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I Wanna Get Freaky on Camera

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Yuuji is walking back from the gym on campus, scrolling through his phone, when he receives a text from Megumi. 


F: You got a package. I put it on your bed. 


Y: Thanks fushiguro !! :) 


He picks up the pace and walks quickly to his flat, excited to see what package he received. He doesn’t remember ordering anything recently but he’s also the type to impulsively buy shit he doesn’t need, so maybe this is something he ordered months ago. 


When he makes it back to his flat and sees the package, he notices that the box is all black and slightly glossy, wrapped with a pale pink bow at the top. This makes him pause. 


I’ve never received a package in the mail with a bow on it… this looks like a personal delivery or a gift. 


Yuuji picks up the box and examines it carefully. It’s not heavy but it’s not light either. It’s got the weight of a standard textbook, though he doubts that’s what's in this fancy box. He places it back onto the bed as he rifles through his desk for a box cutter. His phone is still playing music softly from his shorts pocket. 


He unties the bow quickly and makes a quick cut through the tape securing the box and opens the flaps. What Yuuji sees inside is… not at all what he expected. He can feel himself flushing from his ears down through his face and neck. 


It’s an expensive looking glass dildo and a bottle of baby pink-clear lube. The dildo is in a plastic case along with the small bottle of lube. The toy itself is beautiful and very expensive-looking. Pink tendrils wrap around the clear length in artistic swirls and add a raised texture to the shaft that makes Yuuji’s body warm up and hole clench in anticipation. The dildo is roughly 9 inches in length with a round, flat base. 


He instantly knows who the gift is from. No one else would give him something like this other than his boyfriend—his professor, Gojo-sensei. Suddenly, it feels like he’s being watched, as if his sensei can see him through the walls of his dorm and the thousands of miles in between them while he's overseas in South Korea. 


Yuuji stills, an idea taking root in his brain. His dick gives a twitch of interest in his sweaty shorts. 


He’s going to put on a little live video show for his sensei later tonight. 


He just needs some time to prepare. It’s 5:30 pm and he knows Gojo will have some time in the evening after dinner to have a video call with his favorite student. Yuuji plans on making his sensei really miss him. But before he’s able to start preparations, he needs to finish his essay assignment from the previous day and have a light dinner. 




It’s 8 pm when he video calls Gojo, already having prepped for the little show he’s about to give. When the man answers, he’s sitting at the desk in his hotel room no doubt working on notes for his presentations at the physicists’ conference he’s attending. He looks haggard—as if he’s been working on the same project for hours with no luck. In other words, he needs a break that Yuuji is happy to provide. 


“Sensei! How’s the conference been?” Yuuji asks brightly, happy to see his boyfriend, even though they video call every day. Gojo smiles warmly, resting his chin on his hand as he looks at the camera. 


“Hey baby. It’s been okay. Exhausting, though. You’d think a conference full of physicists would mean the brightest minds in the east, but some of these people are idiots. One of the panelists forgot his source material for his presentation tomorrow and I was suggested to cover, so now I have to scramble and put something together by tomorrow afternoon. It’s a mess, Yuuji. Why am I so nice? I should have refused.” He rambles on, shaking his head and huffing at the idiocy of his colleagues. Yuuji is just happy to hear the man’s voice after a long day. 


“I’m sorry Gojo-sensei, that sounds stressful. But I know you can do it! You’re the best of them out there. Satoru Gojo, physicist extraordinaire!” Yuuji can see a faint blush on pale skin even through the camera. 


“Oh Yuuji~! My precious Yuuji-kun, always so nice to sensei, sweet boy. Now, what is it? I can tell even through the screen that you’re excited to share something with me.” Gojo winks, smile morphing in a smirk, obviously onto him. 


“Hehe, sensei," Yuuji looks demurely at the camera, "I got your gift. It’s very pretty! Do you wanna see?” 


“My gift, eh? Let’s see it then.” 


Yuuji pans the laptop camera down to capture his spread legs over the arms of his desk chair, and the glass dildo is already deep in his body. His skin around the base is shiny with the new strawberry lube and the baby pink towel under him keeps the mess contained. Other than his t-shirt, he's wearing black stockings with lace trim at the top and stirrups at the feet, showing his clenched toes and painted toenails. Yuuji wiggles down in his seat a little to make sure his face is still in frame. 


