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Test Run

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The cold winds of November blew across the road, scattering the leaves away in a wave of earthy colors. The early afternoon sun was out and shining brightly, but despite that, the air still had a chilly crispness that stung exposed skin. Hence why Amelia and Gura both made sure to wear coats as they stepped out of their apartment complex. There was a row of cars parked outside of the building, and they were quickly making their way to one, trying to get out of the cold as soon as possible.

“You got it in all right?” Gura asked as they stepped up to a rundown Toyoda, its red paint wearing with age. She lifted up her cellphone, already set to the proper app, her heart beating in eager anticipation.

“Yes, it’s – ah!” Amelia staggered to the driver side door, gripping the top of the car as she bit her bottom lip, “G – Gura! We just g – got out the door!”

Gura’s finger flicked across the screen of the cellphone, and Amelia let out a sigh of relief, “Just checking to make sure it works.”

“I can’t believe you talked me into doing this…” Amelia muttered, cheeks flushed from the cold as she unlocked the door and stepped into the car.

“Hey, you said you wanted to do it – don’t pin this on me!” Gura pointed the cellphone at Amelia warningly as she got into the passenger seat, tossing a few papers into the backseats, not particularly caring where they landed.

Amelia breathed out a sigh, and turned the keys, the car’s engine roaring to life. “You could’ve talked me out of it.”

“And miss out on this? Hell no. This is hot as hell.”

“Remember, you said I could do this to you too at some point.” Amelia grumbled. She put the car in reverse, getting out of their parking spot, but suddenly slammed on the brakes, “GURA!”

“Sorry!” Gura flicked the phone again, “I won’t do it again!”

“Not while I’m driving! God, you could get us into an accident!”

“I’ll just keep it on low.” Gura gently raised her thumb again, and Amelia grimaced, her grip on the steering wheel tightening as a low thrum hummed in the air.

“You’re going to torture me like this all day, aren’t you?” Amelia asked, her eyes closed as her legs squeezed together, and her thighs especially rubbed together softly.

“You better believe it.” Gura replied with an absolutely innocent laugh, with no underlining menace whatsoever, “We were going to get lunch first, right? Then we’ll go clothes shopping like you wanted.” Her tail swished behind her, though it was limited due to the seat. It did nothing, however, to detract from her looking like an excited puppy.

“Food first, got it.” Amelia swallowed, and unclenched her thighs as she put the car into drive and stepped on the gas. The car lurched forward, and Gura had some restraint at least, not tapping on her phone the entire drive.


Amelia took off her coat and hung it over her chair, exposing her outfit for all to see. It wasn’t anything special, she wasn’t dressed up ready to go to a five-star restaurant or anything, but she thought it was fine enough. She allowed Gura to pick what to wear that day, and of course she picked a low-cut black shirt, showing off a rather generous amount of cleavage. If she shifted too much, it would show off her bra, so she had to sit particularly still. She also wore denim shorts, which again, were a little too short for her liking, especially considering the cold air.

Gura conversely was even less dressed-up than Amelia, deciding to just wear frilly blouse and some blue jeans. It looked good enough – anything she wore looked good – but Amelia had a hard time focusing on that, since she was gripping the side of the table in a white knuckled grip.

“Gura…” She hissed, her foot taping the ground rapidly, “Now?”

“What’s the fun if I don’t play around with it?” Gura asked with a huge grin crossing her face.

Amelia had to swallow down her moan, her eyes nearly rolled into the back of her head, but she quickly closed them and leaned forward, hiding her face in her hands as she began to twitch like crazy. It soon let up, and Amelia let out a small sigh of relief, removing her head from her hands, and noticing that a waiter was standing right there, ready to take their orders.

She shakily picked up her menu – it was Italian food – and looked through trying to decide what to get, “Um…” It was honestly hard to focus, especially when her eyes were glued to the phone in Gura’s hand, ready to brace herself if the Atlantean flicked her thumb upwards. “Spaghetti,” She finally replied, her mind still a bit too much of a mess to focus properly, “I’ll have that. Gura, what would you like?”

“Hm, let’s see.” Mercifully, Gura set the phone down, so Amelia breathed out a relaxed sigh, her shoulders slumping forward.

