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Oh You Just Wait Baby Boy

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Malcolm was finishing up his report, almost ready to sign it off and hand it over to Gil for checking and processing when an incoming text chimed on his phone. He finished the last sentence, re-read the report and then signed it with a flourish. Standing he grabbed his coat and shucked it on as he picked up the finished report and grabbed his lit up phone off the desk. A small smile crinkled the corners of his eyes as he took in the name of the contact the text was from: Corner Table Stud. Vijay had taken his phone the last time he had been to the loft while Malcolm had been too spent to even move and had decided Vijay Chandasara wasn’t good enough for his contact name.

Malcolm tucked the phone into his pocket before he got distracted by the text and took his report into Gil. Gil was busy processing forms and from the size of the stack in his intray, he would not take a distraction to kindly, so he held up the report, apologised for adding to his work and went to excuse himself for the day. Gil barely grunted as he underlined errors and crossed through whole lines of text.

“Right, well I’ll leave you to it. Call me if you need me, yeah?” Malcolm asked as he headed back to the door.

“Yeah, sure kid. Thanks. Good work today,” Gil said with a worn smile as his eyes darted between Malcolm and the waiting report.

“Bye Gil, talk soon,” Malcolm said as he backed out of the door and pulled it to with a quick wave and smile from Gil.

Malcolm sighed as he walked towards the front entrance and pulled his phone from his pocket on the way, deciding now was as good a time as any to read Vijay’s message.

Hey Baby Boy…Guess who’s coming 2 town 2nite? Yes, ur Corner Table Stud Muffin. Yeah, ur phone is dumb btw, it wouldn’t let me put the full name, but I figured Corner Table Stud was still accurate 😈 C U @ 8 & we’ll test ur phone name 😈 if I have 2 strip that suit off u it will never b the same again

Malcolm smirked to himself with a chuckle at Vijay’s antics. Who would have thought a year ago he would be happy to be going home to strip to his briefs to wait for his casual boyfriend to breeze into town to take him apart piece by piece. Malcolm had to discreetly adjust himself as his cock twitched in anticipation of Vijay’s talented tongue in all the right places.

Dani gave him a confused and questioning look as he passed her on the way to the door. Malcolm gave her a bright smile and a wave as he continued onto the doorway. He had to stop himself from outright laughing when he overheard Dani call out to JT.

“Is he seeing someone? $50 bucks he is,” Dani said her voice fading as Malcolm continued out the precinct doors.

He wasn’t telling them anything about this relationship, it was too new and he knew they wouldn’t necessarily understand how it worked for them both and he wasn’t about to ruin it if he could help it.

Malcolm bit at his lip as a mischievous smirk spread across his face as he quickly typed up a response to Vijay.

Bendy Profiler (two could play at the silly contacts game): Ok Stud Muffin, i’ll be ready. I’ll make sure I have that black silicone plug u picked out last time stretching me out good & proper for u 2 take me with 1 long push in. You’ve had a long day, I don’t want 2 make u waste ur time prepping me after all. U can think of it stretching me wide 4 ur huge cock as I swallow u down my throat against the loft door 😈

Malcolm nodded to himself as he hit send and tucked his phone into his coat pocket, picking up his pace so that he could be home in plenty of time to get well and truly ready for his Corner Table Stud Muffin.


Malcolm made a beeline for the shower when he got home and took his time prepping and stretching himself to take the large bulbed black plug. Quickly drying himself off, he grabbed his box of toys from the closet and settled it on the bed beside him. Reaching into the box he grabbed out the hefty toy in question and couldn’t help the smirk that spread across his face as he thought of Vijay’s hungry gaze on him when he saw him ready and waiting for him.

Lubing it up generously, he took a deep breath and settled himself back on the bed, spreading his legs wide. He still gasped when he started to press it in, the girth stretching him wide, even though he had got himself stretched on three fingers in the shower. He slowed the push, taking it in half an inch at a time before stopping to catch his breath as his breathing accelerated into panting gasps as he tried to accommodate the tight stretch that made his hole burn just this side of pleasure.

Inch by slow inch he fed his hungry hole, the burn turning into the delicious sensation of fullness, until it nestled up against the sweet bundle of nerves that sent a thrill straight to his cock. His was cock full and straining, precome glistening off the tip as he looked down to watch it twitch and throb as he shifted on the bed and pushed the plug in to the hilt.