Oh Yuuji ─look at that. You already prepared yourself for me and everything?” Gojo says through a groan, visibly entranced if the ways he’s biting the nail on his thumb and adjusting himself in his seat are any indication. Yuuji can see the man's eyes roving over every inch of his body and he feels it like a physical caress, as if Gojo's cool hands are actually touching his skin. He shivers. 


“How does it feel, baby? Did sensei pick a good size for you?” 


Yuuji mewls and taps the base of the dildo with his fingers while lifting his shirt with the other hand and pinching a pierced nipple. “Feels perfect, sensei. It hits that spot in the back and it’s almost as wide as you. Ahh– Nngh, and it’s so hard. ” 


A harsh exhale from Gojo rattles the speaker of Yuuji’s laptop, followed by a deep groan. In the view of the camera, Yuuji can see him reaching a hand down out of frame, which he hopes means that he’s doing a good job and his sensei likes the show so far. He giggles mischievously and wiggles his butt while running a finger up and down between his plump balls. 


“Dirty boy, Yuuji-kun. Who taught you to be this naughty, hmm? I thought my Yuuji was sweet and innocent.” 


“Swee‒ Sensei, you literally had me sit under your desk and blow you while you were in a student meeting last week.” The deadpanned look on Yuuji’s face completely contrasts the erotic visual of him stuffed with a glass toy and it’s everything Gojo loves about Yuuji all at once. 


Gojo throws his head back and laughs, “So you’re saying sensei makes Yuuji act dirty? Hmm? It’s all my fault?” He smirks and starts unbuttoning the white shirt he’s still wearing from the day—slowly, gradually exposing the smooth pale skin of his chest and light pink nipples that Yuuji loves to play with. 


Yuuji pouts. He wishes he was there to undress Gojo himself, but this is the best he’s gonna get. “You love when I’m dirty, sensei! Especially when you watch me play with– with my little pussy.” He blushes at his own words and pulls the toy slowly out of his hole. The lube glistens against the glass and he bites his lip at the sensation of the spirals catching against his prostate and rim. He palms his balls with his other hand and brackets his hole with his index and middle fingers as if spreading himself. 


Fuck , you’ve got that right, baby. Love seeing you work that pussy for sensei. Tell me, Yuuji. Tell me how good it feels.” Gojo pulls back his seat to bring his lower body into frame and starts cupping his erection through his slacks. The length is so obvious through the dark fabric that it makes Yuuji’s body break out in a sweat from the desire that plows through him. 


“Nngh–Oh fuck. Gojo-sensei, it feels so good . The glass is w-warm from my body heat and it slips in and out so easily from how wet I am–Mmh, ahh–And the way the spirals c-catch on my hole feels like.. Like when the head of your cock pulls at it when you fuck me–Mmm!” 


Gojo watches, enraptured by the sight of his little boyfriend fucking himself. So so naughty. Anyone could walk by his dorm and hear the wet sounds from inside the room. If Megumi is home, he can probably hear him through the wall separating their neighboring rooms. He groans harshly and quickly unbuckles his slacks, pushing them down along with his boxers, just enough to free his aching cock. He’s already dripping from watching Yuuji pick up speed on his thrusts. The shlick shlick shlick sound is clear and just as overwhelming through the speakers of his computer as in person. His cock flexes from the lust coursing through him and how fuckin horny he suddenly feels. 

“That’s it, baby. Fuck yourself good for me. Imagine the toy is sensei pounding you good and deep–Nngh, hah–Shit, sweetheart, you have sensei so hard. Look at my cock, baby. So hard just for you, fuck–”


He doesn’t remember closing them, but when Yuuji opens his eyes and sees his boyfriend’s hard cock, slick from precum, his long fingers wrapped around the tip and twisting as he fists himself, he trembles. His racing heart pounds in his chest and his hole clenches tight around the dildo–so tight that he has to stop. The tip of the toy is pressed right against his prostate and he cums suddenly, dry, nothing coming out of his pulsing cock but a single string of precum that drools from the tip. 


