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To Try Something New (I'll find I might actually like it)

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Diluc is not sure how he got himself into this. He’s not complaining, for sure, but it’s undoubtedly a perplexing experience if he does say so himself. He lays on his back, mostly exposed aside from plain black boxers, leaning into the pillows beneath him on Lisa’s bed. His arms are bound behind him in a crisscross pattern with soft but firm black silk. He’s confident if he was desperate he could get out of them, but would rather not incur his partners’ wrath. Lisa had suggested trying something new, and after a whirlwind of teasing, here he was. He’s pulled from his musings as Lisa enters and shuts the door with a click.

“My, my, my, don’t you look just delectable, my dear,” she says with a suggestive grin. Throat dry, Diluc swallows, eyes roaming her attire hungrily. She’s divested of her usual hat and dress, replaced with an entirely black ensemble: a long, sheer robe, lacy bra and panties, and silk, thigh-high stockings held in place by a tight leather garter. She saunters over to the bed, eyes raking over his form as she goes. “Like a present, just for me.” She settles beside his head on the mattress and reaches over to cup his face in her palm. “Now, you're very new to this, I know, so let’s go over what will happen in our scene tonight,” She brings her hand down to stroke his shoulders and chest. Diluc feels a shiver run through him.

“You mentioned last week you wanted to try delving more into kink… are we going further than our usual games?” Diluc asks. “I assume it has to do with my tied-up status?” Usually, it’s Jean who’s tied up and pampered, but he has to admit he was curious.

Lisa gives a slight chuckle, “Yes. Tonight is about de-stressing you. Unfortunately our dear Jean is all tied up at the office tonight, or she would be here to help out…” Her grin turns wicked. “...So I thought it would only be fair to tie you up as well.” Lisa pauses in smug contemplation as Diluc feels his body warm a few degrees at her words. “...Though this is probably quite a bit more literal than what Jean is going through.”

Diluc exhaled sharply. “So, you have me at your mercy all alone, then. Now what shall you do with me?” He returns with an answering smirk.

“Oh ho ho!” Lisa chuckles darkly. “I like your cheek, lovely. Now for our fun tonight, I thought we should try out some of the new toys I got for us.” She slides off the bed, opens one of her shelves, pulls out a small discrete bag, and glides back over. After settling herself on the bed, legs curled beside her and hand braced on the plush blanket, she pulls five objects from the bag and lays them on the duvet. “I want to try these out on you, dearest. I imagine you understand what they are, but we’ll go through them and what I want to do with them. Okay?” She begins petting his hair and drawing her finger through the unbound crimson locks.

Diluc exhales softly, closing his eyes and taking a moment to enjoy her hand in his hair. He wasn’t sure about having his arms bound, but he didn’t dislike it--and he did have to admit he enjoys Lisa’s ministrations. He glances at the supplies laid out beside him and begins to understand what Lisa has planned. “I’m certain I could guess what your intentions are, but feel free to tell me your plans.”

“Excellent. Now to start, I am going to use this--” she picks up a dildo with straps attached, “To fuck you.” Her lips twitch up at the little jerk Diluc’s cock gives as his body gets even warmer. “But that won’t be for a little while, my love; I have to get you nice and loose first. That’s where these--” after placing the strap-on down, she picks up a prostate massager, a remote control, and lube-- “Come into play. I’m going to ride your face while I play with this and loosen you up. Now, it’s a lot of stimulation, love, so I’m going to use this--” she gestures to the last object, a cock-ring “--to make sure it doesn’t end prematurely. I can’t let you off too easy, or you won’t be too tired to be stressed,” she says with a laugh. Though she scans Diluc’s face checking for any signs of displeasure. Pleasantly she didn’t find any, as Diluc had been getting more and more turned on as she spoke. Though submission was not his usual role, he was excited to try it.

