror had set them. Horror set the stool next to the supplies. Cross clambered onto it, his face a much darker shade of lilac.

“No need to be... “


“Yeah. Dust and Killer were... probably around your height before... they gained all that LV.” Horror facepalmed all of a sudden. “Forgot to have ya wash your hands.”

Horror lifted Cross up momentarily, scooting the stepstool over to the sink, setting Cross back down on it. He worked quickly, sliding his sleeves up and turning the water on. A quick wash and some careful hand drying later, the stool was back where it was before.

Horror handed Cross a potato and a peeler.

“Y’know how to use that, right?” Cross shook his head.

“Never… really cooked before…” Horror went around the back of the short skeleton, putting the peeler in his hand. Horror grasped Cross’ hand in a gentle, yet firm way. Cross yelped, trying to pull his hand away, but Horror’s grip remained fast. The damaged skeleton carefully arranged Cross’ fingers over the peeler, being as gentle as possible. Cross was still as a statue again, his eyelights scanning the room for a weapon. Horror sighed, rubbing Cross’ skull gently through the hood of his jacket.

“It’s okay, Cross. I’m… not gonna hurt you. Just showing ya what to do.”

Horror grabbed the potato, putting it in Cross’ other hand. Horror guided Cross’ hand to the brown vegetable, carefully having the peeler scrape off the skin.

“Just like that, Kay?” Cross nodded slightly. “I’ll be right here… if something happens, Cross.” Cross gave another nod, going back to work on the potato. Horror grabbed a different one, Going to work on peeling that one as well.

Horror was on the third potato when Cross tugged on his sweater sleeve. Horror turned his skull to look at him, and was met with a somewhat peeled potato, littered in dents. Horror smiled.

“That's a start, Cross. You do know there's still a bunch of-”

“Can you- help…” Cross practically whispered it. “It’s… weird…” Horror nodded, stepping behind Cross.

“Can you… show me how you were using it?” Cross gave a weak nod, before striking at the potato with the blade of the peeler. A new dent formed, and Cross pulled the peeler back.

“You’re using the peeler like a knife, Cross.”

“Sorry…” Cross looked down, staring at the stool he was standing on.

“It's okay, Cross. Want… me to show you again?” The tiny skeleton nodded again, looking up at the counter. Horror brought his hands to Cross’, carefully gripping the smaller, more fragile bones in his hands. Horror led a careful glide of the peeler over the potato, guiding Cross in his actions.

“It's like… adding a fresh coating on top. Don't want… to damage the layer below.” Cross nodded, making another attempt at the peeling.

“There ya go.”

The burgers were frying on the oven in their skillet, and the freshly made fries were waiting to be released from their air-fryer prison. Cross was waiting in the ‘lounge’, tapping his fingers against a pillow. Horror finished dishing out the rest of the meat into the buns, setting them and some glasses of water onto the table.


Cross huffed, getting up to head to his room. Horror put a hand out, stopping Cross from advancing.


“I need you to eat, Cross. What you’re… doing to yourself isn't healthy.” Cross sighed, nodding in understanding. Horror guided him to his seat, Killer sitting right next to him with a huge smirk on his face. Dust teleported in, sitting down quickly. Nightmare arrived not too long after, taking his usual seat at the head of the table. The minute Horror sat down, dust began tearing into the freshly made burger.

“Nice of ya to join the living world, Crossy. Thought you up and dusted on us.” Killer said. He was clearly just trying to get on Cross’ nerves. Cross ignored him, grabbing one of the fries and taking a bite out of it. “Where’ve ya been?”

“Room,” was Cross’ only reply.

“Hiding like a coward, hmm?” Dust added. Cross glared at him, saying nothing and taking a bite out of his burger. “Y’gunna answer us, coward?” Cross glanced over at nightmare for a second before taking another bite.

“He actually helped me out with this today.” Horror was just trying to get the others to shut up.

