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Creation of a Romance

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Momo sighed as she sat in her room. It had been two days since their rescue mission, and Izuku was back home safe and sound, and Momo was struggling with her thoughts. She had to admit after hearing how Izuku had been kidnapped, she had a panic attack and realized how much she cared for Izuku.

That would have been bad enough if not for what happened during the rescue mission. While they were getting disguises from the clothing store, she had seen Mina and Toru in the outfits she grabbed for them, and in an instant, she saw them in a different light. With her feelings towards Izuku known, she began considering how she felt about his partners. Toru and Mina were terrific people and close friends. She hadn't considered them in a romantic way before, but now she was thinking about the possibility.

Though even if she did see them in a romantic way, there was another issue. Toru, Mina, and Izuku had been dating for years and were a tight-knit group. Did she have any right to try and pursue them romantically?

A knock at her door pulled Momo from her thoughts, and she answered it to find Toru. "Yaomomo, you wanna join us for dinner? Izu's cooking tonight."

"O-oh um, ok. I mean, if you don't mind me eating with you." Momo said, trying not to sound nervous.

Toru giggled. "Of course not, Yaomomo. You're our friend, and besides, you helped Mina, and I get Izu back. Treating you to dinner is the least we can do."

Momo was glad the invisible girl turned and started walking right after that. It kept her from seeing the faint blush on Momo's cheeks. Toru's laugh sounded so much... prettier than the last time she heard it.

Dinner was a much more private affair than Momo thought it would be. Toru didn't lead her to one of the dining tables but out to the courtyard where Mina was setting up some tableware on one of the smaller tables. The pink girl stated that it was too nice out to not eat outside, and so Momo found herself sitting across the table from Izuku with Mina and Toru on either side.

The four students chatted idly as they enjoyed the meal. Momo was so engrossed in the conversation that she didn't even notice how long the four had been sitting there until Tenya came out to check on them, and they realized it had gotten dark out. Momo insisted on helping to clean, and after some instance, the others relented, and she found herself between Mina and Toru washing dishes. During all this time, Momo would forget her worries and just feel comfortable around them. Then one of them would smile at her just right or brush against her, and the fire of a blush would climb up her neck as she remembered her feelings.

Once they were done, Momo excused herself and retreated to her room to try and come to terms with tonight and if it meant anything. She was reasonably sure it didn't, but her heart was hammering at the possibility that she was wrong. Sleep was not found easy that night as Momo's mind wandered.


As the class entered the common room, Mina came up to Momo and grinned. "Hey, Yaomomo, we were thinking of heading to the mall to do some shopping tomorrow. Wanna come with?"

Momo hesitated as she looked past Mina to the pink girls' partners, who both smiled. "Are you sure you'd like me to come along? I wouldn't want to intrude."

Mina threw her arm around Momo's shoulder. "Nonsense Yaomomo. You're our friend. We wanna hang out with you, and besides, didn't you say there was stuff you needed to buy?"

Momo hummed. "I do need a new set of pens and notebooks. I suppose I can go with you as long as you're sure you don't mind."

Mina's smile shifted subtly, and Momo felt her cheeks heating up as Mina said. "None of us have ever minded having you around."

Mina suddenly stepped away and said. "We'll be heading out around nine, so be ready."

Momo nodded and said. "O-Ok. um, I'll see you then." Mina grinned and rejoined Izuku and Toru before heading upstairs.

The following day Momo looked over her outfit. She wore a long flowing cream-colored skirt with a salmon-colored blouse with a bit of frill on the chest. A couple simple gold bracelets adorned her wrist, and she had a pair of white strappy sandals that matched her purse.

As Momo inspected her outfit, she fretted about whether or not she was overdressed. Her clothing options had a bit of a gap between the casual wear she wore in the dorms and the fancy clothing she wore for events. This outfit was one of her few more casual fancy outfits, and she desperately hoped she wouldn't stand out too much next to Toru and the others.

Momo checked her phone and saw it was nearly time, so she headed down to meet up with Toru and the others. When she got down to the common room, her heart fluttered seeing Mina and Toru.

