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Hololive Short Stories

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Scenario 1

Amelia Watson, a girl who works as a detective. Getting cases and getting it solved in just a day. Tonight, she’s on a job and on the chase with the suspect that ran into the woods .

Amelia has her little cute companion with her. A golden retriever dog. It’s a bit strange but it is her own dog so she doesn’t really need police dogs but then Amelia lost him.

“Bubba! Where are you?” Amelia shouted in the distance. It echoes through the dark atmosphere of the forest. She turned left and right.

Suddenly, she heard a dog barking so Amelia beamed up and began to approach the sound. Amelia immediately found her dog barking at something.

“Hey, what are you barking at, Bubba?” Amelia asked Bubba but Bubba didn’t answer her nor look at her. Bubba just continued to bark at something so Amelia took a look at it.

“What the hell…Hey, get away from that.” Amelia said as soon as she saw what Bubba is barking at. She had this disgusted expression etched on her face. Bubba ignored her and the barking stopped.

He is whining and it made Amelia concerned. He nudged the thing so Amelia took a closer look. As she took a step forward to take a look at that something. Amelia saw a corpse. She gasped and it made her realize. Bubba was trying to wake her up.

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Scenario 2

Suisei has a friend invited over. She cooked food, put some wine on the table and she neatly fixed her sofas. Suisei is humming to herself as she busied herself but she has a smirk plastered on her face.

She grab some movies for her friend to pick. Some are horror, comedy, romance or any genre that can entertain them. Finally, the doorbell ring and she opened it, revealing Pekora.

“Good evening, Pekora.” Suisei greeted her friend with a warm smile. Pekora’s tired face stretched up a bit.

“Good evening to you too, Sui-chan.” Pekora returned the greet and the smile. Suisei let Pekora go in the house. They ate dinner while discussing about the missing person.

“I am getting worried. What am I gonna do if…Miko-senpai is dead?” Pekora questioned herself, all of the negative thoughts are now gathering in her mind.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m sure the police will do their job.” Suisei reassured her friend, hovering her hand on top of Pekora and she is glad she had a friend like Suisei.

“No, I should go call her to be sure she has her phone with her.” Pekora said and fished out her phone from her skirt pocket and Suisei is just there, sitting.

Pekora dialed Miko’s phone number. It ringed and it made her hopes get high until, the other phone that she is calling is ringing from the Suisei’s basement.

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Scenario 3

Amelia and Kiara arrived at their destination. The amusement park. This is going to be their second date. They just got together last three months.

Both of them had a hard time moving on with their exes but it seems like they did move on now since they the two of them are having a fun time with each other.

“What flavor do you like?” Amelia asked her girlfriend and Kiara took a look at the menu of the ice cream stall.

“I think I’ll get that.” Kiara said while pointing at the ice cream so Amelia took a look and rolled her eyes with a smile.

“Really?” Amelia jokingly said but she bought an orange-vanilla ice cream for Kiara and a mango flavored ice cream. Kiara giggled.

They spend their time on claw machines and the rides. Amelia has been working two part time jobs so they could enjoy these.

“You know, you don’t have to overwork yourself to get money.” Kiara reminded Amelia and Amelia sighed. She don’t want to quit.

“It’s fine. It takes years for me to be worn out.” Amelia boasted and flexed her muscles, Kiara laughing at Amelia’s antics. Suddenly, she saw two familiar figures but she just ignored it.

They went to the ferris wheel because Kiara wanted to ride it however, Amelia is scared of the heights so she backed out. Kiara really want to experience it so she did ride it.

Amelia is standing with the crowd, watching the cart that Kiara is riding. She smiled up to Kiara who is looking down at her but then her smile slowly fade.

She saw someone sitting beside Kiara. It is her ex, Gura, casually holding a knife with a smile.

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Scenario 4

Ina wondered through the streets. Desperately trying to call at someone to help her. She ran and ran. Ina stopped in a dark alleyway.

She is devastated, distraught and frustrated. Ina just fell down on her knees and began to cry. Her tears are rolling down her cheeks.

“What am I gonna do now?” Ina questioned herself and wipe her tears but it seemed like it won’t stop from going down. She sniffled.

She doesn’t know what to do now so Ina laid her back against the wall, her knees are bent, hiding her face away. She thinks and thinks of what things to help her or people who can help her.

Until, she got an idea. Gura! Gura can help her, after all. They are best friends so Ina stood up, fixed herself and ran into a building that she needed to go to.

Ina dashed inside, go to the elevator and wait for a few seconds. The elevator took her to the third floor, going inside a room there is her friend, crying too.

“I…I didn’t mean it!” Gura shouted at herself. She is crying so hard. Ina hopelessly wanted to wipe those tears but she can’t because Gura killed her.

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Scenario 5

Calli just got home and got into an argument with her wife saying that Calli has other mistresses just because Calli is going home really late in the night.

“Baby, no. I am working. I wasn’t out with some whores.” Calli tried to explain herself but Kiara wasn’t having it. Till Kiara had enough of it, started shouting for Calli to get out of the house.

“Go! Get out! NOW!” Kiara yelled at Calli who took a step back from the sudden outburst. She couldn’t believe her wife. Calli narrowed her eyebrows and clenches her jaw.

“Fine.” Calli mumbled and get her coat from the walked towards the bedroom door and slammed it shut, huffing to herself.

That night, Kiara laid herself on the bed as her tears are building up in her eyes. She cried herself to sleep. Then after a few hours, she randomly wake up from her sleep.

Kiara looks at the clock, it is now in the four in the morning. She wanted something to drink so she got out of the bedroom and go downstairs.

As she walk down the stairs, she noticed Calli is sleeping on the couch. She frowned and look away but when she looked at the kitchen’s counter she saw a beautiful bouquet of flowers. There was a little note laid beside it so she picked it up and opened it.

“Forgive me?” It said with a smiley face. Kiara smiled and look over a tired, sleeping Calli.

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Scenario 6

Ina wandered through the woods since her house is really close to the woods. She is staying here because it is vacation and she wanted to have a nice scenery.

A nice view to paint something. Ina is having a blockage on painting. She doesn’t know what to paint so this is a perfect place to look at. Ina proceeded to look around, all amazed at the scene she’s looking at. She brought her camera just in case she forgets this.

While wandering through the woods, she got to the end of it and there she saw her shark friend beside a cliff. Ina widened her eyes, afraid of what she’s going to do.

“Gura, hey…stop.” Ina slowly said, her breathing became ragged as she lift her hand mid-air as a stop sign. Ina is trembling. Gura looked over her shoulder, there is a stray tear on her eye and it slowly rolled down her cheeks.

“It’s okay.” Ina mumbled as she took a closer step to Gura. Thinking she might yank Gura away from the cliff. But the closer Ina got to Gura, the more she realized that Gura isn’t really going to jump off. She was staring at a dead Calli on the ground.

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Scenario 7
Botan and Towa just got off of their collab stream and the clock reads 5:30am. Towa yawned and Botan weakly laugh. They don’t have sleep.

The managers have messaged them to take a break at least a day, take some rest and sleep. Towa put her phone on the bedside table.

“I’m gonna make us breakfast.” Towa muttered and Botan raised her eyebrows in confusion before sighing to herself.

“Alright, then after that, we’ll sleep.” Botan said, making a deal and Towa nodded her head and began to make food for them.

The both of them go downstairs, Botan proceeds to the living room to watch some in the television or the watch the news while Towa goes to the kitchen. After a while of waiting, the breakfast is served the living room, both are sitting on the couch as the news that featured murderers in town.

“Wow, I can’t believe they haven’t been caught.” Botan said and then took a spoonful of her food into her mouth, munching it down.

“It’s unbelievable.” Towa said in a soft voice and suddenly, Botan and Towa looked at each other, both of them laughed, sinisterly.

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Scenario 8

Haato was confused on why she is cooking. She wasn’t really cooking in the first place. The meat is soft, just the perfect thing. She served the food on the table and then someone barges in.

“Hello!!” The first generation of Hololive Japan greeted her with a smile and of course, Haato returned the kind gesture.

“Welcome, please have a sit.” Haato said and they happily obliged. Mel took the first bite and her reaction is a surprise.

“What meat is this?!” Mel exclaimed as her eyes glittered in happiness. Haato thought to herself that Mel really like the meat she cooked.

“Yeah, I can agree with Mel.” Rosenthal said, nodding her head in agreement, slicing the meat then putting it into her mouth, humming at the taste.

“Where did you learn to cook, Haato?” Matsuri suspiciously asked her genmate, Haato who sat awkwardly, not knowing where to start.

“She took cooking lessons these past few weeks, I think.” Fubuki said then quickly finish her food then thanking me.

“It’s no problem but uhh…I think I just…learned?” Haato answered but it came out as a question itself. In the middle of eating lunch, there was a knock on the door. A bunch of police barges inside with their guns pointing at us.

“Everyone, put your hands up now!” The police exclaimed and we all put our hands up. Another police officer randomly approached Haato. Mel, Fubuki, Rosenthal, Matsuri are confused on what is happening right now and the police officer cuffs Haato. Her genmates were about to protest.

“Your under arrest for murder! Where is the body?!” The police officer exclaimed and of course, Haato’s friends didn’t acknowledge but then Haato look at her plate.
She is terrified. Haato didn’t do it. Everyone slowly looked down at their food and began spitting it out.

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Scenario 9
Korone is on the volleyball team. Jumping to the air to spike the ball, flying through the other side of the court. The coach had let them go and whenever she would get off early from training, she would watch someone.

Quickly going to the soccer field, she saw students watching them train. There is her best friend, running while kicking the soccer ball forwards as her team opponents tried to catch it.

Korone smiles at this and Okayu kicks the ball going for the goal as their own coach whistles indicating they are now off to go now. Okayu stops at the bleachers to grab her backpack, water and towel but Korone snatch the towel to wipe Okayu’s sweat who chuckled at the girl’s antics.

“You know what?” Korone started while focusing on wiping Okayu who looks down a bit to Korone.

“Hmm, what~?” Okayu mockingly asked while a little grin playing on her face.

“You have the prettiest smile I have ever seen.” Korone complimented Okayu with a smile and Okayu’s eyes glittered.

“You know what?” Okayu asked the same question as Korone did to her, coming up with something in her mind.

“What?” Korone said, putting down the towel in Okayu’s bag before straightening her posture to look at Okayu again.

“That smile exists only because of you.”

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Scenario 10
Kronii was on her laptop watching Minecraft to get ideas and build something for her own server. She had been getting a blockage to build something new and creative.

Suddenly, someone knocked on her door and knowing Kronii, she grumbled before standing up from her seat and opened the door. Not expecting someone but her roommate. Kronii saw a stranger at her door. She was confused and anxious. She never expected someone, at least at one in the morning.

“Is your roommate here?” The voice asked Kronii and Kronii was somehow relieve that it is a girl or else she wouldn’t stand a chance on a guy.

“No, why?” Kronii answered and asked back, confused onto why this faceless stranger is asking her about her roommate.

Suddenly, the figure started to cry and it made Kronii concerned. The girl’s figure vented to her even though they are both strangers to each other. Two hours of talking in Kronii’s dorm, learning about each other and maybe, even falling in love. For most couples, it was love at first sight.

But for me, it was love at first sound. Thirteen years wonderful years have passed and Mumei's voice is still music to my ears.

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Scenario 11
Rushia is bored at her chair. Staring into space with her face resting on her palms. Her teacher is discussing about chemistry or calculus, something like that.

Rushia sighed to herself. She doesn’t want those. Her fingers are tapping repeatedly on her table, hoping that the teacher wouldn’t hear it.

“The integral of (-1)^1 (9x+2)/(x^(2)+x-6)dx, what’s the answer? Will you please answer it, Uruha-san?” The teacher called her name and of course, she was just an average student.

“4ln(13)+5ln(2) is the answer, miss.” Rushia answered it with ease and everyone was in awe. As expected of the top student in which she doesn’t held pride with.

