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Zhao Jing’s fingers curls around the back of her head as she sits on his thigh. Initially she assumed this all was a way of laying claim to more of anything Xie Wang has. But with Xie Wang standing in the doorway staring at them she considers Zhao Jing has other intentions.

“Just in time. Join us.” Zhao Jing waves his hand to gesture Xie Wang forward.

An array of emotions streak across Xie Wang’s face. Surprise. Anger. Disappointment. Landing somewhere in the area of resignation and the desire Du Pusa always sees when he is watching Zhao Jing.

“Yifu. I did not know you and Du Pusa were...” Swallows. As though he cannot say the words.

“Why deprive myself of all the options. Besides, learning how to treat a woman right can win you many favors, hmm?” At this Zhao Jing clutches at Du Pusa’s waist, pulling her towards him.

Her hand trails along his other leg as Du Pusa gives a practiced little giggle. Doubtful Zhao Jing has ever treated anyone right in his lifetime but as far as options, she’s had worse.

For a life where she largely chooses her own partners minor things like this are not so bad. And she can daydream about stabbing him in the meantime. Not that she holds back on that with many others. Sometimes they play out into that logical conclusion. Relishing the combination of wringing them dry then watching the terror and life fade.

These murderous fantasies when it comes to Zhao Jing are only more visceral. What keeps her dagger dry is her loyalty to Xie Wang. The only person who has yet to really fail her as poor as his preference in men has proven to be.

Zhao Jing slips a hand under her robes. Lone finger brushes along the lips of her cunt. Not quite moist yet but tender in interest. “My inexperienced Xie’er, do you know of what to do if someone with these desires approach you?”

“Yes, on occasion, I have accepted proposals when necessary.” The softest frown at this before Xie Wang’s face smooths back out. Eye darting to Zhao’s Jing’s hand moving under Du Pusa’s layers before returning to his face.

Du Pusa has given him tips along the way, and she wonders if he ever made use of any of it. But his sex life is not one of those things he has wishes to talk of. Likely because the one he truly wants remains out of reach.

How much he must burn to be in her exact position. She puts more of her weight down on Zhao Jing’s hand, just for the amusing narrow of Xie Wang’s eyes.

Palm sliding further along the swell of her, other fingers squeezing the underside of her ass. “A part of your education I have been neglecting. There is more than necessity when it comes to matters of the flesh.”

A quiet few moments save for the sounds of Zhao Jing’s hands moving through fabric. And the growing squelching of her cunt blooming to the friction. To the idea of ripping the nails off his hand while Xie Wang remains their audience.

Xie Wang appears to come to some decision. “Will you show this immature one how you would best give pleasure?”

It does not take much to see the clear discomfort masked under Xie Wang’s eternal devotion to Zhao Jing. Instead of flaying Zhao Jing alive, peeling away Xie Wang’s soft skin to the heated need of him would be acceptable, too.

Quick answer, Zhao Jing expecting this as the only response. “Certainly, come closer. Du Pusa, do disrobe and reveal to us all your charming nature.”

She slips off lap to do exactly this, turned towards Xie Wang. Whose eyes pass over her in cursory fashion before gaze returning to Zhao Jing.

Of course he is not going to pay her any mind. She will see how far he can go on ignoring her. When she gets to her inner most layer she tosses the silk at Xie Wang. Who catches it then just as readily drops it to the floor. As he looks to her in some kind of displeasure she smiles. Stands with an arm on her hip entirely unbothered by her nudity before him.

Touch of fingertip along her spine, running down her back to her ass before a little tap pushes her towards Xie Wang. “Go on, we need some baseline of your skills.” Zhao Jing nodding at his daybed as he leans back in his chair.

Xie Wang puts out his hand out in invitation and Du Pusa walks by him. Pausing to cup his chin and remark, “I’m already like this. Are you are going to keep all your clothing on?”

Lips parted as Xie Wang blinks and looks to Zhao Jing. Who barely nods. Is this how it will go. Xie Wang looking for confirmation to even undress while doing this? He could approach with the slightest amount of excitement.

