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During the summer break, the Rollins family and the Benson family went on a family trip to France.
This school year
Noah is now in 4th grade.
Jesse is now in 1st grade.
Aniyah was supposed to be in 10th grade, but now she is in 11th grade.
Over the summer, Amanda and Carisi also moved together.
They moved into a five bedroom and 4 bathroom house.
Present time
Victoria Lillian Rollins placed up for adoption eleven years ago. She has been in and out of group homes and foster homes ever since she was four years old. Today she was finally going to meet her birth mother. All she knew about her was that her name was Amanda Rollins and that she worked at the Manhattan Special Victims Unit. She stood right outside of the 16th precinct.
Amanda was sitting at her desk working on a case when Victoria walked into the squad room. She looked just like Aniyah. It made her think about her other daughter, who is Aniyah’s twin sister, who died a few minutes after she gave birth to her.
“Excuse me, may I please speak to Amanda Rollins.” Victoria said
Amanda stood up and walked over to where Victoria was standing.
“Hello, I’m Amanda Rollins. How may I help you?” Amanda asked.
“I’m not here to report a rape or anything. Can we please speak in private?” Victoria asked
“Sure, follow me into a room.” Amanda said as they walked to the room next to Olivia’s office.
“What do you need to tell me?” Amanda asked
“I’m your daughter Victoria Rollins.” Victoria said
When Victoria said that she was her daughter, Amanda’s stomach dropped to the ground.
Amanda wanted to say that she had confused someone with her, but after inspecting Victoria, she noticed that Victoria looked just like Aniyah.
“Here is my birth certificate.” Victoria said as she handed Amanda the certificate.
Amanda read the certificate.
Tears streamed down her face.
Her baby girl was alive.
“Victoria, I can’t believe you are alive. I thought you were dead.” Amanda said,
“Well, I’m alive.” Victoria said.
“Now I know you are alive, I’m going to find out who took you away from me.” Amanda said as Aniyah walked into the squad room.
“Hi mom.” Aniyah said as she walked over to her mom’s desk.
“Hi, baby girl.” Amanda said,
Aniyah looked over at Victoria and noticed that they looked just like each other.
“Who is she?” Aniyah asked
“She is your twin sister, Victoria. Victoria, this is your sister Aniyah.” Amanda said,
“Nice to meet you.” Victoria said,
“Nice to meet you too.” Aniyah said as she looked at her mom confused.
“Well then, would you like to join us for some lunch? We can get to know each other better.” Aniyah said with a smile on her face.
“Yes, I would love to.” Victoria said,
“Great, then let’s get going.” Amanda said.
30 minutes later, they arrived at the Six Seven restaurant.
After they ordered their food, Victoria broke the silence.
“So Aniyah, do you do after-school sports or clubs?” Victoria asked
“Yeah. In the fall time I do Cheerleading. I’m actually the team captain this season. In the wintertime, I play basketball. In the springtime I do track. And I’m also on the Diversity Council and Student Council. How about you?” Aniyah asked
“In the fall time I also do Cheerleading. In the wintertime I do competitive dance. During the springtime I do lacrosse. And I’m also on the student council too.” Victoria said,
“Cool. So what high school are you going to?” Amanda asked
“Silver Valley High School.” Victoria said
“What school do you go to, Aniyah?” Victoria asked
“Meadows High.” Aniyah said
“Cool.” Victoria said
“Victoria, what grade are you in?” Amanda asked
“11t grade.” Victoria said.
“Same.” Aniyah said as her phone rang.
“I have to get back to school to set up for cheer tryouts. Bye Victoria. Bye mom. Love you.” Aniyah said,
“Bye.” Victoria said
“Love you too, Aniyah.” Amanda said as she watched her daughter walk off.