“So, he isnt as useless as we thought?” Killer responded with a mouthful of burger. (Ew.)
Cross started eating a bit faster, clearly trying to leave the situation.

“Killer, really? He’s… Still new here.”

“Newbie, my ass. Who cares? The dude could land a hit on blue on his first try, and that kid had incredible stamina. Face it Horror, he isn't a newbie.” Cross glanced at Nightmare again, before glaring at Killer.

“Was that a compliment?” Cross said, smirking.

“Maybe it was. Maybe it wasn't. Who knows.”

“Nobody knows with you, Killer.” Dust added. Cross stood up, taking a quick bow towards Nightmare before excusing himself to go to his room.

“I’ve told him that isn't necessary many times. Is he just trying to annoy me?” Nightmare sighed.

“Upbringing.” Horror said.

“Hm? Thought you said he was a newbie. Not to mention you don't talk to him.” Dust said.

“You’d know he has royal guard training... if you didn't spend all of your... interactions making fun of him.”


“I'm surprised too, killer. More so that I got... him to come out of his shell... than the training, but, eh.”

“Does explain the bulky uniform he insists on wearing.”

“He does seem kinda fragile though.” Dust crushed a summoned bone as he said that. Heavy on implications much?

“Then get him armor if you’re so worried about him turning to dust.”

“That wasn't what i- fine.” Killer had excused himself. “I guess I'll go look for something to fit that tiny body of his.”

It was just Horror and nightmare at the table now.

“You’re excused, Horror.”

“Alright then.” Horror grabbed the empty plates, taking them to the kitchen and setting them in the sink before going to check on Cross. He didn't seem to take those comments very well.

Horror stopped in front of Cross’ room, knocking on the door. Cross answered almost immediately, shivering.

“Something wrong, Cross?”

‘Feel weird.” Cross twitched, stumbling forward into Horror’s legs.

“Oh jeez-” Cross was clinging on for dear life, twitching uncontrollably. “Cross? You sick?”

“Dunno… Got really warm suddenly.” Horror lifted Cross up, holding the much smaller form close to him.

“You Don't… feel sick. What happened?” Cross whimpered, shoving his face into Horror’s ribs.

“I don't know…” Horror sighed, holding the shaking warrior tightly as he walked over to his room. “I've never felt like this before…”

“Well, that... knocks Heat out the window- wait a damn second.”

“Hm?” Horror sat Cross down on his bed, growling.

“Did anything taste off with the food?”

“A bit of the burger tasted slightly different. I thought it was just slightly undercooked.”

“Oh my fucking god, killer.” Horror facepalmed.

“What?” Cross whimpered, curling in on himself and he slipped out of his coat.

“Killer… He fucking drugged your food.”

“With what..?”

“You know what an aphrodisiac is… right?”


“Oh sweet fucking god…”

“Is it bad?”

“It's causing that feeling.”

“Oh.” Cross curled up under the covers, sitting in just a t-shirt and his shorts. “It's so hot…”

“Want help?”

“I- you can help?” Horror’s face was flushed with red, the color not very different from the color of his eyelight.

“You’re… probably not going to like it.” Cross stared in confusion for a second before the pieces clicked together.

“Oh… You mean…”

“Yeah. It's either that or lay there and wait for it to go away.” Cross curled into a ball, whimpering. Horror put a hand to Cross’ shoulder, sighing.

“Just- just don't rush it, alright?” Horror nodded, grabbing Cross from under the covers and pulling him close. “I’ve never really even touched myself before, to be honest…”

“I’ll be gentle, Cross.” Horror slowly began working Cross’ clothes off of him, placing them in a pile next to the bed. The rough form of Cross’ ecto was already forming from the drug. Cross whimpered, trying to hide himself.

“S’okay. It's just me.” Horror set Cross’ skull against the pillow, spreading his femurs to expose his pelvis. Cross whined, trying to close his legs. Horror held Cross’ legs still, however, causing Cross’ blush to darken.

