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The Carwash One

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It was a lazy Saturday afternoon when Adore’s phone vibrated next to her on the couch.

Willow: “YOU BUSY?”
Brat ❤️: “Not really. What’s up?”
Brat ❤️: “Aw does grandma need help carrying her groceries? 👵🏽”

Willow: “🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽“

Willow: “I’LL BE THERE IN 20”

Brat❤️: “Why do you always type in caps?? It’s like you’re yelling at me!”

Willow: “I AM”

20 minutes later Adore and Bianca were on their way to store. Well, several stores. They stopped at multiple fabric stores, the grocery store, and a crystal shop (by special request of Adore of course). Now all that was left was the gas station.

While filling her car with gas, Bianca noticed how dirty it was. Can’t be caught driving around Palm Springs with a car this dirty, she thought.

“We’re going to the car wash!” Bianca announced when she re-entered the car.

“What? No!” Adore exclaimed, a little too loudly. She had never mentioned this to Bianca, but Adore had an irrational fear of car washes ever since she had gotten trapped in one with her mom when she was a child.

“No?” Bianca asked, confused by Adore’s reaction.

“I mean…can we just go home please? I like really have to pee.” Adore pleaded. It was a dumb excuse and Adore knew it, but she currently felt too embarrassed to express her weird little fear to the older queen.

“There’s a bathroom right there.” Bianca told her, pointing to the gas station building.

“But I don’t wanna go in there.” Adore whined, wrinkling up her nose.

Bianca didn’t blame her. Gas station bathrooms could be a bit questionable to say the least.

“We’ll be quick then.” Bianca said, starting the car and pulling around to the back of the building where the car washes were.

Adore stayed silent, knowing there was no getting out of this without telling the truth. The logical side of her brain knew Bianca wouldn’t judge her fear, but the overthinking side kept her mouth clamped shut in embarrassment.

By the time the pair had made their way through the line of cars, Adore was near tears. They were next and she was going to die in there.

Bianca could tell something was off by the way Adore was silently gripping her phone with white knuckles, but before she got the chance to ask, the door opened in front of them signaling for them to pull inside.

As soon as the door shut behind them and the water started pounding against the sides of the car, Bianca heard a strangled whimpering noise come from the passenger seat.

Her gaze immediately turned to the younger queen who was visibly shaking and had tears pouring down her cheeks.

“Shit. Shit! Hey, what’s going on?” Bianca asked, feeling slightly panicked now as she noticed that it looked like Adore was struggling to breathe.

“I c-can’t-“ Adore gasped, nails clawing at her seatbelt as if it was crushing her.

Bianca quickly reached over the center console, pressing the release button on Adore’s seatbelt, watching as her friend tore it off her body before latching her hands onto Bianca’s arm in panic.

“Hey, I need you to breathe. Can you do that for me? Deep breaths babygirl.” Bianca tried to comfort.

Adore gasped, trying to get enough air but she couldn’t. She couldn’t. The water was pounding against the outside of the vehicle but it felt like it was filling her lungs and choking her.

“Adore…Danny, listen to me. Take a deep breath. You can do it.” Adore heard Bianca say, feeling a reassuring hand rubbing up and down her tattooed arm.

Focusing on Bianca’s touch, she tried again to take a breath, this time feeling more air enter her lungs.

“That’s it baby, do it again.” Bianca encouraged, continuing to stroke her arm.

With the help of Bianca, she repeated the action several more times until her hyperventilating calmed to intense, but controllable sobs.

“What’s wrong? Why is this happening?” Bianca calmly asked her.

“I’m scared of-“ Adore started, voice getting cut off by a car horn honking behind them. They both looked up, only to find that the doors had opened and the car behind them was waiting for them to move forward.

“Go. Go!” Adore exclaimed, fumbling to re-buckle her seatbelt.

Bianca rushed to shift the car into drive and drove out into the parking lot, pulling into a spot.

“You were scared of the carwash?” Bianca asked, turning to face Adore.

Adore nodded slightly, shrinking in her seat to avoid Bianca’s gaze.

“It’s…it’s stupid. When I was a kid, I went in one with my mom and the doors broke. We were stuck in there for like 30 minutes and my brothers thought it was funny but it wasn’t! It was so small and I couldn’t breathe and-“ Adore’s voice cracked.

“It’s okay…I’m sorry that happened.” Bianca said, reaching over to hold Adore’s hand.

Adore took a shaky breath. “My mom took me out for ice cream after to calm me down…my brothers didn’t get any cause they made fun of me but it still was NOT cool.”

“Well, you’re safe now…and for once I’m not gonna make fun of you.” Bianca told her, lightly chuckling at the last part of Adore’s story.

“You don’t think I’m stupid?” Adore asked, wiping her tears on her sleeve.

“Depends on the context.” Bianca joked. “I just wish you would’ve told me before so we could’ve avoided that whole situation.”


“It’s okay. Now I know for next time. Any other unique fears I should know about?”

Adore thought for a second before cringing. “Roaches. I fucking hate roaches.”

“Got it. No roaches.” Bianca replied, squeezing Adore’s hand. “Should I take you out for ice cream now?”

“Stop.” Adore said, playfully rolling her eyes.

“So you don’t want ice cream?”

“I didn’t say that.”