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Wrong Door

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Gigi felt herself smiling despite the heavy feeling that came with the message she just received on her phone:

"I have time tonight if you want to come"

Bette, requesting her, in order to discard her again, in that odd way of expressing how she wanted company, and Gigi just happened to be the most convenient person around.

She knew Bette was using her.

But it was alright for Gigi, ever since that first date she knew they could only come so far.

And not for her lack of trying, she almost ran out of strategies in that weird, unexpected blind date, she tried being funny and relatable, nope, tried getting her to talk about herself, a huge no, tried the old trusty: sharing food, meh.

That, until thankfully Carrie showed up, and she caught up immediately on the antipathy, the antagonism between her and Bette, all it took was one ill intended comment and finally, finally, Bette was smiling.

So she likes the naughty ones.

And she tried being it, but she could also see how it was wearing out for Bette, and Gigi was getting tired of playing that game as well.

But again, it was alright for her, they both knew what to expect, everything was clear and out there, so she didn't mind, she was just along for the ride, Bette's attitude made it clear that it had more to do with herself than with Gigi, Bette was filling up the emptiness she carries around, the same one she refuses to acknowledge even when Gigi attempted to point at it.

She learned it was a mistake, and also learned that Bette was never going to be emotionally available for her and she made peace with that fact.

That's it, until she finally met the famously-jilted-at-the-altar, Dani.

And Bette decided to change the game for her :

"Meet my girlfriend, Gigi"

What the fuck?
I'm her girlfriend now?

Gigi refused to show how off guard such statement caught her.

She tried to evaluate the whole situation in the little time she had, was it Rodolfo Nuñez?
No, the man barely registered for Bette, he was not relevant enough to build a facade for.

Was she avoiding further explanation about their relationship and simplified it with the "girlfriend" term? That barely makes sense, it did nothing to simplify it, she could have just introduce her as Gigi and that was it.

Was it Dani? Gigi took a millisecond to finally fix her eyes on her, and what she saw surprised her, Dani's eyes were completely focused on Bette.

Does she have a crush on her?

Gigi felt a small pang of worry for the first time, hoping she wasn't being used to hurt someone... that apparently already suffered enough.

Why would Bette do that if as far as she knew, she appreciates Dani as a friend?

Does Bette like Dani too?

There was little time to analyse anything else, before Bette was out of the picture and she was left to show the Nuñez, the most expensive property in her catalog.

She studied Dani, reserved, quiet, unsure and clearly, still in a fragile state of mind, she felt sorry for her and did her best to show her some kindness, but when she saw the small, shy, broken smile as an answer, Gigi thought to herself that she was way more attractive than she expected, the smile was short but so warm and open, it left a weird fuzzy feeling inside of her.

Gigi was still trying to shake it off when she made her way to Bette's to let her know how the appointment with Dani went, and thank her for sending her her way, helping her close pretty much the best deal of the week, and so Bette did what she was expecting her to do a while ago, shut her off, in a way that almost felt personal.

It could have been personal, but Gigi knew better, and she refused to let it affect her, she was beyond that, beyond this kind of people.

She was back at her office, to avoid wasting more time overthinking, and Dani happened to come by.

There it was again, that bitter, contained smile, and she felt the need to remove the sadness and show her a different angle.

Maybe that was the impulse that took her to that moment, having dinner with Dani, and noticing how all her strategies for interaction were working amazingly, Dani laughed at her jokes, related to her experiences and talked about how different and how similar their upraising was, she was sharing her food without even asking and this was Gigi's ideal date even if it wasn't one, there was something so easy and effortlessly that came with Dani, who was laughing and smiling like she had just forgotten all the bad shit that made its way into her life lately, and Gigi felt so immensely satisfied by this, she knew this was only the first of many.

After a guy tried his luck with Gigi, and lost, she saw something sparkling behind Dani's eyes, there was something there and Gigi smelled it, in the way she awkwardly answered "yeah, that was... That was fast".

Gigi smiled, she forgot about Bette for the rest of the night, even in the car when she saw her name popping up on her phone, she rushed to silence it before she even registered it was her.

She turned around to face Dani and continued the conversation, loving how bright and open she looked now, laughing and talking excitedly, Gigi's mind was full of this, until her phone vibrated again with a message:

"Gigi? Can we talk? I'm outside, it seems like you're not home?"

