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Sometimes, being haunted is a plus.

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Night watched as a girl reached for a book on the top shelf, standing on her tip-toes to do so. They knew her, a high school student who’d asked for their help finding a book on more than one occasion. She was sweet, an A+ student in all her grades. Pretty, too.


Which was why when Night saw someone snapping a picture of her, they enlisted the help of a certain ghost.


“Mare,” they whispered under their breath, knowing full well they were listening from who-knows-where. They had eyes only for them, of course they were nearby. “This guy’s being a creep.”


“Say no more.”


A shriek sounded from the plant the guy had been hiding in, as the decorative fountain “suddenly” shot a burst of water through the air, which had landed directly on his head. Wow, that must have been a surprise. Especially considering just how cold Night knew that water was.


From experience.


The girl turned around, noticing him immediately. She looked shocked, and hurt. But the look on her face quickly vanished when a book flew through the air, landing right by the stalker.




Which of course, only caused the local “ghost catchers” to look up.


What a chain of events.


When Mare floated back towards the skeleton with their hand on their chin, they had a devilish grin as the library changed to chaos. The librarian didn’t seem to mind in the slightest.


Revenge was sweet.


And, apparently, wet. A strange remark to have when the ghost nerds had started trudging through the fountain, clothes dripping wet. Lucky for them, Mare had already fled the scene. And in order to keep it that way, Night wrapped them up with their free arm.


“Thanks, love.”