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Falling For a Skele-ton of Trouble

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Nightmare jumped to his feet, gasping and coughing, his tentacles raised to prepare for a fight. His eyes darted around, looking around for threats. A small chuckle sounded from above him, and Nightmare looked towards where the sound came from, glaring. A young woman woke up Nightmare with a little “present.”


“What the hell was that for!?” Nightmare growled at them, wiping away some water dipping from his eye sockets. She gave him a sharp grin.

“I’m bored,” she sang, and tossed the large bucket in the air, where it disappeared. Nightmare gave her a seething glare and looked back to the now-vacated comfy chair he was sitting in moments ago. A book laid abandoned on the seat, now soaking wet from the water. The skeleton grumbled to himself and grabbed the book to put it somewhere to dry.

“Hey, I didn’t wake you up just for you to go back to being boring again!” Something hit Nightmare in the back of the skull, and he whirled around to face Chaos. “You seem to forget that the only reason you go through my castle freely is because I let you,” he hissed. “So unless you would rather spend your time as a training dummy for Killer, I would recommend you cease this behavior.”

The woman gave him a deadpan look. “You know that no matter what you do, you're not going to be able to keep me here if I don’t want to be.” She flipped in the air, changing her position so it was as if she were laying down with her hands behind the nape of her neck. “Kinda hard to do that when I can just tear holes through space and time.” She gave Nightmare a nasty grin. “I changed my name to Chaos for a reason, you know. And not just because I think it’s funny, or because Charas in the other AUs are psychopaths that I don’t want to be associated with.”

Nightmare grumbled something beneath his breath and turned to walk away once again. Chaos floated after him, obviously having no intention to leave him alone.

“Why don’t you guys do anything? Like, Killer and Cross just play video games all day, Horror has been cooking and gardening non-stop, you read and work on worthless paperwork 24-7, and I don’t know what the hell Dust is doing in his room! Even Error slowed down on destroying AUs!” Chaos rambled.

Nightmare sighed, refusing to look in Chaos’s direction while he talked.

“I figured I may as well let them do what they wanted, as I currently see no need to break the deal with the Stars yet.” Nightmare pushed the doors to exit the library and turned down the hall to head to his office. Chaos quickly slipped through the doors before they closed, keeping her eyes on the Negativity King.

“You mean the cease-fire? You know, it doesn’t stop you from going out into AU’s and having fun.”

“Chaos. As soon as any of us step into an AU, the Stars, like the idiots they are, will take it as an attack and force us into a fight.” Turning the final corner, both Nightmare and Chaos pushed open the door to the dimly-lit office. Nightmare made a beeline for his desk and placed the door on it, while Chaos chose to hover a few feet away from the door. Nightmare sat down, and opened the book and placed it upright. Gently separating the wet pages from one another, He looked up at Chaos, who seemed to have a lost look on her face. “You're quiet. That’s never good.”

“... What if it was a locked AU? The Stars can’t get into those.” Nightmare looked at Chaos and raised a bone-brow. “A locked AU? I’ve never heard of one.” Chaos rolled her eyes.

“I forgot most people don’t know anything about locked AUs. They actually make up quite a bit of the multiverse, and more often than not they come from dark emotions. More often than not, they are ‘vent’ aus for the Creators. A lot of trauma, a lot of anger, and a lot of depression… That, or they were just embarrassed about the AU and were scared to show people it.” Nightmare went back to dealing with his book. “If there are so many of them then Ink will be watching it. There’s no point.”


Chaos grinned and leaned forward. “Actually, Ink can’t travel inside them. Very few can.”

Now that got his attention. Nightmare’s sudden interest made Chaos grin even more. “In fact, you're looking at the one of the only beings in the multiverse who can move through locked AU with no problem.”

Nightmare frowned in doubt.

“The more you talk about it, the more it sounds like you're making it up.” Her smile vanished instantaneously, turning into a glare. “You of all people should know I’m not a liar, Nightmare.” She hissed.

Nightmare rolled his eyes.

“You say that, but I have zero reason to believe it.” He leaned forward slightly, meeting her gaze with the same heat. “You refuse to take a side in the wars of the multiverse unless it suits you. No one, including those you say you most trust, know anything about your past, other than that your AU is dead. I don't even know the extent of your abilities. You don’t keep your SOUL with your physical body, making me unable to read your emotions.”

Chaos looked more and more shocked with every word he said. ‘It seems I wasn’t supposed to know all of this...’ Nightmare thought. “Keeping all of that in mind, you very well could have sided with the Stars, and could be leading me and my subordinates into a trap formed from lies of a type of AU that doesn’t exist-”

“Alright, that's it, you're in time-out,” Chaos snapped back at him, and clapped twice. A sudden, loud tearing sound emanated throughout the room, ringing in Nightmare’s skull. On instinct, Nightmare clamped his hands to his non-existent ears, only to jerk them away and stand up a moment later, staring at the new hole in the floor. He barely had time to really see it, though, as Chaos shot through it a less then a second later. The hole zipped up behind her, and disappeared. Silence followed. Nightmare stood where he was for a few moments before collecting himself and-

Pain. So much pain. What just happened? Why was he in so much pain? Is someone screaming? Is he screaming? What is that noise? Why does it hurt so much. He can’t hear. He can’t see, WHY DOES IT HURT SO MUCH-

Nightmare only stayed awake long enough to realize the pain was gone, and that he was now laying down on some very damp grass.