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Jealous Cupcake

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Caitlyn could almost navigate Zaun on her own by this point even with Vi at her side, she was often the one leading them down streets and alleyways. Vi found this charming giving how she would constantly be smiling whenever Caitlyn would look back to see if Vi was still behind her. The Undercity was slowly becoming more developed thanks to Caitlyn and other council members who donated money to help uplift Zaun but that did not stop the crime lords from plotting to take more. 


Vi and Caitlyn have been working on a case for over a month now to take down one of these bosses who had been disguising a shimmer production facility in a school but when Caitlyn and Vi arrived at school they found it wasn't even that but rather a club with skeevy looking patrons. 


Caitlyn immediately felt out of her element studying the customers flowing through the doors, they looked dangerous not to mention Caitlyn with her sharp eye could see the effects of shimmer glowing in some of their eyes. 


"Uhm Vi…" Caitlyn began but Vi was already making her way to the entrance. 


Caitlyn scowled at her. 


Vi was so confident as she strode and talked to the bouncer, Caitlyn on the other hand was a nervous mess. In all their travels across the Undercity, Caitlyn had never seen this rough part of the city. 


"Who's this?" The bouncer snarled showing his sharp teeth, his slit eyes studied Caitlyn hungrily. 


"None of your business." Caitlyn snapped back at him. 


Vi smiled from Caitlyn's side and stuffed her bandaged hands in her jacket pockets. 


"Fiesty!" The bouncer chuckled and clapped his hands before moving to the side. "Don't piss off anyone in there, princess."


Caitlyn pursed her lips but Vi was already motioning her to walk through the door. 


"That was the easy part." Vi explained wrapping an arm around Caitlyn when a group of Zaunites gave them a scowl. 


They continued down the neon graffiti hallway, following the heavy bass of music until they entered an old chamber factory with a square shaped bar at the center, above the bar attached to ropes were dancers. Caitlyn was almost impressed by the design of the dark and purple lit club when she felt someone who definitely wasn't Vi grab her ass. Caitlyn jumped at the action but not before Vi had grabbed the hand of the creep and by the sounds of it broke his wrist. 


Caitlyn stared in awe at Vi's reflexes and strength but they were already moving towards an empty booth. 


"You okay?" Vi asked smoothly, she sat next to Caitlyn with her arms hanging above the couch cushions. "People here use any excuse to grab a feel."


Caitlyn raised a brow. 


"Why can't our targets be at a garden or even in the bloody toilet for all I care." Caitlyn scoffed crossing her arms and studying the dancing crowds. 


"What next, Cupcake?" Vi asked after a soft laugh. "We blend in?" 


Caitlyn rubbed her temples in thought. 


"Alfonso drinks regularly here." Caitlyn explained. "Usually at the VIP booth."


Vi nodded and scanned the place. 


"Evening ladies." said a woman with wavy green hair and purple eyes, she had tattoes on her neck and was barely wearing any clothing, and to Caitlyn's annoyace eyeing Vi hungrily. "I believe you owe me a dance."


Vi raised a brow at the woman before her lips quirked into a smile. 


"How about I buy you a drink?" Vi bit her lip. 


Caitlyn was seething at her side watching the exchange. All she wanted to do was tell off this gorgeous green haired girl. It took Caitlyn a moment to notice that Vi wasn't even talking to the woman. 


Vi's icy blue eyes were on Caitlyn alone. 


The green haired girl huffed before she walked away. 


"Me?" Caitlyn asked pointing to herself. 


Vi smiled beautifully, it sent firelights to Caitlyn's belly. 


"We should blend in. Drinking blends in, maybe a bit of dancing too." Vi explained softly leaning into Caitlyn. "I can't dance for shit though."



Caitlyn immediately felt herself relax, Vi always knew what to say to relax Caitlyn especially when they were in Zaun territory.


"I can show you a move or two?" Caitlyn offered. "I took dance classes as a girl."


"Of course you did." Vi laughed getting out of the booth. "Let me just grab us some drinks first."


Caitlyn watched Vi  walk over to the bar, her jacket fitted her so well showing off her broad back, her forearms on display. Caitlyn bit her lip when she was broken from her leering. To her left the crowd made way for a group of four men, they had piercings and were covered on markings that Caitlyn immediately recognized as their target's henchmen. Caitlyn watched from the side as they made their way upstairs to the second floor and from there Caitlyn finally saw their target, Alfonso with a dancer on his lap.


Caitlyn turned to Vi who was still leaning against the bar but she wasn't alone. Caitlyn scowled as the green haired girl ran a hand up Vi's arm to her shoulder and curled a lock of pink hair around her finger. Caitlyn found herself staring daggers at the woman flirting with Vi and what's worse Vi was smiling and leaning into her. 


"Fine." Caitlyn said to herself getting out of the booth. "I'll do it myself."