Gigi read it and sighed, why was Bette choosing tonight to decide she'd like to talk? Dani was awkwardly stealing glances at her, feeling that something was up.

Gigi considered what to do knowing her house was nearby, although she didn't really want to deal with Bette in front of Dani, on the other hand, she felt like telling Bette to go home and leaving it like that, was too much.

"Do you mind if we take a small detour? My house is very close, I'll take care of something very fast"

Dani nodded immediately, she was clearly curious about it but decided to not ask questions, and to stay out of it.

Gigi stopped the car after a couple of blocks and turned to Dani as she opened the door.

"You can stay in the car, I won't be gone 5 minutes"

"Sure" Dani smiled and Gigi mirrored it.

She got off the car, and found Bette sitting down in the small patio, drinking from her own flask.

"Bette? What's going on?"

"Oh Gigi" Bette saw her and smiled like she was the one receiving her in her own home.

"I wanted to tell you that I found her"

"You found who?" Gigi was lost, she was not expecting Bette to come and demand to see her, just to talk about someone else.

"Pippa, the artist I told you about"
There was a condescension in her voice, like she wasn't even expecting Gigi to remember.

"Ah, that's good" Gigi smiled but her eyes kept shooting her questions.

Bette decided to ignore it and leave it like that was enough to explain everything, giving Gigi time to think about that message she sent her earlier, the one that made it clear that this could not go any further, she didn't want to continue feeling like this.

"I'm glad about that, I wish you the best luck... But Bette I think we-"

Bette smiled and nodded, like she knew exactly what Gigi was about to say.

"Yes Gigi, I know, no need for that"

Gigi stopped, unsure on how to proceed, she felt like it was a fitting way to finish something so clandestine, but at the same time, she needed to acknowledge it, at least once, even if it's when she's ending it.

"Yeah, it's better if we-"

"Yes" Bette cut her off, she focused on gathering the long jacket hanging on the back of the chair "I just thought of telling you, in case you wanted to know, since you were there that night"

Gigi nodded absentmindedly, her lips pressed together and squinting her eyes at those words, feeling lost and at the same time, knowing.


Bette stood up, ready to admit defeat and leave, she was starting to walk towards the street, but a question popped into her mind before she completed the first step, she let it out without understanding the implications.

"Who were you with, earlier today?"

Bette was way too proud to let any hint of jealousy or possession leak into her question, it came out in a nonchalant way, like asking Gigi the time, Gigi knew the curiosity only came from her own narcissism. She wouldn't care if she wasn't involved somehow.

"I was just showing the neighborhood to-"

"Gigi? I'm sorry to interrupt" a very awkward Dani showed up holding her phone, and Gigi felt remorse bubble up inside of her, she was gone more than 5 minutes for sure.

"Oh Dani I'm sorry, I was about to-"

"No, it's fine, I was going to let you know that I can just call a Lyft, really, it's ok"

Bette was looking the whole interaction with interest, she didn't expect the two of them to continue talking outside of the apartment deal, and she noticed the way Dani was so bashful and looked so regretful in front of Bette, like she felt guilty about something, which gave her some strange theories that she felt the need to prove, she made her way back to her chair.

"Dani" Bette interrupted the small discussion and Dani's face almost looked like she got scolded, Bette enjoyed that look "You don't have to leave, come sit"

Gigi interchanged looks between the two of them, unsure of what was unfolding.

Dani wanted to make an excuse, feeling the tension from whatever conversation they were having before she showed up, but now Bette looked almost chirpy and the invitation sounded friendly enough.

Dani sat in the small patio chair next to Bette, Gigi sighed and couldn't do much, she looked at them, unsure of this unexpected... Meeting.

"Can I get you anything?"

Gigi was unable to be a bad host, even when she was being forced to it.

"I'm good" Dani answered right away, she had enough wine at the restaurant.

"Some tea would be nice" Bette answered looking straight into her eyes, Gigi took a small moment to hold the eye contact, she blinked slowly, then nodded and stood up.

Returning a few minutes later with three cups and an open bottle of wine.

Bette smiled pleased, Dani looked at her confused but accepted the cup anyway, maybe alcohol was a good idea.

"You two, share Iranian ancestry, right?" Bette asked, taking a sip.

"Yes, we were just talking about that earlier, it's nice, being able to speak in our native tongue" Gigi answered, a small smile directed at Dani.

"Oh, I've never heard you speak farsi, Dani"

Dani laughed, still a bit stiff and uncomfortable.

