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oral vore rambles

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this is not an account for safe vore--if you’re not into fatal stuff, that’s fair, but you’re probably not going to like this post and others. this stuff is also going to be usually furry in nature, just so y’know.

what i like about oral, or any type of vore, is the callousness of somebody eating and destroying an entire person, contrasted with the casualness of the prey just being a meal.

you've ideally got a prey who is naïve, innocent, concerned, confusedly aroused, or a combination of all four. maybe they're initially willing or curious, maybe not. ideally they’re a bit smaller than the predator, but still big enough that eating them is not necessarily an easy feat for the pred.

then there's the predator. they might lie and pretend to be safer than they actually are (more on that in a future post). or just be an outright dominant predator who literally does not care what the prey thinks as long as they get a meal.

i guess my point is that i like unknowing or reluctant prey being paired with preds who absolutely know what they're doing and will do whatever it takes to get it. anywhere from teasing their prey, bullying them, chasing them, harassing them, stalking, all of that stuff is on the table. insatiable predators are an automatic win.

now that we have our players, it’s time to add in the belly. i like it when a pred's stomach is not just any old belly--it’s more accurate to compare it to a garbage disposal, trash compactor, incinerator, cauldron, or something similar. this predator might be found swallowing soda cans when they’re done drinking. or maybe their roomie uses them as a secondary trash can, since they can digest pretty much anything that disappears down their throat and leave nothing but a burp. regardless, when they decide to use that thing against a person, especially one who likely has no idea what they're up against, that is perfection.

finally there's the actual act of digestion itself--turning a prey from a living creature to meat soup in an inhospitable stomach. the image of a satisfied pred, ghosting their paws across their belly as the prey struggles, is a very, very hot one. or maybe they’re actively pushing down on it, constraining the prey into an ever-shrinking space. over time, the bulges get weaker and the screams and whimpers become quieter. no more struggling, no more shouting. just the sounds of the pred panting in lust and their belly lazily pumping the sludge down deeper into themselves. it's just a huge, sloshing tub of juices with no sign of life. the pred smacks it lightly a few times, and it sounds full. it sounds heavy, and weighty, and the pred can add another name to their stomach’s list of victims...

anyway, that’s a basic overview of the sort of thing i’m gonna talk about here. hope you enjoy! feel free to dm me to talk more about this stuff.