“Ah…that’s…that’s correct, Uruha-san.” Even the teacher is in shock but it was quite expected. Rushia sighed to herself before looking out the window again.

‘Fuck this shit.’ Rushia thought to herself, tapping her fingers on the table again like a drum, creating random tunes.

‘Yeah, tell me about it.’ Rushia didn’t argued with her mind but her head snap to someone’s direction who is looking at her directly with a sultry smile.

Marine, it was Marine.

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Scenario 12
Lamy had this ability to freeze time. She finds it fascinating. It’s like the anime she watched last week ago, Fragtime. Lamy just developed this the next day after she watched that anime movie.

When she does freeze the time, people stop from moving, all frozen from their place or what they were doing but what allures her more, is that the water is frozen.

Lamy can move freely in her own frozen world. She could laugh at people’s faces when it stopped from the right time or see people’s smile stay like that. It feels so good to be true.

We all know what she meant by that. Also, Lamy can freeze time whenever she wants or whenever she wants to deactivate her ability.

One day, she is going to try freeze time just to wander around and she is astounded as to see a silver haired girl continuing to walk down the street.

“Huh? What…” Lamy said to herself as she squints her eyes. She couldn’t believe what she is seeing. However, as soon as she sees Lamy, she stands perfectly frozen and pretends to be frozen in place.

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Scenario 13
Kronii woke up in a white colored bed with white colored walls. She is nothing but a test subject and she just gave up on escaping. It’s not that she wanted to leave but she found something in these people.

They are not as bad as the other people think. Just because they are testing their test subjects, doesn’t mean they are bad. Well, some of them are but Kronii always stumble into good ones.

That’s her reason on why she didn’t escape this kind of hell hole. People here treat their subjects like patients. They test them with their consent even if…it is still bad.

Today is different, the testers wants one of the test subjects to volunteer on this new creation they made. Test number 80, Kronii, wanted to volunteer.

“I will.” Kronii firmly said as she raised her hand up. Some were surprised and some are not. They had this closure with here so, yeah.

“Be careful, Kronii.” One of the test subjects said and Kronii looks down at her with a smile and a firm nod.

Kronii stand in front of the time machine and sent here to a 24 hours in the future. The sight shocked her. When she emerge from the machine, Kronii discovered the lab trashed and empty with ‘sorry’ written on the wall in blood.

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Scenario 14
Grim reapers are known for stealing people’s souls and the mortals hated them for it. Calli stared into a distance. She didn’t want this. She didn’t wanted to be hated. Calli sighed to herself.

But now, she is no longer a grim reaper. Her sensei has taken her job away from her. Calli was disappointed but at the same time happy.

Calli is no longer able to claim lives or soul directly. Instead, when the time is up, a mark appears on your bod and it is duty of every other person to kill you on sight.

“Well, there is nothing I can do with it.” Calli said as she was surrounded by the people and creatures to kill her on spot.

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Scenario 15
La+ just woke up from a deep sleep. She must be tired from the yesterday’s event even though she doesn’t really remember what happened.

She sat up, rubbing her tired eyes and then yawned, stretching her limbs that seemed like not getting longer. La+ grumbled to herself.

Mumbling about how did her friends get tall when she’s still the same height as she was in grade school. La+ sighed to herself and get her bed tidy before heading to the bathroom.

Cleaning her mouth before splashing a water to her face to make her even livelier. Wiping her wet face, she put it on the towel rack before going downstairs to make breakfast.

As she neared the kitchen counter, she saw some kind of piece of paper. A yellow sticky note. La+ thought to herself.

“Huh? What is this?” La+ asked to no one but herself and grab the yellow sticky note from the kitchen counter and read the contents.

“Body is in the trunk, hide it.” La+ loudly read the letter and crumpled the sticky note before tossing it to the bin.

“Not again…” La+ grumbled while massaging her temples. La+ has a personality disorder.

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Scenario 16
Mumei and Kronii just got out of their paper works. Being a student council sucks as Mumei described it.

She was the lazy one in the council and that’s because she’s always forgetting something.

“You sure you didn’t forget something?” Kronii asked for the fourth time, looking down at Mumei who groaned. She have enough of it but she’s that type of person to snap that fast.

“No…I didn’t forget something.” Mumei answered, slouched down while walking through the pavement as Kronii laughed a bit.

“You say that all the time but…in the end you forgot something.” Kronii pushed further and Mumei stood straight with a pout before walking a bit faster.

“I’m kidding, Mumei!” Kronii raised her voice while laughing since Mumei is bit far away from her now. Kronii had caught up when Mumei walks now.

“I think I forgot something.” Mumei said, stopping her tracks. Kronii rolled her eyes. As expected from her. Before Kronii says something Mumei beat her to it.

“I never got to thank your mom.” Mumei continued and this made Kronii confused. Like she is asking herself on why would Mumei thank Kronii’s mom?

“Why’s that?” Kronii said, crossing her arms. Mumei stuffed her hands looking at Kronii’s eyes deeply with a grin.

“I never got to thank your mom because she gave birth to an angel who was put into my life and one day who I hope will be my wife.” Mumei carefully said making Kronii flushed and step back from sudden confession.

“Ah! Wait…Ew…your too cheesy.” Kronii stumbled on her words and it made Mumei laughed at how cute Kronii’s face was.

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Scenario 17
Amelia is on her seat all bored and got nothing to do. The teacher discussed as the others listened while the other ones, don’t.

Amelia tried to make herself entertained. Whether it’d be listening to her teacher, watch outside the window, tapping her fingers on the table or shake her legs.

But…nothing seemed to make Amelia intrigued to it so she sighed to herself. She looks at clock and it’s just 3:00 in the afternoon. They’ll go home in 5:00pm so it’s two hours away.

Amelia sighed again before putting her head on her desk and she was about to fall asleep. Amelia was about to reach her dreamland when someone barge into the classroom.

So, everyone shot their heads up with Amelia lifting her head up, all awake from the sudden loud noise. They all saw a girl in a black suit, fixing her tie with a grin.

“Excuse me, I’m just looking for my future wife.” Gura said after she fixed her tie, already in front of the sitting Amelia. Everyone stares in awe at Amelia and Gura.

“Yo, Stinky. Shocked to see me?” Gura insulted and teased the now annoyed Amelia. Her eyebrows are furrowed in which Gura chuckled.

“Fuck…you.” Amelia slowly but firmly said to Gura, squinting her eyes at her enemy who was just grinning down at her.

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Scenario 18
Ayame was walking around the streets, her hands stuffed in her pockets while listening to the music from her headphones. Bopping her head up and down.

It was quite a nice day as Ayame described it. Better than yesterday. She lifts her heads up towards the sky, eyes closed as the cold breeze past through her.

“Perhaps, I could do something productive today.” Ayame whispered to herself. She’s always moping in her house, laid down and do nothing but watch movies or play videogames.

She ate breakfast when she ran into a restaurant. Ordering something that interest her and…finishing it in a few minutes. She never knew that she would be that hungry.

After that, she got into an alleyway, still listening to the music until she found a missing poster. A woman that has been missing for three months.

Ayame sighed to herself before grabbing the poster and ripping it in half. She calmly put her headphones back on and continued walking.

Little did anyone know, she was the woman trying to escape her past.

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Scenario 19
Robocco lived in a terrible life. Parents arguing, parents blaming her, parents fighting or beating each other up. Sora couldn’t do anything so she just cried in her room.

She was getting sick of it. By the time she got in school, students would bully her, naming her nasty things, getting poured by water, milk or juice.

Most importantly, the teachers didn’t act on this bullying. They even let the other students do those worse things to Sora and not even care about her.

Getting home, it was the same day for her parents. Robocco would just go to her room right after she got home, all exhausted. She plopped her back on the bed.

“Maybe, death is the only thing that can help me.” Robocco whispered to herself and attempted to commit suicide. It was successful. She hung herself.

Until, a man removed something from her head, light blinding her eyes. Robocco adjusted her sight.

“How was the experience?” The man asked, looking down at Robocco who had a frown.

“Terrible.” Robocco simply replied, sitting up and adjusting her posture. The man sighed, staring at Robocco before asking her once again.

“Would you do it again for another two million?”

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Scenario 20
Lamy woke up in the middle of the night, having the urge to drink water. She sits up on the edge of the bed, rubbing her eyes while yawning.

Lamy got up, sighing to herself, opening the bedroom door before closing it gently. She goes downstairs, getting a glass then pouring some cold water, gulping it down.

Suddenly, she felt arms wrapped around her waist. Lamy wasn’t surprise, putting her glass down on the kitchen counter.

“Why’d you leave me?” The voice was husky and deep as it purrs. The person behind her snuggles more to her neck.

“I was just thirsty, Botan.” Lamy said before giggling as she felt Botan peppering her neck with kisses. Botan just hummed, leaving more pecks.

“Let’s get to bed. I’m sleepy.” Botan whined more and it made Lamy laughed a bit then pecked Botan’s nose.

They made it to the bedroom and began to sleep while cuddling each other.

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Scenario 21
Amelia and Gura were on Carnival’s festival mixed with Halloween party. Staffs are dressed up. They are zombies in cages, werewolves, reapers, clowns, anything you can name.

“Hey, stinky, was the ferris wheel even moving?” Gura asked, pointing towards the ferris wheel so Amelia took a look on it.

“I think it does, we just never notice it moving.” Amelia answered and Gura doesn’t look like she is convinced by the answer.

Gura was having this instinct feeling to go back, to go home. Her stomach is churning from this. Gura is literally bothered right now.

“You okay?” Amelia asked Gura who’s tail is swishing left and right, agitatedly. Gura looks up at Ame and tried to play it off by smiling to her.

It was quite crowded and people were having the time of their lives as they heard a scream. Everyone was in awe and fascinated by the scene.

“That’s so cool.” Amelia muttered as the two stared at the pink haired girl, wearing a nurse clothes with a chainsaw.

The girl was decapitated and the head rolled towards Gura’s legs, all trembling in fear now. She turned slowly to Amelia.

“Dude…I don’t think it’s fake.”

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Scenario 22
Chloe got into her car, driving so slowly at a thirty kilometers per hour. She doesn’t really know to drive but she is still learning how to.

She just drove away from the cemetery. Visiting someone or talking to someone. Chloe still wants to wander off to try her driving skills.

Driving off to a highway wasn’t really a bad idea. Chloe was into the bright scene ahead of her, smiling to herself then tapping her fingers on her wheel.

Until she decided to head home for now when she noticed a police car following her. She was confused. She wasn’t really recklessly driving.

Chloe sighed to herself, defeated. She slowed down and eventually park her car on the side of the road before lowering her window. The cop got out of her car and walk to her window.

“Hi officer, everything okay?” Chloe asked with an innocent smile, not knowing what was the problem.

“Can you open the trunk for a sec?” Police officer Oozora Subaru asked, staring at Chloe. Chloe stared at her as well for a moment before unlocking the trunk.

The cop walks behind her car as Chloe stared in front of the road, gripping her steering wheel. After a minute, she came back and apologizes for such inconvenience.

“Have a good night, miss.” Subaru said and walks back to her own police car, driving away Chloe let out the breath she was holding for God knows how long.

“Thank god.” Chloe mumbled, looking over her shoulder. There was Lui at the backseat, all tied up with a duct tape on a mouth.

“Good girl.” Chloe said, smiling mischievously.

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Scenario 23
Iroha and Koyori was on a mission but they needed to be aborted. Other ninjas who wanted Koyori was there to hunt her and kill her.

“Go! GO!” Iroha raised her voice and Koyori runs upstairs as Iroha follows her with her katana sword out from its resting place.

Koyori was getting worried about Iroha who is still slashing some enemies down. Blood splatting on the floor. She flattened her ears in the frightening sight and worry for Iroha.

They made it to the top of the building. They needed to escape right now. Koyori looks down and sees that they are really high from there.

“T-There’s nowhere left to go, Iroha!” Koyori said, panicking. Looking back and forth at Iroha and the enemy ninjas.

