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(Over at Kane Tower down in the Bat cave Kate and Circe are down there training as their training Circe's able to get her barring's and smacks Kate in the butt which gets her to turn and look at her. Seeing the look

Circe starts laughing again then calms down as they go back at it as their training continues Reagan and Mark walk down and see them sparring as they get to where they are Mark looks at Luke Whose trying to

keep from laughing at Kate's reaction to Circe tagging her butt.)

Reagan: What did i miss?
Luke: Your sister smacked Kate in the butt.
Reagan: Oh really.
Luke: Yeah. It's amazing actually.
Mark: What?
Luke: How fast your wife and Kate have gotten close to each other just in the four months Kate and Reagan have been back together.
Mark: It is amazing.
Reagan: I can honestly say.
Luke: What?
Reagan: I never would of figured they would get along as well as they have.
Mark: Yeah. It's a real big relief.
Reagan: Yeah. Hell even Sophie's talking to me.
Mark: Really?
Reagan: Yeah. I guess getting her ass handed to her by my mom and well Circe.

(Mark and Luke start laughing then calm down as an alarm goes off and they all look up at the screen to see who it is. Seeing who it is Luke looks at Mark.)

Luke: Kate!

(Both her and Circe turn and look up at the screen seeing who it is she looks at Kate.)

Circe: Who the hell is that?
Kate: My cousin.
Circe: The one whose been gone for well over eight years?
Kate: That would be him.
Mark: You want me to go and talk to him?
Kate: No i got it.
Mark: Okay.

(She walks off towards the elevator and goes up to what use to be Bruce's office as she gets there she closes the door leading down to the Bat cave as she closes it she walks over to the desk and grabs up her

phone and texts Sophie about Bruce once it's sent she puts the phone down. Down in the Bat cave.)

Reagan: Who'd she just text?
Mark: By the looks of it. Sophie!
Circe: Why would Sophie care about Bruce being back?
Mark: Sophie's one of the many people who could keep Kate really losing it when it comes around to him.
Reagan: Really?
Mark: Yeah.
Reagan: Wow.

(He looks at her and laughs. Back up in her office as she's standing there Bruce walks off of the elevator and over to her.)

Bruce: Hey.
Kate: After eight years away all you can say is hey.

(He looks at her and then looks off.)

Bruce: Okay look I'm sorry.
Kate: Why you sorry?
Bruce: What?
Kate: Why you sorry? Is it because you up and left Gotham leaving them without a hero or is it because you killed someone and ran away?

(He looks at her and laughs off the shock.)

Bruce: Luke told you?
Kate: He did. But that was only because he wanted me to stop feeling guilty over something that i did.
Bruce: Like what?
Kate: And why would i tell you?
Bruce: Kate!
Kate: I'm not gonna tell you what i did only to have you throw it back in my face later.

(He looks at her and then looks off.)

Kate: Why you here?
Bruce: I came back because i wanted take back up the mantle.

(Kate looks at him and laughs off the shock.)

Kate: And there it is.
Bruce: What?
Kate: You disappear for years leaving Gotham unprotected and leave this place to go to the waste land and then you show back up years later and say you want to take back up the mantle.
Bruce: Well the suit is mine.
Kate: Not anymore it's not.
Bruce: What?
Kate: There's a new bat in Gotham and it's not you.
Bruce: Wait.

(Kate looks at him.)

Bruce: You're Batwoman?
Kate: Good guess. What you want a cookie?

(He looks at her and laughs off the shock.)

Bruce: Why the hell would you ever take up the mantle?
Kate: Because our city needed hero other then the GCPD or the Crows.
Bruce: The Crows were a joke.
Kate: I couldn't agree more. Why you think my dad disbanded them.

(He looks at her and then looks off.)

Bruce: Kate!
Kate: What the hell do you want Bruce. I've are ready told you I'm Batwoman so do me a favor and get out of my office.

(He looks at her and then looks off. Then he turned to leave but not without a warning and telling her that he would find away to get her out of the Bat cave and out of the suit in order for him to take back the

mantle. After hearing that Kate just laughed off the annoyance as he turned and walked off as he walked out Luke walked into the office followed by Reagan and Circe.)