“So Victoria, how is the family that took you in? Are they good to you?” Amanda asked
“I have never been adopted. I was in and out of foster homes for 11 years. My foster parents now aren’t the greatest, but I have learned to live with it.” Victoria said,
“What do you mean, they aren’t the greatest? Have they hurt you?” Amanda asked
“I don’t really want to talk about that now.” Victoria said
“Okay that okay. You can tell me when you are ready.” Amanda said,
“Victoria, I want to talk to a lawyer about getting you back. Would you want to live with me permanently?” Amanda asked
“Yes.” Victoria said
“Okay then, let’s finish up with lunch then we can head back to the precinct.” Amanda said,
“Okay.” Victoria said
“Beside Aniyah, you have two other sisters. Jesse 5 and Billie, 2.” Amanda said.
“Cool.” Victoria said
“Also, when we get back to the precinct, you might meet your grandmother. She is the captain of SVU. Captain Olivia Benson. She also has a son named Noah 8.” Amanda said
“Also cool. Victoria said,
Half an hour later,
The precinct
Amanda told Victoria to go and sat at her desk while she went and talked to Carisi.
Victoria sat down at Amanda’s desk and saw photos of Aniyah, Jesse, and Billie.
She just smiled, knowing that she was finally with her mom and her sisters.
Amanda and Carisi
Amanda told Carisi everything. Carisi was super surprised to hear that Amanda had another daughter.
“You have a very good chance at getting her back because you never gave her up for adoption.” Carisi said
“That’s great.” Amanda said,
“I know this might be a lot. But how are you doing?” Carisi said.
“I’m fine. I think Aniyah is a little mad that I never told her about her twin sister.” Amanda said,
“Yeah, but she might also be happy that she has someone her age around the house now.” Carisi said
“Yeah.” Amanda said
“Great, now tell her the good news.” Carisi said as Amanda walked out of the room and into the squad room.
“Victoria has some great news. You are coming home with me, sweetheart.” Amanda said, boyfriend,
“Awesome.” Victoria said
“Great, also I live with my boyfriend, Carisi. He is actually the ADA here.” Amanda said,
“Cool.” Victoria said
“Just give me a few minutes then we can go home.” Amanda said.
“Okay.” Victoria said
Two hours later,
But before they were home, Amanda took Victoria shopping for clothes.
Amanda and Carisi household
“Home sweet home.” Amanda said,
“Mommy.” Jesse and Billie said as they ran over to Amanda and gave her a big hug.
“Hi babies.” Amanda said,
“Guy, I want y’all to meet your older sister and Aniyah’s twin sister, Victoria. Victoria, these are you sisters Jesse and Billie.” Amanda said
“Hi.” Victoria said
“Hi!.” Jesse and Billie said at the same time.
“Is Aniyah here?” Amanda asked
“No, but Noah and Gammy are here.” Jesse said,
“Okay.” Amanda said as they walked into the living room and said Olivia and Noah sitting on the couch.
“Hi, Liv and Noah. I have someone I would like you two to meet. Victoria, this is your grandmother Liv and your uncle Noah. Guys, this is Victoria, my daughter and Aniyah’s twin sister.” Amanda said,
“Nice to meet you.” Victoria said,
“Nice to meet you too, sweetheart.” Olivia said,
“Liv, do you know where Aniyah is?” Amanda asked
“No, she told me she would be back before 8 PM.” Olivia said
“Okay, I’m going to show Victoria around. Follow me.” Amanda said as she walked around the house.
After showing Victoria the house, she showed where her room was at. Victoria’s room was just right next to Aniyah's room.
A few hours later,
Olivia and Noah had left to go home. Carisi had gotten back home from work a few hours ago. And Aniyah just got back home too.
After everyone eats dinner, they are got ready for bed.
Amanda had gotten up to get a cup of water when she heard a scream coming from Victoria’s room. She ran upstairs to Victoria's room.
“STOP PLEASE! IT HURT! PLEASE DON’T!” Victoria screamed
Amanda tried to wake Victoria up.
“Victoria honey, wake up! It’s just a dream.” Amanda said as she touched Victoria Shoulder.
She then opened her eyes.
“Mom.” Victoria said
“It’s okay honey, it was just a nightmare. You are sad. No one cares to hurt you.” Amanda said as she pulled her into her chest.
She sobbing into Amanda’s chest until she fell asleep.
Amanda lay both of them down and soon or later Amanda also fell asleep with her daughter in her arms.