Malcolm flailed his hand around in the toy box beside him, desperately searching for his salvation to stop him coming before Vijay even arrived. His victory shout when he finally put his hand on the cock ring had him laughing at himself as he carefully snapped it in place. A groan escaped him as his hand brushed across his tip as he flopped back on the bed.

Vijay better get here early, or even the cock ring wouldn’t save him at this rate, Malcolm thought as his cock throbbed with each tiny movement he made as the plug shifted inside him.

Fifteen torturous minutes was how long he needed to wait in the end, before the glorious sound of his lover coming up the steps had him scrambling to meet him at the door. He nearly fell to his knees and ended all over himself when he climbed off the bed and inadvertently pushed the plug deep inside, sending an explosion of sensation through him.

“Fuck, not yet,” he panted as he regained control and continued on to the door. Making it just in time for the lock to turn and Vijay to step through. He looked magnificent in his full dress suit, Malcolm’s favourite with the purple accent that just made Vijay’s skin glow.

“Jesus Baby Boy, the things you do to me,” Vijay gasped as his gaze slid down Malcolm’s naked body, stopping to stare at his straining red cock, trapped in it’s tight band, bopping with each of Malcolm’s panting breaths.

“So many things I’m going to do to you,” Malcolm promised as he stepped up to Vijay, crowding him up against the closed door, taking his mouth in a fast and furious kiss, all his pent up need focussed in the push and slide of his tongue against Vijay’s.

Vijay grabbed at his shoulders, pulling him tight against him, a moan escaping him as his cock was pressed between them, the friction of Vijay’s pants making him strain against the cock ring.

“Let me...I need to...I want...fuck,” Malcolm begged as coherant thoughts become harder and harder as his overstimulated cock dragged against the silky material of Vijay’s pants.

Vijay cupped his face in his hands and stared into his eyes, heat simmering in their depths as he took in Malcolm’s flushed and sweaty face and mused hair.

“What do you need, Baby Boy. Tell me and it’s yours,” Vijay virtually purred at him as he took another look down at what was pushed up between them.

“You,...need my mouth,...down my throat,” Malcolm moaned, his hands skimming down Vijay’s sides to finally rest over his fly, his eyes pleading to be given permission to touch.

“Oh you know you are always allowed that pleasure. Who am I to deny you the mighty sword of Vijay,” he bragged as he grinned his approval.

Malcolm's head tipped back, the column of his throat fully exposed as he laughed, shaking his head at his silly boyfriend.

“Mighty sword of Vijay, hey?” he giggled as he dropped to his knees while Vijay pouted at him.

“Dude, it’s rude to laugh at my dick names, come on you love it, you are the master sword swallower,” Vijay grinned at his own puns.

Malcolm rolled his eyes up at him as he made quick work of divesting Vijay of his belt and popped the button of his pants. A quiet groan pulled from him as he shifted on his knees and the plug pressed up into his prostate.

“Hold on for a little longer, Baby Boy, you know I will take care of you,” Vijay assured him as he stroked the hair out of Malcolm’s face.

Malcolm slowly pulled the zipper of his pants, one link at a time, drawing out the reveal of Vijay’s cock straining at his boxers.

“Ugh, you are such a tease, you get me so fucking hot Baby Boy,” Vijay cursed as he squirmed against the door, arching up on his toes to try and get the zipper down faster.

Finally Malcolm had the zipper all the way down and was mouthing over the already damp patch on the straining boxers now exposed. He grinned as Vijay’s hips started to push up into his mouth, urging him on.

“I got you,” Malcolm assured as he reached up and pulled down the pants and boxers in one. Vijay’s cock slapping up against his shirted belly.

“Yeah, take it all Baby Boy, show me just how much you can take,” Vijay encouraged as he shuffled his position to line up with Malcolm’s smiling mouth.

“All of it, every last inch,” Malcolm boasted as he surged forward and swallowed him down to the hilt, gagging slightly as it pushed into his throat, but quickly gaining control of his reflex and let the muscles of his throat flutter around the large cock.

Vijay sagged slightly against the door, “Baaabbby Boooy….you won’t be walking straight for a week when I’m done with you,” Vijay promised as he started small thrusts into Malcolm’s throat.