She smooths her hand down the leathery surface of Xie Wang’s robes and easily unclasps his belt. Fingers under the collar of his outer robes, slipping them off before he pulls her hand up. Kissing fingertips before shrugging his way out of his remaining layers. Maybe not so reticent after all.

Pulling her along, he reclines on the bed. Positioned so he may still look at Zhao Jing behind her, slightest bit to her side. It is beyond her why anyone would want to ogle Zhao Jing when they could be looking at her but there is no accounting for taste.

A charming kind of hesitation to Xie Wang’s hands on her. She could teach him much more than Zhao Jing if he were interested in that in any capacity. As things are, she can at least show him the fun he is missing out on while he pines away.

She lets her nails run along the length of his cock, at least one part of him honest in its demands. Hard and flush. Smirks at the twitch of it as she traces the head, his eyes still on his ever so horrid object of affection behind her.

Who decides this is the opportune moment to step in. They barely got started. “Xie’er, surely you are not hesitant in touching her where she craves it.” Zhao Jing with his unhurried steps towards them and Xie Wang’s uplifted face, Du Pusa nearly all but forgotten.

Fingers deft in parting her folds, shallow through her slickness. Teasing at the edge. Knowing hands. Not at all like Xie Wang’s. She would wonder if he has ever been near one like this. No, these fingers let her juices coat finger and rub her clit with the fluidity of practice. She moans along Xie Wang’s neck. Predictably, he is looking down past her to where Zhao Jing’s arm disappears beneath her.

“You have picked a quick to warm underling.” Emphasis with a finger slipping in. She jerks against this welcome slickness as droll as his words are. All manner of vaguely insulting phrases are not new to her.

But she feels expansive, for she is taking and she will take more. Finger hooking into her and she gasps at the addition of another finger, readily sliding in.

It is Xie Wang who makes a louder sound at this. As if it was a compliment of all things for him.

Another hand sliding between her and Xie Wang to squeeze the roundness of her breast. Nipple pinched between the middle of two fingers. Zhao Jing’s knuckles not so incidentally skimming along Xie Wang’s chest at the same instant.

Another wavering moan at this and isn’t that something. Xie Wang more vocal than she is. She breathes heavily along with his sound. Pressing herself against him further. Trapping Zhao Jing’s fingers between them as he continues tweaking and flicking at her chest.

Zhao Jing removes his hands and even as Xie Wang whines at this, Du Pusa takes it as a sign. Slotting herself over Xie Wang with their eyes locking. She rubs the slickness of her along him, this he moans into and his gaze remains on her.

Something of an unreadable quality to Xie Wang’s expression as his hands rest on her waist. A slip down with thumbs on the curve of her hips, pulling down as his cock enters her. Soon his gaze returning to Zhao Jing.

Enough of that. She grips his face with one hand. Wrenching his head towards her, bending over him so she is his entire field of vision.

A shiver on her fingertips raking down paleness of rib cage as her other hand slips down his side. She wants to tell him, it does not need to be him to be good. It can be anyone.

For a span of time this seems to work. Xie Wang’s hands firm on hips. Slap of her ass on his thighs in repetition. Shuddery but he is perfected heat pushing into her. Head tilted back and she thinks of her lips on him.

So she leans in, mouths the pale length of his neck. Tongues at side and line of kisses up to jaw. Grinding herself down, drawing Xie Wang into her pace.

Moving her head back with a wet smack off his neck, she admires her work. Not letting up her pace one bit as Xie Wang greets her downward shifts with snaps of his own hip. Redness of his cheeks a dim twin to the lipstick smudges she left up his neck. She knew they would match in rhythm beautifully. Until Zhao Jing cuts in with his words and Xie Wang’s eyes shot back to him.

“Turn around so I may see both of you. Is it not nice to share in pleasure with your Yifu. I prepared her you, and in turn you have made her ready for me.” First layer of Zhao Jing’s robes laid across a chair. More clothing follows.

