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cock vore rambles

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there is something so dark and hedonistic about a pred casually shoving his prey down his cock. depending on the pred’s size, the prey might have to travel a loooooong way down to arrive in the pred’s sack. personally i’m a fan of the foot first method, meaning the prey’s head is the last part hanging out, presumably struggling and whining. maybe they move around so much in there that their pred ends up climaxing, right then and there, and the mess surges into the prey and comes splurting out of their mouth

anyway, the prey eventually lands in the sack with a wet splat. now they’re covered in the slimy mess down there. who knows, they might be squirming around in the mess that used to be their friends. in my mind they immediately start struggling on the outer walls, making cute lil handprints and stuff as the pred gently rubs his sack.

there could be another character introduced here—an observer. maybe they’re a friend of the prey, or a friend of the pred. in the first case, the pred is probably smooshing their face (or their whole body, considering how small they might be) against the sack, covering them in the sweat and forcing them to smooth out all the bulges. but if they’re a fan of the pred, they might be on their knees, looking at where the prey inside might be struggling or whining, and pressing into it with their little hands, doing their part to make the prey digest quicker.

the prey notices that the level of splooge in there is slowly starting to rise, and maybe that’s when they really start to panic. like, maybe they were a bit curious about first coming down here, but given they are literally dripping with cum, i can understand the regret. and i find it pretty hot.

i like to imagine that during this time, as the prey is gradually becoming more and more concerned and struggling, the pred can either be nonchalant or way too into it. in my mind, the size difference is such that the pred’s balls are so huge with prey now that they have torn though whatever undies the pred might have had on. to the prey’s credit, they might be trying to yell and scream for help. unfortunately, that is no match for a pair of prey-starved balls, which are definitely starting to kick into high gear. the prey may find it more and more difficult to move as cum continues to cover them. much like the thick, digestive chyme an oral prey may face in the belly, made up of the remains of previous meals, the cum is nice and thick and glorpy, making it near impossible for the prey to move very far. and now the pred can rest his legs on it, gently pressing into the sack and smoothing it out with their paws. i call these beanbag balls, because of the approximate size of them by now. huge and stuffed, the sack forces the pred’s legs apart more and more, and they’re only getting louder and fatter.

as with oral vore, the struggles on the inside start to get weaker over time. the pred, on the other hand, might be more into it than ever. maybe he’s wrapped his hands around his thickened cock, starting to take advantage at all the predatory feelings racing through him. or maybe he rolls onto his belly, dizzying the prey inside as they’re suddenly upside down, making cum rain from above and cover them even more. it’s not enough for the pred to just watch it happen—now him want to actively take part in it. they could start to hump a pillow, with each thrust constraining the prey even more.

boiling in a warm sack like this, the prey may start to sloooowly lose shape by now. losing feeling in their different body parts as each and every part of them is soaked with cum. they’re probably so turned on in here that they’ve probably added their own contribution at least once, their fearboner having showed up as soon as they arrived and not disappearing since then. they could be almost in a hypnotic daze from the sensory overload of literally being trapped in a sexual organ.

the prey probably doesn’t have the will to struggle for much longer, though. they don’t have a watch, and if they happened to have their phone with them, it’s probably so soaked that it wouldn’t work. they can only judge how much time has passed by how little of themselves they can feel. to the pred, it could be 15 minutes or 15 hours. the sack is in its later stages now, and they can tell because they can’t hear the sound of the prey whimpering under that of their sack obliterating them. the last thing they hear, aside from the sloshing of the cum digesting them, is their pred moaning and huffing. and after however much time the prey spent struggling, eventually those whimpers come to complete silence. with a low, rumbling gurgle, the sack has finished its job, and now it appears completely lifeless aside from the occasional slosh or bubble. there are no bulges anymore, just some idle gurgling.

the pred has some options for how he might want to deal with the problem the prey caused for him. if he wants a trophy—“something to remember you by,” he might say—he might reach for a condom. a few more strokes might push him over the edge, but he can’t help but admit the prey did most of the work turning him on in the first place. regardless, he fills the thing to the best of their ability and tie it up. depending on how efficient his sack is, he might need to reach for two or three. and soon he’s got a warm, gooey pile to cuddle tonight in bed.

alternatively be might fall asleep, letting his balls keep working through the prey more and more. his dreams could be pretty wild considering everything, and he might only wake up as he’s shooting ropes on himself, which might take a while, considering how full the prey got him.

he takes care of himself one way or another, but that’s not the point. the point is that he—and his sack—knows that this wasn’t the first time and it probably won’t be the last.