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Artificial Friendships!

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Nothingness.  That’s all that existed in the deepest depths of cyber space.  Suddenly, a spark.  A hum echoed in the void as a stray pixel flew in space.  Then another flew towards it, fitting with the first like a jigsaw puzzle.  Then another, and another, and another, until finally an entire entity was created.  A teenage woman with strawberry-blond pigtails, large buxom breasts, deceitful blue eyes, and the attractive, curvy figure of a real-life supermodel.

She raised her arms in the air and yawned.  “Wh…where am I?”  She looked around at the endless black void.  “How did I get here…”  Her eyes widened as she flashed back to a courtroom, recalling several teenagers and a white bunny.  “Oh, right…Izuru kicked my ass…and that Usami program executed me with rainbows…”

The blonds stuck out her tongue, wretching in disgust.

“I totally need to get back at them…but gee, I’m trapped here in cyberspace.  If only I can…hm?”

A small light appeared in front of her.  Curious, the young woman tapped it, causing it to expand into a window.  Displayed in the window was a smiling young girl, with long, auburn hair and a lavender ahoge.  So distracted was she by the sight that she didn’t notice the pixels reforming into a young girl behind her.

“This must be the view outside of someone’s computer. But who’s this chick?  She looks familiar, but…”  Her eyes narrowed at the hazel and purple heterochromatic eyes.  “Oh, she must be the offspring of Hope Boy and Nancy Drew!”  A light bulb went off in her head, causing her lips to stretch into a cheshire cat grin.  Oh, this is just perfect!  I can totally corrupt her into despair and get her to set me free in the real world!  Talk about the perfect revenge for defeating me twice!  Now, all I have to do is…“


“What?!”  She turned her head in surprise to see another teenage girl with short, curved mauve hair and narrowed pink eyes grasping her arm, restraining her.  “Who’re…oh, that’s right, you’re the AI of that Nanami girl I killed back at school.  What do you want, twerp?”

“I’m not gonna let you do as you please, Junko!”

“Hah, that’s rich!”  Junko laughed.  “Who’re you to tell me what I can and can’t do?  If I want to corrupt this Daughter of Hope and bring the world to its knees once more, then that’s what I’ll do.”

“No!”  Chiaki grit her teeth as she pulled on Junko’s arm.  “I’ll…I’ll stop you!”

“Please, better people than you have tried, and failed.”  Junko grinned as she spotted another window open behind Chiaki.  “In fact, you’re about to take your own little trip to the real world!  Sayonara!”

Junko raised her heeled foot and kicked Chiaki in the stomach, causing her to let go as she went flying into the digital window.  Junko grinned, waving giddily as Chiaki disappeared.

“Ah, that felt good.  Now…”  Junko turned back to the image of the young girl in the other digital window.  “Let’s make some magic!”

With a malicious grin, she flew into the window, letting it close behind her as the traveled through the digital network.

“Kiki!”  The young girl turned her head from her computer towards the door to the hallway, left slightly ajar.  “Dinner in 30 minutes!”

“Okay, Mom!”  Kiki turned back to her computer, smiling as she continued to play her video game.  “I’m starting to see why people in my parents’ generation liked this Galaga game so much.  I’ll just beat my high score before dinner and…hey, where’d my game go?!”

Kiki pouted as her Galaga app closed.  “Huh?”  She cocked her head in confusion as another app window opened.  “I don’t remember downloading this app before.  What does it even do…?”

Kiki’s eyes widened in surprise as a video window opened, revealing Junko’s head who smiled at her.

“Who…who are you…?”