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Pranks or Cuddles?

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“But Crescent...”




Mare held a book mid-air, right above an unsuspecting person’s head. Their ploy had been ruined by a certain someone lecturing them from behind. They were going to get them caught!




“You said I could haunt the place..” Mare whined childishly. “Let me get you more customers! Maybe you can give me a section to haunt, you do hate the high school section...”


The librarian huffed. This ghost was going to be the death of them.


“Three hauntings a day! That’s the limit!” they said in a stern tone, though they looked a bit silly staring up at the actual poltergeist floating above them.


“Night...” they moaned.


They were lucky nobody could hear them but their host themselves, they were being quite loud for someone who didn’t want to get caught.


Night gestured for the spirit to come down, and they did with a sigh. They handed the book over to Night, who slid it back into place.


“Just because I opened this place,” they breathed, “doesn’t mean you get to go crazy.”


“It’s fun though!” Mare quipped.


Night hummed, shaking their head amusedly.


“Fun? More fun than cuddles?” they teased.


Mare suddenly froze. A threat to their cuddles?! Never!


“I want cuddles,” they got out quicker than a shooting star. “You can’t take those away!”


Night raised a brow, turning tail, but not before getting out one last word:


“Come get me, then.”