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predator corruption rambles

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can we just take a second to appreciate predator corruption?
like, yeah, predators who have always been “evil” are a lot of fun, i’m not disputing that. but that sort of fall from grace from upstanding citizen to depraved, hungry maniac can make the predator all the more satisfying as a character. here are a few examples of what i mean.

shy, easygoing dude is dating a smaller guy who has recently developed an interest in vore. maybe the smaller dude has seen it online, maybe they heard about one of their friends getting vored, but the friend totally made it out alive. whatever the case, the small dude ends up bringing it up to his boyfriend, to which his boyfriend is initially hesitant. but after some discussion and convincing, the boyfriend finally gives in and allows his partner to be his prey. and surprise! they both like it; the prey isn’t too against being in the belly, but the pred is actually way, way more into it than either of them expected. only problem is that they didn’t actually consider whether the pred actually knows how to get the prey out. or even reform him. what makes this even better if the idea that the predator’s belly is actually a lot stronger than either of them expected. so his stomach starts going all-in on the prey, who was initially into it but is now not so sure. and as soon as the prey starts squirming, struggling, whining, the pred just shhh’s them and gets comfortable in bed, watching with morbid curiosity as all the little lumps and bulges slowly fade away, and suddenly he’s left with his beach ball belly. he might feel regret for it. his conscience might be telling him no, but his hunger. his hunger is telling him to go look for seconds.

something similar would be a guy who witnesses a vore situation in a secluded area. maybe he’s walking past an alley at night. hearing something strange, he takes a glance inside, and all he sees are a pair of hands reaching out of a huge, drooling maw in the shadows. yet with one loud gulp, the sound of a belly kicking into high gear suddenly takes over. the witness knows, deep down, that he should be afraid. he should try to go save the guy somehow, or get help, or do anything, but he’s transfixed. and maybe the predator, noticing him, encourages him to come take a look. the witness slowly approaches, and the predator casually grabs the witness’ hand and lays it upon his squirming belly. now, this allows the witness to feel that sensation of someone trapped inside what is basically an inescapable position, and when he curiously pushes his hand deeper into the belly, the stomach lets out a deep gurrrrgle that ultimately leads to a pretty toxic burp. in observing all this, the witness is still curious about all this. but maybe there’s also a bit of...jealousy? it looks easy enough, right? maybe they want to feel that squirming too, but on the inside of their own tummy. and maybe, just maybe, as they look up at this predator, who seems to be so distracted with his struggling victim that he seems to have forgotten about the witness... maybe he’s found his first target.

hypnosis is always fun. i’m imagining a duo--a feedee and his feeder, focusing on just fun stuffing so far. maybe they’ve had this arrangement for a while and they’re loving it. but one of them decides they want to mix it up a little bit. what about introducing some hypnosis into it? the feedee’s been hitting a wall lately and this might be a way to help him get past it. so the feeder sets it up, feedee goes under, and for a while it’s a lot of fun! but the feeder is surprised pretty quickly--not only did their partner just eat all that food, that quickly, but he seems to still be hungry. the feedee is apparently too hungry and impatient to allow his feeder to order some more DoorDash or whip something else up. so, in one fell swoop, he easily picks them up and downs them in one bite. and immediately after this, the feedee-turned-pred gets that truly stuffed feeling that he had been craving. he lets out a tired yawn. the prey, on the other hand, is clearly still struggling inside, but after having fed the pred all this food, they can hardly even move around inside! they’re effectively packed tight with all the food they’d made their boyfriend eat. and as all that food starts to digest, the prey has no choice but to join it, seeing as it seems like their boyfriend’s gonna be asleep for quite a while...