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we made these memories for ourselves

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She hated this.


She unequivocally, emphatically hated this.


Surrounded by her family, her parent’s acting the perfect hosts, aunts, uncles, cousins and their families, her father’s workers, the stable hands, jockeys, people she had never met before, all crowded into her childhood home for the annual Welton Christmas party.

Her mother had called three weeks ago to remind her. She had avoided the shindig the year of her divorce – and the two years before that -, her newfound singledom did not sit well with her, nor her family members who thought her choosing to get divorced was the daftest idea she had ever had, despite her husbands infidelities. Her aunt Jacqueline, her dad’s oldest sister had called her when the divorce was announced and told her to “pull yourself together, you’ll end up alone if you leave him now. No one wants a forty something woman, you’re too pretty to end up a spinster.”

And her mother wondered why she avoided family events.

At this party however, she wasn’t alone.


She had Ted.


Wonderful, glorious, funny, selfless Ted Lasso had agreed to be her ‘date’ to help keep her more conservative family members off her back.

Sassy had let slip to Deborah that Rebecca and Ted were ‘getting close’ and Deborah had taken that to mean they were practically engaged.

They hadn’t even been on one fucking date.

Rebecca stood and watched the scene from the entrance to the grand living room used specifically for these types of events. She swallowed down a glass of champagne and grabbed another from the table by the fireplace.

She watched Ted, standing with her father, some manager she knew was friends with her father, Pat somebody, and a couple of jockeys.

Ted had been fascinated when she had told him her father bred and trained racehorses. She had been brought up around the animals her whole life, had learned to ride before she could barely walk.

Ted glanced over and gave her a nod, lifting his glass of whiskey. Her father had been deeply impressed that Ted was a whiskey drinker, breaking out ‘the good stuff’ for this special occasion. She gave him a small smile and disappeared into the next room.

Her heart was pounding hard in her chest. This was not how she expected her life to be. Convincing her head coach, the man who secretly held her heart in the palm of his hand to accompany her to her family’s Christmas party. She had imagined their first date, a cosy little restaurant, good food, good wine, better company. Maybe Ted would insist on cooking for her, she knew he was a whizz in the kitchen, she had had plenty of meals cooked by him already. They were often hanging out, keeping each other company on the weekends, finishing paperwork at his flat, going over contracts or travel arrangements for away games at her place, in front of the roaring fireplace.

In between all of that, Rebecca had somehow fallen for the moustachioed American. His kindness, wit, humour, all of it had slowly cracked through her walls, peaks of light bursting through the darkness, making her want him in every way he’d let her have him.

When her mother had said “bring Ted, it’s about time he met the family!” Rebecca had balked and asked why.

After hanging up with her mother she had called Sassy and shouted down the phone, furious that she would make up those sorts of suggestions. Sassy knew what Deborah was like.

Ted had found her in her office that day, pacing, her hands shaking.


“What’s up, boss?” He asked, a cheery grin on his face as he brought her daily biscuits. “Sorry that these are late,” He shook the little pink box, “Got talkin’ with Roy about the latest Bake off, we’ve been doing a re-watch on Netflix. Onto the third season now”

“Thanks” She muttered, taking the pink box and dumping it on her desk.

“Hey,” he watched as she dumped the box and went back to pacing, he had never seen her not immediately open the box and inhale at least two thirds of a biscuit before even saying thank you “What’s wrong?”

Rebecca whipped round at his concerned voice “Oh, nothing—sorry, Ted.” She tried a fake smile, but he knew better.

“Yeah, that’s not gonna fly with me, wise guy” He smiled. “What’s happened?”  

“Nothing, just—my mother” She growled.

Ted raised his eyebrow in question and Rebecca sighed loudly, running her hands through her hair, tugging on her low ponytail.

“She’s hosting—well, she and my father, are hosting their Christmas party, they do it every year—” She started “And she’s insisting I come, I don’t want to—they make me so uncomfortable, my aunts all judging because I got divorced, my cousins all happily married with kids, living their best lives—” She muttered.