"Or Spanish" Bette uttered in a soft small voice, it sounded almost seductive, Dani grew even more uncomfortable, she didn't dislike it, but the fact that Gigi was right there, witnessing it, while the two were allegedly dating, it was all too weird.

"They say we all have different personalities when we speak different languages" Gigi added, the tone of voice similar to Bette's.

"Dani would have three then" Bette added with a sly smile "I wonder if that applies for everything"

The last part was definitely there and Dani was sure this time, she grew exasperated and couldn't keep pretending that this was just a normal evening with friends.

"Ok, what's going on?" She finally asked, her defined eyebrows furrowing, using her no-bullshit tone of voice.

"Bette is just-"

"Isn't it obvious, Dani?" Bette asked, her attention went to the fabric of the tablecloth, studying it between her fingers. "We're hitting on you"

Dani gulped, completely caught off guard, she looked at Gigi hoping to find her laughing at Bette's joke, or denying it at least for herself, but she found her silently taking a sip of her own wine, slowly while maintaining eye contact with her.

Dani's hands started shaking slightly, of all things that have happened and could happen, she never imagined this.

She didn't even know if it was an invitation, and if it was, she didn't have any idea of what to do with it.

"I need to use your bathroom " Dani informed Gigi, but didn't wait enough for her indications, she walked past the front door and stopped once she was inside, the place was a lot nicer than she expected, all surfaces looked so clean and neat, like the cover of a realtor's magazine.

She guessed it makes sense, she walked slowly and found Gigi's bedroom, there was something in her good taste that was almost fascinating to Dani, the silky patterns on the covers, the Persian mat, the carefully placed decorations, it was artistic and kind of brilliant. She felt it again, the interest for Gigi sparkling inside of her.

"The bathroom is a little bit hard to find, but I promise you, I do own one "

Gigi walked in, finding Dani who felt like a creep watching her stuff in the shadows of her bedroom, feeling the lack of response, Gigi approached her and rubbed her back in a comforting way.

"Hey" Dani turned to smile at her, unable to say anything "I'm sorry if we made you uncomfortable, I can take you home right now if you want to leave"

"I'm ok" Dani answered "I just don't understand what's happening " she chuckled "She has never hit on me before, I swear"

Gigi smiled.

"But you like her, right?"

Dani bit her lower lip worryingly, she was hoping this wasn't some type of test or mental game.

"Hey it's ok" Gigi chuckled, Dani was cute "Bette and I... it's not what you think"

Dani looked at her once again, wanting to ask many more questions, to find out what exactly was the nature of their relationship, but she got the feeling that she was not going to be able to understand it anyway so she remained silent.

"What do you want?" She finally asked in a way that sounded very close to an admission.

"The same thing you want, Dani" Bette appeared behind Gigi, still carrying her cup of wine with her.

Bette was waiting for Dani to focus on her, when her eyes finally found her, she tried conveying everything through her eyes, and was able to understand the way Dani was defying her, like challenging her to prove she wasn't just playing around.

Bette reached Gigi's neck with her left hand and slid to her jaw, softly turning her face towards her, and shot Dani a final look before capturing her lips in a slow and deep kiss, Gigi opened her eyes and searched for Dani who was carefully watching, biting her lips with a look that gave away her real desires.

"Oh god" Dani muttered maybe without realizing, causing a smile on Gigi's lips that were pressing against Bette's, they weren't so wrong after all.

Dani could feel her mind starting to fog, her thoughts were blurrying looking at the two most gorgeous women she have ever met, kiss like that , for her, it was surreal and she was having a hard time wrapping her mind around it, she felt her body react and the possibility of her deepest and darkest fantasies actually coming true was both terrifying and thrilling.

It was easy to pretend to forget why all this was wrong.

The kiss ended, and Bette walked slowly to Dani, grabbing her wrist to uncross her arms and putting her face closer to hers.

"If you really don't want to, tell us and we will stop " Bette used her most careful voice to say this, in a sweet and soothing way that Gigi was really hoping wasn't fake.

She didn't want to convince Dani she was safe, she wanted her to really be it.

But then Dani nodded once and Gigi felt her body heating up in a familiar way, she was expecting too, she was hoping.

Bette got closer and presented her face to Dani, who closed her eyes and kissed her quickly, Bette wrapped her hand around her neck to deepen the kiss and Gigi was watching thinking that this was something Dani was probably wanting to do a while ago, noticing the way she was grabbing Bette like she couldn't believe it was finally happening.

