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The encampment was purple in the light of the burgeoning evening, hazy with the smoke from the burning braziers. It’d been a quiet day thus far; the shogun’s army hadn’t advanced their lines any further, and Gorou had taken the needed reprieve sorting paperwork, requests for rations, medics, anything after the Fatui’s dirty trick with their delusions. There was never truly a day off, not for Gorou, but he’d been foolish enough to hope for a night absent of events, perhaps even crack open that lavender melon wine he’d been gifted.  

But things never went smoothly here.  

He was pulled from his paperwork at the sound of a scuffle outside, shouting, the murmur of men gathering outside his barracks. He sighed and set his documents aside, admitting to himself that they likely wouldn’t get done tonight. Sangonomiya would be needing them soon though, so they couldn’t be ignored for too long.  

As he left his barracks, he was greeted by a growing crowd swarming at the camp’s center, only growing as it drew his men away from their work. There was an excitement, tension, in the air, unrelated to the constant electro present on the island. Something was present at the center of the gathering, something that garnered jeering and abuse from the crow.  

Not for the first time in his life, Gorou cursed his height; he couldn’t see the subject of their attention.  




The crowd fell quiet at his voice. He watched with satisfaction as a number of the men peeled away from the group, to slip away back to their own barracks, where they were meant to be. He wouldn’t punish them, morale was already low enough, but some semblance of order must be retained.  

The group parted as Gorou approached, stepping aside to let him through. Even as his men had fallen still, he could still hear noises, grunting and scraping, dirt being thrown in the air.  

A few more paces forward revealed the source of both the noise and the disturbance in the camp. Gorou sighed. 

“General Gorou, we found him skulking around the outskirts of the encampment! He... he bit two of our men. He threatened you.” 

The half-oni snarled around the rope he’d been gagged with, writhing in the dirt. His arms were bound behind him, preventing him from easily getting up to his feet. He’d clearly been through a scuffle already; his lip was split and there was a scrape on his temple that was bleeding down the side of his head. There was a red blooming patch on his side, destined to become a bruise. He’d likely gotten kicked. Gorou scoffed.  

He cocked an eyebrow. “Did he?” He stepped closer to the oni and crouched in front of him. Gorou fisted a hand into the white hair and wrenched it back, exposing the broad column of his neck. He examined the man appraisingly, clicking his tongue at the frustration that burned in his eyes. Gorou dropped his head unceremoniously, before standing once more, dusting his hands clean. “Leave him to me and return to your posts. I’ll handle him.” 

“A- Are you sure, general? He’s rather strong—” 

“I said I’d handle it. You have your orders.”  

The crowd dispersed quickly after that, leaving the oni at Gorou’s feet. The general sighed and reached down, wrenching him up from where his hands were bound. He shoved him into motion, in the direction of Gorou’s quarters.  


Once they’d gotten far enough away from the soldiers, Gorou’s leaned up to hiss into his ear.  

Insatiable, truly.”  

Even with the gag, Gorou recognized the quaking of his shoulders as laughter.  



Gorou kicked his door shut behind him, letting Itto fall to the floor with a resounding thud.  

“Why do you keep doing this?” Gorou knelt and pulled the gag from Itto’s mouth, letting it fall around his neck.  

The oni spat, grinning up at him. “Wanted to spar you. Your men thought I was threatening you.” He made his best attempt at a shrug with his arms bound.  

Gorou sighed. “You could have sent me a letter; I would’ve arranged something. You didn’t need to get yourself caught like this to get my attention.”  

Itto flushed, eyes darting away nervously, shifting from where he lied face down on the floor.  

Gorou cocked a brow, tipping Itto’s head up with two fingers under his chin.  

“Or... or could it be you wanted this? Wanted to be at my feet in the dirt in front of my men?” 

Itto huffed through his nose noncommittally, but the red spilled across his face was answer enough. He managed a toothy grin as he responded, even as his head was craned upwards. “What can I say? You’re hot when you’re in charge like that.”  

Gorou clicked his tongue, letting Itto’s head fall as he rose to his feet. “Slut.” He ignored Itto’s shiver, his quiet noise of pleasure, as he hoisted the oni up from the floor by his bindings, pushing him towards the bed until his knees hit the bed and he toppled forward.  

Gorou hooked a finger under Itto’s choker, and pulled back until the oni was bent backwards, Adam's apple bobbing. 

“Will you behave for me?” 

Even with a lack of air, Itto managed snark, hissing through his teeth. “Will you make me?”  


Gorou scoffed and released him, reaching for his own clothes. “On your back.” 

Itto acquiesced and managed to maneuver himself over and onto his back, pale hair splayed against Gorou’s pillows. He watched him undress attentively, the red of his eyes swallowed by his pupils, following his hands.  

Gorou was thankfully without much of his armor, and it took only a moment to strip to his undergarments. He threw his leg over Itto, straddling his waist. The oni was decidedly hard already, his cock hard and hot against his ass. Gorou made no secret of shifting against him, reveling in the bucking of his hips as Itto fought to maintain fiction.  

Gorou pressed a hand to his sternum, pinning him back against the bed. Itto went, but not without a displeased huff. Gorou’s ears flicked as he resisted the urge to snicker. “If you have any hope of fucking me tonight, you’ll stay still.”  

Itto grinned and bucked upwards, nearly dislodging the general in his lap. “I know you love my dick, baby.”  

Gorou leaned forward, placing both hands on the man’s pecs, relishing in the give privately, as he bent to speak into Itto’s ear. “You’re not the only one who wants to fuck me. You’re lucky I’ve not turned you out to the camp; I’m sure they could have their fun with you.” Gorou relished in the growl that’d begun to rumble through Itto, pulling back to sit back up straight. “Gods know your thighs are tempting enough.” 