Mina was the first one who caught her attention. The pink girl wore a pair of cut-off jeans and a black shirt that said acid in pink letters. The collar of the shirt hung off one of her shoulders, showing the black tank top underneath. Mina also wore a pair of black boots. Momo had a very hard time not staring at the pink girls' very, very lovely and well-toned thighs.

Luckily the fluttering of fabric pulled Momo's attention, and she saw Toru wearing a light blue sundress and a pair of tan sandals. A sparkle caught Momo's attention, and she noticed the two silver bracelets that Toru wore to help people see where her hands were.

"Oh, you're all ready. Sorry if I made you wait." Izuku said as he came down in a pair of gray jeans, his usual red sneakers, and a black shirt under a forest green button-up that he had unbuttoned.

Toru giggled as she came up and bumped Momo's shoulder with her own. "It's ok, Izu. Yaomomo just got here too."

Momo blushed a bit, not because she was almost late but because the three of them were all standing close to her, and they all looked really nice. Izuku smiled, and Momo's heart fluttered. "Well, since we're all here, let's get going."


During the trip to the mall, Momo managed to pull herself together and clear her head. However, the trio was very distracting to be around with her newfound feelings, always rearing its head when one of them did something simple like brush against her shoulder as the train shook or say her nickname in that soft sort of way that they kept doing.

Once they were at the mall, the four of them wandered a bit as they made their way to the various shops they needed to stop at. As they walked and chatted, Momo squeaked when Izuku suddenly put an arm around her shoulders and tugged her closer. She was about to start sputtering and wondering what he was doing when suddenly three kids ran by. They were having fun but not looking where they were going, and Momo realized they would have run straight into her if Izuku hadn't pulled her over.

Izuku smiled at her as he released her and let her take a half step away. "Sorry, there wasn't time to warn you."

Momo swallowed and nodded. "I-It's ok. Um, thank you-"

Momo squeaked again as Toru grabbed her hand. "Oh Yaomomo, that dress is so pretty. You'd look great in it!"

Izuku chuckled as the girls ran over to a clothing store, and Toru insisted on picking out some outfits for each other to try on. Momo was fighting her ranging emotions as she looked for something for Mina to try on. Her romantically obsessed mind wanted to consider this and the dinner from a couple of nights ago as dates, but her more rational brain knew they weren't. She was still trying to do her best to enjoy it despite her inner conflict.

Once they had everything they had left to get plus some extra, the four students went to a cafe in the mall and sat down for some lunch where they chatted and ate, and if not for the clock in Momo's field of view, they would have had a repeat of their dinner.

By the time they got back to UA, Momo felt... odd. She felt fulfilled and very happy, but also it was causing her mind to go wild with worry. Worry that she was somehow making them feel like they needed to invite her along and worry that she was intruding on the three of them and what should be personal time for just them. Momo eventually fell asleep that night, still wrestling with her feelings.


Something had to be going on. There had to be some reason for all of this. Momo laughed so hard her ribs hurt as she watched Toru do her absolute best to sing a traditional Japanese song. The four of them were at karaoke and had recently extended their time, and Momo was having a wonderful time, but she kept thinking in the back of her head that something was wrong. There had to be a reason for Izuku, Mina, and Toru to be spending so much time with her. They kept saying that it was just because she was their friend, but there had to be something else because they didn't spend nearly as much with others as they did with her.

As the song came to a close, Toru sat down next to Momo and sighed dramatically. "Ugh, that was so embarrassing. My face is all flushed. I am not singing something like that again."

Mina giggled. "I'm sure it is. You're not so easily embarrassed, Toru."

Momo watched in shock as Toru shimmered, and her visible face suddenly appeared as she pointed at it and said. "See, I am blushing!"

The room got quiet before Momo suddenly said. "You have freckles."

Toru turned, and Momo watched in amazement as the girl's face grew redder before suddenly disappearing. Toru shoved Momo playfully before covering her invisible face. "Oh my gosh. That's the first time you saw my face, and that's what you have to say?"