Malcolm looked up at him through fluttering lashes as he set a slow bob on the cock stretching his mouth extra wide with its girth. He hummed around the hot flesh as he concentrated on using his tongue to grip and guide it into his throat as he swallowed around it with each thrust made into his welcoming mouth. Salvia pooled and then spilled from his lips as he sped up and had to keep his throat open wide to keep taking it all the way to the hilt with each thrust in.

Malcolm could feel Vijay’s fingers tangling into his hair, gripping him tight guiding him onto his cock with each of his thrusts. Malcolm gave up all control and let him fuck into his face with abandon, loving the feel of his cock stretching his mouth wide and filling his throat to bursting. Vijay’s thrusts started to lose their rhythm as his guttural moans increased in volume.

“Baby, gonna...ugh...gonna fill that throat...see it work to hold my load…fuck, take it…it all...YES!” Vijay crowed as his load pumped straight down Malcolm’s throat, choking him as he tried and failed to keep the rhythm of Vijay’s thrusts. Come and salvia spilling out around the spit slick cock pistoning in and out of his mouth.

Vijay finally pulled him off with a hard tug on his hair, “fucking breath Malcolm, I swear. I will kill you myself if you make me do CPR on your come splattered body.

Malcolm dropped to his haunches, coughing and retching slightly as he pulled in the much needed air. A laugh broke through between coughs as he slowly caught his breath.

“It’s not funny you idiot. Do you know how motifying it will be to have to tell the 911 operator I need an ambulance because I choked my boyfriend on my giant cock,” Vijay admonished as he pulled his pants up enough to be able to step around Malcolm and pat his heaving back to help clear his airways.

“What a way to go,” Malcolm rasped at him, his voice wrecked from the battering to his throat, as he grinned and wiped at the come and spit clinging to his chin.

“Oh you are the naughtiest boy, I am going to have to pound you into next week for that,” Vijay teased as he helped Malcolm to stand, his hand going to the plug helping to stretch him wide.

“Ugh, so bad for you. Teach me all the lessons,” Malcolm moaned as he leaned into Vijay who twisted the plug causing sparks of pleasure to fire through him.

Malcolm tipped his head up and pushed up for a soft mouthed kiss, sharing the taste of him with Vijay, who gripped his ass and helped him grind his still throbbing cock into him.

“Go get on that bed. I need to get rid of this suit before we ruin it beyond repair,” Vijay said as he pushed Malcolm towards the bed.

“As you wish,” Malcolm agreed as he made sure to make a show of his walk to the bed.

“Oh I am so not Buttercup in this scenario,” Vijay whined as he started shucking his suit, focusing on Malcolm’s lithe form slowly walking to the bed.

Malcolm grinned back at him over his shoulder, a mischievous glint making his eyes gleam in the low light of the loft.

“Oh, I don’t know, you don’t think I would look good in the black Dread Pirate Roberts costume?” Malcolm teased as he made a show of sitting on the edge of the bed, his lip caught between his teeth as he hissed at the sensation as the plug pushed up into him as he sat.

“Hmmm, you do look good in black Baby Boy. Maybe we can save that one for another day and you can tie me up to the mast pole and have your wicked way with me,” Vijay grinned as he finished undressing and started to make his way to the bed.

Malcolm’s laughter echoed out through the loft as he sprawled out across the bed, pushing the box of toys off the other side of the bed, so they fell with a clatter on the hardwood floors.

“Pure Sin you are. Come here,” Vijay growled as he crawled across the bed to straddle Malcolm’s thighs before laying across his chest, Malcolm’s hard cock trapped between their bodies.

“Ugh, please...need you,” Malcolm whined as he pushed up into the heat above him, his arms circling Vijay’s back and pulling him in close as he thrust up, the friction of their bodies adding to his desperation.

Vijay braced himself on his elbows and gently brushed the stray strands of hair that had fallen over Malcolm’s sweaty brow as he gazed down at him.

“I got you Baby Boy, just hang on for me while I worship this glorious body of yours,” Vijay assured as he pulled them both to the side and tucked Malcolm into the hollow of his shoulder, Malcolm’s thigh resting over his and his cock standing proud between them.

Vijay lightly trailed his fingers down from the shell of Malcolm’s ear, down his jaw, across his neck and down his chest, paying special attention to his nipple, which had Malcolm thrusting up into the air searching for friction.