Not at all pleased by this interruption but gratified by the reluctance she feels in Xie Wang, they pull apart. She has half a mind to go on riding him but turns around instead to sit on his lap. Against her back, tenseness of Xie Wang’s body and breathless under her.

She would not have minded Xie Wang’s face open with desire in his finish. But there is appeal in gazing at Zhao Jing instead. Returning to images of his face open in horror, knife at throat.

Tingly in the excitement of this. Her body knows well what she enjoys most. As long as Xie Wang lives this bloody reality will not pass. But what are these times for if not fantasies.

“We might all indulge ourselves a little here.” Zhao Jing rubbing oil along his hands as he rests a knee on the bed. Xie Wang’s arm loose around her waist, all but forgotten as Zhao Jing massages a finger around the rim of her ass. Teasing the muscles of it before pushing in, stretching her like he would like to tear her apart. Like what she would like to do to him one day.

Further back against Xie Wang she leans, aware of the breathless way he is watching. The tightening of his hand on her waist as Zhao Jing adds another finger and this she does arch into. Wetness of her cunt adding to the oil. Sigh of Xie Wang’s mouth by her ear.

Now completely on the bed between her legs, Zhao Jing lifts his fingers away. Nudging her thighs on top of his with Xie Wang’s squeezed beneath them both. Throb of Xie Wang’s cock pressing along her crack when Zhao Jing's knees presses along legs.

Soon with one hand cupping the underside of her ass, Zhao Jing guides himself in. She moans along Xie Wang’s ear with the slow drag of Zhao Jing’s cock. Xie Wang’s fingers shaky on her side.

The old devil knows exactly what he does. So does she. No lesser beast that she is, only different. Rocks her hips back to be greeted with a spasm of Xie Wang’s hand and unsteady inhale. Meaningful shift of her ass when Zhao Jing pulls back. Nips at Xie Wang’s ear before she speaks in breathiness. “Will Da Wang treat me with your cock?”

“Is one not enough?” Not at all displeased by this, Zhao Jing pushes back in as a weightless oh passes by her lips.

Steadying inhale as she grins up at Zhao Jing. “More is always better.”

“True. Xie’er?” Zhao Jing brushing a strand of hair out of Xie Wang’s face.

Closes his eyes, as though Xie Wang is grounding himself to that touch before the bluntness of his cock pushes at her waiting backside. A different level of filled. Joined only moments later by Zhao Jing’s cock in her cunt.

She may think a variety of unflattering thing of the two but they are matching in pace and she has no complaints to this. Every part of her stretched taunt and covered in a delicious wave of fire as Zhao Jing’s hands firmly pull her body along with his whims.

Xie Wang’s hands on her hip keeping her steady on him. Ensuring when Zhao Jing is deep in her, so too is Xie Wang. She is but the littlest wall between them. No doubt Xie Wang would carve her away if Zhao Jing were to suggest it.

Tilting her head back she runs her tongue from sharp jaw up to softness of Xie Wang’s ear. Lets her breath pass warm over him as Zhao Jing bends down, latching mouth onto the side of her neck.

Xie Wang’s needy eyes where lips meet Du Pusa’s skin. Zhao Jing’s face just above Xie Wang’s. The old bastard is good. Not only for the way his teeth pinch at her throat but how Xie Wang’s body shakes give it all away. Seeing Zhao Jing’s mouth so close on skin is doing a number on him.

Barely has Zhao Jing lifted away his face does Xie Wang put his mouth in turn on her. Licking a line along where Zhao Jing had his teeth. Soothing along the pulsing heat in her veins.

Shivers from all their touches. Xie Wang’s mouth in particular. Going over her in slow reverence. If this is how he treats just a taste of Zhao Jing what more would he give.

Zhao Jing’s turn to look down on them with appreciation. Or more accurately, his eyes are trained on where Xie Wang sucks at her neck.