Bette pulled away leaving Dani gasping for air, who focused her eyes on Gigi right away.

Gigi knew what was coming and her body surprised her with the way it trembled anticipating Dani.

She forced herself to be still and calm as Dani moved slowly towards her and grabbed her shoulder before finding her lips.

Gigi caught a moan in her throat as she answered Dani's fervor with her own, her whole body submerging in ecstacy feeling this kiss prolonging asmuch as she could, biting Dani's lower lip and feeling her shake in response, it was addictive and decadent the knowledge that she was feeling it as much as her.

It was Dani who pulled away , her whole face blushing and her eyes had an even darker shade on them, Gigi felt almost tempted to kiss her again, but stopped herself when she noticed Bette capturing Dani from behing and sneaking her hands through the front of her jacket and pulling the zip down.

Gigi felt an irrational need to take part on this and slid her hands under it to help her get it off , Dani allowed them to undress her while trying to control her heavy breathing that urged them to go faster, Bette's hands were pulling down her one piece and focusing on helpimg her out of her shoes while Gigi contemplated her perfect body covered only by her underwear, she licked her lips not bothering to hide her desire, while Dani watched her and felt a persistent throbbing under her panties.

This was a completely new territory for her, the way Gigi looked at her made it clear that she was going to be ... In the receiving end, to put it respectfully.

All Dani's previous experiences were mostly her giving, at least it was like that with Sophie, but deep down she wanted to know how it would feel to completely submit and allow it to be about her and her pleasure.

Bette was moving Dani's hair to the side, and placing soft kisses from her shoulder to her neck, her hands unclasping her bra, Gigi slid it down her arms and pull it off, taking some second to give her another intense look before kneeling down and dipping her fingertips under the elastic of her panties.

"Wait" Dani grabbed Gigi's hands and stepped aside to look at her and Bette "I want to see you too"

Gigi relaxed, she was hoping Dani wasn't getting cold feet , she went for the buttons of her own white blouse and started undoing them, she sneaked a glance to Bette and found her doing the same, Dani was looking carefully at the two of them undressing for her, feeling her whole body react to every single movement.

They were removing their final piece of underwear, the air so thick and tense with expectations, Dani was only hopping to be able to pull this off, the two of them looked so beautiful naked that Dani wished she could remember every single detail, and prayed that she wasn't dreaming when they got closer to her again and pressed their warm bodies against her, Bette on her front, Gigi on her back, she exhaled long and deep, grabbing their bodies with her hands and pressing them closer, surprising herself with how much she wanted this.

Gigi moaned feeling Dani and rushed to cover her with kisses, Bette was devouring her mouth again and Gigi made her way back to her panties and this time pulled them off without protest, Dani panted in Bette's mouth feeling Gigi discover the wetness between her legs.

Gigi kissed her way up and captured her nipples in her mouth, Dani moaned releasing Bette's lips.

"How do you like it, Dani?" Bette asked in her ear, Gigi looked up too, waiting for her answer.

Dani didn't know, how to answer and how she wanted it, she only had clear that she was probably going to like anything they do to her.

Sensing this, Gigi smiled.

"Would you like us to do anything we want to you?"

Dani closed her eyes, that was exactly what she wanted.

"Answer us Dani" Bette demanded, pulling softly her nipples still wet from Gigi's earlier ministrations.

"Fuck yes" Dani answered, her voice raspy and thick with desire "that's what I want"

Gigi and Bette, satisfied with this answered, mover her slowly to the bed, kissing her neck, her collarbones and taking turns with her lips Dani started feeling desperate, the expectation was killing her and making her movements rushed and less careful.

"I want you in my mouth first" Bette said, making the throbbing Dani was feeling become almost painful.

Gigi felt slightly disappointed and almost wished she spoke before Bette did, but shook it off quickly and as she saw the older woman lay down on her bed, she grabbed Dani's hips from behind and guided her to place both thighs around her head.

Dani could barely comprehend anything while her clit was so hard and throbbing in such demanding way, so when she pressed it for the first time in Bette's tongue, she felt like she could cry from the relief, she barely applied any pressure and her sight was already going black, her hips were grinding up and down in small shy thrusts, getting used to it and trying to build herself slowly so this whole thing wasn't over too fast, although Gigi had a different idea.