Circe: That looked fun.
Kate: Yeah it was far from it.
Luke: What the hell did he want?
Kate: He wants to take back the Batman mantle.

(Luke looks at her and then looks off annoyed.)

Reagan: I'm sure at the time before you came back and Bruce had come back to put the suit back on.
Luke: I would of welcomed the idea. But now that Kate's now turned Batman into Batwoman i don't want him anywhere near the damn suit.
Circe: What happens if he follows through on his threat?
Kate: I don't know. And of all honesty.
Luke: What?
Kate: I'm actually a little bit afraid to find out.

(He looks at her and nods his head at her. Over the next few weeks with Bruce back in Gotham Kate's finding it very hard to go out and be Batwoman when all he can do is try and get in the way tell her how he

would do things differently with Bruce always getting in the way Kate's finding herself getting more and more annoyed with him including both Luke and Sophie Along with Mary Veracity and Jacob. With Bruce

always being around Mark finally having enough goes after him only to stop when Kate stopped him.)

Kate: Okay one going after him isn't going to help.
Mark: I get that. But I can see the hell this jackass is putting you through all because you won't give him back the damn suit.
Kate: I know that. And I'm trying here Mark.
Mark: Well we can't really say ignore him he's always going to be around.
Kate: Yeah. Look i know you guys are being protect of and i love the hell out of you guys for it. But just him.
Mark: Annoy you.
Kate: Yes. He's that annoying big brother I'm really starting wish had stayed away.
Mark: How has he been with KJ?
Kate: He's been fine. She doesn't really like him.
Mark: I can guess as to why that is?
Kate: Yeah. She's been acting out but me and Reagan are handling it.
Mark: I just don't want it to get so bad that he some how manages to force you away from being Batwoman and retaking something he gave up on.
Kate: Yeah i know that.
Mark: Okay. Well if gives you anymore trouble. Come tell KJ i'm sure she'd love to beat him up.

(Kate looks at him and laughs.)

Mark: Or Victor. I'm sure he could think of a place to kick him and it's not a nice place.
Kate: Let me guess.
Mark: He's done it twice and Circe finds it funny.
Kate: Yeah KJ told me.
Mark: She's a brat.
Kate: I know.

(He hugs her getting her to smile at him then he pulls away from her.)

Kate: Thank yoy Mark.
Mark: Anytime. Just don't let Bruce annoy you too much.
Kate: Trying my hardest not too.
Mark: Okay.

(Then he turned and walked off after getting things settled with Mark Bruce started in on her and with one final push which a bad guy getting away thanks to Bruce he told Kate because of her a bad guy got away

and that she needs to give up being Batwoman and when she still wouldn't with the help of both Ryan and Sophie she was able to find and catch him again with each time Kate would find and arrest the person they

were after Bruce would find something to have her give up and until one day she finally snapped at him and told him fine that he won and gave up the Bat suit once and for all walked away from him and the Bat

cave after hearing what Kate had done Sophie looked at her and laughed off the annoyance.)

Sophie: You realize you doing that.
Kate: I know i let him win. But Sophie i couldn't do it anymore. Hell i told Reagan the same thing and she became just as annoyed with him.
Sophie: What about Luke?
Kate: He wants to deck him. But won't do it.
Sophie: Why not?
Kate: Because Bruce doesn't know he's Batwing.

(Sophie looks at her and laughs off the shock.)

Sophie: So how does Luke explain to Bruce why he's always from the Bat cave?
Kate: Luke tries to be back at the Bat cave before Bruce gets back.
Sophie: Wow.
Kate: Yeah.
Sophie: It's pretty bad if Luke doesn't wanna tell him something.
Kate: It is.

(As she continued to talk to Sophie about the whole thing with Bruce in between talking about Bruce Kate picked on Sophie about her love life of the lack there of. Which got her to laugh at her. As Kate's trouble

with Bruce continued even with him having the bat suit and bat cave back he still tries to tell Kate what she did wrong and with him always saying things like that she finally really does lose it on him telling him that

the more he comes after her the further away he's going to keep pushing her and then brought up with him still being in Gotham and back in the Bat suit one of these days one of his enemies will get wind of it and

show back up in Gotham and come after people in his family. He looked at her and laughed at her.)