The pleasure spreading from his spot, hot and intense, has Yuuji trembling and twitching in his seat. His thighs shake and fight to close around his hand still teasing the toy up into his prostate as he comes down from his toe-curling orgasm. It’s like something out of those hentai mangas he sees Todou reading from time to time. Yuuji has never felt this horny and out of control since that one time he and Gojo fucked in a janitorial closet on campus between his classes. 


They should've tried this ages ago. 


He just came but he needs more. His cock is still hard and aching and his hole flutters in anticipation. Gojo still hasn’t come and Yuuji won’t stop until he does.


“Baby boy, did you just come?? Slutty little ass can’t even wait for sensei, coming all by yourself. You’re getting punished when I get back, Yuuji. I’m gonna fuck you for hours, get my cock nice and wet, but you won’t come until I say. It could be minutes, it could be hours. ” Gojo’s hand picks up speed, stripping his cock and twisting every time he reaches the tip. The intense expression on the man’s face makes Yuuji shiver. He practically salivates at the visuals and words coming through his computer. This is somehow hotter than being together in person. 


“Sensei, can I keep playing? Please?” He looks right into the camera, giving Gojo the best puppy-dog eyes he has to offer and laying his hand flat on his lower tummy. He pushes low and lifts his pretty cock up for his sensei to see. The string of precum snaps as his erection is raised off his belly and he pulls the foreskin back a touch to give Gojo a peek at his wet tip. 


“Since you asked so nicely, baby, of course. But you have to match sensei’s pace.” 


Yuuji mewls and slowly pulls the toy out of himself and shows Gojo his hole fluttering shut. He brings the toy to his mouth and licks the lube, moaning dirtily at the taste and the way his sensei squeezes the base of his cock as he watches. Yuuji runs the tip of his finger down the length of his cock while he teases Gojo with his tongue against the used toy. 


"Dirty boy, Yuuji. How does it taste? Let me see your pretty little cock. Show me how wet you are, baby, yeaaah mmh—" 


Lifting his cock up and pulling back the foreskin, Yuuji rubs his tip to spread the precum and gasps at the feathery pleasure making him twitch. He pulls his finger up slowly to show the string of wetness connecting between his skin. Gojo licks his lips and Yuuji giggles, bringing his finger up to taste, all the while his sensei's eyes track his movements. 


"It tastes good, sensei. I wish you were here to lick it up for me. I miss your mouth,” Yuuji continues, tonguing the toy and sucking on the tip idly as he pets his hard cock. He's already recovered from his orgasm earlier and desperately wants more, wants to share one with Gojo. 


"Fuck, I wish I was there too, sweetheart. Sensei’s cock needs to be in that beautiful ass. Go ahead and slide your toy back. Let me see how hungry your pussy is." 


Yuuji groans, his voice shivering as he slides the toy in quickly as he pumps his cock with his other hand. Precum makes the slide easy and slick, the sounds spurring him on and making him clench in need. 


Immediately Gojo picks up the speed of his hand and strips his cock quickly. He spreads his legs wide as he sees his Yuuji do the same. He watches the slick toy pump in and out of that little hole and growls, jealous of the fucking toy that he bought. He's possessive of his boyfriend and isn't surprised that extends to a glass toy that obviously is no match for his thick cock. 


They quickly get lost in watching each other, both sets of eyes trained on the movements and bodies on the screen in front of them. Moans and whimpers echo through the speakers and into their rooms as they indulge in their synchronized dance, matching each other perfectly even thousands of miles away from each other. 


Yuuji wants nothing more than to be able to jump through the screen and be with his sensei. He knows the man would be busy all day for the next few days with work, but he'd be glad to stay in his hotel room and wait—wait to be beckoned on and used for stress relief and to get the other man's dick wet. He could lay there and keep Gojo's cock warm while he naps between seminars and Yuuji would say thank you. His love and lust for Satoru Gojo knows no bounds. 


It suddenly isn't enough. He needs it harder. Deeper . Yuuji pulls the toy out of his body quickly and jerks forward at the electricity that zaps through his body from the motion. He whimpers and scrambles to change his position. Gojo slows his hand as he watches Yuuji pause and get up. He's repositioning, now facing away from Gojo and showing him his beautiful lithe back and plump ass. Yuuji is kneeled onto the seat with his toy standing on the pink towel and—


Fucking hell . He holds the toy down with his pretty feet, arches covered lewdly by the stirrups of his stockings. His red toenails contrast beautifully against the pink towel and the clear glass toy as he settles into Gojo's favorite position– Reverse Cowgirl. 