“Cross, I wont do anything... you don't want me to do. If it doesn't feel... good, just tell me.”

“Okay…” Cross stopped struggling, holding his legs apart. Horror brushed a finger over Cross’ ribs, causing the small skeleton to moan out. Cross slapped his hands over his mouth.

“W-what was that!?”

“Means it felt nice, Cross. Do you not want me going there?”

“Y-you can, it's just- I startled myself.” Horror nodded, brushing his fingers over Cross’ ribs carefully. Cross was moaning in pleasure, his ecto snapping into place, an already hard cock and a dripping cunt forming. Cross covered his eyes with his hands, whimpering again. Horror grabbed his hands, holding them above his skull with one hand.

“C’mon, I want cha to see what happens next.” Cross whined, going still. Horror gave him a rub on the skull before bringing his skull down to Cross’ dick.

“W-wait what are you- HAAH!” Horror had summoned his tongue, touching the tip to the slit on the head. He began to bring his tongue around Cross’ sensitive cock, licking slowly. Cross was panting up a storm, grabbing at the hand holding his arms above his head. Horror chuckled, bringing his tongue back to the tip, lapping up the precum beading out of it. Cross was practically screaming in ecstasy, breathing heavily. Horror pulled back, chuckling.

“Already that loud for me, Cross?”

“H-hey! I’ve never done anything like this…” Horror let go of Cross’ hands, rubbing his cheekbone gently.

“You’re really going to be screaming during this.”

“During wha- OH FUCK!” Horror took the entirety of Cross’ dick into his mouth, sucking on it roughly.

“S-SHIT! HORROR!” Cross was clawing at Horror’s head, whimpers mixing in with the cries of pleasure and the screams. Cross could feel a knot working its way into his stomach, winding tighter and tighter. Horror pulled off, bringing a finger along the underside of Cross’ dick. Ribbons of lilac magic shot out, most of it landing on Cross’ chest.

“Ghh… Horror… W-what was that?” Horror was smirking, a light chuckle coming out.

“Was expecting you... to come sooner, but eh. And so much too.” Horror pulled Cross’s chest up to his face, lapping at the cum splattered there.

“H-Horror? W-” Horror chuckled again.

“Shhh… let me take care of ya.”

“What about you, though? I- I should at least return the favor!” Cross pawed at Horror’s shorts, a noticeable red glow coming from them.

“Y’sure? I don't wanna overwork ya-”

“I want to make you feel good too, Horror!” Horror sighed, slipping off the bed to turn off the lights.

“Alright, don't say I didn't warn ya, Crossy.” Cross crawled closer, noticeably still twitching. “Y’gunna unwrap your gift or what?” Cross squeaked, his blush spreading further. He carefully worked Horror’s shorts down enough for Horror’s formed cock to spring free. It was MASSIVE. Much thicker than Cross’ cock and a good few inches longer.

“Holy… How is it-” Cross shook his head. “Nevermind.” Horror quickly stripped his clothes off, a thin, blood red ecto formed. Cross brought his hand to Horror’s cock, stopping before contact could be achieved.

“So I just... rub it?”

“Pretty much.” Cross nodded, letting his hand wrap around the giant appendage before stroking it up and down.

“Like this?” Horror nodded, shuddering. Cross was going as fast as possible, before bringing his tongue around it. It would barely able to fit it in his mouth. Horror groaned, trying to stay still. Cross stopped for a second, before continuing, licking at the bright red cock in front of him. Horror shuddered, moaning out. Cross took a deep breath, opening his mouth to put Horror’s dick in his mouth. Horror gasped, hissing in pleasure. Cross smirked. Or would have, if his mouth wasn't full of cock. He brought it down his throat in one go, bobbing up and down slowly.

“Fuck… Cross… how are you so good at this?” Cross kept working at it, lifting up and wrapping his hand around the base, stroking roughly while still sucking on the upper half.