After Iroha have lessened the enemies she took a look at the city and began to think. After a few seconds, Koyori calmly walked towards Iroha.

“Iroha, baby, what -.” She was cut off. Without a warning, Iroha grabbed Koyori and pushed her off of the building.

Koyori began screaming for Iroha as she fell down but Iroha acts like she didn’t wanted her then suddenly, she felt someone catches her.

“Wipe your tears. You really thought she’d kill someone she loves?” Another member from the mission laughed. La+ is here. As well as the other HoloX Secret Society members.

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Scenario 24
Flare was panting after running three laps under ten minutes. They’re gym teacher is making them sweat so hard. She swears that the gym teacher has a grudge on their class.

Flare stood straight grabbing her bag and avoiding everyone as she gulped down her water while going to the gym locker room.

She grabbed everything she needed, like towel and shampoo then moved to an unoccupied stall to shower. Flare heard the girls were gossiping outside right after she finished showering and wait until it’s silent.

Once it is, Flare wrapped her towel on her waist, only wearing sports bra and lower undergarment then walked out of the stall, only to find the popular silver-haired girl.

‘Fuck.’ Flare thought to herself. That girl would always call Flare a loser but then she noticed that the silver-haired girl’s eyes travel down to her wet body.

Flare blushed, opened her locker and can’t help but take a glance at the popular girl’s body. Smooth and perfect skin, such a curvaceous body, her beautiful green eyes not to mention, her busty chest is always on the way of her view.

I hate her, don’t I? That was her thought to herself. Flare lifted her eyes to Noel, the popular girl and watch as she makes her towards Flare. Flare just ignore and was about to grab her clothes from her opened locker.

Once she’s close, she slammed the locker and close their distance. Noel put her hand on top of Flare’s chest. Flare was about to explode.

“My loser.” Noel said, smiled and walked away, leaving Flare breathless, all flustered.

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Scenario 25
Towa groaned, she’s all sore after their ‘activity’. It was their first time. Towa sat up and look over to a panting naked Kanata. All worn up.

Towa was feeling awkward and she felt a bit guilty. She didn’t know what to do so she gets her phone, scrolling onto something in her social media.

Towa loved Kanata. So much. Towa didn’t want to do anything wrong. Towa heard shuffling from her side and sees Kanata looking up at her, under the blankets.

“Are you going to sleep, Towa?” Kanata asked if Towa was going to sleep. Towa looks back at her phone.

“In a bit.” Towa just simply replied and she felt disgusted to herself. Her world crumbling internally. What else should she said?

Towa looked at her hands, thinking of what she had just done. Kanata is so beautiful that Towa thinks she doesn’t deserve someone like her. She was thinking that over and over.

Thirty minutes had passed and Kanata is there sleeping but Towa saw the stained tears on her face. Towa felt a pang on her heart.

‘Shit.’ She thought to herself. Kanata must’ve been upset so Towa lifted the blankets and put over her and kiss Kanata’s forehead before wrapping her arms around Kanata, her lover.

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Scenario 26
Shion was at the bar taking a sip on her glass of wine. She thought that it is pretty good. The taste of it is nice and really sweet.

She was waiting for someone but it seems they are not going to find her that fast since it is crowded right now.

Not to mention, there are really many people who were dancing and drinking.

Shion felt quite disgusted seeing some couples kissing, almost devouring each faces so Shion look away in cringe and a blush of embarrassment.

“Maybe, I should let a loose.” Shion muttered to herself thinking of just dancing with the crowd all by herself so she stood up from the stool she was sitting on and walked towards the dance floor.

The music was loud and it is blasting. It was really catchy. Like a rock dubstep song, she doesn’t know how to describe it so she go with the flow. The people were already dancing and she was getting led by to it.

Shion started dancing for how many minutes and she didn’t know that the spotlight was on her. In the distance, she noticed a very pretty girl who has a violet-pink and light blue hair in pigtails. That girl began to walk towards Shion with a sly smile.

“Hi there, pretty.” The girl in pigtails greeted her and Shion stopped dancing. The girl slowly pulling her against her then suddenly, Shion was snatched away from the pigtailed girl who’s name is Aqua. They looked over behind Shion.

“Sorry, buddy but she’s mine.” Shion was surprised seeing Gura and smiled that Gura is now here.

Chapter Text

Scenario 27
Chloe got up from her seat as the ring bells indicating that it is now lunch so the students head to the cafeteria, Chloe as well. She walked and walked until some of her friends waved at her.

So, she went there. Chloe sat down with her ‘fake’ friends. She doesn’t really have friends here so she just decided to sit with them since Chloe does know them.

“Chloe, I bet you can’t throw this M&M and catch it with your mouth.” The bitch said and this kinda ticked Chloe off but thinks about not letting her feelings get the best of her.

The bitch was challenging her. Chloe heaved a breath to calm herself down, closing her eyes for a bit before opening again. Chloe took one M&M and threw it in the air.

Chloe was about to catch it but then her girlfriend comes in and took it, the M&M perfectly landing inside her mouth. Chloe looks up at her with narrowed eyebrows.

“Thanks.” Lui mockingly said with a smirk on her face. Lui is part of the bird gang called The Cardinal. Everyone was staring at her as she is good looking.

“That was mine though.” Chloe said, all now sad because she wanted to prove the bitch that she can catch it with from throwing it in the air to catch it with her mouth.

“Oh, yeah, here.” Lui said and out of a sudden, Lui grabbed Chloe’s chin with her hand, firmly cupping it before kissing Chloe deeply.

They just make out in front of the people. Lui didn’t care about it but Chloe was dying inside of how public Lui is, sometimes. While the two make out, Lui gave Chloe the M&M and pulled away from the kiss.

Chloe’s cheeks are red and about to explode as Lui waves her off, going off to somewhere else to kill time. Little did Chloe know that her fake friend was jealous of her.

Chapter Text

Scenario 28
IRyS woke up and the sun rays were going through her curtains so she sat up, yawned and stretched her limbs as she heard pop one by one. IRyS neatly fix her bed and open her curtains, letting the sunlight in to her room.

She did her daily morning routine, showered then wore her clothing and brushing her hair. After she did that, she went downstairs to see her mom making breakfast.

“Morning, mom.” IRyS greeted her mom, yawning again. Kanata, her mom, gave her breakfast.

“Morning to you too, IRyS-chan.” Kanata greeted her back and IRyS grumbled at the nickname before going to the living room.

“Ahh, my IRyS-chan is now awake.” Her father, Towa, greeted her and IRyS pouted at the same nickname she was called. She sat down on the same couch as her father, Towa.

“Morning, papa.” IRyS simply replied and went to eat her breakfast as her mother washes the dishes while her father watches the news, sipping on her tea.

IRyS focuses herself on watching the news on television. It was quite a morning but it was all destroyed as the news was about the murderer in town. A victim was describing who was the suspect is.

“They had a scar on their left wrist.” The victims explained, IRyS took a bite of her sandwich and slowly look at her father, who's intensely watching the news with her arms crossed.

IRyS stared at Towa for a moment but she didn’t say anything. After a few seconds, IRyS looked away now then pulled down her sleeve shirt hiding her scar.

Chapter Text

Scenario 29
Moona and Reine are great actors. There series paid off from the efforts earning lots and lots of money and fans supporting them.

They are the great Indonesian actors always working as a duo. They’re roles are partners in crime, best friends, enemies or just extras in their projects.

Right now, the two were on their break as the other people they are working with are already on their own roles. Reine and Moona are sitting in the waiting area as their friends comes in.

“Wow, you two are popping off!” Ollie exclaimed, nudging her elbow to the two who were smiling as Reine laughed it off.

“You mean popping cherries.” Iofi suddenly said, still on her phone, scrolling something on her feed as her eyebrows raised at the article she was reading.

“Popping DEEZ NUTZ! I meant…you two were awesome.” Risu said, full on energy then laughing with Ollie and behind them is Anya, already done with them.

“Hope that this movie will blow up. I mean, I want this to be successful again as the others.” Anya said, worried about her best friends’ efforts that are only going to be thrown away.

“Don’t worry about it, Anya. We will make this work as usual.” Moona reassured the little one and the director called their names, it’s now their turn again to the scenes.

On this scene, the two were having an argument. A lover quarrel. Reine’s tears streamed down her face as Moona’s expression is really angry.

“Why did you cheat on me?!” Reine asked, crying. Moona clenched her fists, looking at Reine. This scene is going to break each other’s hearts.

“Because you’re a bitch!” Moona snapped, slamming the kitchen counter. She didn’t mean that. Without wasting another second, Reine reached for a kitchen knife.

Reine jumped on Moona, repeatedly stabbing her in the chest. Tears rolled down her cheeks as Reine stared at Moona’s body.

“CUT!” The movie director yelled. Everyone for waited for her to wake up but she never did. Little did Reine knows that she really hates her relationship with Moona.

Chapter Text

Scenario 30
Ina clings onto a tired Gura. Both of them are tired from their night activities. She doesn’t know where Gura holds her stamina for so long and Ina is really sore right now.

Gura moves herself and wrap her arms around Ina’s waist, burying herself onto Ina’s chest before chuckling to herself. Ina knows this kind of tease.

“Idiot. Are you really having fun with this hydrodynamic chest of mine?” Ina asked, her eyebrows furrowed and Gura laughed a bit before snuggling more to Ina.

“Yep, I really love it as well, Ina.” Gura sincerely said and it was a bit muffled but Ina understood it before smiling then wrapped her arms around Gura’s neck, burying her nose onto Gura’s hair.

After a few minutes of cuddling, Ina looked at the clock. Well, she needs to cook lunch then sighed to herself so Gura pulled away from the hug, looking at Ina.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Gura asked and Ina pointed at the wall clock and Gura glanced. Her mouth formed an ‘O’ shape in understanding.


“I’ll help you.” Gura said and they got up from their bed, exiting the bedroom and going downstairs to their kitchen. They were having their time. Until Ina was left in the kitchen since their shipped product has now arrived so Gura insisted on getting it. Gura opened the front door and get the big box.

It was heavy one. Gura wondered what Ina did bought from the shop. She wasn’t getting tired from lifting it up but she needs to put it down somewhere.
Ina was peacefully putting the served food on the dining table until she heard a loud crash so she worriedly rush into the living room.

Walking in, Ina saw the mess. Ina looked at her girlfriend who gives her a sad look. Her next words are full of hurt.

“Oh no, our table, it’s broken.”

Chapter Text

Scenario 31
Calli was sitting on the couch, watching some boring shows on the television. Constantly, switching channels to find something that will interest her.

She sighed to herself when she found nothing until her girlfriend sat down in between her legs. Kiara leaned her back on Calli’s front who blushed at the suddenness of Kiara.

“Really? You’re going to sit here?” Calli asked in disbelief but it’s not like she wanted this but there were many spaces that Kiara can sit on.

“Yeah, just bear with it.” Kiara simply replied so Calli give in, resting her hands on Kiara’s waist as Kiara gently hold her hand to do something with it.

Kiara revealed a nail polish. She wants to paint Calli’s nails. Calli smiled, knowing this so she just let Kiara. Calli’s eyebrows are pulled together as Kiara focuses on Calli’s nails and try not to mess up.

Kiara’s concentration gets interrupted as she felt Calli’s chin on top of her right shoulder slightly. Kiara’s head turns slightly as she look at Calli carefully.

Kiara watched as Calli looks down at her painting her nails carefully. Kiara smiled softly, Calli’s eyes flickered up to Kiara’s as Calli observes every small detail of Kiara’s amethyst eyes.

“It doesn’t appear to me that you are done.” Calli said, smiling and Kiara looks down to see Calli wiggling her unpainted nails. Kiara scoffs.

“Oh whatever, you don’t deserve my manicures anyways.” Kiara mumbled and Calli giggled, wrapping her arms around Kiara’s waist then Kiara gasps dramatically.