Some minor annoyance, like she is hardly there. She truly does not give a damn, but never have two bedmates paid such nonexistent attention to her. Something like a challenge in this. She spiteful clenches down on them. Satisfaction of Xie Wang moaning along her neck as Zhao Jing’s hips stutter and his eyes flicker to her face.

“Both so needy.” Zhao Jing leaning over her other shoulder. Teeth more firmly pushing in and it is her turn to squirm from this. Their mouths and cocks working for her and yet not for her. What a stupid but not entirely unsatisfying game they play. Still, it is a stretch into fullness and being held between them that has her straining for more.

Since they are so busy being into each other despite being in her, she will complete her own pleasure. Presses her finger along her clit with the electric jolt of knowing what she craves. Arching between these two men useful for their cocks in this exact time and place and nowhere else.

She wrenches Xie Wang’s head back with her other hand so she in turn can place her lips on his neck. With his gasp she knows he imagines this is his Yifu’s tongue trailing up along the curve of him. That he is thinking of the teeth working into his flesh as Zhao Jing’s.

Some entertainment in these sounds she does not usually hear from him. This show of softness. It makes her bite down harder. Feeling more than hearing his gasp. Telltale flavor of saline on her tongue. Silky wetness of her slick between them.

By her estimates, Xie Wang is the one with far less experience than either herself or Zhao Jing. Between the two of them in turn, hard to say who has screwed more people in a multitude of ways. She gets the feeling it is likely Zhao Jing. Idea reinforced with a particularly well-timed thrust, spiraling her towards an excellent end before Zhao Jing shifts her hand away.

She puts on that pouty frown men so prefer while Zhao Jing laughs. “Oh now, we will take care of you later, have no fear of being left unfulfilled.”

If that is the case why could she not take care of herself now and have them later as well. But she stays her hand. Some part of her knows, any insubordination on her part reflects on Xie Wang. Who, judging by his needy sounds and the tremble beneath her, is a far gone wreck.

Xie Wang’s hands squeezing on her hips, Zhao Jing’s fingers just above them on her waist. A glide of them over Xie Wang’s hand, pressing down. Gasps, body gone ridged and Xie Wang comes. Entirety of his body shuddering beneath her. Whispering against her ear, “Yifu, yifu.”

The white hot pulse of him warming her over even as she thinks with some derision, really, that is all it took. Even less experience than she imagined. Or is it desperation.

When Zhao Jing lifts his hands from Xie Wang, a small sigh on the back of her neck. Stirring her sweaty hair. “My Xie’er, is that all you can withstand? I suppose I will need to take my pleasures with your lady scorpion alone.” Another stupid broken sound behind her and Du Pusa has the vague urge to knock one or the other across the nose.

She cannot decide if she wants the two of them to just fuck already to shake Xie Wang out of his eternal longing or if that would only make things worse. Likely the latter given Zhao Jing is not unskilled to her frustration.

Furthering her irritation, Zhao Jing pulls off, sitting down on the bed. “Perhaps you need an additional show from us to teach you the ways. Seat yourself here.” Fingers tapping at his lap.

These men the need to assert their dominance or whatever. But she moves towards him and the flushed hardness of his cock. Some things the same across all those she bed. After all, is it not her body that has kept them hot and hard.

Grabbing her arm, Zhao Jing spins her around. The two of them facing Xie Wang, who has managed to sit up. Blinking back his tears of what amount to disappointment in himself.

The one he should be disappointed in is the source of it. But that cock is back to sliding into the slit of her. Nothing for her to be disappointed in here. Zhao Jing’s hands gripping under her knee, holding her open so Xie Wang may fulling see the joining of their bodies.

Many shows have been put on by her in days past, but what kind of expression does she want here. Going for the default, slack-jaw, lidded look even though really she wishes she could roll her eyes. Even as those thrusts work into her efficiently, one hand once again finding her clit. Ah, yes, that is where it is at.

“Do you see how she writhes from this? Xie Wang, come here and assist with that mouth of yours.” Fingers once again moving away.

