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Catra was awake way before Adora, not because of any nightmares but because sometimes she still couldn’t feel at home in Brightmoon. The smells, the softness, the light, even the space she was given felt alien. And she didn’t even mind her own restlessness that much if she was able to stay there, laying with Adora in her arms.
They always liked to sleep together, but cuddling like that, after everything, was the most magical thing in the world. So she just enjoyed the moment, she would snuggle with Adora, listening to her little noises, breathing the same warm air as her, if she could she would stay like that forever.
It was as good as any routine could be.
“Catra” Adora said in her sweet sleepy voice, the words filled with love. She went even closer to the catgirl and hugged her tight.
“Hey, Adora” she laughs “What is this about?”
“You’re here…”
“Yeah of course I am”
Adora giggles.
“I wish you really where” And suddenly Catra notices the giggling isn’t really happy, maybe isn’t even giggling. She sees a tear dripping from Adora’s eyes.
“But I am here, Adora, I ain’t going anywhere” maybe it was a nightmare, she then goes for a kiss, worried and suddenly sad herself that she was ever not with Adora.
They kiss for a second, and then, faster than a barely awaken Adora should be capable of, she is standing sword in hand pointing at Catra.
“How did you get in here?”
“What are going on about?” realisation coming into Catra’s mind. “I live here, Adora”
“This is so low, Catra, are you here alone? Is this an ambush?”
“Adora, don’t you remember everything? Don’t you remember us?” It was a joke, or maybe Adora wasn’t really awake. But it was hurtful nonetheless.
Adora was silent.
“Adora, you must not be awake yet, you had a bad dream or something. I’m on your side, please…”
She was cut short when Adora gotten closer, the blade of the sword on her throat. No, Adora would never… But she could feel the sharpness against her skin. Was this similar to when She-ra was corrupted? Her eyes weren’t red, nor she seemed violent, but Catra was scared.
Is this how she would die? After all they went through, killed because of a lapse in memory, when they were finally happy.
Worst that that, would Adora be ok?
“Look at me. I love you ok?” The words seemed to make Adora flinch ever so slightly. “I won’t fight you, because we don’t fight like that anymore. Please don’t do anything you will regret. Just call Glimmer in here, or anyone really.”
“What is going on, Catra?”
“We fought a war together, you saved the world. There is no Horde anymore, it’s been years. I… I…” the words caught on her throat. Tears pouring down her face “I’m really sorry ok, for everything. I… You… we are together now, don’t you remember?”
“All I remember is how you nearly ended the world. How Angela died because of your decision” words cutting deeper that the sword could ever. “And now this? What kind of sick plan is this? I can’t believe you would get in here and try to convince me of something like that”
Catra was a mess, she didn’t know what to do. But she had to think, even if she could get her to believe on how much had changed, this Adora clearly didn’t love her as her Adora did.
“I know and I’m so sorry, Adora. I said I won’t fight you and I won’t, I won’t resist if you decide to arrest me, just call Glimmer, please.”


“For fuck sake what are you two at that I had to be here at this god forsaken time!”
Glimmer seemed barely out of bed. She then saw the scene, Adora still had Catra on the edge of her blade.
“Morning… Oh” Bow seemed to quickly lose his happy and chip mood.
“Adora, what is going on?” Glimmer asked.
“Do you even have to ask? She was here when I…” Adora started but was cut short.
“Her last memory is about the time I pulled the switch”
And as Adora saw the worried looks on her friends eyes she tried to think of possibilities. Perhaps they had been brainwashed, or maybe this wasn’t reality like before. But it didn’t feel like truth. The apologies from Catra stil ringed in her ears. Catra never said sorry.
And they all look so different, now that she looked. Catra had her hair cut so short, how didn’t she see it before? It made her look so much softer and less wild. Glimmer’s was shaved on the sides, Bow’s was longer. They all also seemed older.
She dropped the sword, and it suddenly disappeared instead of hitting the floor. Was everything different?
She gazed out of the window, the world ever so slightly changed, but as the first rays of the sun rised, she could still see some few bright tiny spots in the sky.
Catra sobbed as quietly as she could, Glimmer and Bow quickly on her to calm her down.