Momo blinked, stunned by this revelation, before turning to look at Mina and Izuku. "She can turn visible!"

Izuku chuckled and said. "Yeah. She only does it around people she's close to, though. Why do you do that, Toru?"

Toru huffed. "Because being invisible is my natural self. It's what everyone gets to see. My visible self is something special that I had to work for, so I think that only those who I trust and care about should get to see it."

Momo watched as Toru reappeared and glanced at Momo before facing her fully. "So yeah... Yaomomo, this is what I look like. I trust you and stuff, so you know. This is Toru Hagakure.”

Momo couldn't stop the blush on her face as she soaked in the details of Toru's face. The girl's hair was split like Todorokis, except hers was brown and coral with flecks of the opposite color on the other sides. Her eyes were also heterochromatic, with the brown eye being on the coral hair side and vice versa. Also, she had freckles like Izuku, and they made her face look so cute. "I-it's nice to see you... your freckles are very cute."

Toru blushed and rubbed the back of her head. "hehe, Izu and Mina said the same thing when I showed them... Thanks."

After a moment, Mina grabbed two mics and forced Izuku to sing a duet with her, and laughter quickly mixed with the song as Toru and Momo watched the other two do their best. As they laughed, Momo was too busy enjoying herself to notice how much she and Toru were leaning on each other.


Momo took a deep breath and sighed as she sat across from Tsu in the frog girl's room. Ochako was laid out on Tsu's bed reading something as Momo explained how things had been going with Izuku and his partners and how it had been bugging her.

Tsu croaked softly and said. "They're definitely taking you out on dates. You should just tell them that you're interested in them so you can stop all this nonsense."

Momo blushed. "I mean... I suppose when you look at it. It does seem like dates, but... I don't know. If I'm wrong then-"

"Then you stop hanging out as much for a while, and you gain an understanding of where you are relationship-wise, kero. Not so bad in the long run."

Momo sighed. "Perhaps you're right... but how would I go about approaching the topic? I've never been the one confessing before, and I've never had a relationship before. I'm pretty much completely lost on the subject."

Tsu sighed and rubbed her brow. "Kero. Just ask them to talk in private, then tell them how you feel. Be upfront and honest with your feelings. The straightforward approach is the best way to do this."

Momo rubbed her chin a bit before sighing. "I see... that seems quite daunting, but I will do my best."

Tsu nodded. "Good kero. Now go get some sleep and try tomorrow."

Momo thanked Tsu for her help before leaving and planning her confession. She just needs to wait for or make a situation in which all four of them are alone... then she just has to look them all in the eyes... and confess how she feels about them. Momo's face slowly turned redder and redder as the idea settled into her mind.


Momo fidgeted a bit as she walked with Izuku, Mina, and Toru. The three of them had yet again asked to hang out with her, and they were headed to a park for a picnic. Their licensing exam was coming up soon, and everyone was taking a breather from training to make sure they were at their best. Momo had resolved herself to confess after the exams to ensure that no one was off their game.

They eventually found a secluded area of the park next to a pond and set up their picnic. Once again, Izuku's cooking came into play, and Momo marveled at how well he could prepare meals. She'd have to ask him to teach her once they had more free time. That is, if her confession doesn't mess with their dynamic too much.

Momo shook the thoughts from her head and took a bite of the sandwich Mina handed her and paid attention to the conversation that was going on. After some time of eating and chatting, the four students went on a short walk where Momo found herself between Toru and Mina, who kept brushing against her as they walked. Momo did her best to not blush or let her imagination run wild. They had been more touchy as the days went on, but Momo wasn't sure if she should read too much into it or not.

As they got back to their picnic spot, Izuku stopped suddenly and said. "Hey Momo, there's something we wanna talk to you about."

Momo blushed a bit at him using her first name. It had only been a day since they had agreed to use each other's first names, and Momo still wasn't used to it. "W-what do you need to talk about?"

Butterflies danced in her stomach and tied it into knots as the three of them stood opposite Momo. Izuku and Mina were blushing, and Momo was pretty sure if she could see Toru, then she would be as well.