“Hm... I am certainly interested enough to try it. Where do we start?” Diluc says finally, trying to keep composure, his half-hard cock betraying his excitement. Lisa leaned down and kissed him sweetly on the lips. Licking her lips, he deepens the kiss, but before he can get very far, she pulls away. She leaves chaste kisses leading down from jaw to his chest, leaving bursts of heat in her wake, and reaches to tease the waistband of his underpants. She crawls around the bed, her back making a delightful curve as her hips and breasts sway. She stops right between his legs and slowly pulls down his garments, leaving him exposed. After tossing the garment to the floor, she makes a show of ghosting her fingers down his thighs, enjoying how they tense as Diluc shivers slightly. Diluc desperately wishes she would go lower. It must show on his face because Lisa gives a little laugh while looking into his eyes and, while maintaining eye contact, leans down, gently grabbing the almost fully hard dick, kissing it right on the head. Diluc flushes at the sight and feeling of her soft lips and hand on his dick. She gives a teasing smile and opens the lube, squeezing some onto her hand and directly onto Diluc’s dick.
“AH! Watch it! That’s cold.” he scowls.

“Oh don’t be a baby; it’s not too bad,” Lisa replies, her grin wicked. She moves her unlubed hand onto his cock, and gives a sharp stroke, delighting in the startled sound Diluc makes. After two more strokes to get the shaft covered, she grabs the ring and swiftly slides it down to the base.

“Ah!” Diluc gasped, tilting his head back and shutting his eyes to the sensation. His eyes quickly snapped back open as he felt a cold finger rub around the rim of his asshole. When they snapped down to her, she seemed to delight in watching him react.

“Tell me, love, what are your safe words again?” Lisa says, voice teasing but eyes severe.

“You know exactly what my safewords are. You’re just looking for a way to tease me,” Diluc grumbles in reply. She hasn’t moved her hand since she put on the ring, now just holding the base, and the other one is circling slowly around the pucker in an almost maddening way.

“Maybe so, but humour me, my dear,” she says. “I love to hear your voice.”

“Fine.” Diluc sighs, “Lily for good, apple for slow down, and Hilichurl for full-stAH-” Diluc jerked as Lisa slid her finger into him to the second knuckle and gave his dick firm stroke.

“See~? Your voice is so lovely! How about we make a rule for our play tonight? You can’t hide your sweet little sounds from me, okay baby?” Lisa’s voice is teasingly musical, and her wicked little grin is by this point a permanent feature. The lack of stimulation and the foreign feeling of a finger inside him made him shift slightly. Knowing that Lisa wouldn’t move until he responded, he sighed and said.

“Whatever you want, just--” Diluc hates how pathetic and small his voice has become-- “please… give me more.” He looked up to the ceiling, embarrassed.

“Oh my~” Lisa teased. “You asked so nicely... how could I deny such a sweet request with my baby giving such a cute face~! You’re such a good boy.” She doesn’t give him time to respond before stroking him rapidly and curling her fingers, looking for a specific spot. Diluc gives a strangled moan at the stimulation, biting his lip, bound hands flexing and gripping the sheets below him. His arms were starting to feel numb and tingly from being pinned underneath him, but Diluc couldn’t care less; the friction on his dick was making him breathless. Suddenly a jolt of sensation rams through him, and he cries out, his legs twitching and his body tensing. He looks down at her, bewildered. “Oh ho? Looks like I found what I was looking for.”

Diluc breathes out heavily, aching even though they’ve just started. His gaze is hot and heavy. “Do that again.”

Lisa’s eyes narrow, “That’s not how we ask for things now, is it, baby?” She grips the base of his cock sharply, causing Diluc to wince.

Diluc grits his teeth. “Touch--touch me there again. Please, Lisa.” The Librarian takes mercy on him and loosens her grip, giving a couple soft strokes in reward.

“Now that is much better, love, but I think for tonight I want you to address me differently. What do you think, Diluc?”