Vijay let his fingers drift down to brush through the trail of hair leading to his prize. He settled Malcolm’s head back on the bed as he shifted up so he could get better access to all the spots he wanted to pay special attention to. While his fingers idly continued to trace intricate patterns into the skin of Malcolm’s belly and thighs, Vijay leaned down to take Malcolm’s nipple into his mouth, lathing it with his tongue until it was tight and hard in his mouth. He gently tested the hardness with his teeth, biting until he got a sharp hiss from Malcolm indicating he was getting the pressure just right. Vijay shifted and gave the same attention to the other nipple as he let his fingers gently trace down the crease of Malcolm’s thigh, the sensitive skin leaving Malcolm groaning and twitching away from his touch.

“Tickles,” Malcolm whined as he lifted his head to playfully glare at Vijay.

Vijay grinned at him as he stretched the nipple still gripped between his teeth as he looked up, his brows twitching in amusement as Malcolm squirmed beneath him, a gasp escaping him as the combination of pleasure and pain blended to heighten it all.

“Bastard,” Malcolm chuckled as he got his breath back.

“You love it Baby Boy,” Vijay chided him as his fingers reached for the plug and gently nudged it in.

“Fuck...yeah,” Malcolm sighed as his hips thrust up into the air and the plug pushed further in.

“You are so naughty, I love it,” Vijay mused as he set up a rhythm with his fingers pressing the plug into Malcolm, while gently nipping at his nipples as Malcolm’s thrusts increased in their desperation.

“Want in me…please,” Malcolm pleaded as his thrusts became erratic and his body became slick with sweat as the need to come increased. The red flush spreading from his cheeks down across his neck and chest.

Vijay grinned, “Soon, first I want to play.” Vijay moved to kneel between Malcolm’s splayed thighs, his hungry eyes travelling up to take in his angry red cock bobbing against his belly as he shifted to make room for Vijay.

Malcolm whined and squirmed on the bed as Vijay gently gripped the plug and tugged it back, slowly but surely edging it out of Malcolm’s glistening hole, his legs quivering with tension and his head thrown back digging into the bed as he arched into the sensations.

Malcolm’s cry as Vijay licked a stripe from the root of his cock to lap at the slit while he pulled the plug free was like a lightning rod to his own cock. Feeling it twitch and start to fill again against his thigh.

“Ugh, Baby Boy, those noises you make are just pure sin. At this rate I will be all over you in another ten minutes,” Vijay mused as he slid his fingers into Malcolm’s waiting hole.

Malcolm was a thrashing, incoherent mess on the bed, squirming and thrusting erratically, his body crying out for sensation while desperately trying to not be overwhelmed by all the pleasure coming his way.

Vijay took his sweet time, building a slow rhythm of thrusts with his fingers, keeping them spread to hold the stretch and increase the sensation for Malcolm. The stretch and pull of Malcolm’s muscles as he writhed on the bed at his ministrations, was getting him closer and closer to being ready to take Malcolm all for himself.

Malcolm’s cries were deteriorating into desperate gasps and moans as his whole body flushed red as he held on, the small band of leather the only thing holding him back.

Vijay took his own cock in hand and stroked himself to full hardness as he watched Malcolm writhing on his fingers working to keep him open so he could slide straight in.

“I got you Baby Boy. Let me take care of you and give you exactly what you need, the Mighty Sword of Vijay to the rescue,” Vijay teased as he pulled his fingers free and used the lube coating them to slick his own cock.

“Omg, you are impossible,” Malcolm groaned as he pulled his knees to his chest as he watched Vijay prepare his cock for him.

“Do you want this mighty sword sheathed before I enter the den of iniquity?” Vijay asked as he paused in his ministrations to look Malcolm in the eye.

“I trust you when you tell me you are clean. I know I am. I am happy to have the full sword of Vijay experience,” Malcolm replied with a light chuckle.

MIGHTY sword of Vijay, you skipped the important part,” Vijay said as he pouted at Malcolm and swiped at Malcolm still straining cock.

“Ugh, Jesus, you are such a bastard,” Malcolm cursed as he bucked away from the overwhelming sensation.

“Stop dissing the dick names then,” Vijay teased as he gently took Malcolm in hand and stroked him from root to tip, swiping the pre come leaking from the slit with his thumb, before bringing it to his lips and sucking his thumb into his mouth as Malcolm looked on.