Bruce: None of my enemies would of come out had you not put the suit on.
Kate: If i hadn't then this city would of been worse off with just the Crows and the GCPD doing everything they could to try and keep it safe.

(Then she walked off as he looked at her and laughed off the annoyance. And little did they both know that what Kate just said is true one of his enemies did come out of the shadows and was planning on going

after people in someone's family. Soon after his enemy came out of the shadows The Legends got wind of it and quickly called and told Mark who it was so he rushed off to go and tell Kate who looked at him in

shock who he just said.)

Kate: What you just say?
Mark: Tommy Elliott broke out of Arkham again and Sara believes he's headed here.
Luke: What the hell does he want?
Mark: What he wanted when Kate showed back up and put the Suit on.
Luke: He wants Bruce dead.
Mark: Yeah.
Kate: Oh great. But there's only a number of people he could possibly go after. I mean my uncle Thomas and aunt Martha are dead.
Mark: So that would leave out Bruce's parents. But what about you?
Kate: Bruce wouldn't care if Tommy took off with me.

(Mark looks at her and then to Luke who looks just as annoyed.)

Luke: You know there was a time where i would of been thrilled to have Bruce back in Gotham.
Mark: But.
Luke: Not anymore. Not after he basically had Kate force to give up being Batwoman. Who in my opinion is the better Bat.
Kate: Thank you.
Luke: You're welcome.
Mark: And I'm sure you also wanna punch him.
Luke: You have no idea on how much i wanna hit him.

(They both looked at him and laughed. After talking with both Mark and Luke Kate decided she wanted to fight to take back the Bat mantle and kick Bruce out of Gotham once again. But before Kate could do

anything she got home one night and found the Sionis Mansion had been broken into and rushed off towards the main room and looked around it when she couldn't find Reagan she searched the house only to

come up empty and called Mark who answered right away and rushed back to the house as he got there Kate rushed up to him.)

Mark: Hey hey Kate.
Kate: She's gone i can't find her anywhere?
Mark: Did you try her cell?
Kate: Yes i did. I tried her cell at least a dozen's of times and she's not answering my calls.

(Mark grabs out his phone and tries to call Reagan but his phone starts ringing and he answers it.)

Mark: Luke!
Luke: Get back to Wayne Tower.
Mark: Why?
Luke: There's something you and Kate are going to want to see.

(He hangs up and they both rush from the house.)

Minutes later.

(Down in the Bat cave they walk up to Luke.)

Kate: What's going on?
Luke: Look.

(They both look up at the screen and see whose there. Seeing Reagan Circe Beca Sophie Kj and Lena there Mark and Kate nearly lose it.)

Kate: Mark he has my girlfriend and little girl.
Mark: I know he does. And if i see him I'm gonna kill him.
Kate: I can't lose Reagan and KJ Mark.
Mark: I know that.

(As he's staring up at the screen he looks at his wife and gets very angry with Bruce for what he did.)

Luke: Because of Bruce. Gotham has no hero they can count on.
Mark: Yeah i know that.

(Just then Kara walks into the bat cave and looks up at the screen to Lena there and gets just as pissed off at Bruce.)

Kara: Lena!

(She looks at her as Tommy comes into view.)

Tommy: Kate Kane!

(She turns and looks at him.)

Kate: Tommy Elliott. One ass kicking from me wasn't enough. You had to go after mine and Mark's families?
Tommy: Not my fault Bruce is an idiot. I mean come on.
Kate: What you want?
Tommy: Bruce Wayne. He did me one hell of a favor by getting raid of you.

(Kate looks at him and then looks off annoyed with her cousin.)

Tommy: Say where is Brucie boy anyway.
Bruce: Tommy!

(Mark hearing his voice goes after him sending him into the railing as he goes into it he goes to punch him but decides against it.)

Mark: That nutcase being back out on the streets is your damn fault.

(He looks at him and then looks up at the screen.)

Bruce: I.
Mark: He has my wife and sister in law not to mention your cousin's little girl and one of my bestfriends wife. Do i really need to point out the fact that he has Kate's ex as well.

(He punches him sending him over he looks up at him.)

Mark: If he hurts anyone of them. I'm gonna kill you myself.

