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Letter from Jacob

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Letter from Jacob

I had just went into the dressing room to put on my suit for our wedding when General Hammond, the man walking my future wife down the aisle, knocked as he came in.

“Hi Jack, I just wanted to see how you are doing, son.”

“About to marry the most brilliant beautiful woman I have ever known, so confused...and a little nervous, Sir.”

I watched as the large Texan gave a chuckle, shaking his head with a grin as he said, “Still not sure how you managed that?” Regaining his composure he continued, “Not surprised though. I would be confused too.”

Reaching out to put his hand on my shoulder, General Hammond’s face softened to that of a happy parent whose child had just won the big game, “And Jack, please just call me George today.”

“George,” I replied, the taste of the name feeling different on my lips than ever before.

“I also come to deliver a letter.” He said pulling an envelope out of his suit jacket pocket.

“A letter? From whom?”

“Jacob,” was his reply with a gleam in his eye, “He asked that in the event that you two finally got your acts together and decided to get married, I was to deliver this letter. Apparently, he wrote it recently and Walter hand delivered it to me at his funeral with a note of instructions, the first being to find a way for you both.”

“Shouldn’t you be giving this to Sam?” I asked confused.

“It’s address to you Jack, and he wanted you to read it before the wedding. He was very specific.”

“I had no idea he knew.”

Chuckling, George simply stated, “Everybody knew son.”

I reached out for the letter, the thin envelope taking on the weight of Goa’uld Mother-ship, “Right.”

Looking up at George from my chair I asked, “Were we really that obvious?”

Another chuckle escaped the General as he replied, “Yes, yes you were.” After a second he added, “Well, I should let you to it.”

George started for the door then paused a moment as his hand sat on the handle. Looking over his shoulder he added, “Jack, I have a pretty good idea what’s in that letter, and I wholeheartedly agree.” He then left, closing the door behind him.

Sitting on the chair, I was hesitant to open the letter. All I could think was “What does Jacob want to tell me?”

After a deep breath, I ripped open the envelope and started to read;


If you are reading this letter, I have passed away and you are about to marry my daughter. Don’t be surprised, I have known about your feelings for her for a very long time. It doesn’t take much to see the love you have for her. It’s the same unequivocal love I had for my wife or maybe even more. I have caught you looking at her when you thought no one was looking. Especially after a really rough mission. I have noticed the same with her. At some point she must have doubted you or was tired of waiting, I have no idea what she saw in that Pete guy. He wasn’t right for her.

She was settling.

I’m sure I tried talking to her before I passed on. I must have gotten through to her, or maybe she came to it on her own, I will never know.

You would be surprised, but I am actually more than okay with it. I have seen what you would do to protect my little girl, Jack. I thought no one would ever be good enough for Sammie. I was wrong. I know, that was hard to admit because as you know, I like to be right.

I couldn’t have thought of a better man for her to share her life with, someone who respects and encourages her in every aspect of her life. You have shown that more than even myself as her father. She deserves to love and be loved in return and I know that’s with you.

Consider this as my blessing of your marriage and me giving her away to you. Even though we both know that she doesn’t really belong to either of us. Jack, take care of my little girl for me and make her happy.


As I read his letter, my vision blurred. I couldn’t help my eyes filling up with tears. This was really hard. He just passed away a few months ago. Suddenly ‘I have his blessing?’ I thought. How is this possible? I don’t deserve it. Placing the letter on the table beside me, I buried my face in my hands. I could not stop the onslaught of sobs and tears.

I had his blessing.

Of course, Daniel being Daniel, he decided right at that time to enter the room. The space-monkey had the worst timing.

I felt his hand on my back as he said, “Jack, are you okay?”

I nodded towards the letter, could hear the distinct crinkling of paper. After a minute, I agitatedly ran my hands over my face to wipe the tears, my embarrassment of having been caught crying the primary reason. I heard him say, “Wow, Jack.”

That’s all he could say I guess.

My sentiments exactly!

After a brief pause and clearing his throat, Daniel began to say, “Um, I wanted to tell you that the wedding starts in 10 minutes. If you want I can tell everyone that it will be slightly delayed.”

“Thanks Daniel, give me 15 minutes will ya?”

“Yeah sure, Jack.” Daniel placed his hand on my back again, likely not wanting to let me see him seeing me in this state, “You sure your okay?”

“I will be, let me get ready.”

With that he left the room, softly closing the door with only the click of the lock.

I walked into the adjoining bathroom, washed my face and shaved. Reaching for the garment bag Teal’c had brought for me, I pulled out my suit and dressed. Finishing the laces on my shoes, I looked at myself quickly in the mirror.

Sam and I had quickly decided we would not get married in our uniforms. It was too weird since it had been the military rules that kept us apart for all these years. It also didn’t help that I had worn my uniform when I married Sara.

I made sure my tie was straight, wanted to look my best for Sam. Smiling to myself I thought, ‘I should mess up my hair.’ She had told me once that she thought it was endearing. Apparently it gives me an impish boy look that she likes. It didn’t take much to give my locks a brush with my hand, messing it up in a nice sort of way just for her.

Turning towards the exit, I opened the door that would lead to the rest of my life, knowing that I had her father’s blessing, made it so much the better.
“Sweet” I murmured to myself and headed off to my future.