"Sensei~" Yuuji whines and reaches below himself to spread his hole with his fingers and Gojo rushes to stave off his orgasm by grasping the base of his cock. "How does my pussy look Sensei? Does it look yummy?" 


This fucking boy. Gojo growls, determined to never give Yuuji up to anyone. They've only been dating for 8 months but it's like nothing Gojo has ever experienced. His past relationships were flings at best and Yuuji is the only person who has been able to capture his heart and have incredible sexual compatibility with. 


"It looks delicious, baby–A feast fit for a king. For me and me only. God, what I wouldn't give to be with you right now. I'd swim across this fucking ocean if I had to. Sharks ain't got shit on Sensei." 


Yuuji wheezes out a laugh, and presses his forehead against the backrest of the chair. Only Gojo would be able to make him laugh and turn him on at the same time. "Sensei no! What if a shark eats your dick?!" 


Gojo grins and holds his cock at the base and points it at the camera, "I'll fight them with my sword! En guard!" He waves his dick in a slicing motion and Yuuji bursts out in giggles. Gojo can actually see tears squeezing out of the corners of Yuuji's eyes and Gojo feels such intense longing to be with his boyfriend that he has to take a deep breath to steady his racing heart. God, he loves him. 


"You're so dumb, Sensei." Yuuji blushes as he watches over his shoulder at Gojo still wiggling his dick in the air and smiles. He's so in love with this man that he doesn't know what to do. 


"Sensei…" His breathy voice brings Gojo's attention back to the activity at hand as he sees Yuuji line his hole up with the toy and start sinking down. His frantic movements from before have slowed to a sensual and fluid grind as he rocks back and forth on the glass, lower back arched and tempting. 


"Yuuji... so pretty. Look how pretty you are riding Sensei's cock." Gojo's hand matches the pace of Yuuji's hips and they both moan together at how vivid and dirty everything feels. Gone are the jokes and giggles and back is the heady, lustful atmosphere where the only goal is to get each other off. Yuuji mewls and starts bouncing faster. He lets his weight carry him down and he springs back up to the tip without pulling off entirely and by god, if riding cock was an Olympic sport, Yuuji Itadori would take the gold. 


“Keep going just like that, baby. You’re gonna make me cum, fuck! That’s it— yes, yes, yes! Gonna cum in that pussy—!” 


Using every ounce of willpower, Yuuji pries his eyes open and looks over at the screen just in time to see Gojo thrust up sharply into his fist and shoot all over his stomach and thighs. The force of his orgasm makes his cock kick and flex and all Yuuji can think about while watching is that happening inside him, breeding him well and full. He keens and slams his hips down one last time as he cums with the thought of his sensei filling his belly. He needs it so bad


As they come down from their orgasms, Gojo breathes out a laugh and hangs his head back over the headrest of his chair. His wilting cock twitches faintly on his bare thigh. 


“We gotta do that again, Yuuji.”


“Now who’s the dirty one, sensei!” 


“Listen, just every once in a while. Nothing beats actually being inside my precious Yuuji.” Gojo smirks and reaches over to the box of tissues on the desk to clean himself up. Yuuji flushes as he gingerly pulls out his toy and starts cleaning himself up as well. His legs are visibly shaky and Gojo feels fondness for this boy welling up inside him again. 


“I miss you, Satoru.” Yuuji rests his chin on his hugged knees. He looks at Gojo longingly, eyes going misty as he thinks about the rest of the week without his boyfriend home. 


“I know baby, I’ll be home soon.” 


They sit in silence, watching each other while lost in their thoughts when Yuuji abruptly sits up. 


“Wait a second, so how did you get my toy delivered that way? It was more of a gift box than an actual package. I didn’t even see a mailing label.” 


Gojo clears his throat and presses his lips together, clearly trying not to laugh. “I have my ways, Yuuji~” 


“...Don’t tell me… Sensei! Not Megumi, please say you didn’t have Megumi pack it up. Oh my god I’m never going to live this down—ahhh!”