She pressed her whole body flush against Dani's back, and grabbed her hips to keep her close while her lips were pressing small kisses along her neck until she reached her ear.

"Don't be shy, Dani, she wants you to use her mouth" Dani closed her eyes tightly, trying to keep her composure "look at her"

Dani was breathing fast and heavy, she opened her eyes and looked down at Bette who was watching carefully the whole interaction, offering her tongue to Dani, waiting.

"This is what you wanted, right?"

"Yes" Dani moaned, Gigi pressed her hips against Dani's and forced her to follow her movements, small circles, her clit pressed firmly on her tongue.

"Aw fuck" This elicited a whole new chain of emotions and sensations in Dani who was trying hard to not get overwhelmed.

Gigi's circles merged into up and down strokes following the whole length of Bette's tongue, going faster and making Dani follow her rhythm, panting and grabbing Gigi's arms, desperately trying to keep her sounds low.

"This is how you really want to do it, right?"

The movements became fluid and fast , Dani nodded and took control, moving on her own while Gigi stayed still, feeling Dani slapping her front with her butt, unable to stop the addictive wet pressure on her most sensitive place, highlighted by feeling Gigi's body behind her every time her hips went back, then her limbs were starting to shake and she was grabbing Gigi's arms tightly, feeling her release approach her quickly and the intensity of it was scaring her.

Right before it happened, Bette moved her mouth away, drawing a wet trail to the inside of her thigh, Gigi and Dani stopped to looked at her.

"She's about to come" Bette said with a cheeky smile.

"Is that right? You were gonna come without telling us?" Gigi moved her hand from her waist to her front and tested it, sliding down until reaching her wet, pulsing heat.

"Mmm fuck Dani, you're so fucking wet" Gigi said while exhaling, Dani's clit was so hard, she could easily feel it poking out, throbbing against her finger.

"I want to taste it too" she said, her eyes drowned in black.

"Gigi" Dani moaned, just thinking about it was pushing her to the edge again.

Gigi kissed slowly the sides of Dani's body and moved slowly to the front, until she was laying down next to Bette, getting as close as she could to her .

Bette saw her face and knew how this whole encounter was affecting Gigi just as much, and pushed her closer until she was kissing her, sharing Dani's flavor, Gigi moaned in delight tasting it for the first time.

Dani's hips were still shaking just mere inches away from them, she was starting to feel desperate, and considered touching herself and finishing while watching them kiss, but then Gigi made eye contact while her lips were still against Bette's and she saw her smile.

They pulled away and Dani felt a pair of hands on her hips guiding her again, this time pushing her further up and pressing her to find Gigi's face, she had to take a small step with her knee to be able to reach, the hands were Bette's.

"Fuck, fuck" Dani felt the white heat in her whole body burning her alive, Gigi opened her mouth and slowly and obscenely stuck out her tongue, Dani didn't need the hands to guide her anymore, she pressed down on her own like she couldn't control her own body, her clit burned against her warm tongue and Gigi moaned feeling it so stiff.

Then she moved it lower and pressed on her entrance, flicking her tip in and out, Dani moaned looking down at her, maintaining the eye contact, Gigi then licked her with her tongue flat slowly until she reached her clit again and moved her head side to side, keeping the pressure perfect for Dani to feel the tightness in her lower belly building up again.

"Fuck Gigi, no" Dani moaned, Gigi was way too good at this.

She was quickly approaching the edge when Bette hands made themselves present again, pulling her back, even though she refused and tried to stay in place while Gigi ruined her clit, but right before her first wave hit, Gigi pulled away with a naughty smile on her face while licking her lips covered in Dani.

Her insides were pulsing faster and her hands shaking feeling the need overcome her whole.

The hands guided back over Bette's face and pressed her down on her tongue again, offering a small relief while her whole body shook with the pent up tension, Dani was going crazy, this was twisted and sinful, they were playing with her pleasure, and she hated how much she was loving it.

She pressed down on her own on Bette's tongue, her clit was throbbing hard but if she didn't move she was going to be able to keep herself from coming, and that's what she did, Bette looked at her patiently, letting her take her time then eventually her body demanded more and she tried moving up and down searching for it, but she knew she wanted it ... Better.

When she was too out of it to think it properly, she moved her hips forward and found Gigi's mouth again who received her immediately, she captured her clit in her mouth and flicked it with her tongue, Dani was thrashing her hips and shaking in seconds, she then sucked it tightly and released it with a sound before taking it again and again, several times until Dani was going wild and her thighs were trembling dramatically around her face and right before she neared that edge, the strong hands pulled her back and pressed her again on Bette's tongue, feeling her clit pulsing so fast she almost thought she was going to come anyway.