“No more dissing I promise, so long as you actually put it to good use,” Malcolm pleaded as he curled up to pushed up into Vijay’s hand.

“Ok, prepare for the ride of you live Lover Boy,” Vijay boasted as he lined himself up and slid in with one long glide.

“Fuck!” Malcolm cried as Vijay slid home, his cock stretching him to capacity again. Malcolm’s grip on his thighs slipped and Vijay took hold of them to help keep his balance.

“Look at you take that cock...beautiful,” Vijay groaned as he reached down with one hand and fingered the leather band circling Malcolm’s red and straining cock, never losing his rhythm as he continued to thrust into Malcolm’s tight heat.

Malcolm’s movements started to become frantic again, his hands clawing up at Vijay’s sides as his lover kept up leisurely pace with his thrusts. Pushing in to the hilt before drawing back to almost slipping out, before rolling back in again. Malcolm’s cries increased as his pleasure rose and the strain against the cock ring became almost unbearable.

“You ready to lose this safety net?” Vijay asked as he squeezed the base of Malcolm’s cock in time with his slow and steady thrusts.

“Yes! Please, ride me through it,” Malcolm begged.

Vijay flicked the clasp loose as he sped up and leaned over him to grabbed hold of Malcolm’s sides so he could pound into him with abandon as he chased both their orgasms.

Malcolm’s scream as he finally came in a spectacular pulse of come that splattered across his and Vijay’s chests, rivalled his most intense waking screams.

Vijay pulled Malcolm up onto his thighs as he continued to slam into Malcolm as his own orgasm crested and Malcolm’s ability to hold himself up seeped out of his exhausted and sated limbs.

After three more driving thrusts, Vijay’s own cry filled all the spaces of the loft as his come pumped relentlessly into Malcolm’s quivering hole.

Vijay slumped down across Malcolm, pulling his limp partner into his side as he sprawled down across the bed.

Malcolm nuzzled his way into the crook of Vijay’s neck, sighing as he rested his head on Vijay’s shoulder. A shiver ran through him as Vijay shifted and pressed a kiss into Malcolm’s temple.

Malcolm tipped his head up to look at Vijay and smiled softly as Vijay bent his head down to meet him and Vijay’s soft lips pressed against his. Malcolm deepened the kiss, his tongue teasing to be let in, soon they were in a heated embrace, both trying to devour the other. The need to breathe the only thing to stop the kiss. They both pulled back panting, to lay on their backs, arms and legs entangled still as they tried to catch their breaths.

“You are going to be the death of me, I swear,” Vijay moaned as he rolled into Malcolm’s side.

“But what a way to go,” Malcolm teased as he smirked over at Vijay.

“I can see the headlines now, Surgeon’s Son Dead, Impaled by the Mighty Sword of Vijay,” Vijay joked with a grin spreading across his face.

Malcolm swatted at Vijay’s head as he ducked away and escaped off the other side of the bed.

“You are such an ass, why do I let you in here?” Malcolm cursed as he tried to reach his mischievous lover, but flopped back onto the bed when his body reminded him that he had just had the orgasm of his life.

Vijay pranced around to Malcolm’s side of the bed, a fond smile on his face, “because, no one can resist the Mighty Sword of Vijay.”

Malcolm groaned and covered his face with his previously abandoned pillow, “You are insufferable.”

“You love it, don’t deny it,” Vijay teased as he sat on the edge of the bed beside Malcolm.

Malcolm smiled up at Vijay fondly, “yeah, I do. You are the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time,” Malcolm mused, his tone becoming serious as he held Vijay’s gaze.

Vijay squeezed Malcolm’s hand that was stretched out and touching his thigh.

“I’m not going anywhere Boy Boy, so you can shake off that sad look, ok? I promise I won’t just walk away again,” Vijay said, all joking gone from his expression as he rubbed his thumb over the back of Malcolm’s hand.

Malcolm’s eyes were glistening as he dropped his gaze from Vijay and nodded his head.

Vijay knew it would be a long time before Malcolm actually believed him, but he would do whatever he had to, to ensure that the message got through to him in the end. No way he was letting this man disappear from his life again. Someday soon he would talk to him about having New York and a shared home as his permanent base, but today he would just keep showing him exactly why he had no intention of leaving anytime soon.

~The End~