Watching as Xie Wang moves forward on hand and knees. She feels the throb of Zhao Jing in her and understands all too well the appeal of this. Her own want all the hotter as Xie Wang approaches. Eyes still on Zhao Jing as he descends. Breath of his mouth warm on her thigh. Slow kiss on the meat of one before his lips are over her clit. A gentle suck she cants her hips into before he licks a line over it.

Her hand squeezing at Zhao Jing’s arm. Allows her nails to dig in the slightest, not enough to draw the blood she would like but close. His cock sliding in and out of her.

As Xie Wang licks her, his tongue brushes just close enough to not quite touch Zhao Jing. But enough to feel the tug of it against her. Zhao Jing thrusting with greater insistence. The pull of him deep inside and Xie Wang, delicately, licking at her outer lips, surely feeling the pressure of Zhao Jing’s cock splitting her open.

His muffled moan made by and for Zhao Jing. Saliva to her sopping cunt. She wraps her legs around Xie Wang’s back, pulling him closer. That big mouth running a circle around her clit and she cries out at the broad stroke of him outside and the stroke of Zhao Jing inside.

Each thrust rocking her into Xie Wang’s ready mouth with those lip sucking at her like he can touch Zhao Jing through her. Pulsing across her body and she comes. Oh does she come with a scream. Within a handful rapid motions Zhao Jing spills inside her, the throb of him in tandem with the rigid twitching of her body. Heels digging into Xie Wang‘s back as he sucks her heartbeat clear out of her body.

A few more breathless twitches between them all before Zhao Jing slips free to clean himself off. Voice made warm in his post-orgasm contentment. “More than adequate I would say. With more practice you might be able to please her yourself.”

Always an asshole with his backhanded compliments. How does Xie Wang stand it. But she reclines back onto the bed in haziness. She got her fucking done, any emotional entanglement with Xie Wang and Zhao Jing she wants no part of. Xie Wang staying as he is, tongue lapping along the spent spilling out of her.

Eyes on them as Zhao Jing straightens his robes. Xie Wang not so subtly glancing at him with his lips back on her. Collecting the warmth dripping down her thigh. Milky whiteness on lips so red before it is licked clean.

“No small amount of skill in your mouth at the very least.” Zhao Jing sounding very pleased by this.

Something of a moan from Xie Wang. He couldn’t possibly be hard again. But he drinks of her and remnants of Zhao Jing. Tongue slipping in and she twitches against him. Still sensitive to these touches.

Fingers clutching his hair, disarray of braids pulled loose further. Tongue fucking into her not so much for her sake as to wrangle out every last drop Zhao Jing left.

But his is very thorough so she lets him suck of her. Obscene sopping wetness of it. Nose pushing at her clit and she comes again. So easily, the second is always much faster with the first out of the way. At last Xie Wang sits back on his legs.

Zhao Jing pushes a thumb along Xie Wang’s lower lip, even more ruby than normal. Brushing aside a speck of spent. “There might be hope for you yet in fully pleasing others. Clean up after yourselves.” Swirl of robes as he leaves.

Du Pusa actively avoids looking at the back of Xie Wang’s tousled head as it turns to track Zhao Jing’s steps away. Stretching off the bed, she fixes up herself and is ready to go soon afterwards as Xie Wang dailies further in Zhao Jing’s bed.

“What does he feel like?” Long after Zhao Jing has disappeared Xie Wang’s face remains tilted towards his vanished sun. Already quiet voice made smaller.

“Like any other man.” She is not about to compliment Zhao Jing in any way.

At this Xie Wang does look at her. Dangerous glint like she had insulted him. “He is not like any other.”

This lovesickness of his will be the end of them all. “Da Wang, we should be off unless you want to get off again.” Hand picking at her clothing as she raises her eyebrow in turn.

Tension breaking as his look softens in something of the typical exasperation when she says these things. The Xie Wang she likes best. “Yes, we should return to the others.” Hand trailing along the already cold sheets before he dresses and walks past her through the door.

Du Pusa hopes for his sake they will not have a repeat of this day.