(He looks at him and then gets up to look at him.)

Bruce: I.
Mark: You're not even worth it. Luke shut that nut case off before i shot out that screen.

(Luke does as he tells him and shuts the screen off.)

Mark: It's amazing how you come back and that psycho shows his fucken face in Gotham again.
Bruce: Mark!
Mark: Gotham was safer with Kate in the suit.
Bruce: How? She's done a lot worse then i have.
Mark: No she hasn't do you wanna know many more lives she's saved since becoming Batwoman? Do you really wanna know?
Bruce: Yes i do.
Mark: More times then you can count.

(He looks at him and laughs off the shock.)

Bruce: That's not fair.
Mark: You couldn't even save Kate's mother. You couldn't even keep Ryan's brother from being turned into what he is now.

(Bruce looks at him and then looks off. As Mark looks at Kate.)

Mark: I'm sorry Kate.
Kate: No it's fine. But bringing up my mother was a low blow.
Mark: You can punch me.

(She walks up to him and punches him sending him down he looks up at her.)

Mark: Nice punch.
Kate: Thank you.
Mark: You bet.

(She helps him up as he looks at her.)

Mark: I'm sorry i never should of brought your mother into this.
Kate: No you shouldn't of. But seeing you go after him was hot.

(He looks at her and laughs as he grabs her into a hug getting her to smile at him as Calamity walks into the Bat cave and goes after Bruce as she gets to him she throws her fist into his face sending him down

again as he goes down he looks at her and quickly gets back up to go after her only to have throw him back wards as he goes over he looks up at her.)

Calamity: If your former bestfriend hurts my wife I'll kill you.

(He looks at her as he stands up and looks at her.)

Bruce: Are you fucken kidding me?
Kate: Unlike you Bruce i actually trust people with my secret.
Bruce: Being Batman and being Batwoman is supposed to be a secret Kate.
Kate: I wouldn't know what it's like to be Batwoman anymore thanks to you forcing me give it up. When i came back to Gotham Bruce i did the one thing you walked away from. And the only reason you wanted to the suit back is because you found out i have a family.
Bruce: Kate!
Kate: My family is in danger because of you. Kara's girlfriend is in danger because of you. Mark's wife is in danger and Calamity's wife are danger all because you thought it would be idea to make me give up being

Batwoman. I mean damn it Bruce. He has my little girl.

(She shoves him getting him to look at her.)

Mark: Kara call the Legends and Barry I'll call Oliver and Clark.
Kara: Okay.
Kate: I have one other person to add to this list.
Mark: Who?
Kate: Batwing.

(Luke looks at her and smiles then he quickly hides it before Bruce sees but suddenly not caring about what Bruce thinks he smiles at her.)

Mark: You heard her Batwing.

(Luke nods his head at him.)

Kate: We now have to fix your mistake.
Bruce: I.
Kate: I want you out of this cave and out of my life.
Bruce: You can't kick me out of the Bat cave.
Kate: Why the hell not?
Bruce: Because you're not even Batwoman anymore.
Kate: Yeah well as of right now. Batwoman's officially back. Now get the hell out of my cave before i beat the hell out of you.

(He looks at her and laughs off the shock as Renee comes in and attacks Bruce sending him over as he goes over she goes to hit him only to have Mark and Luke rush forward and pulls her off of him.)

Mark: Hey hey Renee we'll get Sophie back.
Renee: He better pray their all still alive when you guys do find them.

(He looks at her and can tell their all annoyed with him.)

Mary: Kate!

(She looks over at her and walks up to her.)

Kate: What's wrong?
Mary: Tommy even has Ryan. And it's all his fault.

(Bruce looks at her and then looks off.)

Bruce: Mary!
Mary: My bestfriend is missing and you're fault.
Bruce: I'm sorry.
Mary: If Ryan or if any of the women with him or if he even remotely hurts my niece I'll kill you.
Kate: Hey hey Mary. We'll find Ryan okay.
Mary: Okay. She better come back alive Bruce.

(He looks at her and then looks off. All of this is leading up to three weeks later. Soon after Kate made the announcement that she was once again taking back up the mantle of Batwoman and kicked Bruce out of

her life for good he tried to take back the Bat cave only to have Oliver come in attack him as he attacked Bruce he started beating on him which took both Mark and Luke including both Super's to keep Oliver back

once he was calm enough he looked at Kate.)