“Your gonna ruin your nails, idiot!” Kiara scolded Calli, lifting her hands away from Calli’s then Calli rolled her eyes playfully, still smiling.

“You can always redo them, I actually find this quite comforting.” Calli softly said. The two were comfortable on their position. Just sitting there, nothing to do but listen to each other hearts.

Chapter Text

Scenario 32
Rushia head out of the house to go to a mall. Dressed in a light green t-shirt, brown pants and sneakers. She has her cap since it’s a bit hot outside.

Rushia got into her car, driving off to the mall and after a few minutes, she arrived at the building, parking her car before heading inside the mall.

There people chatting, walking and just standing there. It was a bit crowded. Rushia looked left and right to look for the store she needed to go to.

“I hope I just had enough money.” Rushia mumbled to herself right after she saw the store she needed. She head in to ‘Jewelries’ store.

She was in awe. There were so many accessories. There were pure iron, gold or even diamond since she can see it sparkled. Rushia carefully look through it and they are the real ones.

“Uhh…miss, is there something you like?” Suddenly, the clerk’s store asked her and Rushia turned around to see a girl a bit shorter than her.

Rushia stared at her for a moment, scary the short girl. The clerk admits that she is really intimidating just by staring at her but then it was cut off.

“I would like to buy something.” Rushia finally spoke and the clerk heaved a sigh then nodded before Rushia leads to a glass thingy. She doesn’t know what to call it.

“I want this.” Rushia said and pointing at a ring. An engagement ring. The clerk gets it and Rushia was staring really deeply at the ring then smiled.

Her soon to be wife would be happy if she heard this. Rushia paid for it got the box then went home. She waited for Marine. She opened the box and lifted the engagement ring.

Her girlfriend almost finished work and would be arriving home soon. As Rushia waits, she walked into the living room and decided to watch the news.

A news reporter began explaining a gruesome car accident happened a few minutes ago then Rushia’s heart shattered into a million pieces when she recognize her girlfriend’s car.

Tears began to fill her eyes, but then the front foot opened. Rushia looked over her shoulder and saw her girlfriend, Marine, smiling at her.

“If I were alive, I’d say yes.” Marine said, staring at the ring on your hand.

Chapter Text

Scenario 33
Luna walks home after buying, gloves, bleach, black plastic bags and anything she needed. She grinned to herself of what she was about to do.

It was for their own good, for their relationship with Subaru. Luna arrives at their home, going inside the house and get something from the living room.

Luna was dragging a dead body. Well, not really. The person is still breathing, still conscious but she is about to change that when someone opened the front door.

“I’m home.” Subaru shouted so that Luna would hear it. Subaru is her roommate. Luna stared at Subaru for a moment.

“I’m just cleaning.” Luna replied, still staring at Subaru and Subaru sighed, nodding her with a little smile etched on her face.

“Well, goodnight.” Subaru said, gently placing her blind stick against the wall before going upstairs to rest first.

Chapter Text

Scenario 34
Rushia works in an asylum hospital. She was the most caring doctors in that unit. All of the patients love her and it really gets worse since all of them want Rushia to take care of them.

She just giggled slightly on how cute her patients are. Other doctors told her not to spoil them too much or just like they said, it’ll get worse in a second.
Right now, Rushia is in her office, doing something with her paper works and from projects on her computer. She is a busy woman but it won’t get in the way in treating her patients that nice.

There were two stacks of papers that are needed to fill up for applications, the appointments, the arriving patients or something that she will just sign.

“I better go now.” Rushia muttered to herself as she looks at her computer’s clock. Reading it as 7:00 in evening. She organized her papers and shut her computer down before leaving her office.

Rushia had her clipboard with her that contains the data and profile of her next patient she is going to visit. She arrived at the door, visiting her friend who committed murder.

“I don’t understand why you had to kill them.” Rushia said in a soft voice, gathering other things in the process. Flare looked up to Rushia with tears in her eyes.
“I didn’t kill them, you did.” Flare said and Rushia scoffed, rolling her eyes in Flare’s ridiculous accusation.

“I killed them but guess what?” Rushia asked, whispering to Flare and leaning onto her ear with a smirk.

“Nobody will fucking believe you.” Rushia continued and after a few seconds, your friend looked down at her lap. Her smile slowly vanished when Flare pulled out a voice recorder that repeated Rushia’s exact words.

Chapter Text

Scenario 35
Ina was pushed down on the floor but she quickly got up and ran away. Running away from home was a nice thing but where would she stay. Ina stopped by where she wouldn’t get caught.

She cried and cried. Ina is hurting, so much right now. Ina stayed there until she fell asleep. Until, she woke up. It was still day, perhaps, afternoon.

Ina’s stomach growled and she grumbled t herself knowing that she is really hungry right now. Good thing, she has money with her or else she would go back to her house.

Ina found a café and head inside the building and found an unoccupied table. She thinks to herself that she ran away from her abusive partner, Calli. It was hot and Ina is sweating so she decided to order something.

“Do you need a paramedic?” The blond-haired waitress asked, ignoring Ina’s orders. Ina laughed nervously.

“Why?” That was the only thing Ina said and the blond-haired waitress, Amelia, gently rubbed her finger against Ina’s forehead. Ina stared at Amelia’s finger in complete shock.

Instead of sweat, Ina is bleeding heavily.

Chapter Text

Scenario 36
Mumei and Kronii are in the beach admiring the sun that is now setting. It illuminates everything. The way the blue sky turned to blue violet as it mixed with red orange color.

It really is beautiful for everyone who are seeing. Kronii smiled then lean her head onto Mumei’s left shoulder as Mumei grabbed Kronii’s hand, gently squeezing it.

They are both having their time. A really good time. They thought that they could visit again here then suddenly, Mumei stood up and Kronii looks up at Mumei who is smirking.

“What?” Kronii asked, staring at Mumei with her head tilted. Mumei takes a step back and reaches something in her pocket then gets on one knee. Tears began to swell in Kronii’s eyes. Mumei opens the little box, revealing an expensive ring.

“Will-.” Mumei was just about to ask Kronii while smiling at her with hopeful eyes.

“Yes!” Kronii answered, not even letting Mumei finish her question then jumping onto Mumei to hug her. They tumbled onto the sand, still hugging each other.

That was four years ago. Now, the two of them are standing at the same beach where Mumei proposed to Kronii while they watch their little daughter play around with the sand, the three of them are smiling.

Chapter Text

Scenario 37
Kanata was sitting in front of her date, Towa. The two of them are in a restaurant. They weren’t really a couple but Towa is still courting Kanata. They are in the process of the relationship.

“You know, you should smile more often.” Towa said and Kanata looked up from her menu to look at Towa’s face. She’s all red and looking everything but Kanata.

“Maybe, I should.” Kanata said after giggling and Towa pouted at Kanata’s tease then Kanata’s giggles turned to a little laugh. Towa was amused.

The two talked about things and after a few minutes, the waiter finally arrives to their table with their food.

“Thank you.” Kanata thanked the waiter, both bowed to each other for a sign of thanks as well. As the two were eating, Kanata noticed a paper that was stuck under her plate. Kanata slowly pull it out and read it.

“Run! She’s dangerous!” Kanata read it internally and without saying anything, Kanata look over Towa. Towa stops eating and stares back at Kanata.

“Everything okay?” Towa asked and Kanata slowly hid the paper on her lap, smiling at Towa.

“It’s nothing, everything is fine.” Kanata replied then secretly crushed the note before Towa even notices it.

That…was close.

Chapter Text

Scenario 38
Mumei is a serial killer. She isn’t wanted or anything but she is a murderer. She had murdered people up twenty three.

She didn’t really know how she got into this situation. Mumei regrets it. Right now, she is in her house, chilling. Trying to think of what she’ll do.

Suddenly, she heard someone laughed so she look over to the kitchen or the upstairs. There was never someone. Mumei lives alone.

Mumei sighed after she thought about it for a moment. She should confess now. So, she got up, go to the bathroom and showered herself before putting on her clothes.

Mumei head out of the house and walk to a nearby police station. There were police outside, guarding the gates and the two of them are staring at Mumei.

She was nervous. Mumei started confessing her multiple murders and the two police officers are quite confused.

“Are you sure you committed these crimes?” The officer asked, getting the handcuffs from his belt and cuffed Mumei’s hands.

“Yes.” Mumei just shortly replied. As Mumei was getting arrested, Mumei heard another laughter. The same tone and same voice but now it comes to Mumei’s ear mic.

“Good job.” Fauna said from the ear mic with a sinister grin.

Chapter Text

Scenario 39
Okayu is a student and Korone’s classmates. Both of them are gamers, especially, Okayu. These two girlfriends are always spending their time on game dates or indoor dates instead of going out like watching movies, eat in a fancy restaurants or having a good view of a nice scenery.

To be honest, they are both streamers alongside with Mio and Fubuki. These four always have a collaboration and ending up laughing their asses on the floor, not really seriously playing the game. If they do, it’ll end as a comedy again.

Viewers or their fans enjoyed watching them but it is a surprise that no one knows they stream. Yeah, their classmates, the students, the teachers or even the whole campus didn’t even know about it. Except their parents or family, of course.

“Okayuuuu!” Said the dog-like girl named Korone who’s shaking Okayu’s body a bit. They are eating lunch with Fubuki and Mio, both of them are just watching the two bicker.

“Koro-saann!” Okayu said back, mocking Korone’s whine. Korone pouted and crossed her arms making Okayu chuckled at her girlfriend’s antics.

“I want to go home now!” Korone said as her little whining continues and Okayu sighed, putting her food down on the table and looked at Korone.

“We will get home after two more periods.” Okayu said and Korone just stayed there, pouting and sulking so Okayu gave Korone a forehead kiss.

The class ended and they all went home. Okayu and Korone go upstairs to their room with Korone plopping on their bed, ready to sleep while Okayu sits on her gaming chair then boot up her computer putting her headset on.

Once the boot up finished, Okayu played a multiplayer game called Call Of Duty. She recently knew the mechanics of it, thanks to Botan-senpai. Okayu had played a round, gaining more friends in the game.

Korone was quite sadden about this so she stood up, walks over Okayu and sat between her legs. Okayu smiled at this. Korone is leaning her back to Okayu’s front, trying to watch her girlfriend play.

Every once in a while, Okayu leans down and gives Korone neck kisses. Okayu had played for about an hour and Korone is starting to fall asleep on Okayu.

“Alright, boys, I’m getting off.” Okayu said and takes off of her headset, shutting her computer down before pulling Korone closer to herself and letting Korone fall asleep against Okayu.

“Sleep well, Koro-san.”

Chapter Text

Scenario 40
Kiara and Bae are classmates and real close best friends or you can say that they are dating. You can never separate them. The phoenix and the rat is quite a rare pair for everyone and that is how every people see them.

“This project belongs to Takanashi-san and Hakos-san. You two did a great job.” The art teacher praised them. Even though they are not really a profession to arts, they manage to make it beautiful.

The two bowed to the teacher with a smile and the bell had ring now indicating that the students are going home now.

The students stood up from their chairs as Kiara and Bae head out of the classroom talking about something until Bae got an idea.

“You haven’t come over my place. Wanna go? I mean, it’s weekend tomorrow.” Bae suggested and Kiara nodded, already wanted to come over to Bae’s place.

“Of course, I should just get my things.” Kiara said and Bae smiled before waving Kiara goodbye. The two went their separate ways.

When Kiara had arrived to her house, she head in, packed her things she needed until tomorrow. Her mom and dad isn’t home, as expected.

After that, she walk her way to Bae’s house and knock on the door. The door opened and revealed a pink haired girl in sports bra and sweatpants. A towel over her shoulder. It's like she just came out from the shower

“Oh, you must be Kiara. Come in.” The pink haired girl said and bowed to that girl before going inside the house.

“I’m Calli. I’ll lead you to Bae’s room.” Calli introduced herself and gestured Kiara to follow her and Kiara did.

“So, you’re her roommate?” Kiara asked and Calli chuckled dryly. Calli just nodded and they head in to Bae’s room.

