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Silly Kinda Love

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Meyrin stood in front of the apartment complex and smiled, she was finally out on her own. Her sister had told her she could stay with them but Meyrin told her that she needed her own space and now that Shinn had purposed it felt like she was third wheeling and hearing sex noises was grossing her out. Shinn and Luna followed her up to the apartment. She giggled and opened the door and looked around, it was nice and spacious a good size kitchen, and a balcony it was move in ready so she didn't need any furniture .

"not bad Meyrin" said Shinn putting down the box. The red head nodded.

"yeah and it works with my budget to, all that money i saved up from working on the ship.."

"are you sure about this sis..."

"please stop babying me Lunaaaa, and no way was I going to go back to mom and dad"

" your whining like one..." said Shinn. Meyrin huffed as they brought up the last of her stuff. She was also going to start her new job as a secretary at one of the elementary school's in the area. A far cry from what she did before but less chaotic. She said bye to the two of them and unpacked. She perked up when very beautiful piano music drifted through her open window, something classical she recognized it from when her parents played it. Her neighbor was a pianist or into music. She hummed to the tune as she put stuff up in her kitchen, it stopped then she heard cursing and a few dings but then it went back to normal. Meyrin giggled. She looked at the time and got ready for bed, her neighbor had stopped playing but she wouldn't have minded drifting off to sleep listening to it.


The next morning Meyrin walked down the hall listening to the principle, she had met a few teachers and they all seemed pleasant.

"Its surprising someone who worked on the Minerva wants to work in a school setting you could be doing something much more important"

' was time for a change and I was a tele communicator so I thought I fit the job" said Meyrin smiling. They passed the music room and the Principle stopped.

"Mr Almalfi you have a second?" Nicol looked up from his piano.

"yes" he smiled. Meyrin blushed, he was cute.... moss green wavy hair that came just below his cheek bones with out looking to girlish and beautiful hazel eyes but what she wasn't expecting was a wheel chair when he moved from the piano. Nicol came over and smiled up at the two, she wondered what had happened to make him bound.

" Nicol this is Meyrin Hawke our new secretary I hope you will make her feel at home here"

"Pleased to meet you miss hawke " he said sticking out his hand. Meyrin brought her hand up to forehead in a salute subconsciously and Nicol laughed doing the same thing...wait...was he from the army to? but they shook hands. A line of kids formed in the hallway all excited and chatted as Meyrin walked away with the principle she looked over her shoulder seeing him greet all the kids and letting them into the music room.