“Please touch me there again,” Diluc blushes furiously. He knows exactly what she’s looking for. He can’t meet Lisa’s eyes. “M-Mommy.” He closes his eyes, mortified.

Lisa laughs and breaks character. “That’s even better than what I had in mind!” at Diluc’s betrayed face, she calms down. “Beautiful, wonderful, baby. You’re doing great. For being so good, you deserve a reward.” she adds more lube to where her finger is inserted and smoothly slides a second finger in and rubs the spot inside him that makes sparks fly under his eyelids, and picks the pace back up with both hands.

“Ah-AH!” Diluc's eyes squeeze shut, and his hips jerk, trying to move into both sensations. She lets him twitch and squirm as she winds him up, giving intermittently soft and hard presses to his prostate. When he’s sufficiently riled up again, Lisa removes her hands and he wimpers at the loss. After a few deep breaths, he tentatively relaxes, only to tense again when he feels something smooth and slightly larger than Lisa’s dainty fingers. The intrusion pushes in smoothly but slowly; the stretch is uncomfortable but not painful, and he shifts, trying to accommodate for it. After setting in fully, it rests just barely pressed to his prostate, just enough that he’d have to grind down onto it to get any actual stimulation. Well, at least until Lisa turns it on and to a high setting. It goes from not enough to almost too much all at once. Diluc arches off the bed with a startled moan. Unfortunately for him, that pushes the vibrator even deeper. Diluc squirms, panicked and overwhelmed, but feeling so, so, good. He lets out a long deep moan, back still tensed and arched. His cock is almost starting to ache; the tightness on the base adds to how overwhelmed he feels. Then, the vibrator stops, and Diluc is frozen in place from the aftershocks before going boneless like he’s a marionette with cut strings.

“Okay baby, I’ve set a pillow on the floor for you, we’re gonna give your arms a break for now. Can you sit up for me?” Diluc looks over to where Lisa is standing by the bed, eyes lidded, panting slightly. With effort, he complies, sitting up from where he was lying and shifting towards the edge of the bed with Lisa’s guidance. The feeling of the toy adjusting inside him sends sparks of pleasure as he moves, the now even more sensitive spot making him twitch. He slides forward and off the bed, landing hard on his knees despite the pillow below; the slight pain is grounding, making him feel less fuzzy around the edges.

Lisa guides his head in between her thighs, leaning back and tilting her hips up. Diluc belatedly notices that the panties and robe had been removed, leaving her dressed in the bra, stockings and garter. Her fingers gripping into his hair, she pushes his mouth to her folds, and Diluc follows eagerly, at least this, he knew how to do. He starts with kitten licks from the bottom of her opening, slowly working up to her clit. She gives an appreciating purr when he licks over her clit just right. He stops and places a messy open-mouth kiss on her clit. At Lisa’s fond giggle, Diluc dives back in with vigour, kissing, licking, and sucking all around her vulva, her hand gripped tightly in her hair.

It was meditative, the repetitive motion of giving Lisa pleasure, something that Diluc had done a thousand times, though, not usually under these circumstances. He was enjoying the lack of control; it was freeing, in some ways. After a little bit of the increasing rhythm, Lisa’s hums turned to moans. Her hand, gripping tightly to his head, pushes it closer to her sex. Diluc took the encouragement and eagerly lapped at her clit. The grip in his hair made him moan, and the vibration from it hit just right to tip Lisa just over the edge. She came on his face, and Diluc lapped it up. Cock aching between his legs. Eventually, when the stimulation became too much, Lisa pulled his face away, panting. He went smoothly, entranced. Lisa was beautiful, panting slightly; she looked down at him with such beautiful love, it made Diluc almost breathless.

The moment was broken when Diluc shifted and accidentally brushed his dick against the pillow beneath him, and the vibrator in pokes delicately at his prostate. He shivered at the feeling, and his hand twitched to try and relieve pressure; he was reminded of his bindings instead. He curses internally. With no other choices, he moves his hips again to get more friction. This gained the attention of Lisa above him.