Kiara was quite surprised about Bae’s room. It was kinda neon themed room with two monitors on her desk. Bae didn’t tell her that she is a gamer.

Until, Kiara was pushed up on the wall. This took Kiara by a surprise. She look up to Calli who’s face is already on Kiara’s neck, inhaling her scent.

“W-What are you doing?” Kiara asked her, struggling to get Calli away from her. Calli did lean backward with a grin.

“What’s wrong?” Calli ignored Kiara’s question and ask her instead. Kiara blushed at the proximity. Their faces are so close with each other.

“What if we get caught? No...just...get away from me.” Kiara said, she was getting lost to Calli. She is melting. Calli leaned onto Kiara’s ear.

“Don’t worry, my little sister won’t find out about this.”

Chapter Text

Scenario 41
Fubuki was driving away from the scene. It is so gross. Tears started to swell up into her eyes, shivering. She wasn’t afraid but she if something happened like that to her…it’s just…so gross.

Fubuki don’t know how to describe it and went home. She was about to go home when her car signaled that she was out of gas.

Fubuki cursed to herself internally and gulped down her nervousness. Fubuki turn her wheel when she saw a gas station.

Her mind was occupied during the drive and she stop now as a gas caretaker helped her with her gas. Fubuki paid for it but she was stop by the same gas caretaker.

“I heard moaning. You two are really going at it.” The girl, Matsuri said, laughing to herself. Matsuri shook her head and Fubuki scoffed, furrowing her eyebrows before looking over her shoulder. A woman in black hair with red stripes has a duct tape covering her mouth.

“Don’t…say…a fucking word.”

Chapter Text

Scenario 57
IRyS and Bae have fallen asleep from the tired event tonight or you could say…today as well. Fireworks everywhere, people shouting to hype the people up and even more loud noises to celebrate New Year. It was fun.

They ate food, desert and drink some juices, wine and alcohols. It was Calli who really chugs the wine and the alcohol. Well, she is celebrating, she can only drink that much just this one time. Kiara was scolding her not to drink too much.

Anyways, Bae had woken up and decided to go downstairs. The people were still sleeping, it was still messy. Baelz shook her head in disappointment. I mean, it’s her house that’s why she felt like that.

“Kids.” Bae muttered under her breath as if she isn’t really a kid last night. She goes to kitchen, deciding that she’ll clean the mess later after she finished making breakfast.

Bae put her hair up and got the ingredients she needed for breakfast. Porridge is a must. That’s what Bae thought since her sister must be feeling hangover when she’ll wake up. While she was cracking the eggs, she felt two strong arms gently wrapped her Bae’s torso.

“Hello.” A deep sleepy voice said and Bae quickly knew who it is. It is girlfriend. Bae pouted, began squirming on Bae’s embrace making IRyS chuckled.

“No! Go back to bed! It was supposed to be a surprise!” Bae said in a whiny tone. IRyS gives another tired chuckle while exhaling, sending shivers down her spine.

“Come back to bed, I miss your cuddles.” IRyS said, resting her chin on Bae’s shoulder. Bae give her a side eye and sighed before smiling to IRyS.

“I will, once I’m done with breakfast.” Bae said back. It was now IRyS turn to sigh, sending more chills through her body and lets go of Bae’s torso.

“I love you.” IRyS whispers in Bae’s ear. That was the first time he had ever said that to Bae. IRyS headed upstairs as Bae’s eyes watched IRyS figure goes up until she is nowhere to be seen.

“I love you too.” Bae whispered back with a little smile before going back to what she was doing. Little did anyone knows, the gang is now up. Giggling, snickering and taking pictures of the two when Bae and IRyS were cuddling a while ago.

Well, except for a certain someone. Calli is still sleeping with her mouth open, small drool coming out of her mouth while snoring as Kiara leans on Calli’s body and shoulder, still sleeping as well.

Chapter Text

Scenario 43
Calli head home with plastic bags on both of her hands. She works from day to night and only today is her day off.

She’s a hardworking person. Calli works four part time jobs just to earn enough money. Right now, she is just making herself tough just for someone she love.

When Calli got inside the house, she heard someone screaming from upstairs so Calli got worried and drop the bags on the floor and run towards the stairs.

Calli barge to the bedroom and saw her daughter crying. She hugs Lui. Calli is both a mother and a father to Lui, she is a single parent.

“What happened, baby?” Calli asked her daughter, Lui and Lui backed away from the hug, pointing to her television.

It was news about the murderer in town. Calli knew it right away. Lui was afraid. It has a descriptive news about the serial killer. They had a little tattoo of a skull on their neck.

“Also, my makeup powder is now gone.” Lui said, wiping her tears and Calli smiled genuinely to her cute daughter.

“I just bought some, baby. Don’t worry, I won’t let them find you.”

Chapter Text

Scenario 44
Lui and Chloe was on the couch, cuddles and sweet kisses were exchange but Lui reminded Chloe that they needed to go the restaurant.

“Alright, alright. Just give me cuddles right after.” Chloe said and Lui laughed a bit, shaking her head. Both of them head out and went in Lui’s car.

The two arrived at their destination and went inside the building. They had their reservation checked that Lui had reserved.

“So, you have your orders now, Chloe?” Lui asked Chloe and Chloe looks up and nodded to Lui. They called a waitress and ordered what food they want.

Lui secretly tipped the waitress about something and the waitress obliged on doing it. The couple waited for about seven minutes then their order had arrived, same as the couple that is sitting beside them. Koyori drank the wine with a smile on her face.

“Is it good?” Lui asked as Chloe swirls her glass as the liquid swirls along with it and Koyori looks at Lui.

“It’s wonderful.” Chloe replied, smiling then put down her wine of glass. Lui and Chloe ate until the couple started coughing. Koyori, the light pink haired girl started coughing violently. Iroha, the blond haired girl that has her hair tied up into a ponytail stood up.

“Shit.” Lui mumbled as the waiters and waitress’ helped them. Lui’s heart dropped. She had just poisoned an innocent couple.

Chapter Text

Scenario 45
Ayame revealed her katana as people were targeting her and wanted her dead. They hated her for her appearance. They always shouted at the top of her lungs that she’s a demon.

Ayame knows that the statement is true but she’s a nice demon. She would never hurt anyone. Ayame was never really good at people and these people had already jumped into conclusion.

Ayame never wanted to kill them but she doesn’t have a choice. She needs to be alive. She doesn’t have any room to run. Ayame is surrounded. Tears swelled up in her eyes.

She quickly wiped it away and the people started running at her. In a matter of second, over a hundred people are now dead. Ayame was the last person standing.
All bloodied, stabbed, wounded and bruised. Ayame had no energy. She is now drained. Ayame limped through the woods but before she even got deeper into the woods, she collapsed.

Ayame sat down comfortably on the ground, leaning on the tree. She looks up and saw the tall tree she was leaning on. It was kinda nice. Ayame heaved a breath. She is now bleeding to death.

‘What a nice way to die, huh?’ Ayame thought to herself, smiling bitter to herself then her vision was becoming blurry and it was becoming harder to stay awake.

In the distance, Ayame heard footsteps, Ayame looked up to see a figure, staring down at her. It was rather a woman with short black hair.

“Please, don’t kill me.” Ayame mumbled in a weak voice. The woman leaned in, removed her mask. Ayame was immediately felt relief when she saw a badge on her shirt. It was Subaru. Ayame knows her just a bit.

“Subaru…you’re a cop?” Ayame asked, her energy was back quite a little bit. She never know what Subaru’s work really is. Subaru smiled, getting something from her pockets.

“Not the good ones…” Subaru said and Ayame’s eyes widened as Subaru lifted the knife into the air.

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Scenario 46
Fauna was in the living room, scrolling something from her phone while Sana was seating in front of the dining table, doing something from their bills that are needed to be paid.

Sana is having a hard time with all the bills. Their checks weren’t this high last time. Sana have checked it and it’s really different compared to each other.

Sana moved her hair backwards, stopping to hold her head down on the table. She breathed heavily, already fuming. Sana needed to calm down so inhaled and exhaled. Fauna noticed this.

“You okay there, honey?” Fauna asked, looking over to Sana and put her phone down on couch. Sana looks up at Fauna and sighed.

“The bills had become higher.” Sana replied and push the paper to Fauna for her to see it. Fauna take a look of it, inspecting it. She regrets it.

“I…S-Sana, honey, I quit my work.” Fauna blurted out and everything went silent. Even the air got tensed for what’s gonna happen. Sana remained sitting but looks up to Fauna.

“You what?” Sana asked in disbelief. Fauna grabs her left arm looking at the paper not knowing what to say. Fauna bite her lip.

“I wanted to open my own business. That’s why.” Fauna added and Sana scratched her eyebrow a bit aggressive before standing up from her seat.

“Fauna, you make 50k a month. Fifty…thousand!” Sana shouted, she was growing aggressive and furious at her wife. Fauna was taken aback by this kind of behavior.

Sana was never this angry. She never really took it this far from what Fauna had remember. Fauna remained calm outside but her nerves are really shaking internally.

“Calm down, Sana, please.” Fauna said in a soft tone that will almost make Sana melt every day. Sana loves hearing it but it was kind of different today.

“Don’t tell me to fucking calm down!” Sana had snapped, punching the wall beside her. Fauna was frightened. She took a step back away from her.

As Fauna was about to leave, Sana grabbed her. She hit Fauna. Again. And again. And again. In the end, Sana had finally calmed down. There were tears rolling down her cheeks when she realized what she had done.

“I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.” Sana said, sobbing while cradling Fauna’s body to her, moving back and forth. Sana kissed Fauna’s forehead from time to time.

“I know.” Fauna said, as her ghost body leaned on Fauna.

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Scenario 47
Marine ate her breakfast lonely. Her girlfriend isn’t here. She left early before Marine even wakes up. Marine sighed to herself, sadly.

She took a spoonful of her breakfast and finished it. Marine put the dishes on the sink and wash it. Her mind is racing everywhere. The negatives and the positives.

‘No, Rushia wouldn’t cheat on me with another girl, right?’ Marine thought to herself just to convince herself but it came out as a question. Her mind isn’t really sure about it.

Marine wiped her hands after washing the dishes she used. She grabbed her phone and see if Rushia have any text messages for her but there was nothing.

‘Groceries are needed. Were out of it.’ Marine thought to herself as soon as she remembered. She can be quiet forgetful sometimes.

So, Marine took a shower and wore some casual clothes then head out of the house. While walking to the pavement she soon saw Rushia with a girl.

It was Noel, her best friend, talking to her girlfriend, Rushia. It wasn’t a normal conversation. The two were flirting right in front of her eyes.

“I should go now to Marine, okay? You take care.” Rushia said and kissed Noel’s forehead. Marine didn’t know that her tears are already falling down.

Noel left the scene and Rushia turned herself and was frozen in place, her eyes widened. Marine furrowed her eyebrows.

“Baby, it’s not what you think. It’s not what it looks like.” Rushia said, trying persuade Marine as she was walking towards to Marine. She was holding Marine’s hands.

“Your….your a cheater! I saw it with my own eyes!” Marine raised her voice, pointing where Noel went off and Rushia stood straight where she is, her hands clenched.

“Fucking listen to me, bitch!” Rushia yelled at Marine as she took a step forward and Marine took a step back. She knew Rushia is always aggressive like this but it never fails to make her scared.

So, in instinct and without thinking, Marine violently pushed Rushia on the road. Rushia collapsed on the ground. As she was about to get up, a car brutally hit Rushia.

Marine immediately cover her mouth, shocked what she did. The driver was gripping the steering wheel, looking at Marine.

“Get in.” Flare whispered.

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Scenario 48
The bell rings indicating it is now time for lunch. Pekora stood up from her seat and went to the cafeteria. Her bag is slung over shoulder as she looks for her friends.

“Over here, Pekora!” Pekora heard someone and look over to the left corner and saw her four friends so she sat down with them, opening her bag to get her bento.