“Anyway, Sassy made a comment when she saw my mum the other day, and now my mum thinks you and I—” Rebecca gestured between them with her finger “We’re—you know—”  

Ted’s eyes widened “Oh”

Rebecca nodded and lowered her head “Yeah, so she’s insisting you come as well as my other half and I just—I don’t want to”

  Ted stood silent for a few moments, his heart beating hard and fast against his ribs. “You don’t want to go? Or you don’t want me to go—with you?”

“I—” Rebecca’s heart stuttered, “No, I—I would go with you, I just—my family—”

“Hey, all families have issues right?” Ted shrugged “It could be fun”  

“Not like mine they don’t” She let out a deflated chuckle.

“If you don’t want to go, then don’t. But if you feel like you have to, and don’t want to face them alone, I don’t mind doing a bit of white knighting again” He grinned and held his hands out.

Rebecca laughed, her mind casting back to the crown and anchor and Rupert’s dumbstruck face when Ted hit the perfect score.

“I don’t want to force you”  

“You’re not—I’d be happy to go”


She turned the corner and ended up in the kitchen, her aunt Lorna’s laugh rattling around the room like a choking hyena.

Rebecca turned quickly to leave, not wanting to be subjected to conversation with her mother, three aunts and four female cousins.

“Oh, Becky, my dear!” Her aunt Lorna exclaimed, “Come here, lovey! It’s been so long—” Her aunt rushed over and grabbed her around the shoulders, forcing her down to her height into a hug.

“Hi, Aunt Lorna” Rebecca grimaced, patting her hand against the older woman’s back.

“Come, come, fill us all in on your new man!” Her aunts and cousins all started nattering and Rebecca couldn’t stop herself from rolling her eyes.

“Rebecca—” She whipped round and saw Ted, “I just wanted to—”

“Oh! There he is!” He was interrupted by her cousin Kimberly. “We were just wanting to gossip about you, Mr American!”

“His name’s Ted, Kimberly” Rebecca rolled her eyes again.

“I just wanted to check you’re okay” Ted whispered in her ear, his hand touching her waist.

“I’m fine” She nodded, “Would rather be out of here”

“Say the word, I’m sure I still have the rickshaw guys card in my wallet” He grinned when she burst out a laugh, covering her mouth with her hand that wasn’t clutching her champagne glass for dear life.

“Come on you two!” Her aunt Jacqueline piped up from the end of the breakfast bar, “I want to hear all about you, never picked Rebecca as someone who would fall for an American”

Both Ted and Rebecca looked baffled, what the hell did that even mean?

“Well, what’d ya wanna know, ma’am?” Ted asked, grabbing onto Rebecca’s free hand, giving it a squeeze.

“What made you fall for our Rebecca?” She asked, pointing her wine glass towards Rebecca “We all thought she’d never find someone else after divorcing Rupert”

Ted’s face turned to a scowl as he looked between the all women at the counter “Why wouldn’t she? She’s funny, gorgeous, she’s smart as a whip—she’s much better off on her own than with someone who doesn’t appreciate her anyway, so—I’m lucky she chose to be with me, if we’re being honest.” He shrugged.

“But if you really wanna know, I fell pretty hard the first day I met her. She made a joke right off the bat and I just thought ‘she’s perfect’” He grinned, looking at Rebecca.

Her heart leapt a little, thinking back to that first day when she had told him “Ms. Welton is my father”. She had brought him over from the states to ruin the club, to ruin everything her ex-husband cared about, she didn’t give a damn if she hurt him in the process. Now, however, the thought of hurting him made her soul ache.

She squeezed his hand lightly as her cousin Leanne asked about their first date.

“I cooked.” Ted stated as if it was true “The press can be pretty brutal about Rebecca for no good reason, and I figured if they caught us out together at some restaurant or a bar or something, they’d be sayin’ all sorts of horrible things and I didn’t want that for her, so I made up some excuse about having paperwork that needed her signature—texted her to see if she could come and pick it up and when she came over I had cooked for her, got her flowers, all that sort of stuff—”

The women in the kitchen all “awed” as Rebecca felt tears prick behind her eyes, it wasn’t even real, and she felt like the luckiest girl in the world to even be fake dating him.