Kate: We're gonna fix his mistake Oliver and we're gonna find Reagan.
Oliver: I know we will.

(Bruce looked at them and then looked off. As the Bat team including the Legends both Green Arrows the Flash The canary's and both Super's got to work in trying to figure out on where Tommy has their friends

and family are. After weeks of looking they finally got a location on where they were and went to rescue them with Kate back in the Batwoman suit as they all got to where Tommy has them both Mark and Renee

rushed in just behind both Arrows the Flash and the Canary's as they rushed into the building they looked around until someone tackled Mark into one of the box's he got up to go after him as he got up he

punched him sending him to the floor and kicks him in the ribs he goes to do it again only to have Mark grab his foot and pulls him to the ground as he goes down Renee showed up and kicked him in the face

knocking him out and helped Mark up once he was up they ran off to go and try to find the other's. As they searched the warehouse Kate and Oliver came up to Tommy getting ready to run as he got ready to run

Kate charged him sending him into the crates as he went into them she got up and he looked up at her and laughed.)

Tommy: Well it is nice to see you and not Bruce in the suit.
Batwoman: Get up.

(He gets up and charges her only to have Oliver come in and punches him sending him over again he gets up and goes after them both as their fight with Tommy continued he tried to the upper hand but Kate

would grab him and throw him towards Oliver who kept up his attack on him. Over by the other's as their fighting off Tommy and Johnny's men once they all down Mark looked around for Reagan and the other's

then they looked heard something and turned to see who it was and Mark gets annoyed by who it is. And shoots him in the leg sending him over as he went down he walked up to him and put the gun to his head.)

Mark: Give me one good reason i shouldn't put a round between your eyes.
Russell: Do it Buchanan.
Mark: Na. Deaths to easy for you.

(Then he kicked him in the face knocking him out. As he knocks him out he ran off to go and see if he can't get close enough to Reagan and the other's as he got to them he sees the shape both Sophie and Reagan

are in and rushes over to them.)

Mark: Reagan!

(She looks at him and he turns her over to see what was done to her and looks over at Laurel who run up to him.)

Reagan: Sophie!

(He looks over at her and rushes over to her and looks her over.)

Mark: Soph!

(She grabs his hand getting him to look at her shoulder.)

Mark: Tommy did this?
Sophie: Yeah.
Mark: You're gonna be okay.
Sophie: I don't think so.

(He looks at her and turns her over to see where she was shot and quickly puts pressure onto her chest getting her to wince.)

Reagan: Sophie!

(She looks at her as Mark keeps pressure onto her wound.)

Mark: (Comms) Oliver me and Laurel have Reagan and Sophie.
Oliver: (Comms) Where are you?
Mark: (Comms) We're towards the back of the warehouse.
Oliver: (Comms) I'm on my way.
Mark: (Comms) Okay. And hurry.
Oliver: (Comms) Why?
Mark: (Comms) Sophie was shot and so was Reagan.

(Both him and Kate rush off towards them as the GCPD rush in and quickly arrest Tommy Elliott again. Back over by them Ryan rushes up to them after being found by Renee and Mia.)

Ryan: Sophie!

(She looks at her and grabs her friends hand.)

Sophie: Hey.
Ryan: Hi.

(She keeps a hold of it as Mark keeps pressure onto her chest wound.)

Mark: Renee!

(She runs up to them and lands next to Ryan and looks at her.)

Mark: Supergirl!

(She rushes over to them and kneels down next to him.)

Mark: Get her to Gotham General.
Kara: Okay.

(She picks her up and quickly flies off with her towards the hospital with her in her arms as Oliver and Kate reach them and Mark looks at Kate.)

Batwoman: Sophie!
Mark: Supergirl's taking her to Gotham General.

(She nods her head at him then looks down at her girlfriend whose looking at her.)

Batwoman: Hey you stay with us you hear me. Both you and Sophie better stay with us.

(Reagan smiles at her and Kate realizes something. And she takes the cowl off.)

Kate: KJ!

(Oliver looks at her.)

Kate: KJ!