“Why don’t you eat carrots, Pekora?” Marine asked a ridiculous question that made Flare snickered. Pekora rolled her eyes at Marine.

“I am a bunny but that doesn’t that bunnies just eat carrots.” Pekora explained and scolded Marine who was shielding herself from Pekora’s little slaps.

“Don’t mind her.” Noel said and then giggled as Marine pouts. Noel put her head on Flare’s shoulder who is still eating.

“PDA isn’t welcome here, you two.” Rushia said and the couple laughed. She was really bitter, even from the start of their friendship.

“Your just bitter. You can’t even confess your feelings to Marine.” Flare blurted out and everything went silent for a second before Pekora lets out her infamous laugh.

“Wow, right in front of their faces, Flare?” Pekora asked as Noel and Flare laughed with her. The talking and laughing went on. Marine and Rushia were starting to get really close after Flare just exposed Rushia.

The bell ringed again and it is now time for their next class. Noel and Pekora had the same class so the two went on their way. They sat on their respective seats when they got inside the classroom.

“So…any news on your crush?” Noel asked and Pekora mad a face of ‘there was no progress’ expression with a shrug of her shoulders.

“Nope.” Pekora answered simply and then their teacher got in, quickly starting the discussion about history. Sakura Miko, the history teacher that everyone loves.

Pekora and Noel were talking while listening to their teacher when Noel causally looked over Pekora’s shoulder and saw a girl staring at Pekora.

“Pekora, she’s looking at you again.” Noel whispered and Pekora looked over her shoulder and sure enough, she was staring at Pekora with a smile on her face.

“Can I go to the bathroom, Ms. Sakura?” A student asked and Miko immediately looked away from Pekora and turned to the other student.

“Of course.” Miko replied with a small smile.

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Scenario 49
Amelia washed her hands and her gloves that was full of blood. She just finished chopping the raw chicken that she needed to feed to Bubba who’s already waiting for his food.

“Alright, here’s your chicken.” Amelia said as she grabbed the chicken meat then put on Bubba’s food bowl and Bubba barks at her as a thanks and began eating his food.

Amelia cooked bacon and eggs for herself with rice. She’s not a really big eater but she loves eating heavy on breakfast. After she ate, she put the dishes in the sink to wash them.

After all that, she did her morning routine and she’s now all in her detective outfit or uniform. Amelia grabbed everything she needed and Bubba is ready as well.

Amelia brought Bubba with her, walking through their way. We all know Bubba is a good boy and will never hurt anyone unless told so by Amelia. Their neighbors were greeting with a smile and little bow for an acknowledgement.

Bubba was happy, his tail is wagging. He loves all the attention he got from the neighbors and Amelia just chuckled. After a few minutes of walking, they finally arrived at the building.

They head inside everything is normal, just the same as the other day. Amelia sat down on the desk that is hers, grabbed a newspaper to read something. Everyone was chatting. Bubba is sitting beside her.

Amelia isn’t just a detective, she is a homicide detective. The co-workers were talking about someone that was recently killed. It was in the news too.

“Who would do such a thing?” One of the officer asked and the others shrugged their shoulders, not knowing at all.

“I think he fucking deserved it!” Amelia yelled, slamming the table. She just moved without thinking. Everyone at the table stared at Amelia, waiting for her to answer. Amelia immediately snapped out of her thoughts.

“Someone sick…” Amelia answered, faking a sad expression then sighing.

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Scenario 50
Calli got a slapped on her face. A really hard one. She looked down in shock. Calli gazed up to Kiara who’s in shock, a hand on her mouth as tears swelled up on her eyes.

“C-Calli…I’m so s-sorry. I-I didn’t mean to d-do that.” Kiara tried to apologize and tried to grab Calli’s hand but Calli moved her hand away then scoffed at her. Calli couldn’t believe it.

“Sorry?” Calli asked in disbelief. In this matter, she can’t understand everything completely. Sure, she is sick, she’s ill. Not in the psychotic way.

“Yes, Calli. I-I’m sorry. I mean that. Come here.” Kiara said, nodding her head. Calli thinks that Kiara is a bit persuasive even before their relationship started.

Kiara is a manipulative wife and never cared for Calli. That’s what Calli thinks. Calli took a step back before stopping and looking to the left. Calli gritted her teeth, her jaw clenched and her fists are balled. It was almost turning white. She turned around and tears fall down.

“I’m going now.” Calli simply said and Kiara quickly run to Calli to stop her but it was too late. Calli had exited the house and went inside of her car to drove away. Kiara leaned her forehead on the door, a balled fist on the door. Tears flowing down. She really didn’t mean it.

Kiara knows all about Calli. She had accidentally found Calli’s notebook that contains her privacy. Kiara found herself reading all of it and got caught. Of course, privacy is still one priority in a relationship and now Kiara knows why Calli is like that. Kiara found every problem that Calli has and she blamed herself for it.

After a while, Calli has been sleeping. Everyone was worried for her condition until she heard someone whispered beside her.

“I hope you fucking die…” For the first time in months, Calli fluttered her eyes open and woke up from a coma. Calli’s mother stared down at Calli, in complete shock.

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Scenario 51
Suisei head out of the house. She has a normal plastic bags with her. Who knows what it is. She walk through her home then got inside of her house, putting down the plastic bags.

‘This is so awesome.’ Suisei thought to herself and put it in the safe place before plopping down to the couch and turning the television on to watch some news.

The news contains about a thief who can sneak at anything even the police. Man, that thief really is good but Suisei shrugged her shoulders with a little pout, not really caring about that.

After a few minutes, she was getting bored and needed to do something so she head out of her house, going outside again with a little bag. Suisei found a really nice and large mansion so she sneaks in.

Suisei…is the thief from the news. She broke into a mansion and stole a large amount of jewelry from a well-liked neighbor. There were money in her bag, expensive porcelains that she can sell and of course, the accessories.

Once Suisei is done, she quietly snuck out of their house and stole the car. Good thing, no one found her and there are no police on her tail. Suisei got away from the mansion as far away as possible before stopping.

“That was close…” Suisei mumbled and go on with driving again but while she is driving, Suisei heard muffled screams, coming from their trunk so she quickly stopped in a halt.

She got out of the car and went to the trunk, opening it and revealing the missing girl who is her friend. Suisei widened her eyes at the sight.


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Scenario 52
Sora was at her home, waiting for her girlfriend to get home. While waiting for AZKi to go home, she bought fake blood from a shop. It wasn’t really that expensive.

“Oh, this is going to be awesome.” Sora said. She had a fake knife too. Yes, Sora is going to prank AZKi. Sora prepared everything she needed as she get a text from her girlfriend, buzzing on the kitchen sink.

Sora grabs it and looks AZKi’s text and AZKi said she is on the way to go home now and Sora squealed lightly then she texted her back that she loves her and like be safe.

“Baby, I’m home!” AZKi raised her voice when she head inside their house and then she saw Sora’s body lying on the floor of the living room so she widened her eyes.

“Sora! Baby! Wake up!” AZKi spoke, her voice is getting shakier as she shakes Sora’s body so she’ll wake up but it’s no use so she got up, called the paramedics, crying.

AZKi went away a little and as Sora was about to wake up and tell AZKi that it was just a prank, AZKi called someone else that made her widened her eyes and teared up from what she had just heard.

“Thanks, I’ll transfer the money now.” AZKi said in a happy tone.

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Scenario 53
Polka is one of the serious people Nene have encountered. What she meant by serious is Polka is really crazy about her crazy and eerie ideas. One time the two had skydiving.

They both jumped from the plane and fall to the sky. Nene was really getting worried of Polka because instead of falling with her front body, she is falling with her back body.

Nene doesn’t really understand Polka in some way but she kinda found Polka’s crazy ideas really fun. Polka even throw her parachute bag and that’s where Nene squirmed on the air.

“OI! Why did you throw that?! You’ll die if you won’t open your parachute!” Nene shouted and quickly get the parachute bag and Polka laughs while shaking her head.

Nene throws the parachute bag to Polka and this time, Polka wore it making Nene sighed in relief. They eventually landed on the ground safely. That was the last thing Nene knows.

They never do eerie and crazy things after that and yeah, a month has passed. Nene is sitting on the couch of her living room when she got a call from Polka so she quickly answered it.

“Guess what, Nene-chi~?” Polka asked in a playful way and Nene doesn’t like this tone. She can already feel Polka’s crazy smile through the phone call.

“What? What are you doing right now, Polka? Hope you’re not doing some sort of crazy things.” Nene said, hoping that Polka will say she isn’t doing something like that but nonetheless, Nene get her things and get ready.

“Oh, yeah. I’m on the elevator and it’s going all the way up to the highest floor of this building.” Polka answered and Nene widened her eyes and get inside her car, driving to that building.

She knows what Polka is going to do then the call had ended making Nene cursed internally and she arrived at the tallest building in the city of Tokyo and head inside, quickly pushing the elevators button.

She waited for how many hours and Nene just hoped Polka haven’t done it then she finally got to the highest floor of this building and saw Polka standing at the edge of it.

“Polka…no.” Nene calmly said and Polka turned around to look at Nene and her face wasn’t really showing any signs of a smile. Nene gulped down and tried to walk closer to Nene.

“Is this what we both…wanted?” Polka asked, now smiling a bit and Nene stopped to look at Polka. Nene shook her head as a no.

“I have found you and I changed my mind that I will never do it.” Nene said and Polka’s eyes swelled with little tears that made Nene grab Polka’s hands.

“Please, it would be better if we do it.” Polka said and Nene is already tearing up. Both embraced each other. It was already too late.

Both of them fell down the building, hugging each other. The people saw it and they widened their eyes at the sight of two people falling down. Polka’s lips curled into a smile as their bodies are falling closer and closer to the ground. The two were waiting for this…

The both of them are…suicidal.

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Scenario 54
Lamy wakes up to get ready for school. She did her morning routine. Lamy put on a light makeup on herself. Just really light. She likes her natural beauty. Then for a few moments, she looked at the window with the curtains dancing slowly from the cold wind.

It is a bright Monday today. Lamy goes downstairs, make herself some food. Yes, she lives in apartment alone but she can quite defend herself. She knows little martial arts from her father.

Lamy cooked a nice breakfast and ate it. She washed it then head out of the house, walking into school. There were students outside of the building. Chatting, laughing and running. Lamy got inside of the building.

Just the same. She got to her own locker and opened it, putting the unnecessary things for her first period and taking out some of the books that are necessary for the first period but then something catches Lamy’s attention, she noticed her crush.

Her crush stood a few meters away from Lamy with her friends. Lamy feels her heart begin to beat faster as Lamy smiled to herself, admiring her. She was standing closest to Lamy out of all her friends. It looked like they were all teasing her, her cheeks were pink and she had an adorable smile on her face.

“So, you’ve got your eyes on someone, eh?” Lamy knew this comes from her senpai. That’s gotta be Flare. The tan skinned girl. One of her crush’s friends.

“Oh…oh, is that her? You gotta make your move right now, Botan.” And that’s Towa-senpai. The light-violet haired girl with light green streaks.

“Hey! She’s watching you know! Stop that!” Botan said, shoving her friends away but Flare and Towa dodged Botan’s attempt to push them.

‘Botan is really cute.’ Lamy thought and continued to admire Botan until the both of them made eye contact. Lamy felt butterflies in her stomach and her cheeks heat up.

Lamy quickly looked towards her locker again, closing it. Lamy noticed Flare and Towa pushing Botan towards her from the corner of Lamy’s eyes, making Lamy smile even more.

Lamy glanced at Botan once more before she began to make her way to her lesson.

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Scenario 55
Kiara cried, her tears falling down like a river as she tried to calm herself down while wiping her tears. She made another mistake. Kiara clutched her hair and tried to think anything that can help her.

She just got up, cursing internally, finally wiped all the remaining of her tears. Kiara got her keys and head out of the house then getting inside her car. It was in the middle of the night but she needs to drive.

