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and we start from here, our home

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“we’re here for you, you know.” jungwon speaks softly, words murmured into the crook of heeseung’s neck. “i know you’re a strong person, but i also know you’ve been working yourself to the bone lately trying to be all reliable and invincible. we’re strong too, heeseungie-hyung. you can lean on us.”

heeseung opens his mouth to speak, but jungwon continues on, simply squeezing the older’s waist in apology.

“we’re a team—we’re family. we support each other. whether hard times or happy ones, we experience them together. and even before we debuted, you’ve been shouldering our worries, sharing our burdens while keeping your own to yourself.”

it’s in moments like these where heeseung remembers that, though jungwon is often babied by the other members, he’s so observant, so mature. he’s an incredible leader, and heeseung feels his heart swell with immense pride.

a weak smile tugs at his lips as he rests his head on top of jungwon’s. “i am trying, jungwonie, i promise.”

“it’s just…” heeseung’s always been a bit of a habitual worrier, an over-thinker; it’s easier to keep it to himself, deal with it on his own rather than dragging other people into it. “it’s hard for me.”

“that’s okay.” jungwon is quick to assure him, his smaller hand taking hold of heeseung’s larger one. he offers a little grin. “i only wanted to remind you that you’ve got us, hyung. and we’re more than willing to listen to you… just like how you always listen to us.”

the stinging behind heeseung’s eyes intensifies, and if the younger notices the tears that roll down heeseung’s cheeks, he doesn’t mention it.

heeseung’s grateful, in more ways than one.