Caitlyn walked passed the pink and green haired women engaged in conversation. 


"-now that you're alone." The green haired woman said to Vi. 


"Gonna take me somewhere private?" Vi flirted, her eyes promising something. 


"I know just the place." 


With that the green haired woman took Vi's hand and lead them through the crowd but not before Vi caught Caitlyn's eyes. Vi looked like a deer caught in headlights, Caitlyn on the other hand turned her gaze away almost immediately as she made her way up the stairs. 


"No entry!" The guard at the top of the stairs blurted, his voice boomed and Caitlyn almost jumped out of her skin. 


"I have a meeting with Alfonso." Caitlyn explained, up close the guard's eyes glowed yellow and his scaly skin glittered purple. "H-he is expecting me."


The guard seemed to study Caitlyn for a long moment before he moved to the side. 


Caitlyn took about three steps before she was shoved against a wall with her hands behind her back. 


"Think we haven't heard of you?" The guard hissed, his grip a vice on Caitlyn's arms. "Wannabe Piltie and the enforcer thinking you own our town."


Caitlyn winced as her wrists were binded and she was shoved further down the open floor where Caitlyn could see Alfonso staring at her with a sparkle in his eyes. He didn't let the dancer on his lap go but instead held her closer. 


"Kiramman." Alfonso hissed, his split tongue touching his thick lips. "A spider caught in a snake's jaws."


Caitlyn rolled her eyes. 


"Can we just get to the chase." Caitlyn begged already cutting the binds from her wrists with the small knife she kept in her cuff. "I plan to get home early and into a bubble bath."


Alfonso chuckled before he waved off the dancer. As he stood Caitlyn could see that he was twice the size of the guard currently at her side, Alfonso's scaly skin was a deep green and his eyes dark purple but not from shimmer. 


"You really thought you could walk into my club. Sit on my turf. Without me knowing." Alfonso's hissing got worse.


Caitlyn hoped that Vi was somewhere safe. 


"People died because of you." Caitlyn frowned, her binds almost free. "You'll be rotting in a cell soon so enjoy your club as long as you can."


Alfonso laughed and in a blur moved and grabbed Caitlyn's neck. Caitlyn choked as she was lifted off the floor before she was tossed against the wall. Caitlyn groaned at the impact and felt the air leave her lungs. 


"Ow." Caitlyn groaned. 


"Ah, here comes your partner." Alfonso chuckled darkly. 


Caitlyn looked up and saw Vi being dragged on her knees, her nose was bleeding and she looked unconscious. 


"Vi!" Caitlyn yelled, feeling the binds give way but she kept her hands behind her back. "Don't touch her!" 


The green haired girl stalked up from the stairs and grinned wickedly, her hands running through Vi's hair and giving it a tug, Vi's throat was left exposed at the action. 


"This one is smart." The green haired girl explained. "Almost had me convinced I had her in my grasp."


Vi groaned. 


"I said don't touch her!" Caitlyn demanded getting to her knees. "I'm from the topside. It's me you want."


Alfonso studied Caitlyn for a moment. 


"Your partner here isn't one of us." He said. "Not when she is fucking a Piltie."


Caitlyn winced at that. 


"I tried really hard too." The green haired girl prodded Caitlyn. "Laid on my charm thick but she only had eyes for you."


"You have about as much charm and a floater in the shitter." Vi spat, she was coming to which was good, they may have a chance now. 


"What shall we do with them boss?" The guard asked.


"Let's hang their pretty faces outside for all to see." Alfonso chuckled. 


"One problem with that." Vi explained, her eyes clearer. "I really like her pretty face where it is."


In a blink Vi had kicked the guard off the second floor, he let out a cry as he fell followed by the sound of a table and glass breaking on the ground floor. The moment stunned Alfonso and the green haired woman long enough for Caitlyn to grab her. Caitlyn wrapped her arm around the woman's neck squeezing hard enough to choke as she clawed and shimmied trying to break out of Caitlyn's vice grip.

Vi laughed as she raised her bandaged hands and in a quick move delivered a hard punch to Alfonso's gut. Alfonso hissed angrily, the blow threw him back by a bit before he was stalking his way up to Vi again. 


"Go to bloody sleep!" Caitlyn groaned as the woman still struggled against her lockhold. 


"Fuck…you…" The woman husked before she went limp. 


Caitlyn waited a moment before she let the woman go but not after checking for a pulse. Vi had taught her how to knock out with a choke hold whenever they sparred at the Kiramman mansion. The sparring sessions were invigorating, Caitlyn had never felt so challenged in hand to hand combat, Vi was quick and brutal but also quick thinking and knew how to take a punch. 