In the distance, Kiara noticed someone limping on the road. Kiara squinted her eyes to get a better look, slowing her car down until she immediately stopped the car. The person opened the door and slammed it shut.

The person is bleeding and had dirt all over her body. Quickly, Kiara locked the doors. The person finally looked at Kiara and gasped. Kiara smiled, gripping the steering wheel.

“I thought I lost you, Calli.”

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Scenario 56
Botan is in her own house, sitting down on the couch with her favorite sniper rifle. She also has friends over. Polka, Lamy and Nene.

The three of them just thought Botan was in military years ago. Polka was somewhat amazed as Botan is wiping her sniper with a cloth. She was ogling on it.

“You really have a nice gun, Otōsan.” Polka said, her hands are clasped in front of her still staring with wide eyes on the fancy and long gun.

“Yeah thanks, also, drop the Otōsan. I’m not your father.” Botan said with a smile but dropped as soon as she said the word father. Nene was in for the flow too.

“But your our Otōsan and Lamy is our Okāsan.” Nene said and Botan didn’t even know how Polka got Nene on her ride but blushed when she process what had just Nene said.

“Okay, okay. Leave Botan now. Go play with the others.” Lamy said before muttering a little ‘geez’. Polka and Nene exclaimed then ran onto their consoles to play.

“Lamy-chan…I uhh…I gotta right now. I have a meeting.” Botan said, stumbling onto her words but trying to keep her cool in front of girlfriend. Lamy widely smiled.

“Sure. Just please be careful. Take care, okay?” Lamy said and advised. Botan chuckled before giving Lamy peck on her lips. Just a light, small, loving, gentle peck that made Lamy giggled and playfully push Botan away.

Botan left her gun and go to the meeting area. Botan is a hitman and a man hired her to kill his wife. The man is smoking and Botan stood in front of shorter man.

“What weapon do you want me to use?” Botan asked, staring at the man who is still smoking. The two went to sit down on a bench. The man looked at Botan.

“A knife.” The man replied and Botan nodded. After a few minutes of talking, he handed Botan a black bag, full of cash. Botan smirked at the sight.

“Get it done.” He said then stood up. Botan shook his hand and with the other, pulled out a knife and repeatedly stabbed him in the chest.

“It’s done.” Botan muttered, wiping the blood off of her face.

Lamy was the first one to ordered her girlfriend, Botan to kill her ex-husband.

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Scenario 57
Pekora just ended her stream. She sure spends most of her time in front of computer and not really resting for the rest of the day. Only at night. Well, she sometimes stream at night as well so, she gets sleep at like one or two-thirty in the morning.

Pekora gets up from her gaming chair after shutting down her computer, a phone on her right hand. Pekora plopped down on her bed and opened her messaging app or what you call Discord.

She clicked Miko’s name and their messages with each other was about thirty minutes ago. Suddenly, her bedroom door opened, revealing Miko, her girlfriend. Pekora had invited Miko to come over.

“Hello, hon.” Miko said, leaning down when Pekora sat up to give each other a kiss on the lips. The two ended up chatting until Pekora realized something that Miko is looking down sadly.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Pekora asked Miko, scooting closer to the sad Miko. Miko looks up at Pekora red-orange eyes full of concern.

“It’s nothing.” Miko said then chuckled then scratched her not-so-itchy neck. Pekora grabs Miko’s other hand, squeezing it slightly.

“Are you sure? You do that when something bad happened.” Pekora asked one more time, still staring at Miko then Miko sighed, looking at their intertwined hands.

“Yeah…it’s just that I was arguing with my parents before coming but it’s fine.” Miko finally said then shrugged her shoulder like it wasn’t really a big deal.

“Aww, come here, Miko-chi.” Pekora said, cooing as Miko gets up a bit and the two of them laid down now on the bed. Miko puts her head against Pekora’s chest.

Pekora put her arms around Miko as Miko starts to cry softly. It was hard for her. Pekora leaned down and kissed Miko’s forehead softly and hold her as Miko cries.

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Scenario 58
Kronii and Mumei were watching Netflix in their room. It wasn’t really late at the night. The clock only reads as 9:30. Kronii shifted a bit and heard someone snoring behind her.

They are sitting on the bed. Mumei’s back is on the headrest while Kronii is leaning her back Mumei’s front, all comfortable. Mumei has her arms wrapped around Kronii’s torso.

Kronii looks up to see a tired Mumei sleeping, leaning her forehead on Kronii’s back head. Kronii chuckled lightly since she knows how hardworking Mumei is even if she causally forgets everything.

“Mei…we need to lay down and really sleep now.” Kronii whispered and Mumei’s eyes slowly opened. The two slowly laid down on the bed as Kronii turns the television off before snuggling more onto Mumei’s neck.

The two fell asleep on the comfortable position. Until, Kronii woke up in the middle of the night with no reason. The rain was hitting the window. Kronii looks up to Mumei who has her eyes closed, sleeping.

Mumei is laid on her back, her whole body facing the ceiling. Kronii smiles tiredly then scoots more to Mumei and lay her head on Mumei’s chest. Mumei starts rubbing Kronii’s arm and kisses her on the head that made Kronii startled a bit.

“You okay?” Mumei asked in her sleepy voice. It was a bit deep, husky and tired voice. Kronii’s stomach begun to erupt some butterflies.

“Never better.” Kronii replied, smiling and admiring Mumei. The fact that Mumei is all hers. Kronii kisses Mumei’s cheek and Mumei slightly smiles while she’s half asleep.

Kronii fall asleep feeling safe in Mumei’s arms, to the sound of the peaceful rain and Mumei’s heartbeat. Kronii fall asleep knowing that she is finally happy with the girl that Kronii will marry one day and start a family with.

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Scenario 59
Suisei wore a formal attire for an upcoming meeting with the new and hired employees. Suisei wore a gray and black striped clothing. It really looks a uniform.

With that, she head out of her house, walk down the pavement. People were greeting her and of course, she would return it back with a little bow and a smile on her face.

“She is such a sweetheart.” Suisei heard one of her neighbor. It made her heart swelled by the compliment but she goes on with her own thing.

Suisei eventually got to the train station. Paid her tickets and waited for a few minutes for the train to arrive and stop by to pick the passengers up.

Finally, the train arrived and it stopped, door opens. People that were riding the train got out first before people got inside the train. Once everything is settled, the train goes fast again.

Suisei is sitting on one of the chairs with a newspaper on her hand. She bought it on the way to the train station. She reads the article waiting for her station.

She is reading a murderer in the town that hasn’t been caught. A lady beside Suisei noticed what she was reading and sighed.

“Wonder when she will strike again.” The lady said and Suisei smiled at the lady, looked away and continued to read about herself.

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Scenario 60
Ina wasn’t really a fan of parties, especially louder ones. The house that the two got in was like a clubhouse of some sort. Calli squeezed Ina’s hands and give her a reassuring smile. Also, they were kind of waiting for someone which is Calli’s friend.

Calli is party goer, as always and this is the second time Calli had invited Ina into much louder parties. The two went to the bar section where there is a bartender which isn’t a surprise.

“Ahh, the lovely couple is here!” The bartender named Botan exclaimed so the two would hear it. She was currently making a drink for someone as Calli laughs.

“Well, we needed to get some loose from this boring university.” Calli stated in a loud voice and Ina playfully smack Calli who chuckled. Botan shook her head with a smile.

“Can I just get a juice?” Ina said and Calli furrowed her eyebrows on her girlfriend. Before Botan could even do Ina’s drink, Calli dismissively waved her hands at Botan.

“Just give her the wine I drink.” Calli said and Botan nodded. The party went on as the two went to sit on the stool, drinking her wine. Ina kind of like the taste of the wine.

“Wanna dance on the dancefloor?” Calli asked, looking Ina. Calli was rather tipsy since she was drinking the vanilla flavor of the vodka which is the Smirnoff.

“Sure.” Ina said and Calli dragged Ina by the hand on the dancefloor. The people were dancing the two started going with the flow of it.

Calli is in front of Ina, dancing with her as her lips find Ina’s, Calli’s hands moving on Ina’s hips to the rhythm of the song that is playing. Suddenly, two more hands find their place on Ina’s waist. Ina’s back flat against someone’s hard chest, her lips grazing the back of her neck.

It was Calli’s best friend, Gura.

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Scenario 61
Sana and Fauna just got home from their little collaboration with the other council members, IRyS and the myth ones. It was quite fun, having all of the Hololive English members in roof to collab.

“I’m beat…” Sana said, trailing off to whine. Her body plopped on the bed and whine again on the cold, fluffy and cozy sheets and pillows on the bed. Fauna giggled at her girlfriend.

Fauna crawled on the bed and laid beside Sana. Both of them are cuddling and holding onto each other. Fauna buries her face into Sana’s face and it’s now Sana’s turn to giggle.

“You are such a baby.” Sana suddenly said and Fauna looked up from Sana’s neck to Sana’s face with a playful gasp.

“You didn’t just say that when you whined a while ago.” Fauna says and Sana laugh, giving Fauna her cheeky smile.

“Oh, I did.” Sana said back, still smiling and Fauna’s face turn into a serious one, scooting away from Sana.

“Take it back.” Fauna simply said but with the firmness in her voice, trying to be more serious.

“No.” Sana said, smirking and Fauna scoffs before launching onto Sana, tickling the life out of her. The room is now full of laughter fit and giggles.

“Do you take it back now?” Fauna asked, chuckling as she threw more little pokes on Sana’s sides. Sana looked up at Fauna with a smile on her face.

“Fine, I take it back.” Sana says, laughing trying to stop Fauna from the little pokes and Fauna finally stops tickling Sana for real.

“Good.” Fauna simply said, smiling. Fauna pulls Sana onto her chest and of course, Sana buried herself onto Sana, clinging on Fauna’s shirt.

“I love you, Mumei.” Fauna says softly, emptiness fills Sana as she become speechless. That was her best friend’s name. Of course, everyone preferred her over Sana.

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Scenario 62
Amelia was in her room with her girlfriend who came over since Kiara wanted to spend some time together with Amelia but right now, Amelia is playing Valorant on her console.

Kiara leaned on the doorframe with her arms crossed on her chest, an eyebrow raised up waiting for Amelia to notice her. Kiara rolled her eyes at Amelia who is now yelling at her screen, not paying any attention to Kiara.

“Wanna watch a movie?” Kiara said, trying to get Amelia’s attention again. Amelia gives her a quick glance but continues to play her game.

“After this round.” Amelia replied and that’s what she had been saying the past four rounds. Kiara rolled her eyes again and stand up from the bed, leaving Amelia’s room.

Kiara didn’t make it far when she bump into someone and almost stumble but there were cold hands that catch Kiara. Kiara looks up and see Amelia’s friend who is shirtless, only a sports bra. She has a towel around her waist, hanging dangerously low. Looks like she just got out of the shower because of the water dripping down her toned stomach and her hair is damp.

“I didn’t know you were here.” Calli spoke up before Kiara could stare for too long. Kiara looks at Calli who is smirking down at her then they regained their composures.

“Got here half an hour ago.” Kiara said, nodding awkwardly, avoiding eye contact. Calli raised both of her eyebrows.

“Cool, heading to the kitchen?” Calli asked and Kiara shrug before taking a glance at Amelia’s room, her yells can be heard outside of her room.

“I was going to the living room to watch a movie, Amelia is busy playing her video games.” Kiara said and she doesn’t know how many times she rolled her eyes in annoyance as she heard Calli chuckled beside her.

“She’s stupid for not giving the most beautiful girl her attention.” Calli playfully said and Kiara look at her with a little tainted blush.

“Wanna watch a movie together?” Calli added, suggesting something with a little smile on her face that Kiara described as attractive.

“Sure.” Kiara simply replied, smiling back, happy that someone wants to do something with her.

“Great, let me put some clothes on and you go pick a movie.” Calli softly said as she pats Kiara’s shoulder before walking to her room to do her thing.

