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Come Hither, Fool

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Thwap, thwap, thwap . Bdubs heard the smacking noise of some form of suction, somewhere amongst the rocky shore of his familiar district. Sword drawn, Bdubs glanced over the area, quietly stepping closer to the source. Thwap, thwap, thwap . A barrel shook in its place aside the sprawling coast. Picking off the lid hesitantly, large eyes of a tiny  green slime stared back. Curiously, unlike most slimes- or even slime hybrids, the eyes staring back at him had pupils. Eyes wide and curious, the slime stopped its efforts, staring up at him. 


“Wh..” Bdubs stared, numbly dropping the lid by his feet. Two things came to his mind; how did it get here? And, what is this thing? Glancing it over, Bdubs carefully lowered the barrel to the ground.


In a moment, the slime slugged out, staring up at him. The thing was just barely bigger than the size of his fist.


“Oh wow. You...You sure are a thing, aren't cha..?” Chuckled Bdubs, nervously. I don't think this thing’s a slime, he said in the back of his mind. Brushing the thought aside, he stepped back, watching how the slime’s strange eyes stared up at him, slithering across the ground slowly towards him. Bdubs pinched his brows together. “Aren’t you supposed to hop, lil guy?”


The slime stopped, stared, and continued its slugging forward. It halted when reaching the top of Bdubs shoes. Its eyes rolled up to the top of his slimy blog form and stared.


Cringing slightly, Bdubs gently brushed the thing off onto the path, and took a few steps away, the slime’s eyes rolling back down to its front, watching. “I’m gonna- uh- go back to work, yeah..? You can just stay for now, ‘m ‘kay?” It didn’t move.


Going to step away, a few seconds after he turned his back, the thwap returned. Bdubs figured the slime had gone to wander, so, he left it be and walked to one of his shops, heading into the back to grab some supplies from his own farms within. He started with his basalt, gathering it contently, and ignoring the new noise now emitting from outdoors. Thwap, eeeek, thud, and repeating


 The noise rang on for the few moments he was in there, before Bdubs, as short tempered as always, stepped back over and opened the door. The slime wasn’t there- no, rather, it was on the side of the door, making Bdubs give a small shriek of surprise. The slime, unphased, had its strange eyes turn towards him. It slowly rolled off the door, bits of him clinging to it and dragging down, earning the grading eek noise, before it fell on the ground, jiggling back into place before slithering back over towards Bdubs.


Shuttering a breath, Bdubs stared down at the slime, then back at his work. “I’m gonna restock,” he spoke soothingly, as if talking to either a dog or a toddler, “don’t go near the machines.” He warned, pointing an accusatory figure at the slime. It jiggled in place as a response.


He stepped past the counter and into the employee area, where he pulled out his pickaxe and began drilling through the basalt strips forming. With the sizzling lava, it didn’t take much effort for Bdubs to be able to tune out the slime slugging around the building.


After just a few minutes of work, Bdubs fell back into a comfortable rhythm of mining, waiting for more basalt to generate, and mining again.


He was able to work for a short while. The process was a smidge tedious, but it's not like he particularly did this often. All was going well, and then the slime fell down the stairs with a splat. This ended up earning another scream from Bdubs. “OHH!” He exclaimed in surprise with a gasp.


The splatters of slime slowly slinked together like magnets, and then there were large eyes staring back at him, before seemingly turning towards the lava, the slime shaking and jiggling in place before it slinked down into a puddle and crawled its way into a corner.


Cooing, Bdubs watched in confusion. “What, lil guy, are you scared of my brilliant redstone work?” He crouched in front of the puddle of sentient goop, before glancing back over towards his own contraption, confused as to what could be sending the slime off. As far as he was aware, slimes had no natural fears. With a hum, he glanced back at the slime. “What, is it the lava?” He squinted. The slime jiggled in response.


“Gosh, what are you?” He hesitantly poked the slimy pile. The goop stared back, and clung to his hand. Bdubs stuck his tongue out in mild disgust, going to pull away, but the slime clung to him. Unsurprisingly, Bdubs screamed again.


“You- You are a menace, my gosh!” Bdubs walked the slime back up the stairs, and set it down on top of the counter of the shop. “Stay!” He exclaimed.


Bdubs bounded back down the stairs. Surprisingly, the slime remained put. It’s eyes rolled around it's goopy form, taking in the space as it melted comfortably onto the table. Shivering slightly, Bdubs stepped back into his farming area and pulled out his Comm tablet. He felt so very fortunate to see Jevin online, as he was the only person he could even think of calling about this.