Itto flushed, and now that he was turned over, Gorou could see the way the blush spread across his collar and down his chest. More than anything, he could feel the way his dick twitched against his ass. Gorou couldn’t restrain his laugh at that. “Why am I not surprised that you of all people would enjoy that? Always the show off, huh?” Itto couldn’t deny it, a whine on his lips. 

Gorou enfolded his hand, revealing the vial of oil he’d hidden under his pillows, retrieved from when he’d been bent over Itto. 

“I’m going to stretch myself, and you’re not going to move, if you want to cum anytime tonight.”  

Itto bared his fangs, tipped his head back against the bed, but otherwise remained still.  

Gorou wasted no time in beginning, pressing one slicked finger into himself, quickly adding a second, scissoring his fingers apart. He wasn’t playing at pleasure right now; as much as he’d mocked Itto, the half-oni's cock was another feeling all together, thick and long and ridged in ways that made it hit all the right spots in him. Even thinking about it had his tail lashing, ears folding flat against his head. He added a third finger, likely too soon, though the stretch was nothing compared to the oni’s dick. Gorou’s fingers were small, small enough to warrant a fourth finger just to make sure he was well enough prepared.  

Itto’s eyes were trained on where his hand had disappeared behind him, darting back up to his face at every little noise Gorou made, breathy whines and groans. With a sigh, he pulled his fingers free of himself, the noise slick and depraved. Not bothering to wipe his hand off first, he tugged down Itto’s pants, his cock coming to rest hot and heavy over his navel.  

“Now.” Gorou pinned down Itto’s hips beneath his hands. “You going to behave?”  

Itto made a weak attempt at lifting his hips before sighing heavily. “...Fine. But I’ll get my rematch!”  


Gorou couldn’t resist his fond chuckle, leaned forward to pull Itto into a tender kiss. “You’re an idiot, you know that?” 

“You love me.” 


Gorou pulled away and reached behind him to grab Itto’s cock, lazily slicking it up with the remnants of the oil left on his hands. Not that it was necessary, the oni was leaking enough for the both of them, twitching under his fingers. Slowly, half to make sure he was prepped enough, half to tease the man beneath him, Gorou lowered himself down on the cock, relishing in the groans that slipped from Itto.  

Gorou could never truly forget what his dick felt like, but each time was as thrilling as the last, a delicious stretch with ridges about the head that rubbed against that spot within him. With a gasp he found himself fully seated on Itto, chest heaving as he waited a moment to catch his breath. Itto was in no better a state, breathing heavily, arms straining at the rope. Truth be told, Itto could probably tear free of his bindings if he wanted to, but he knew better than to assume that Gorou’s threats were empty.  

Gorou set a leisurely pace, pushing himself up and down at a rate too slow to get the man any pleasure. It was worth it, to see the tight expression on Itto’s face, restraining himself from thrusting upwards into Gorou. “Gods, Gorou... C’mon, please.”  

“Ah,” Gorou clicked his tongue. “I know you can do better than that.” 

Itto glared up at him, but couldn’t hold the expression as Gorou tightened around him momentarily. “ Ah —! Please, Gorou...” 

Gorou smiled down at him, unforgiving. “Can’t even beg correctly? You’re lucky you’re pretty, there’s not much of anything up there, huh?” 

Itto whined, high and needy, twitching inside Gorou.  

“Is that all you’re good for? Being eye candy? Your chest certainly more than makes up for your lack of brains.”  

Itto’s hip twitched, abs tensing as his chest heaved. “Gorou... please...”  


Gorou wasn’t letting him off that easy. Pun intended. 


He slowed his pace to a grinding halt, leaning forward to hook a finger under Itto’s collar, pulling him up. Itto was flushed a bright red, a blotchiness had spread down his bust, as the oni panted desperately, eyes shining, a shimmering sweat shining across his body. His eyes were blown dark as he looked up at Gorou. “What would people say if they saw you? The great Arataki Itto, really just a slut. You’d probably let anyone fuck you, huh. You act all big but really...” He yanked on the collar, making Itto gasp from beneath him. “You’re just a dumb slut.”  

Itto broke, pleas spilling unbidden from his lips. “Please, please Gorou, fuck me please, please I- I need it—”  

Gorou patted his cheek, releasing him. “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you.”  

He immediately set a punishing pace, not letting him catch his breath, chasing his orgasm at last. Itto tossed his head back, gasping for air, eyes rolled back in his eyes, mumbling something that sounded like thanks under his breath.  

“Please— please! Please, Gorou, can I—?”  

Gorou barked a laugh, his begging making his tail twitch. “Of course you can, Itto.”  

“T-Thank you- Ah! Thank you—!” With an admirably restrained twitch of his hip, Itto came, deep and hot into Gorou. The general gasped, twitching from around him, slowing as he rode himself through both of their orgasms.  

Gorou’s vision blanked for a moment. When he came back to, he was splayed across Itto’s chest, face resting in the plushness of his pecs. There was an uncomfortable tackiness between them, but Gorou couldn’t summon any energy to clean the both of them up.  

“...I was being honest, you know.” 


“If you want to duel, you could just send me a letter. I’ll always make time for you.” 

Itto hummed, a noise that rumbled Gorou’s skull from where he was resting. “...I was telling the truth, too. You are hot when you’re in charge.” 

Gorou laughed, but sleep was already tugging at him.  

“Can you untie me now?”  

“No,” Gorou said, even as he reached around him for the knot. 


All in all, Gorou couldn't complain too much.