Izuku cleared his throat and said. "So... you may have noticed we've been asking you to come with us a lot."

Momo nodded as her nerves started to build. Was this a confession? Or admittance to something else? Were they going to admit they were just doing it because they pitied her or something?"

Mina smiled a bit, but Momo didn't feel her usual sense of ease when she saw it. "So the reason for us doing that is, well, we noticed that you seemed interested in us."

Oh no. They were going to tell her they weren't interested. Momo grit her teeth and started to prepare herself for the bad news.

Toru stepped up and made herself visible, showing off the blush on her cheeks and those freckles that Momo found so cute. "We... We kept asking you to come with us because we wanted to make sure of some things. The three of us find you interesting, and we wouldn't mind dating you. All these not dates that we kept taking you on were to make sure the four of us were a good fit and to see if you really were interested in us."

Toru giggled a bit at Momo's blush. "I think we can all agree that we're all interested in each other, right?"

Momo swallowed the lump in her throat and nodded. "Y-yeah. I-I think that's safe to assume."

Toru smiled softly and held her hand out. "Then, Momo. Do you wanna be our partner? Because we love you and would love to have you in our lives."

Tears spilled over Momo's eyes as Mina and Izuku grinned. Shakily Momo raised her hand and took Toru's "Y-yes."

Toru pulled the taller girl into a hug. Momo wrapped her arms around the invisible girl as Mina and Izuku joined in the hug. After a moment, as Momo was going to pull away, Mina and Izuku kissed her cheeks, causing her to blush fiercely, and when she turned to look at Izuku, Toru kissed her cheek, making Momo snap her head over to Toru, who giggled along with her partners.

The three of them smiled and said. "We love you, Momo."

Momo sniffled and tried to cover her face, but her arms were restricted by the hug. She fumbled for her words but managed to squeak out. "I-I love you t-too."


The morning light poured through a gap in the curtains, and Momo groaned softly as she tried to move but found herself boxed in. her eyes blinked open, and she felt something press against her back. The slight poke of horns let her know Mina was cuddled close to Momo. Turning her attention to what was in front of her, she saw the indent between her and Izuku and felt Toru's warmth. Momo closed her eyes and smiled. They all had the day off, so they could afford to sleep in a little more.

The door to their bedroom swung open, and the pitter-patter of multiple footsteps killed the idea of sleeping in. Momo and her partners groaned as several small bodies clambered up on the bed and dogpiled the heroes. Childish voices calling for breakfast and demanding they get the day started to sound as the four partners were shaken.

Momo groaned and sat up as a set of twins with black hair and green eyes collided with her. The two girls smiled up at her, and Momo smiled back. "You couldn't let us sleep in?"

"Nope!" the twins said at once.

Momo giggled as she watched the oldest son with his curly green hair and crown of horns as he shook Izuku and looked at her with his golden eyes. "Our parents all have the day off, and none of us have school, so we gotta do stuff. Dad promised we'd get to hang out today, so come on, get up."

Izuku groaned as he pushed the boy off him a bit. "I'm up, I'm up. What do you want for breakfast, you little gremlins?"

The two youngest, a boy with coral eyes and green hair, and his sister, who had brown hair and green eyes, both pouted as Toru pulled them close. The boy said. "We're not gremlins."

Mina chuckled as she held the second youngest child. A girl with pink hair and black sclera eyes with a green and a gold eye. Her horns were little more than nubs barely poking out of her hair. "No, you're not. Daddy is just grumpy because he wants to be lazy and sleep more."

The kids giggled as Izuku groaned and pulled himself out of bed. "Pancakes for breakfast. Eggs and bacon. Lots of it."

Toru chuckled. "Sounds good, dear. Alright, while daddy cooks, why don't you all get ready for the day."

A choir of children groaning rang out as Izuku left the room, and the three women set about encouraging their kids to brush their teeth and get ready for breakfast. Momo smiled as she led the kids to the bathrooms. She was so glad that she had fallen for her partners. Her life had been full of nothing but joy after they had confessed to her.