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It's not a crime, to love me too

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This is all his fault.

“This is all your fault.”

Jake’s eyes widen and he snorts indignantly, “My fault?”

“Your. Fault.” She snaps.

He scoffs but doesn't reply, instead casting his gaze around the room they’re in. They’re both handcuffed, and surrounded by lifeless grey walls. There’s a dusty old mirror facing them - a mirror Jake had spent the first ten minutes of their time here making faces at.

Amy couldn't help but tap her feet anxiously against the floor, she was jittery. Of course she was, she had just been arrested. Jake, however, was totally at ease, and was currently absentmindedly blowing the air out of face.

A moment of silence passes between them.

“Okay wait. How is this my fault?”

A burst of annoyance erupts inside her.

“You attracted the attention of law enforcement unnecessarily, chased after me and then bumped into me, causing both of us to get arrested and lose the egg. What do you mean, how is this your fault?”

Peralta opens his mouth to respond but the door to the room snaps open, drawing an abrupt close to their conversation.

“Good evening Peralta.” Diaz says, grinning from ear to ear.

“Hey Diaz, how’s the head?” Jake pipes back.

The smile disappears for a slight second but it quickly returns, “Don’t worry Peralta. Tease me however you want, you're not getting away this time.”

Jake has the audacity to laugh.

“That’s exactly what you said the last three times you caught me.” He smirks.

Diaz sucked in a deep breath, the case files in her hand nearly ripping from her tightening grip.

“Nope.” She recovers, smiling again, “You’re not getting to me this time. I am sending you to the most secure, most vioelent, most un-fucking-escapable detention centre there is.”

Jake raised an eyebrow, lips still curled in a slight smirk.

“Oh, I can’t wait to wipe that smug smile off your face in court, and watch as you finally get shipped off to a prison where you’ll never see the light of day ever, ever again.” She continues.

“I’m not getting to you?”

Diaz steps back, a rigid smile forced back onto her face. Amy bites back a laugh.

“No, you're not.” She replies, but now she turns her attention back to Amy, “You are getting me a promotion.”

“How so?” Amy tries to copy Jake’s nonchalance but a slight quiver in her voice betrays her.

“The bishop. Wanted in more countries than this guy,” Rosa smiles, “and not only do I know your identity, I have you in custody. Pretty darn big deal.”

Peralta scoffs next to her, but otherwise remains silent. Amy shifts in her seat.

“Amy Santiago.”

The one in question bites her lip, avoiding eye contact.

Diaz flips open a case file, turning it over to face the thieves.

“Amy Santiago ran away at 13. Parents filed a missing persons report.” She says, eyes meeting Amy’s, “Police searched for years but, nothing. We’ve already contacted them by the way.”

A tense silence clouded over the room.

Amy doesn't reply but her nervousness is more than evident. Jake suddenly shifts uncomfortably next to her, his body tensing up.

“Big mystery solved.” Diaz leans back in her chair, “The true crime podcasts will love this.”

“Okay look are you here to gloat or interrogate us?” Jake snaps.

Diaz grins, leaning over the table to get closer to him, “Gloat mostly.”

The inspector laughs as Jake tenses even more, fists clenching and straining against his handcuffs.

“The actual reason I’m here is to tell you two, that you’re going to Peureux Detention Centre.” Diaz sweeps up the case files on the table, standing up to leave, “See you in court guys!”

As she leaves, Jake sighs in relief, “Phew, she’s finally gone. Real party pooper isn't she?”

He receives no response, Amy’s gaze is transfixed to the floor, her back slumped. In all the years they’ve been rivals, Jake has never seen her like that. So lacking her usual fight.

“Hey,” He nudged her chair, “You okay?”

Amy turns around to face him, her eyes are shining, and a tear pushes its way down her cheek. Heavy breaths escape her lips, her hands are clenched tightly.

“No, I’m not idiot.”