Bdoubleo100: jevin theres a thing and i think its a slime


iJevin: ...Ok ??where is it


Bdoubleo100: i found it it was at the big eye district and help would be appreciated and i dont know if this is a mob


iJevin: lol..? Er. how. how do you… not… not know if its a mob??


Bdoubleo100: please. It has weird eyes and keeps jiggling at me madly


iJevin: ...right then. Omw

Sighing, Bdubs tucked his tablet away and bounced on his heels. Gripping hold of his pickaxe, he gave another look towards the slime, which was still happily on the table. Deciding he had enough time, he quickly replaced the empty slots in the basalt chest before sitting on the counter next to the slime, which was watching him intently. It didn’t blink.


It happily jiggled at him- or, at least, Bdubs presumed it was a happy jiggle. Either way, Bdubs remained and continued his staring at the strange thing before Jevin arrived. Sighing out in relief at his appearance, Bdubs jumped to his feet and glanced at the slime blob, which was still watching him. Hesitantly, Bdubs rolled up his sleeves and gave his hand to the slime, which curled over it.


Pushing past his shop entrance, he hollered to Jevin. “Aye! Over here!” Bdubs waved with his spare hand, shivering slightly at the slime wiggling on the other.


The slime man perked up, running over before coming to a skidding halt, nearly tipping over. “...I don’t think slime-mobs do that..?” Jevin pointed at Bdubs hand.


Huffing, Bdubs rolled his eyes with a pout. “Yeah, I don’t think so either! What’s with this stupid idiot?” he shook his hand lightly, seeing how the slime reacted. It merely clung to him, with its eyes wide and staring at Jevin. Bdubs glanced between the blob of slime and the man-shaped-slime, curious. “...What happens if it gets on you?” He pondered.


Putting his hands up, Jevin shook his head. “Aye, man. Slimes tend to react to ways of being attached to a hybrid. It disintegrates and joins your system, or tries to pull slime out of you for itself.”


Bdubs tilted his head. “Aren’t you a blue slime? I thought they were repelled or somethin’?”


“I’m not exactly blue right now, am I?”


“Well- no- but you don’t just change colors overnight, I thought-”


“Bdubs I literally did change colors overnight. Evil X trapped me ‘n I came out green and gunky.”


“Really? I thought it was food dye, or something.”


“Why would I color myself with food dye?”


“I don’t know! To fit into the swamp environment or somethin’? The thought ain’t that stupid!” The man finally exclaimed with a huff, folding his arm. The slime blob remained unphased, tentatively extending itself onto the moss, though its eyes remained on Jevin. The slime reaching out into the moss jacket made Bdubs crinkle his nose and huff, rolling his eyes in light annoyance.


Jevin let out a breath, snickering. “Nope. But either way, I’ll tell you that is not something that should be able to spawn here.” He said skeptically with a grimace. “You might want to contact Xisuma.”


Thinking it over, Bdubs shrugged. “I’ll just leave the thing alone for now. It’s just weird, Jevin. He dropped down into my work area behind the back of my store, and melted down into a lil’ puddle guy! I think he was scared of the lava, honestly.”


Slowly nodding his head along, Jevin warily stared back at the green goop watching him. “All I can say is that it’s not a normal slime, and I… Do not think I want to be near the thing.”


With a huff, Bdubs nodded. “Well, thanks for that.” He said dryly, tone light as he spoke with a smirk.


“Yeah,” Jevin snorted. “I’ll. Uh. See you around, hopefully not with that thing. Bye, dude!” He turned, and booked it back out of there.


Bdubs watched the man leave, still left curious with what exactly he had on his hands- quite literally. Lowering his arms to the ground, he carefully slid the slime off, with it easily complying and pulling its goop neatly off him.


“You’re a smart lil thing, whatever you are!” He said through a slightly wary smile. “You’ll stick around here lil guy, yeah? You’re lucky you showed up when ‘ya did or there was no way we’d find you. Gosh darn Boatem fellas..” He mumbled. The slime seemed bemused. Bdubs liked having an audience.


“You’ll just be my lil buddy for when I’m working out here, right?”


The slime jiggled.


“Good enough for me!” He said with a beaming smile, striding off to grab his building supplies, with the slime slugging along behind him.