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The Hope in The New Team-Mate

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Logic was the most important thing in Zack Addy’s life, it was integral to who he was and how he understood the world. Logic was not something that changed from person to person, it was consistent, set in stone. Nothing could change it. You just had to find out the truth.

Human emotions were anther thing entirely, they varied and did not adhere to any kind of consistent rationale. It was hard for him discern them, even his own.

Zack did not like that, he abhorred the feeling that came with not understanding things that others tended to discern easily, and it didn’t help that people tended to make fun of him when he did not understand something. So he tended to avoid thinking about emotions, and stuck to facts and logic.

But he was open to learning new things Zack loved understanding things he had not before and he loved learning fact that were previously unknown to him.

Which was why, when he was offered a trial position as a forensic anthropologist for the BAU he decided to accept.

“What’s that?” Dr. Hodgen’s asked him as he peered over his shoulder looking down at the piece of paper he had in his hands.

“It’s an offer for me to act as a temporary forensic anthropologist for the BAU.”


“Yes. It’s very exciting.” Zack told him.

“Wait, your not going to accept it are you?”

“I think I may.”

“Zack you can’t do that, we need you here, with us.”

Zack shook his head and said

“Dr. Goodman was right, I can’t stay here forever. It’s either I go to the BAU or I go to Iraq, and Agent Booth informed me that I would not do well there. And you will be able to find anther intern, Dr. Brennan has plenty of qualified students that would be ecstatic to fill the role.”

Dr. Hodgins had an emotion on his face that Zack could not place when said

“You’ve really thought this through.”

“Yes, of course I did. And I’ll still be able to go to your wedding.”

“Well it seems like you understand what your getting yourself into. And Booth is right, you weren’t made for working on a battle field. I just want to remember that you always have a place here and that if you decide you want to come back, I’ll back you up.”

“Thank you, but I don’t understand why your still acting like I’m leaving for good. I’m still going to be living in your garage. Oh, and can you please refrain from telling Dr. Brennan about this for the moment, I know how she feels about phycology and I don’t know what her reaction will be.”

“Of course Zack.”

Zack was able to be the best man at their wedding. It had taken Hodgins’s a while to convince him to do it, he had been very worried that he would ruin he and Angela’s special day. But that didn’t end up happening, or at least he did not end up running it.

It turned out that she had been married before and had not ended the marriage. So they had not been able to get married that day.

From what Zack had heard from Hodgins they were looking into asking a private detective to try and track down her husband. He hoped they would found him, they deserved to get married.

Thankfully Hodgins had not kicked him out as he initially feared he would.

He did have to start taking the bus to work after he left though, which he was less then thrilled about.

Zack always hated the bus. It was crowded and the amount and volume of the noise made him want to jam pencil’s in his ears to destroy his eardrums so he wouldn’t have to hear it anymore.

But he didn’t have a car, so until he could afford to get one this was what he was stuck with.

“Did you hear, we’re getting a new team member today.” Penelope said.

“Are you sure baby girl, we just got Prentiss and Rossi. And no one else has left.”

“I know that what’s so interesting. aAnd you know what else I heard, they don’t have a degree in phycology instead they have a degree in forensic anthropology.”

“We’re getting a forensic anthropologist?” Reid asked looking up from the book he was reading.

“That’s what I heard.”

Zack rarely liked being the center of attention. Sometimes he was fine with it, well fine was not the right word he tolerated it, but he usually only did that when it was academic related or if it was important to his family. But otherwise he hated it.

He liked to physically blend into the background, that’s when he felt the best. And he was good at blending into the background of a room or a crowd, people tended not to notice him.

Which was why he wanted to melt into the wall when he was stood in the front of the room next to Agent Hotchner waiting for the rest of the team to come in.

When the rest of the team did come in they all looked at him. He sadly could not tell what expression was on their faces. Maybe he wasn’t going to be good at this job.

“Guys this is Dr. Zack Addy, he’s a forensic anthropologist and he’s going to be working with us for a while.” A women he recently learned was named Jennifer Jareau said.

“No offense to Dr. Addy, but why do we need to have forensic anthropologist? We profile killers, we don’t preform autopsies.” The man who he had quickly recognized as David Rossie said.

“The Bureau felt that it would make more sense if we had someone in the autopsy room who understands what were looking for. It will ecspally come in handy for older cases and bones.” Agent Hotchner said.

“I still don’t see the point, that’s what coroners are for.”

“This is only for a trial bases and of it doesn’t work out Dr. Addy can just go back to the Jeffersonian.”