“We’re both pretty private people, we’ve both been through a divorce, we don’t wanna rush anything but what we’ve got, it feels pretty special.” He said, looking at Rebecca, she felt her heart race as if he was looking directly into her soul.

“You have a son don’t you, Ted?” Jacqueline piped up again, smirking into her red wine “How’s that working out?”

“Pretty good, thanks.” Ted spoke “He’s lovin’ it tellin’ everybody that his dad lives near the Beatles—I haven’t quite had the heart to tell him the truth about that just yet.”

Rebecca chucked and leaned into him; her head pressed against his shoulder. Ted took the initiative and wrapped his arm around her waist, slotting her body perfectly against his.

“You won’t get to see him much though?”

“No,” He said honestly, smiling when Rebecca squeezed his hand on her hip. “Not in person but we facetime every night, or every other night. He knows I’m workin’ hard to provide for him, he loves that he gets to come over here and explore new places—we’re makin’ it work.”

“He’s the best dad” Rebecca spoke up “Henry is a brilliant little boy, he’s funny and smart, he’s creative. He adores Ted and they have the best relationship.”

“Well, I’m just so happy for you Becky!” Her cousin Kimberly clapped her hands like a child “Maybe this one will stick around? Just have to remember to keep this one happy in the bedroom.” She remarked with a cackle, her aunts and cousins laughed along, Deborah cringed but couldn’t bring herself to stand up for her daughter and Ted felt rage like he’d never felt before.

“I’m sorry, what the heck does that mean?” He grunted.

“Well, I’m just saying—” Kimberly smiled “You know Rupert cheated on her?”

“Yeah, and that’s her fault is it? That he couldn’t stick to his vows? Keep it in his pants?”

“Ted—it’s fine—” Rebecca spoke softly, her hand on his chest.

“No, Rebecca, it’s not fine” He scowled “These people are your family, they should be sticking up for you. No matter what, they should have your back. Instead, they’d rather you stayed with your cheating ex-husband who spent ten years emotionally abusing you and these people just stood by and watched. You should be ashamed. All of you.” He spoke, anger in his voice. Rebecca could feel his hands shaking.

“Oh, come on now, son, we were just having a laugh” Jacqueline spoke, smirking at him.

“Doesn’t seem very funny to me.” He stated.

“Ted—” Rebecca’s voice broke through his red mist. “It’s okay” She ran her hand up and down his abdomen, her fingers playing with the buttons on his shirt “Come on, let’s get out of here.” She whispered.




“God, Rebecca, I’m so, so sorry—” Ted spoke quickly as she pulled him into her childhood bedroom. “I should never have—”


“God, I can’t believe I just did that—I just, I just saw red—”

“Ted, it’s okay”

“I’m so—”

“Ted!” She exclaimed, moving towards him. She grabbed his hands in her and linked their fingers together.

“It’s okay” She said softly, with a smile “No one’s ever stood up for me like that before” She smiled, “Thank you.” She leaned forward and kissed his cheek.

“I just—gosh they made me so angry, the things they were saying—”

“It’s not the first time” Rebecca shrugged.

“They should never have said it at all!” Ted exclaimed.

“Look,” He started, one hand linked with hers, the other cupped her cheek, his thumb gently running across her cheekbone. “You know you don’t deserve this right? These people, they have no right to say those things to you—you deserve so much better.”


“No, listen to me, Rebecca Welton.” He grunted, feeling the anger in his veins pulsing at the thought of Rebecca having to deal with her heartache alone because these people blamed her for Rupert’s infidelities. “You are brilliant. You are smart, you’re funny, you’re stunning, literally—I can’t believe you’re real, sometimes I see you and I’m like speechless—”

“You? Speechless?” Rebecca chuckled, looking into his eyes before dropping her gaze to the floor, her heart racing. She found it harder and harder to keep her feelings to herself. She wanted this man so much, she wanted to love him out in the open, for everyone to see, she wanted the dates he had told her family about, she wanted to hold his hand in public, to kiss him whenever she felt like it.