“Oh baby, have I been neglecting you? And you’ve been so good for me too. Don’t worry, love, I have a solution.” with that, she turns the vibrator back on. It was lower than before, but that doesn’t mean much in terms of how Diluc feels. The vibrator was snug against his prostate this time, and it was much more stimulation. Diluc’s face scrunched under the onslaught. In his distraction, Lisa changes position, her hand finding its way to his chest, caressing it gently before quickly pinching his nipples. It’s so much, it’s so, so much--! Diluc lets out a cry and feels very close to cumming.

“Lisa! Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, ah-AH! Wait, I’m--” Diluc can’t complete his sentence over his moans as Lisa twists and pinches his nipples, and the vibrator mercilessly assaults his prostate. She pushes his face back between her thighs, but he can’t focus through the assault of pleasure, giving some sloppy kisses to her opening as his moans and whines are eaten up by her folds. It’s too much, he whites out, the sensation turning painful, and Diluc tenses, bracing for orgasm. Then it stops. Right on the edge, Lisa removes her hands and turns off the vibrator. Diluc lets out a loud whine, panting and shaking. It morphs into a full sob as everything inside him tingles from his tremors. Eyes glazed, with tears pooled in his eyes, Diluc looks up at Lisa. She looks very pleased.

“You’ve been so good, baby, so good, you’re so beautiful, gorgeous.” Lisa lightly strokes Diluc’s face, making him twitch in oversensitivity. The praise warms something in his core, and his head is delightfully quiet, not a thought in his head. He closes his eyes and leans into her touch, overstimulated tears dripping down, but heart warm and full. If not for the throbbing need between his legs, he could rest here forever. They rest there for a moment, Lisa obviously giving Diluc a moment of reprieve. “Hey love, I know that was a lot; I want to check-in and see how you’re feeling.” She says, tilting his head up to look at his face.

It takes him a moment to answer. Working through the fuzziness in his head and the dryness of his mouth. “M’good, very good. Lily.” He slurs, gazing back at her. He licks his lips in an attempt to wet them and tastes Lisa’s slick. She notices this.

“That’s very good, baby, thank you for telling me. Would you like a drink of water, love?” She says softly.

“Yes, please.” Diluc replies.

“Hmm, yes please who, darling?” she teases gently, petting him softly.

“Yes, please, Mommy,” he says, far too blissed-out to blush at the title. His glazed eyes look up at her adoringly. This time it’s Lisa’s turn to blush. What a treat. He looks lovely between her thighs, almost blissed out. She grabs the water glass on her bedside table and tips the cup, so the water flows past his slack lips. After a couple of swallows, she places the glass down and leans down to kiss him softly on the mouth, hands reaching under his shoulders and pulling to lead him up. He goes shakily and gets to his feet. She reaches behind him and tugs the ribbons binding him loose, and his arms fall slowly to his sides. Lisa leads him back onto the bed and lays him on his front. He twitches at the stimulation on his dick and tries to rut into it, forgetting about his unbound hands that lay just above his head.

“Ah ah ah! be patient for a little longer, baby, then you can have whatever you want.” Lisa says, grabbing his hip, stilling the motion. He lets out a sob, hands gripping the sheet. She cards a hand down his back as she shushes him. There are sounds of shuffling behind him, but Diluc is focused on not moving his hips. The unmoving press of the bed against him is torture. He’s just about desperate when Lisa returns to his side. She kisses his shoulder and slides the vibrator out. Diluc grits his teeth and holds the sheets tighter. Lisa pulls his hips up and away from the bed and spreads his legs. “You ready baby?”

Diluc nods, sobs out a “Please.”

With that permission, Lisa lines up the strap on and slowly presses into his loose hole. The fit is snug, but he was well prepared. He lets out a long, low moan as it slides deep. When her hips press up against his ass, Lisa stops. “Lisa, no, please. Please, more. I need more. Please, Lisa, anything--!” Diluc begs, so far gone that he perceived nothing beyond her inside of him and the ache in his cock.

