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Son of mine

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In the dark of night, the flaming hero’s fire flickers out. A long day of fighting with a thanks of hatred has taken its toll. Society is in shambles, abandoned towns, destroyed skyscrapers, and rubble litters the streets he walks. Enji may have just left the hospital, but the pain he feels is long from over. Patrolling the streets, he continues his walk down broken sidewalks, passing alleyway after alleyway, peering to what each held. This pursued into the cold night, scouring the city for anything to do. Walking by something seemed off, stopping to take in his surroundings he smelt something burnt, following this smell, the stronger it got, the more unsettled Enji felt. A path of bloody footprints appeared on the ground, tracking this at a jogging pace, seeing more splotches appear. When they turned a corner, bloody hands too showed their mark. The alleyway was pitch black, the trail of blood disappearing in its depths.
“Is anyone there?”
His voice boomed in the silence, no response was heard, no shaky breaths, no movements. Step by step, he let shadow swallow him to see what hid in its blackness. There he saw a body laying on the ground, draped in black facing away from him, a stark detail making him rush to their side. A scarred purple neck could be seen accompanied by white hair with dyed tips, kneeling to his side, Enji carefully turned the villain over, confirming it was indeed Touya. He looked so pale and lifeless, Enji was stunned, his son covered in blood, he thankfully still had a pulse but it was faint.
“Touya! Touya! Can you hear me?! Please! Answer me!” Lightly shaking his son’s shoulders, his head merely slumped with the movements. He couldn’t lose him now, not again. He didn’t know what to do, he never knew, taking Touya into his arms, he felt cold. Holding him gently tight, rocking back and forth in panic whilst warming him up.
“Please say something Touya... I can’t afford to lose you... please, please, don’t die on me.” Bringing him closer, not noticing how tears started to trickle down. Touya still didn’t respond, but his pulse was stronger now. Making haste, Enji shot up into the air, heading to the only place he considered safe how.


Nothing could be heard, it smelt musty and everything hurts. He didn’t know what happened, one moment he was fighting a group of thugs and suddenly was hit hard in the head. Still not opening his eyes just yet, Touya took a deep breath feeling the strain of bandages on his chest, squeezing the hand that held his. Alarming him, his eyes shot open taking in the sight of his father, head lulled to the side sitting on a tiny stool. Whipping his hand out of his father’s grasp, Touya tried to jump up and bail, but the sting of pain made his body collapse, startling Enji awake
“Touya! Be careful.” Enji commented, lifting his son up only to have him thrash around in his arms.
“Let me go you bastard! I’ll burn you to ash!” Touya growled, summoning sparks. He immediately felt queezy, throwing up on Enji. Looking more annoyed than disgusted, he laid Touya back into bed, handing him a glass of water.
“Drink this, it’ll help your sickness. I’m going to change my shirt. Don’t. Do. Anything.” Pointing at Touya each time to annunciate
“Why are you helping me, I’m a villain who’s murdered plenty.” Touya asked smugly
“Because... you’re my son, it doesn’t matter what you are.” And with that he left presumably to change his shirt. Even though Touya was surprised by this response, he still let out a ‘tch’ bitterly sipping on his water. What did he know? He never really cared for me anyway, always with his precious Shouto. Stewing on these thoughts, it was some time before Enji came back in a new shirt with a large tray in hands. Setting up a small pop up table, he placed the tray on top taking the pot into his hands, acting as heat for broth to boil. Touya leered over to see a plate full of beef, pork, and veggies of sorts.
“I thought a hotpot would be good to have. To sha-“
“Are you actually this desperate? Do Shouto and Natsu hate you that much? Is Fuyumi and Rei still too scared to eat with you? Pathetic, all of you.” Touya scowled, picking up the chop sticks, stabbing the pork to drop in the pot. Enji looked away, saying nothing to his sharp words.
“Think what you will of me, but I’m still here for you, always.” He finally looked up with a determined face to meet cold blue eyes, Touya picked up his chop sticks again to fetch his meat from the pot, swallowing the piece of pork without a morsel of satisfaction. His scowl grew, now pointing his chop sticks at Enji.
“YOU? You were never there for me, I tried to be like you and do what you created me for, to surpass. And all you did was push me away, all you did was breed Rei like the bitch she was, you turned your back on me when I needed you most! Training, scarring, stress, insanity, it was all for you, but I guess you couldn’t handle your weak son to be something greater, than, you.” He hissed out, baring teeth as he stuck his utensils vertically up in his bowl of rice.
“If you know any better, ape. You’ll leave your offering here and let your dead son rest.” Touya huffed, flipping over to his side. Enji felt like he’d been torn from the inside and out, he never realized how poor of a job he had done with Touya. Following his wishes, he left the food and got up to leave
“Just so you know, Touya. I always wanted the best for you, you did surpass me, but the cost to do so was too much for me to bare.” Enji sighed
“It’s Dabi.” They both now looked away, one face masked with remorse another in loathing. Enji slowly turned around, his heavy footsteps disappear into the hallway. It was only when he left Touya realized he was back in his room, some of his belongings and photos were missing but everything else was left as it is. All of it was covered in dust from the shelves to the floors. Light that peered through the blinds exposed how preserved it was, a place frozen in time, he barely fits in the bed he has, feet almost touching the edge. Shifting out of bed, he sauntered over to the mirror he had, swiping an arm down to see his reflection. The bandages he wore decorated his chest, white gauze covering his arms, he looked like a corpse of himself, a sickly thin one. Trying to summon fire again, he felt nauseous once more and only sparks came. Huffing out, he walked over to his PC, booting it up and wiping what he could off it. While it started back up, he sat the food tray beside it, dumping all the meats inside the pot before the broth cooled. Taking in a deep breath, he simply surfed the web, trying to figure out where the league was and how he could fix the issue with his quirk, all the while enjoying what food was left for him.


When Enji returned, he found his son peacefully sleeping at his desk. Seeing that he ate made him relieved. Picking him up, Enji softly put him back into bed, pulling the sheets up. Just looking at the resting face, he looked so happy that way without knowing of his presence. Running a hand through the spiky mess of white, red, and black, it was surprising how soft it was, even more when Touya leaned into his touch, mumbling something he couldn’t hear. Looking at the state of his own son, even after all he has done, hatred never came, never once the truth was revealed did hatred come in his vision, only more guilt, this was his fault, his doing, nothing could change what would happen let alone try to get atonement from Touya, but even then he felt like he needed to say it, taking a deep shallow breath in
“I love you Touya.”
“Ihmmmm... lv.. you...too...”
flinching back, he was struck with Touya’s response. Imagining there was still a way to reconnect, to save him, a beaming grin taking hold with the threat of tears following. But alas, he probably didn’t mean it within his sleep, not taking much to overcome this small joyous moment, one of the few times his sons said something like this to him, probably didn’t equate to what it assumed to be.