“Y-you keep this up and- Fuck..! Cross!” Horror was panting, trying to keep it together. Cross brought his free hand up to Horror’s ribs, rubbing against them.

“Cross- hhah… holy shit… Cross- M’gunna cum!” Cross didn't even have time to register what Horror had said before his head was pushed down as far as possible, his throat filled with Horror’s magic.

“Can- can ya swallow for me, Cross?” Cross attempted to do so, succeeding slightly. “Good boy.” Cross’ previously fading blush returned, a dark shade of lilac.

“Oh~ y’like that huh?” Cross whined, wiping at his mouth.

“Still so hot…”

“Shit. Whelp, gonna… have ta loosen ya up.”

“What do you mean?” Cross raised a browbone, confused.

“Lay on your back and spread your legs, kay?” Cross nodded, laying back. He moved his legs against his side, the lower halves of his legs bent.

“So… uh-” Cross jolted all of a sudden.

“Oh shit. Just got worse didn't it?”

“Mhmm…” Cross whined, gripping at his own dick and frantically rubbing up and down. Horror grabbed his wrist, stopping him. He moved Cross’ arms to his legs before shoving a finger into Cross’ cunt. Cross moaned out, whimpering. Horror stuck another finger in quickly, spreading them apart and back together in a scissor-like motion.

“Can feel ya tightening up round my fingers, Cross. Y’like this?”

“YES! AH!” Cross was moaning up a mess, coming around Horror’s fingers.

“Alright, I guess that's enough prep. If this hurts, tell me.” Horror lifted Cross up, laying down on the bed and positioning Cross’ cunt over his throbbing dick.

“I- Be gentle, okay?” Horror nodded, sticking the tip of his dick into Cross, slowly pushing in. Cross screamed in pain halfway through, clawing at Horror’s hands.

“I’m- almost in Cross. Hang on, kay?” Horror sat up, taking Cross with him.

“I CAN'T DO IT! ITS- GAH!” Horror’s dick was fully in.

“See, you did it. You’re such a good boy, Cross.” Cross fell forward, hands on Horrors arms.
“Hurts so bad…” Horror brought a hand to Cross’ cheek, wiping at the tears.
“It's okay. I won't move till you want me to.”

“T-that's the thing! I want you to move now! But it hurts!”

“I’ll go slow, okay?”

“O-okay…” Cross took a deep breath, gripping Horror’s arms tightly. Horror slowly pulled out, leaving just the head in, before slowly pushing back in. Cross whimpered, a moan mixing in.

“You’re doing… so well, Cross. You’re such a good boy…” Cross whined, wiggling on Horror’s dick.

“M-more… please…”

“Alright Cross.” Horror started moving faster, moving Cross so his back was resting comfortably against the mattress. Cross was screaming in pleasure, clawing at the mattress.

“H-HORROR! HAH-” Horror didn't even need Cross to finish to know what he needed. He started ramming into Cross, the tiny skeleton unable to even form a proper sentence.

“You’re- hhh… Doing so well- Such a good boy- Cross-” Cross was barely coherent, tongue lolling out of his mouth. The sound of ecto against ecto was practically inaudible with how loud Cross was screaming.

Cross had already reached a climax seven times, and Horror was finally starting to get close.

“C-Cross- Gunna- gunna come, buddy…” Cross whimpered, trying to close his legs around Horror’s waist. Horror climaxed with a yelp, filling Cross up to the brim and then some.

“Good god- Cross- you good-” Cross was basically passed out.

“Thank you… I'm gonna sleep now.” Horror grabbed Cross, taking them to the bathroom.

“Y’wanna stay here tonight?”

“Please. I feel like Killer did this to screw me.”

“Alright buddy. I got ya. Just go to... sleep, okay?” Cross instantly passed out.

One comfy aftercare session later, and the two were comfortably snuggling, sound asleep.