“Well, I wasn’t planning to use this tonight, but if you really need it….” Lisa says. She reaches down and presses on the bulb that was on the cock ring. Vibrations ripple through Dilucs already sensitive prick, and he cries out in a wordless yell. Shaking and bucking his hips, Diluc lets out a litany of moans and sobs, interspersed with incomprehensible cries of Lisa’s name. Seeing Diluc begin to lose it, Lisa started to thrust her hips hard, adding more pleasure. Diluc was unravelling; he could feel everything and nothing all at once, thoughts jumbled and fleeting, he felt assaulted from all sides by pleasure, so close to the peak, but Lisa gave him no reprieve. Her thrusts went stronger and sharper, consuming Diluc in waves of pleasure. Lisa shifted in her thrusts, hitting his prostate dead-on, and Diluc screamed out in ecstasy. Eyes wide, staring at nothing, Diluc full out cried, sobbing out for release. Lisa reaches under him, giving his neglected dick a few quick pumps before quickly removing the ring. His back arched as Diluc shook violently apart, silent scream caught in his throat. Cum splattered all over Lisa’s hand as she stroked him through his orgasm, prolonging it. As he came down, he slumped forward, and Lisa unclipped the strap-on and tossed it to the side. She crawled up and laid beside him, gently flipping him over and holding him as he came down.

“You were so good baby, so, so good for me, you made me feel so good, you were so beautiful.” A litany of praise fell from Lisa’s lips as she rested with him. He felt floaty and calm, he might be embarrassed later, but right now, there was only bliss and Lisa’s praise. After a bit, he fully settled, and his shaking calmed. Lisa sat up and got his attention. “Hey love, would you like a bath? I know that was intense. We can get you all cleaned up and spend some more time cuddling.” Diluc probably would have done just about anything for her at that moment. She was gorgeous, so wonderful. However, he felt like jelly and was unsure if he could get up. She seemed to sense this, and when he nodded but didn’t move, she took matters into her own hands. She slid out of bed and walked over to his side, placing a hand under his shoulder blades and under his knees. She heaved him up without a care.

Having been manhandled by her and Jean before, this was no surprise, but he always got a thrill whenever Lisa lifted him with ease. He’s certainly not light. However, Diluc was thoroughly worn out, so he just lay limp, enjoying her embrace. She entered the bathroom and rested him down on the toilet. He rests on the chilled ceramic as Lisa gets the bath ready. When the tub is filled, she grabs two hair ties and ties both of their hairs into messy buns, and picks him up and lays him in the hot bath before divesting herself of her remaining garments and sliding in with him. Kneeling between his legs, Lisa uses a washcloth to clean him of sweat and lube, careful with his sensitive parts. As she worked, Diluc just lay in bliss, His muscles were sore from tensing, and the hot water was doing wonders for it. Lisa’s ministrations lulled him into an almost sleep, and before he knew it, she had finished and was getting out to dry herself, pulling him out and towelling him dry. He loses time between being dried to the trip to the bed, but when he rises to the surface away from sleep, Lisa is nestled beside him, stroking his chest. He turns over and cups her face, pulling her in for a long sweet kiss. Diluc then curls in and rests his head upon her breast, eyes falling closed and drifting into slumber. A little while later, he hears the door open, and a quiet conversation over his head, Lisa’s soft words vibrate through her chest as she speaks, and Diluc reluctantly cracks an eye open to see what’s going on. Jean is home; she’s putting on her nightgown. She walks over and slides into bed behind him, and he rolls over to give her a kiss; she gives it sweetly, and strokes his hair and settles in beside him. He drifts off like that, between the loves of his life and sleeps. He may not be sure how he got so lucky, but damn is Diluc glad he’s here.