(Hearing her mother's voice she runs out of the place she was hiding.)

Kate: KJ!
KJ: Momma.

(Kate hearing her voice turns and looks at her then gets up and rushes over to her as she gets to her she picks her up and holds her as she continues to hold her daughter KJ keeps a hold of Kate getting her to

smile at her.)

Kate: Oh god I'm so glad you're okay baby girl.
KJ: I'm okay.

(She kisses her head then pulls away from it.)

Mark: Circe!

(Hearing his voice she turns and looks at him.)

Circe: Mark!

(He walks over to her and quickly pulls her into a hug getting her to smile at him as Calamity rushes in and over to Beca who saw her and runs up to her as she gets to she quickly hugs her getting her to smile at her.)

An hour later.

(Over at Gotham General everyone's there waiting for news on both Reagan and Sophie as Roman rushes in with Moira right behind him.)

Roman: Circe!

(She looks over at him as she gets up and walks over to him as she gets to him he hugs her getting her to smile at him as Moira pats her back getting her to smile at her.)

Moira: KJ!

(She looks at her and then gets off of Oliver's lap and runs over to her grandmother who picks her up and holds her. Over by Roman and Circe.)

Roman: You are right?
Circe: Yeah I'm fine. Sophie and Reagan took most of the beatings.
Kate: Who?
Circe: Tommy had Tavaroff go after Sophie and then one of Johnny's men went after Reagan.
Kate: Oh god.
Roman: I ever see Bruce Wayne again and i'm gonna.

(Then he walks into the hospital and over to everyone seeing him Circe gets her father's attention and he turns to see who it is.)

Circe: You just might get your chance.

(He turns and looks at him then walks over to him as he gets to him he punches him sending him to the ground he looks up at him and knows he's just as annoyed as Moira walks up to them.)

Moira: I hope you're proud of yourself Bruce.

(He looks at her and can tell she's angry with him.)

Bruce: I.

(He stands up and looks at her.)

Moira: Because of you our daughters were in danger and thanks to your nutcase of a former bestfriend. Reagan and Sophie are both in here fighting for their lives.
Bruce: I know that.
Moira: You better pray they both survive this or i can't promise you I'll be there if Kate or Oliver go after you.
Bruce: Moira!
Moira: My daughter is in her fighting her life Bruce. And all so you could take back something that you gave up and if it hadn't of been for Kate. This city wouldn't of still been without a hero. This city owes Kate for what she's done.
Bruce: I.
Roman: Wayne if our daughter dies. I'm gonna make you and Tommy Elliott pay for it.
Bruce: You hated Batwoman.
Roman: Actually i don't. Because it's thanks to her that my Circe is even still alive.

(He shoves him getting him to look at him. He goes to go after him again only to gave Mark and Luke grab him and stop him.)

Luke: Roman he's not worth it.

(He looks at him and then over at Bruce.)

Roman: I'm glad your cousin is the one back in the suit. At least she actually gives a shit about this city.

(Bruce looks at him and then looks off. Over the next couple of weeks both Reagan and Sophie survived their surgaries and were both expected to make full recovery's until things for Sophie started going down hill

and started crashing which started worrying her friends and her sister while everyone was worrying about Sophie they all kept getting good news as far as Reagan goes and for days leading up the day Reagan was

released from the hospital Sophie finally give up fight and died there in hospital after learning of Sophie's death Renee went after Bruce and nearly beat him within inch of his life if it hadn't of been for Kate

showing up when she did she would of more and likely killed him.)

Renee: No let me go.
Kate: No. Renee he's not worth it. He stopped being worth it the minute Tommy got out of Arkham.

(Bruce looked at her.)

Renee: Sophie's dead because of him. Reagan almost died.
Kate: I know that. I nearly lost the woman i love and my daughter almost lost her other mother. But Reagan's still with us.
Renee: But Sophie isn't.

(Then she turned and walked off as she walked off Kate looked down at her cousin.)

Kate: Why the hell are you even still here Bruce?