But eventually the edge disappeared... Again, and Dani wanted to sob, she didn't know how much more of this she could take.

Her whole body was demanding her to do whatever she could to finally get that release, but there was a thrill to this, so addictive, she knew she didn't want it to end.

She was anticipating Gigi's mouth again, and felt slightly disappointed watching her get up to grab Dani from behind, she kissed her defined back muscles and made her way to her ear to whisper only for the two of them.

"You were so ready to come in my mouth"

Dani moaned, her hips were unconsciously grinding down on Bette's tongue again.

"But I want more"

Dani felt two fingers sliding over Bette's chin and reaching her entrance, pressing and feeling her flesh give in, welcoming her.

"And I think you want to be fucked properly first"

Dani nodded fast, hissing and tilting her hips back, pressing harder on Bette and offering herself to Gigi, who was smiling victoriously.

"Move back and take them"

Gigi had her fingers positioned behind her, all Dani had to do was drag her clit tightly down Bette's tongue and fuck herself on them, but her body was tensing alarmingly fast and she was worried she was going to come as soon as she did, and Gigi was hugging her from behind, grabbing her from her shoulders with her other hand, motioning her to move back, and she couldn't resist, she did slowly, breathing fast and deeply, feeling Gigi's fingers entering her and closing her eyes when the sensation was too much.

"I'm gonna come" she whispered quickly, urgently looking back at Gigi who was watching her fingers disappear inside of her and despite her words, she was pressing back to the very knuckles and shifting subtly her hips to feel her more.

"It's ok Dani" Gigi smiled and looked up to find her staring at her, a look glazed and shiny with small tears framing her big, expressive eyes.

"You're doing so good" she gave her a sweet smile like she was congratulating her for a good move on Monopoly, it felt especially sinful while she was knuckles deep inside and Bette was moaning in delight feeling her clit throbbing fast, she couldn't help but squeeze around her and she panicked when the sensation pushed her to the very edge, dangerously close.

"Ah, ahh I can't-"

Her whole body was bracing itself for the first wave that almost hit before Bette pulled away again, this time the desperation was aggressive and her hips demanded more, she tried to pull Gigi's fingers out and forcefully fuck herself on them to demand her orgasm, but Gigi didn't let her, she stayed inside and followed the rough back and forth thrashing of her hips, not allowing her to pull out at all.

"Pleaseee" she whined, her whole body reaching a new level of sensitivity.

Suddenly Bette's lips were on hers , she didn't even register the moment she moved from under Dani and sat down to watch her face carefully while she was so desperate and finally begging, Bette always thought Dani's pretty face would look amazing while overcome with lust.

Dani kissed her back, Gigi was licking her neck, still pressed flush against her back, she reached her ear while she was flicking her tongue with Bette's, tasting herself.

"Do you want us to fill you up, Dani? " Gigi asked and felt the answer on her digits getting trapped by her walls contracting hard once and several times softer like aftershocks, she was hoping she wasn't coming.

Dani pulled away.

"Yes, I need to come" she said in a voice that was dripping with need, Bette and Gigi loved it.

"You can come with us inside"

Gigi felt another spasm around her fingers.

"Mmm I think she likes that"

Bette bent over to kiss Dani's clavicle, her fingers sliding down and finding her sensitive clit, she flicked it softly side to side and Dani squeezed hard again, she was delirious and going insane, nearing the point where any touch from them was pushing her to the edge.

"Do you want me inside Dani?" Bette asked looking at her in a way that made her whole body go stiff.

"Yes, so bad"

Dani was already beyond the point to care.

Bette slid her fingers down until she found Gigi's knuckles, she rubbed them a little and Gigi smiled at her, Bette's eyes had a naughty glint on them.

She then found Dani's entrance again and pressed around, testing how tight she was.

"Put them in" Dani begged, the sensations were too much and she was worried she wouldn't be able to keep holding it.

"Mmm how many do you want?" Bette asked


She felt Gigi's fingers firmly pull down in order to make room, Dani moaned, helping with her own hips, her sight going black.

Bette started pressing in slowly but knew Dani was too tight, she readjusted her hand to press just one finger first, Dani shook her hips in protest.