Caitlyn turned her attention to the pink haired Zaunite who was being punched by a thick scaly hand that had to hurt. Vi waited for the second blow before she grabbed the arm and with her weight pushed into the momentum until Alfonso's arm twisted and let out a painful crack. Alfonso howled and took a knee with the shock of pain as Vi had dislocated his arm. Vi smirked and turned to Caitlyn before giving her a wink. 


"Really think I was into salad hair?" Vi panted dodging as Alfonso made a move to swipe at her. 


"No." Caitlyn lied, reaching into her backpack and pulling out her rifle setting it to the capture mode. 


Alfonso growled. 


"Fucking kill me now!" Alfonso said annoyed standing and his good arm made to smash down at Vi who quickly blocked the attack but it left her kneeling. 


"Now would be a great time, Caitlyn." Vi whined, feeling her resolve failing.


"What happened with salad hair then?" Caitlyn scowled taking aim and pulling the trigger. A net shot out and instantly captured Alfonso in an inescapable grip, Jayce and Viktor promised. "Show her the rest of your tattoes?" 


Vi stopped suddenly and turned to Caitlyn with a wide smile, her eyes sparkling in amusement. 


"Are you jealous, Cupcake?"


Caitlyn's shoulders fell and she could feel her cheeks redden. 


"No." Caitlyn blushed. 


"Just get me away from them!" Alfonso begged his customers who had by now already left the excitement of the club fortunately Alfonso still had guards who were quickly making their way up the stairs. 


"You're jealous!" Vi laughed and punched the first guard up the steps sending him toppling back to the rest, they piled at the bottom of the steps groaning.


"Shut up." Caitlyn rolled her eyes trying to drag Alfonso to the edge of the broken railing. 


"You think I'd do that to you?" Vi said thoughtfully. "Didn't you find it strange how out of the whole crowd, she came to us?"


Caitlyn wasn't thinking about that. 


"Of course I did." Caitlyn lied again giving up on dragging Alfonso and instead picked off the guards shooting at them from the ground floor. 


"Doesn't… Sound… Like… It…" Vi panted, each word followed by the sound of her fist meeting flesh. 


"Now is really not the time for this." Caitlyn huffed after she shot a guard with a rocket launcher in the leg. 


"I'll get Alfonso." Vi explained and in one swoop managed to move the net around Alfonso and drag it down the stairs. "Just don't get too distracted watching me lugging his fat ass around."


Caitlyn gasped. 


"Nothing to distract." Caitlyn scowled at Vi even though a blush was tainting her cheeks. "You are a bloody nuance."


Vi laughed at that and grunted as she managed to drag Alfonso all the way to the entrance. Caitlyn had even managed to incapacitate a number of Alfonso's lackeys making it extremely easy for them to lug Alfonso in their ride and make their way back to Piltover. 





Caitlyn had just gotten out of the bath, she had taken a few hits and the hot water did wonders for her aching muscles. Caitlyn made her way to the bed, her towel wrapped tightly around her middle as she collapsed on the edge of her bed. Vi and her had argued all the way to Piltover by the end Alfonso had confessed just to get away from them. Caitlyn and Vi had yet again made both Zaun and Piltover safer from the effects of shimmer. 


Caitlyn heard a scrape followed by a gust of air hitting her bare skin. Caitlyn looked up to her window just in time to see a head of pink hair poke through with a dazzling smile and innocent eyes.


Caitlyn was in shock. 


"Vi!" Caitlyn hissed making her way to the window. "What are you doing here!?" 


Caitlyn glanced to her door, it was late almost midnight and Vi was making a lot of noise as she tried to pull herself into Caitlyn's room. 


"I brought…" Vi huffed finally managing to push herself into the room and fall to the floor with a loud thump. "Your favorite."


Vi held up a brown paper bag. 


Caitlyn had her arms crossed, frowning at Vi before she smiled, she couldn't stay angry at her not when Vi was this adorable. 


"My favorite?" Caitlyn asked peeking into the bag and pulling out a box which contained a pink frosted cupcake with a cherry on top. "Your favorite, you mean."



"A cupcake for my Cupcake." Vi said almost too sweetly before her gaze drifted down to Caitlyn's bare legs. "You need a hand?"


Caitlyn glared at Vi at that. 


"Shut up." Caitlyn rolled her eyes and made her way to her side table as Vi sat on the edge of the bed. 


This is how Caitlyn's mom and dad found them as they burst into the room Caitlyn's mom with her rifle and Caitlyn's dad with a bat. Vi's eyes widened as she immediately froze when a Kiramman has you in their sights its best not to move too quickly. Caitlyn gripped her towel closer to her chest as she studied her parents sleepy and shocked faces. 



"What?" Mr Kiramman almost yawned seeing Vi try to make herself small despite having caught her in a room with his daughter who was wearing nothing but a towel. 


"What's this!" Mrs Kiramman snapped annoyed to have been woken up from sleep. 


Caitlyn chuckled. 


"A cupcake?"