“It can happen” He smirked. “You deserve so much better than this. You might think you’ve had to deal with all this stuff by yourself, but you don’t have to anymore, okay? You’ve got me, you’ve got Keeley, Higgins, the team, god they all adore you. They’d go to war for you if you asked them to—”

Rebecca laughed, tears filling her eyes.

“We’re your family, okay?”

He squeezed her hand and tilted her jaw, forcing her to make eye contact “Okay?” He asked again.

She nodded, tearfully, “Okay”

She knew he meant it. She knew he was on her side, no matter what. He was her family. He knew that because she was his family too.




It was approaching two in the morning, the rain had started not too long ago, a light flicker of snow mixed in with the water droplets and Rebecca sat on the window seat of her childhood bedroom, watching the beads run down the windowpane.

She and Ted had had the awkward ‘should we share the bed / I’ll sleep on the floor’ conversation for all of two minutes before they were both hunkered down, exhausted in the double bed. Her mother had insisted she stay the night and much to her dismay, Ted had actually agreed.

But she couldn’t sleep. Her brain was rattling. She lay next to Ted, thinking of all the ways this was everything she’d ever wanted and more than likely would never have to keep. How this was all just a farce and yet she wanted him more than anything.

She heard the covers rustling and thought it was just him shuffling in his sleep until she heard him moving and the metal bedframe screeching and felt his presence beside her. They sat in silence, no need for words, just watching and listening to the rain falling.

“I used to make them race” She said softly, breaking the silence. She touched her fingertip to the cold window, following a raindrop as it descended down the glass, “I’d pick two drops and see which one hit the bottom first”

“We didn’t get much rain in Kansas” He replied, “But when we did, heck it was a lot” He smiled, “It would just batter down, like someone was just droppin’ buckets of water on the house. The barn used to have this old tin roof, could hear the rain fallin’ on it for miles around.”

Another silence fell over the room, the whole house was quiet, the only sound being that of their breathing and the rain hitting off the windows.

“I never got to dance with you tonight” Ted spoke, his voice a whisper in the air.

Rebecca blushed, biting her bottom lip, wrapping her arms around her knees, resting her chin on top, her blonde hair falling into her eyes.

“The music was good,” He said “Other people were dancing and every time I looked for you to ask you to dance, someone else had your attention.”

“Well—” She cleared her throat nervously “I’m sorry I missed that.”

“Me too” He smiled, “You deserve someone who wants to spend the night dancing with you, whoever they may be, they’ll be the luckiest guy in the world—” He spoke, his words quiet towards the end, a heavy weight in his chest.

Rebecca took a deep breath, her nerves making her feel sick to her stomach “What if it was you?” She asked, quickly, her words barely louder than a breath.


“What if it was you I wanted to dance with?” She asked, her eyes trained on the pale pink cushion beneath her, she picked at an imaginary piece of lint, waiting for his answer.

“Then I’d be the luckiest guy in the world” Ted replied, his eyes never leaving her face. His heart leapt when he watched her smile widen, hidden slightly by her hair.

They mirrored each other, both sitting twisted up on the window seat, Ted with his legs crossed in front of him, Rebecca with her knees up at her chest, her arm around her legs like a couple of young teenagers admitting their crushes on each other, all nerves and blushes.

“Dance with me?” He asked softly.

Rebecca glanced up, his eyes, despite their dark colour were bright, wholesome, like he was staring at his whole life in front of him, it made her soul ache. She nodded silently and he jumped up, she spun her legs round, resting them on the carpeted floor while he moved to the bedside table and grabbed his phone. He fiddled with it for a few seconds before a soft melody began playing, she recognised the song, it played all the time on the radio in her car.


Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes

But it’s the only thing that I know

When it gets hard, you know it can get hard sometimes

It is the only thing that makes us feel alive


He reached for her hand and pulled her to stand. Rebecca grinned, her cheeks as pink as her silk pyjamas as his hand tentatively slipped around her waist, pulling her firmly against him. She placed her hand on his shoulder as he tangled their fingers together and kissed the back of her hand, the music playing quietly on his phone that he’d thrown onto the bed.

She listened to the lyrics, each word tugging a little more on her heart as he gently led them back and forth across the floor, slowly swaying to the beat, the only other sound being the rain against the window.


