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Hololive Short Stories

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Scenario 68
Koyori got out of the mall’s store she was in. She bought some cosmetics or anything she wanted then look at her surroundings. It wasn’t really that crowded or cramp. Koyori looks at the paper bags she bought.

Koyori sighed to herself knowing that she is going to buy one more in another store. She wanted to buy some new clothes even though her wardrobe is going to explode with her clothes.

She got what she wanted. All her paychecks were thrown to the newly bought things and now her stomach is rumbling, meaning that Koyori is starving. Koyori ate a fast food chain before leaving the mall building. She was walking home when it suddenly started to rain. Koyori grumbled to herself as she left her umbrella in her house.

“But the forecast weather said it wouldn’t rain.” Koyori whined to herself while the raindrops are making wet. She pouted until a dark cloud covered her head.

Koyori was confused then she looked up and noticed a tall, cute girl courteously covering her umbrella over Koyori’s head. She was kind of thankful though. The tall and cute girl has a blonde hair that is tied up in a ponytail. She has these beautiful blue-sky eyes. The girl looks at her.

“Don’t want you getting wet…” The girl said, winking at Koyori who has a tainted blush on her cheeks.