"Two" she repeated, Bette looked at her slightly surprised "put them in Bette, please"

Bette was licking her lips, enjoying this more than she thought.

"Hurry up" Dani whined "I'm gonna come"

That was enough for Bette who took this as more than enough consent, she readjusted her hand again, used her strenght and forced two fingers inside, pushing through the tightness around them, careful to not hurt Dani, feeling Gigi's rub the back of her fingers, and Dani was moaning hard and grabbing both Gigi and Bette with a strong grip, her eyes rolling back into her head and her insides were spasming without control, feeling herself stretching around them.

"Hold it Dani" Gigi warned her, worried that she was too far gone already.

Bette finally made it all the way inside and reached her knuckles, her fingers a bit longer than Gigi's, pressing all of her sweet spots, Dani was unable to focus her sight on anything, but the proximity of the two bodies around her was comforting her, any tiny movement provoking huge waves inside of her.

Bette's palm was pressing her clit adding up to all the feelings and Dani knew she was not going to be able to edge like this, even if they were not moving at all.

"I can't, I can't" Dani repeated, her hips twitching.

"It's ok Dani, just take deep breaths" Gigi was telling her in a comforting voice while spraying kisses around her shoulders.

Bette pulled her hair behind her ears to be able to keep looking at her face, and kissed her softly, when she pulled away she smiled.

"You're gonna let us fuck you first"

Dani hissed and nodded several times, yes, she wanted that, she needed that, her hips moving back and forth, Gigi kept her hand firm and still, allowing her to pull out a little while her hips were tilted forward and Bette was the deepest, then Dani moved back and Gigi's fingers were pushed all the way in, Dani was the one controlling the thrusts but she was moaning hard like she was getting fucked mercilessly.

Gigi caught Bette's eyes, and the look they exchanged was one of pure lust, finally understanding this is the only time they were compatible, how they lost their time pretending this wasn't them, when in fact, only during moments like these, in the middle of the most sinful acts, they were able to truly connect.

That's what they felt, connection.

Gigi gave a small smile and rubbed in a comforting way Bette's fingers inside Dani while she was still thrashing her hips back and forth between them, with increased strength.

Dani felt Gigi hold her still with her arm around her shoulders, her face close to hers, shushing her softly before she could protest, they kept their fingers deep inside as she contracted rapidly around them.

Bette leaned over and Gigi met her in the middle, catching her in a deep kiss, that tasted like Dani, getting ride of all complications that came with incompatibilities and allowing themselves to accept what it was, they started moving their fingers in and out, and Dani's hips were shaking desperately, she grabbed Bette's neck with her left hand and reached back to grab Gigi's side with her right one, anchoring herself and finding comfort in the way they pressed further against her, they broke the kiss and focused on fucking Dani, who was moaning hard, arching her back, suffocating in the overwhelming pleasure burning through her body, she knew this was something she have never felt before and while she wanted to enjoy it more, her muscles were tensing again, her hands shaking while gripping them hard and she almost cursed, wanting more time but at the same time, unable to stand it anymore.

"Are you gonna come for us Dani?" Gigi asked in her lower voice, licking and biting Dani's ears.

"Yes, fuck yes"

"Come for us" Bette said.

And that was all it took.

Dani moved her hips faster, urging them to speed up while the spasms starting overcome her and she contracted hard around them, screaming like she was being burned alive, her whole body shaking as the pressure was snapping all at once, each wave cursed through her deeply and she felt everything at once, Gigi smiling against her shoulder, Bette hissing through her teeth with her eyes closed, their bodies keeping her anchored to this world, and she visualized the highest point, one she didn't even thought possible.

Gigi and Bette held Dani's shaking body and moved her softly to rest on the bed, kissing her and rubbing her soothingly while waiting for her to recover.

Gigi looked at Dani, her body was still twitching and her eyes closed in exhaustion, she smiled thinking that she looked the prettiest she have seen her, her skin flushed and her lips red from biting on them so much, there was something about Dani that pulled her in, more than in the physical way, she loved every little expression, she could connect with her easily in any situation, completely different from Bette, she thought she wanted to see more of her, and not just like this.

"Yeah" Bette said and Gigi looked at her, she found her staring with a knowing face, like she was reading her thoughts with even more clarity than herself, Gigi tried to convince herself that it was not possible, but she felt vulnerable and tried to play it off chuckling and looking away.

But she knew.


And Bette knew too.