Holding me closer ‘til out eyes meet

You won’t ever be alone, wait for me to come home


Rebecca felt her heart lodge itself in her throat, tears burned her eyes. She hid her face from him, turning it towards his shoulder, she couldn’t let him see her like this, all her walls completely shattered just for him. Tomorrow they would be back to normal, this would all be over, everyone would wake up and they’d go back to being fake dating for a little while longer; until Paul had taken Ted out to introduce him to the horses, until Rebecca and her mother had had their usual argument and apology about the night before, until they jumped in the car to drive back to their normal lives, apart, without each other, without him pretend cooking for her, pretending to bringing her flowers, dancing in the middle of the night like they were the only two people in the world.

“Rebecca—” He whispered


He let go of her hand, his arm still keeping her firmly against him; his fingers brushed her hair back from her face, gently cupping her jaw as her hand fell to his waist, clutching onto his white t-shirt.

“Don’t—” She mouthed, her head dropping, watching their joined bodies slowly swaying to the music.

“Don’t what?” He asked.


“Break my heart” She whimpered, her bottom lip trembling as his arm tightened around her.


Ted shook his head, pressing his lips against her forehead “If I was ever lucky enough to have your heart, I’d protect it like it was my only job in the world.” He said softly, “I’d do my best to never let anything, or anyone hurt you ever again.”

“I think you already have it—” She admitted, staring at his throat, unable to make eye contact for fear of breaking completely.

“Well, that’s good I guess, because you’ve had mine for a while now” He smiled.

Rebecca looked up, stunned. Ted’s eyes were wide, and bright, and full of love. He grinned at her, and she beamed back, a small laugh bursting from her lungs. He leaned in and kissed her forehead, his fingers twisting her hair at her shoulder, brushing it back from her face. He swept his thumb across her cheek, down her jaw, across her brow bone, mapping her face, making a memory to carry with him forever.



“Can you kiss me?”

“Oh, I very much think I can” He grinned, leaning forward so their foreheads touched.

Rebecca’s hand moved from his shoulder to the back of his neck, they met in the middle and she finally felt that lightening that Roy had mentioned. It built in the pit of her stomach as his lips met hers, it swam through her blood as his tongue traced her bottom lip, it rattled through her rib cage as his hand slid down her back.

She moaned into his mouth, their tongues gently teasing each other. They turned and stumbled back towards the bed. Rebecca cursed as she hit the mattress, the old metal frame clattered and squeaked against the wall.

“Shit—” She muttered.

Ted pulled back and hovered over her, grinning at her swollen lips, her cheeks pink. They lay silent for a few moments, letting the sound of the bedframe dissipate before moving back in, their lips colliding feverishly. He grabbed her by the hips and moved her further onto the bed, both of them quickly pulling back when the bedframe once against clattered against the wall.

“Fuck sake!” Rebecca groaned; her hands pressed against her face.

“Hey—” Ted pulled her hands from her face and stepped back, pulling her with him into a sitting position “Trust me?”

Rebecca nodded as he pulled her to her feet. He moved them both towards the window, turning her to face outside, he took her hands, laced with his and pressed them against the glass.

“Ted—” She whimpered as his lips touched the back of her neck.

“Hmm?” He mumbled, kissing her over her silk pyjama shirt.

She gripped his fingers with hers and muttered “Fuck” as he pushed his hips against her ass, she could feel him swollen in his sweatpants.

He untangled their fingers, keeping her hands pressed against the window. He held her hips, ground his length against her, smirked when she threw her head back and took over, rutting her hips against his crotch.

He slid his hands up her front, gently grabbing her breasts through the silk, feeling her nipples harden against his palms. She jutted her hips back against his crotch and pushed her chest into his hands.

“You want me” He grinned, gently biting the back of her neck.

“Ugh, very much so—” She muttered, rolling her hips against his.

He let go of her and she whimpered. His hands moved to her hips, slowly playing with the waistband of her pyjama pants, the pink silk causing her body to overheat. She wanted to be naked, with him, right now.

