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Ian and Mickey get caught

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"COME ON MONKEYS! UP FOR SCHOOL! " fi yells, trying to get everyone up on time. "IAN! FEET ON THE FLOOR! YOUR GOING TO BE LATE!!" Everyone was downstairs having their breakfast, except ian. Fiona stomped up the stairs and walked into her little brothers room. "Ian, you need to get up. The bus will be here soon." Fiona reminded softly. "I can't, I feel sick. I threw up 4 times last night, even ask lip." Ian responded, trying to sound like he has a sore throat and a cough. "Ok, you can stay off, you need anything?" Fi replied, she trusts Ian to not lie about being sick. Ian wants to try for the army and needs good qualifications so he tries his best to go to school everyday. "No, I just need to rest." Fiona went down stairs. Ian got his phone from under his pillow and texted his crush.

To Mickey: hey! U there? 

To Ian: yo, what ya want? 

To Mickey: want to come over;) 🍆🍆

To Ian: sure, when? 

To Mickey: don't know yet, I'll message you when Fiona's gone. Maybe half an hour? 

To Ian: ok firecrotch. 😏

To Mickey: knew you liked emojis hehe😏😏😏

To Mickey: noooo do n't leave me on "read" fuck you

To Mickey: I'm sorry mickkk 🙂?? 

To Ian: paha! didn't leave u on read, I was busy. 

To Mickey: doing what ;)😏😫

To Ian: fuck off Ian! not that. Mandy was trying steal my hoodie. 

To Mickey: u mean MY hoodie! 

To Ian: mine now. 😏

To Mickey: hehe. not even mad! I know you love my chlothes. I bet you smell it when no ones around😘. 

To Ian: u fucking weirdo. 

To Mickey: come over, fi just left!!!!!!!! 

To ian: ok but we're finishing this conversation when im there😡!! 

To Mickey: sure! 😏


knock knock:


"one sec!" Ian jumped off the couch and ran to the upstairs mirror. He fixed his hair and put a little spray on to smell nice for his man's. "Hurry the fuck up man, im freezing!" Mickey yelled, he kept bashing on the door, getting impatient by the redhead. Ian jumped off the stairs and opened the door. "Hey!" Ian smiles. "Took you fucking long enough, nearly froze my dick off out there!" Mickey responded. it was snowing and all Mickey was wearing was a hoodie and sweatpants. The chlothes were oversize and Ian thought he looked really fucking sexy. "How about you bring a coat next time?" The taller boy smirked. "Told Mandy she can use my coat, she's gone to school. Wait, aren't you supposed to be in school too?" Mick asked suspiciously. "Faked being sick to fi, I wanted to have a day to myself. Lip told me I'm always busy and I should just chill, so that's what I'm doing." The ginger explained. "Why the fuck did you want me to come over then eh?" "Welllllll firstttt... I'm horny and secondddd... I want to hang out with you!" As soon as Ian Finished, he attacked mickeys lips. 

He's been wanting to kiss Mickey for so long and he's finally done it. He let's go of Mickey and looks at him, hoping he didn't go too far. Mickey looked back at the redhead and went back in for more. They started touching each over and grabbing at the other's chlothes. Mickey grabbed his shirt. "take them off." He growled. Ian took his shirt if and grabbed Mickeys hand, they ran upstairs and stripped all their clothing.

Ian pushed the thug on the bed and straddled him. Their dicks where throbbing. "get the in me!" Mickey moaned, eager for ians cock, but Ian wasn't listening, he was too busy marking micks neck and chest. Mickey flipped them, the milkovich was on top and giving the ginger dark hickeys for payback whilst ian got the lube. He squeezed some on his hand and started to finger the milkovich, opening him up so he could take all nine inches. The thug was a moaning mess. The redhead was done opening mick. "Ride me mickey." Gallagher moaned and he obeyed, he grabbed Ians dick and edged it to his hole, he went all the way down, going faster and faster. Ian was filling him up so good. Gallagher grabbed Mick's hips, making the thug stop. Ian started pumping on mickeys cock, the milkovich was making all sorts of moans and Gallagher was in ecstasy. He thrusts into the boys tight hole, hitting his prostate every thrust. The sounds of sex travelling throughout the whole house. "FUCKKK AUUGHHH.... gallagher..... I'm aughh...gonna cum." "Fuck fuck YES FUCK FUCK cum for.... Aughhhh... For me mick... SHIT.!!!" They went faster and faster the moans and shouts getting louder and louder. Mickeys legs were shaking and splattered cum all over ians chest. Mickey clenched his asshole throughout his orgasm, making Ian cum with a giant groan. 

They both laid on ians bed for a while. Mickey came out of his high and went to the bathroom to clean up. He came back into Ians room to see him asleep. The milkovich got on the bed and joined his crush. 


a few hours later:


Fi, Kev and v have been grocery shopping, they went to Kev and vs to unpack their bags first since they bought less things. They went into the Gallagher house. "Ian, I'm back! You feeling any better?" Fi shouted from downstairs. "Can someone check up on ian? If he's feeling better tell him to come and help unpack all this!" "Yea sure!" Kev obliged. He went up to the boys room quietly, in case he was asleep and didn't want to disturb and opened the door. " Lordy.... Lord...wait? Is that Mickey milkovich?....holy shit it is." Kev walked out and went downstairs to tell the girls. "He coming down to help?" Fi asked. "No, he's in bed with Mickey milkovich." Kev shrugged. "WHAT???!!!!" Fi screamed. V cackling at Fiona. "WITH CHLOTHES ON RIGHT?" she asked, scared for the outcome. "No?" Kev responded. V laughing, cackling and snorting, trying to breathe through her laughter.

Fi storms upstairs, the couple follows. She opens the bedroom door, and hits it shut. She Whitnesses Mickey milkovich, asleep on his stomach with his ass out and her little brother, asleep on his back with his dick laying on his stomach. The two boys rush up after hearing the door slam and vs constant laughing. "IAN WHAT THE FUCK!!?" fi shouts, as ian and Mickey are rushing to put on their pants. As soon as Mickey out his pants on he tries to run off. "NO! YOUR NOT GOING ANYWHERE MICKEY!" Fionas barricading the door, so Mick sits on the bed next to ian, since he's not going anywhere for the time being. "So, you guys are seriously fucking?" Fi asks, obviously knowing the answer. "Yea." Ian admits quietly. "Not a word about it or I'll slit all your throats!" Mickey threats. "We won't, thats fucking stupid to do anyway. If we did out you, we'd have to say how we know. Thus, outing my little brother in the process." Fi explains. The room goes quiet for second until. "thanks." It was from mickey. It was really quiet, Fiona nodded her head at mickey as a way of saying 'no problem.' "Mickey, if you ever hurt him just know he has alot of family that don't forgive easy, ok?" Fiona smiles at the thug and he just nods. He doesn't look to bothered though. Fi, Kev and v leave the boys alone to Finnish unpacking the groceries.

Mickey puts the rest of his chlothes on and is about to leave, but a hand grabs his wrist and pulls him in for a kiss. It was a quick kiss from ian. "Want to come over after school?" Ian asks. "Your family going to be here?" Mickey responds. "Yea, but I'll tell them to stay out of the bedroom." Ian smirks. Mickey kisses Ian and they make out for a little. "Sure, text me when." The milkovich smiIes. "I will do." The redhead smiles back. Mickey goes downstairs, Ian behind him. Mickey leaves and Ian goes in the kitchen to fi and the couple. "You guys together orrr.. ?" Fi asks. "Friends with benefits so far. I can tell he likes me though." Ian replies, smiling. "Are you happy though?" She responds. "Yea, I am!"