Chapter Text

Scenario 63
Amelia woke up really cold and she was shivering on her bed. She quickly pulls her blanket over her to cover herself and make herself warm.

It was still cold even though the blankets is thick. Suddenly, someone opened the door and closed it after so Amelia looked up to see her girlfriend with a tray on her hands.

“Good morning, baby.” Gura cooed with a grin on her face but Amelia stared at her with lidded eyes. Gura’s grin dropped and quickly put the tray on the bedside table.

“You okay?” Gura asked, sitting on the edge of the bed. Amelia stared at Gura and holds her hand and Gura widened her eyes, realizing that Amelia is warm.

“I’m cold, Gura.” Amelia finally spoke and Gura internally panicked so she quickly stood up, run down the stairs and get the basin, dipping the towel with the warm water. Gura gets back upstairs to Amelia. She put the warm towel on Amelia’s forehead who sighed. Gura smiled a bit, brushing her bangs away from her face.

“I’m going to stream for a bit, okay? I’ll be just right beside you.” Gura said and Amelia look at her before nodding her head as a yes.

Gura got up, set her laptop up, her camera and everything she needed for streaming. Gura started streaming by playing Minecraft as Amelia nuzzled on Gura’s waist. Gura knew she is going to have fever as well right after this day.

“Okay, let’s take a break for a while on building. Let me just read the comments first.” Gura said and she continued to read the comments out loud.

“Why Amelia isn’t here?”

“Yeah, we thought your going to collaborate with her.”

“Where’s your girlfriend?”

“She’s feeling a little sick. I took care of her and that’s why I am a little late on the stream.” Gura explained and take a glance on the sleeping Amelia but she was woken up.

“You have a girlfriend?”

“Can your girlfriend fight?” Gura chuckled as she saw some newcomers in the stream. Gura moved the camera to Amelia and Amelia saw it so she covered herself with the blankets, hiding away from the shrimps.

“Here’s the sick baby.” Gura teasingly cooed the sick girl as she tried to move the blanket away from Amelia but then Amelia sneezed on Gura’s hand…purposely, then Gura let out a really…loud, shrilling, girly scream.

Chapter Text

Scenario 64
Polka and Nene were invited with Lamy and Botan to go to the mall to watch the movie that Lamy has been waiting for it to be released. Of course, the two are excited. They wore their casual outdoor clothes before heading out the house. Botan’s really cool car is parked just in front of their house.

The two hopped inside the car and Botan drove off to the driveaway as Lamy scrolled down through some articles. After a few minutes of driving, they finally arrived at the mall.

They head inside the mall and got their tickets for the movie. Polka was squealing like an idiot as they sat to an unoccupied seat, waiting for the movie to start.

“I’m so excited!” Polka said in a hushed tone but she was over energized about the movie. Nene looks like down while looking at her girlfriend practically jumping on her seat.

“Babe, it’s Lamy who needed to be like this. Not you.” Nene pointed out but it doesn’t really matter though. Polka was quite excited about this movie as well, waiting like Lamy.

After the movie was over, they all walked out and from the distance, there was group of girls looking at Nene and giggling. Nene immediately looked at Polka, well, she knows how Polka is.

“Babe, I swear I don’t know them.” Nene said, and Polka looked at one of the girls who look at her as well, smiled at her. Polka smiled back, remembering the taste of her lips when she kissed her in the bathroom.

Chapter Text

Scenario 65
The Hololive’s Fantasy group was put into a dangerous mission. They needed to go to this such beautiful but is a dangerous place for everyone who ever steps in. And that’s why…the management put them into this situation. Well, these girls make people happy and now, their mission is to make their people safe.

“Are you sure we can really do this?” Pekora, the acting commander in their group, asked their management who’s in front of them with papers on her hand.

“Yes, with your teamwork, powers and trust with each other, I’m sure you’ll get back home in no time.” A-chan said like it was really that easy. Well, it isn’t…really.

“I’m not really convinced by that, A-Chan.” Rushia said, leaning back on her seat with her arms crossed on her chest, squinting on A-chan who sweat dropped a bit.

“Well, I trust that we’ll do this. We have each other.” Noel exclaimed, her hands clasped and Flare smiled at her girlfriend’s enthusiasm.

“Noel’s right. We gotta do this. For the people.” Flare said, taking Noel’s hands in hers, staring at their hands that both ring finger has couple rings.

“Then, we get back, I’m going to drink some beer. That’s our little deal.” Marine said, pumping her fist on her chest with her chin tilted up slightly.

“That’s a deal. Please, for the sake of everyone.” A-chan said and begged for the other two. Rushia sighed and Pekora just nodded in understanding. After an hour later, they are sent out to that paradise-like place. They got out of the woods and saw the light green plain fields, average trees and a waterfall just one hundred meters away from them.

“Wow…” Flare spoke her eyes widened at the wonderful place. There were butterflies and birds but Rushia wasn’t getting fooled by this joke. She quickly let out her black sword that has highlights of dark blue-green color on the middle. Pekora saw it and get her scroll out in case something ambushed them.

“Come on.” Noel said, getting her own weapon out. A mace weapon and a shield. Flare looked at her and nodded, getting small knives out, her own flames engulfing it. Marine shook her head, it isn’t the time for gaping at something so beautiful like this. Getting both of her blunderbuss from her hostel.

Suddenly, something emerged from the ground and it’s like Pekora knows about it. They fought it, surrounding the large body of it. They got thrown, get hurt, get wounded but the Holo Fantasy gets back stronger than they have been before.

They finally finished doing their job and gets back to their company, reporting everything happened. Flare somewhat felt bothered by Noel though but shrugged it off.

“Should we head out and have our dinner date, Fuu-tan?” Noel said, bending her body forward to Flare who quickly look away before she even get a glimpse of Noel’s cleavage.

“S-Sure.” Flare simply replied and Noel hugged Flare’s right arm as they made their way to a fancy restaurant. They ate and it was quieter than Flare had thought.

Two weeks have passed and as the whole Fantasy of Hololive were going to the mall, Noel was taking a peek at them from the dark alleyway. Her expression says it all. She’s all sad, hurt. She even saw her girlfriend, kissing that girl.

‘I know somebody that you could choose but…what about me?’ Noel thought to herself like she was talking to Flare. Deep down, she wants to meet them but they’ll put all the blame to her. Flare doesn’t know what her friends are planning though.

Because she now knows everything by inspecting her friends from the past two weeks. Her friends were just pretending to be fooled when they know that the Noel who’s with Flare right now is just Noel’s doppelganger.

Pekora, Rushia and Marine prefers the doppelganger Noel over the real Noel.

Chapter Text

Scenario 66
Mumei just got in class. Everyone is in their usual moods. Chatting while they laugh. Mumei doesn’t really have any friends in school so she is always by herself. Good thing, no one is bullying her for it.

Mumei unzips her bag and get something, putting it down her desk. Her sketchbook. She doesn’t really have a thing for it but it became her hobby when she’s stressed or just bored.

She gets her colored pencil markers. Mumei isn’t really a professional at art. She just trust it’s process by mindlessly sketching the line art of it. She made a big curve lines as the line of the jaw.

Then Mumei recklessly curve the lines for the front hair. She draw a smile, a small line for the nose and semi big circle as her eyes until her teacher arrived at the room. The teacher put her things down on her table.

“Okay, class. Let’s start the lesson.” The teacher said so everyone went to their seats as Mumei put her sketchbook and colored pencil markers away, putting it back to her bag.

While listening to the teacher discussing whatever it is, the class was interrupted by the knock on the door. Everyone’s attention went to the opening door, revealing the principal and a blonde woman. The blonde woman walked towards Mumei.

“Can you please come with us?” The detective asked as the principal gestured the teacher that they wanted to talk the student. Mumei nodded and calmly stood up. They took Mumei to an empty classroom and shut the door.

“I have some terrible news.” The principal started and Mumei snaps her head to look at the principal.

“What?” Mumei said, confused. She tilted her head a bit and raised both of her eyebrows.

“Your parents…died in a house fire this morning.” She said…the principal said in a soft voice. Mumei felt numb.

“Oh…” That was the only thing that Mumei let out as the principal sadly smiled at her. Mumei looked down at the floor.

“Were sorry for your loss.” The principal added, giving Mumei a gentle pat on her back. As Mumei was about to leave to go cry, the detective, Amelia Watson, gently grabbed her arm.

“But we know who killed them.” Amelia said and this caught Mumei’s attention too quick. Amelia pulled out an envelope and hand it to Mumei. The envelope was full of photos. It was photos of Mumei, circling around the house and squirting the gasoline out everywhere.

“Care to explain?”

Chapter Text

Scenario 67
Towa and Kanata are cuddling the living room. Kanata is sitting in between Towa’s legs as Towa’s arms are wrapped around Kanata’s torso while burying her face on Kanata’s neck.

“That tickles, Towa-chan!” Kanata said, giggling. She can feel the tips of Towa’s hair. Towa smiled against Kanata’s neck before lifting her head up only to rest her chin on Kanata’s shoulder.

“Sorry. I know your being nervous for tomorrow but let’s worry it when that day comes, okay?” Towa apologized and suggested. Kanata sighed before nodding her head.

The couple moved from the couch to their bedroom. All comfy with the bed their laying down. Towa gently put her hand on top of Kanata’s cheek, rubbing her thumb.
Kanata smiled at the affection Towa is giving her. Suddenly, she felt a peck on her forehead. Towa gets back to her original position, all red. She isn’t the type to usually give her friends or lover a kiss.

“Good night, Towa. I love you.” With that, the two fell asleep with each other’s embraces until the sun rises from the horizon. Today, Kanata is going to meet her girlfriend’s friends for the first time and that’s why she was nervous yesterday night.

“Don’t worry, they’ll love you.” Towa whispered and Kanata sighed. The doorbell ringed and Towa opened the door. Her friends sits in the living room, talking about something.

Kanata finally showed herself from the kitchen and go to the living room with two trays on both hands. Towa noticed this and quickly stood up to help her girlfriend. Both of them put it down on the coffee table.

“Guys, I’d like you to meet my girlfriend.” Towa said right after she cleared her throat. She gestured her hand to Kanata with a proud smile. All of her friends greeted her except for the light blue haired girl. She is sitting on the couch with her arms crossed, glaring at Kanata.

“Didn’t you date someone named Coco?” The light blue haired girl, namely, Hoshimachi Suisei, asked Kanata.

“Yeah, just for a little bit.” Kanata answered and Suisei scoffed, a little smile playing on her lips.

“Right. I just don’t understand how she mysteriously died after she broke up with you.” Suisei said when she stood up to whisper that to Kanata’s ear, leaning on her a bit.

“She obviously had nothing to do with it.” Towa who heard it, replied as she gently pushed Suisei away from Kanata.

“Right, love?” Towa added, facing Kanata now. She was completely wrong but Kanata nodded anyway.


Chapter Text

Scenario 68
Koyori got out of the mall’s store she was in. She bought some cosmetics or anything she wanted then look at her surroundings. It wasn’t really that crowded or cramp. Koyori looks at the paper bags she bought.

Koyori sighed to herself knowing that she is going to buy one more in another store. She wanted to buy some new clothes even though her wardrobe is going to explode with her clothes.

She got what she wanted. All her paychecks were thrown to the newly bought things and now her stomach is rumbling, meaning that Koyori is starving. Koyori ate a fast food chain before leaving the mall building. She was walking home when it suddenly started to rain. Koyori grumbled to herself as she left her umbrella in her house.

“But the forecast weather said it wouldn’t rain.” Koyori whined to herself while the raindrops are making wet. She pouted until a dark cloud covered her head.

Koyori was confused then she looked up and noticed a tall, cute girl courteously covering her umbrella over Koyori’s head. She was kind of thankful though. The tall and cute girl has a blonde hair that is tied up in a ponytail. She has these beautiful blue-sky eyes. The girl looks at her.

“Don’t want you getting wet…” The girl said, winking at Koyori who has a tainted blush on her cheeks.