(He looked at her as she turned and walked off. Soon after Sophie's funeral Renee moved out of Gotham and away from the person who was responable for Sophie's death as for Ryan and Mary soon after losing

Sophie they both started spending time together and grew closer which made Kate happy knowing that her sister had a friend and friend she knew very well that Mary was falling for she just wasn't ready to say

anything. And then there's Kate and Reagan who spend as much time as they can with their friends and family more now then they have since they lost Sophie and no one is really willing to talk to Bruce after what

he did. All of this is leading up to two weeks later over at the Hold up everyone is there talking and joking around as their talking Mark kisses his wife's head getting her to look at him and smiles at him.)

Circe: Mark I'm okay.
Mark: I know that.
Circe: Okay. How you doing?
Mark: I've been better. I mean i know losing family is hard. But losing Sophie was just as hard.
Circe: Well she died protecting KJ.
Mark: I know she did. And that is one of the many things that makes Reagan so grateful to her for.
Circe: Yeah.

(As they continue to talk Kate walks into the bar followed by Reagan and KJ.)

Reagan: Kate!
Kate: Hey can i get everyone's attention.

(They all look over at them.)

Luke: Do i even wanna know what she's planning?
Mark: Probably not.
Luke: Didn't think so.

(They start laughing then calm down as Kate looks at Reagan.)

Reagan: What?
Kate: I know this isn't the best place to do this. But.
Mark: Oh no.
Mary: Hush both of you.
Mark: Yes ma'am.

(He salutes her getting her to laugh at him.)

Kate: I have been doing a lot of thinking and i really know i shouldn't be doing this in front of our friends. But I just can't seem to keep it in any longer.
KJ: Come on momma.

(Kate smiles at her as she looks at Mark who smiles at her.)

Kate: I know we haven't been back together that long and i do know that.
Reagan: Okay.
Kate: I went and i asked both of your parents including your brother and well sister over there.

(Circe looks off along with Oliver as they start laughing then calm down as Kate pulls the ring out of her pocket and shows it to her.)

Reagan: Oh my god.
Kate: Reagan Queen Sionis will you make me the happiest woman on earth and marry me?

(Reagan looks at her and smiles at her.)

Reagan: Yes.
Kate: Yes?
Reagan: Yes.

(She takes the ring out of the box and places it onto her finger once it's on there she kisses her getting her to smile at her then they pulled away from each other as Kate picked KJ up and kissed her head getting

her to smile at her.)

KJ: Momma!
Kate: Yeah.
KJ: Aunt Sophie would be so happy for you.
Kate: I hope so.

(She hugs her knowing that even though Sophie gave them so much trouble while Reagan was pregnant she can tell that KJ's still being effected by her death.)

Reagan: Babe come on.

(They walk out of the bar along with their friends and family.)

Minutes later.

(Over at the cemetery they all walk up to Sophie's grave and gather around it as KJ sits down on her grave and puts her little hand against it. Seeing what she's doing Victor looks at his parents and wants to do the same thing.)

Victor: I want down mommy.
Circe: Okay.

(She puts him down and he walks over to the headstone and does the same thing with KJ knowing what their doing both sets of parents look at each other and then look. Over the next ten to twenty minutes they

all remain there then get up and walk away from the headstone to head home for the rest of the day as their leaving KJ feeling like someone's behind her turns to see someone standing next to her headstone

seeing who it is she smiles at her as she turned and walked off as she walked off KJ nearly loses it and Reagan leans over and picks her up as she holds her.)

KJ: I miss her.
Reagan: I know baby girl.

(Then they continued on out of the cemetery. As they walked off Sophie continued to watch them walk away then turned and disappeared. Late that night after getting home and putting KJ to bed both Kate and

Reagan went to bed talking and joking around and then did their own little celebration of their own as they continued to celebrate they celebrated through out the rest of the night after a number of times of

making love to each other they both fell asleep for the rest of the night sometime during the night Kate's phone went off and she picked it up to see who it's from seeing the number she opens the text and smiles

at it.)

Julia: (Text) I hear congrats are in order.
Kate: (Text) Yeah.
Julia: (Text) Congrats Kate. You deserve all the happiness you can get.
Kate: (Text) Thanks.
Julia: (Text) You're welcome. Goodnight Kate.
Kate: (Text) Night.

(Then she put the phone back down and lies down again as she lies down she smiles and thinks about what comes next for her Reagan and KJ.