He slowly slipped his fingers beneath the silk, smiling against her shoulder as she gasped. He slid one hand to her cunt, his middle finger slipping easily beneath her folds, making her whimper and jut her hips forward into his hand, his other hand stayed pressed against her soft, toned stomach. He circled her clit slowly with his finger, just playing with her, making her wet and needy, he watched as her hands slipped against the window, her fingers trying to grab onto the glass.

“Please—” She whispered.

Ted pulled his hands free and gently tugged at the silk, letting the material slip down her long, long legs. He felt his cock twitch with desperation as they hit the floor, as her thighs clenched.

Rebecca moved to turn as Ted suddenly disappeared, she could no longer feel his heat against her back “Wha—” She went to speak until she felt him at her feet “Ted—”

He was sat on the floor, his back against the window seat “Knees up here, sweetheart” He tapped the edge of the window seat.

“Holy shit—” She gasped; she hadn’t expected to be riding his face so soon but my god she was keen.

She lifted one leg slowly, trying to balance on the ledge. Ted held her thighs as she lowered herself to his face. His tongue swept through her folds, and she almost fell against the window.

“Holy fuck—” She panted. “Ohh—”

She whined as his hold tightened on her thighs, she wanted him to bruise her. She wanted marks of him all over her.

Ted groaned at the taste of her, she was sweet like sugar, hard like his favourite whiskey. His tongue prodded at her entrance, and he smirked against her cunt as her hips faltered. He grabbed her ass, hands palming the curves hard, gently spanking as she rolled her hips against him.

“Ted—” She whimpered “Oh god—” Rebecca pressed her head against the glass, the see-through pane now fogged up with the heat of her breath and hands.

Ted hummed and she yelped, pressing her hand firmly against her mouth as the vibrations surprised her, sending bolts of lightning through her blood.

“I’m gon—oh god!” She groaned, her voice deep, throaty, desperate.

For a moment she forgot where she was, what she was doing as she chased her orgasm, rutting her hips back and forth on her lovers tongue. His hands held tight to her ass as he leant up and latched onto her clit, his lips sucking hard, causing her to gasp. Her left leg spasmed as her orgasm crashed over her in waves, she felt like she was drowning. The intensity was something she hadn’t been expecting, her body hadn’t been prepared and her leg gave out, slipping from the ledge, she fell against the window, luckily catching herself before she made too much of a noise.

Ted groaned, licking her through her climax, taking everything, she had to give. As she collapsed he pulled his head back, his hands sliding to her waist as she slid to the floor. He kissed his way up her body, through her silk shirt, tugging at the buttons as she landed in his lap, panting and breathless.

Her arms stretched out behind her as she landed firmly in his lap, his cock aching for her as she kissed him hard, tasting herself on his mouth.

She grabbed at his t-shirt, ripping the material over his head, her hands cupping his face, keeping his mouth to hers as he shuffled himself out of his sweatpants.

“You sure?” He panted, kissing her neck as she hovered over his solid, swollen length.

“God, yes” She groaned, reaching between them.

“Fuck” She whispered as she held his cock in her hand, heavy and hard she wanted nothing more than for his man to ruin her. She wanted him to pin her down and fuck her until she couldn’t breathe. Unfortunately, that would have to wait for now as her parents were practically next door.

“Hey—” Ted slid his hands up her front to her neck, he could feel her trembling.

“I’m okay” She smiled softly, “That was just—I wasn’t expecting that” She whispered, leaning forward, playfully teasing his lips with hers.

He pulled her forward, one hand still on her neck, the other around her hips. The only item of clothing between them was her unbuttoned, silk, pink shirt. He gently grazed her ass, his short nails scratching her soft skin, making her whimper and mewl above him.

She reached between them again, gently tugging on his length. She guided him to her, he brushed her clit and she gasped. Ted grinned and bit down on her bottom lip.

Her heart was racing, she could hear the pounding in her ears. Her world went black as she sank onto his rigid cock. His thick length stretching her wide, stealing the breath from her lungs. She reached for the pillows on the window seat behind him, her fingers clutching them in a death grip, her elbows digging into his shoulders.

“Breathe sweetheart” He whispered as he kissed her neck, his tongue tracing the line of her collarbone as his arm clutched her hips, the other gently circling her left nipple. Her body was on fire, so many sensations at once. It had been so long since someone knew what to do with her body, since someone had set her alight like he was.

Rebecca gasped and keened against him as she finally felt him bottom out inside of her, their hips met and she sighed, still trembling against his body.

“Holy shit” She giggled quietly, latching her mouth onto his. She rolled her hips once and broke apart their kiss to groan. She dropped her gaze to watch as he disappeared inside her with every thrust.

“God, you’re incredible” Ted grunted, her ass clutched in his hands, he pulled and grabbed at her flesh, guiding her as she rolled her hips, her head thrown back.

He slid one hand from her hips up the front of her body, he pressed the space between her breasts, making her lean back slightly, her hands clutching his shoulders. He muttered whispered curses beneath his breath as she raised herself almost completely off of him before slowly sinking back down. She done this a few times, biting her lower lip and grinning as she watched him watch them where they were joined, his eyes practically rolling back in his head as she clenched when she sank back down.

Ted had had enough. She was enjoying torturing him too much. He grunted and grabbed her by the hips, somehow managing to flip their positions so he was on top. He sat back on his knees and pulled her legs up so her knees were against his chest. He held her there for a moment before moving, slowly thrusting in and out of her, clutching her legs tight in his hands.

Oh, oh shit” Rebecca whimpered, reaching for him, she grabbed his hands on her legs and dug her nails in “I’m gonna come” She breathed, “Oh—fuck” This new angle had him plunging inside of her so deep she saw stars.

Ted grinned and groaned, feeling her tighten around him like a vice, her wet, warm heat making his entire body shiver “Let go, baby. Whenever you’re ready” he encouraged.

He spread her legs and hovered over her, resting his weight on his forearms as her legs clasped around his waist. She held his face in her hands, breathing hard against his mouth in between kisses as her legs started to tremble.

“Fuck—R’becca” He grunted, feeling her orgasm approaching.

“Yes, oh god, yes, don’t stop!” She whined, her voice high and desperate.

He groaned, trying to hold himself back and she could tell, she didn’t want that. She wanted him. All of him. In her.

“Come—” She moaned, kissing his mouth “In me”

Ted saw stars, her climax hit him as hard as it hit her. He forced himself to watch as she tried not to scream. Her cheeks were pink, her neck and chest the same colour, she had one hand pressed firmly against her mouth, he could hear muffled curses beneath her palm. Her other arm was latched around his shoulder, keeping him as close as possible to her, their chests rubbing, her nipples solid against his.

“Please—fuck, please don’t ever stop” She cursed into his ear, her fingers pressed against her lips as her body rattled through another orgasm. She was on top of the world when he felt his own orgasm hit him.

He grunted against her neck, biting down where it connected to her shoulder, sucking her skin between his teeth as her hips jutted up to meet his, he felt her hand slip between them, rubbing her clit. He felt her tighten even more, as if another orgasm just ripped through her one after the other.




She never wanted to move. Ted was panting above her, his skin damp against her, his forearms by her head, barely able to hold his weight up, his head cradled between her neck and shoulder as he breathed hot against her skin. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, her fingers gently coursing through his hair as they both slowly came back down to earth. She turned her head slightly and kissed his temple, the first place she could reach.

She felt him kiss her shoulder in return, and then her collarbone, and her throat, her chin, her cheek, the bridge of her nose, her forehead and finally her lips.

“Definitely not how I imagined our first time” He muttered against her mouth.

He kept his mouth to hers as a laugh burst from her chest.

They lay silent on the bedroom floor of her childhood bedroom, caressing and kissing each other’s skin, tracing the lines of their bodies, mapping memories into their brains.

“I meant what I said you know,” Ted whispered, “You already have my heart, Rebecca Welton.”

Rebecca blushed, tucking her face into his chest “And you have mine, Ted Lasso.”

“I guess this means I don’t have to be just a ‘fake’ date anymore?” He quipped, running his fingers down the length of her spine.

She shook her head lightly, gently pressed her lips to his, her fingers softly scratching his cheek “Never again.”