Gura ordered her food shortly after, and then they went back to their little staring contest. Gura’s hand hovered over the phone, and she raised her brow, “How you feeling, Watson?”

“Hard to think right now,” She admitted, “I’m um, kind of really freaking turned on.”

Gura inhaled deeply at the admission, “Ah… Are you becoming a bit of an exhibitionist?”

“Not at all,” Amelia grumbled, “Just doing something insane like this in public just really adds a little something.”

Their conversation lulled off to a comfortable if tense silence, and Amelia cooled down particularly well during it, since Gura had yet to touch her phone. When their food arrived, they simply ate in silence, and again, Gura was mercifully keeping her hands off of the phone. The food was nice, good even, and once Amelia cooled down a bit, she enjoyed it.

As the waiter came by Amelia raised her hand, “Hey, can we get our ch – AH!” She jumped in her seat, and her eyes darted over to Gura to see the phone in her hands again, and that damn smirk on her face.

“Ma’am?” The waiter looked concerned.

“Um,” Amelia tried to think of words, but Gura wasn’t letting up, leaving the damn thing on full blast. “Ch – Check, p – p – please.” She whimpered, closing her eyes and hoping the man would just go the fuck away.

“Of course…” The waiter eyed her warily, but went to do as she asked.

“How ya feeling, Watson?” Gura asked.

“G – Goodaaahh.” She moaned, slapping her hand over her face as her cheeks lit up. Gura’s eyes danced in amusement, and her thumb went up and down, up and down, over and over again on the phone. She never took it down far enough to turn the damn thing off, and the constant change in power of it was making Amelia go cross-eyed.

“Your check, ma’am.” The waiter came back, still eyeing her warily, “Are you ok, ma’am?”

“F – Fine.” Amelia whispered, “Here…” She opened her purse, and shakily pulled out some bills, trying not to make any noises as the waiter stood there. She miraculously managed to pay the bill in full, and she stood up abruptly, “We’re going to go, have a n – niiice day.” She staggered towards the door, using the wall to hold herself upright.

“Thanks for the food!” Gura told the man, giving a happy little wave as she followed Amelia out of the building.

Out in the parking lot now, Amelia allowed herself to kneel, squeezing her thighs together again. With no one around, she allowed herself to let out some whimpering moans, still holding back from letting them out fully though, just in case.

“Ame? You want me to drive?” Gura asked, flicking her thumb down, but again, not all of the way.

“I’m going to cum if you keep this up,” Amelia’s voice was strained.

Gura laughed, but finally flicked her thumb all the way downward, shutting off the device for now. “Wouldn’t want that, would we?”

“Are you seriously going to blue ball me?” Amelia whined, looking up at the approaching Atlantean, “Let me cum, holy fuck.”

“Out in the parking lot of some restaurant? Hell no, we can do better than that.”

“Gura…” Amelia whined, but she shakily returned to her feet, her legs wobbling like a newborn fawn, “You’re so cruel.”

“I know,” Gura replied, putting her phone in her pocket, and helping Amelia to the car, “Now we need to go clothes shopping, right?”

“Yeah, better add some new underwear to that list while we’re at it.”

Gura just laughed, helping Amelia into the passenger seat, while she went over to the driver’s seat, “Got it captain, you just cool down over there, all right? HEY! No, touching yourself!” She swatted Amelia’s hands away from her shorts, “Don’t break the rules!”

“Fuck.” Amelia breathed out, smacking her head against the headrest, “This is fucking torture.”


The store Gura drove them to was just a standard retail chain all across the country. Nothing fancy, and the massive parking lot was thankfully mostly empty, so they could park relatively close to the front. It was midweek at least, so that was perhaps why it wasn’t so busy, and it was still fairly early in the day, so most people weren’t off work quite yet to go shopping. It was a perfect situation for them. Gura parked the car, and they both got out, heading to the building.

“Cooled down now?” Gura asked Amelia as they wandered around for a bit. They were going in the general direction of the women’s clothing section, but stopped to look at some clearance racks along the way.

“Kind of.”

“Only kind of?”

“You try to stay calm with this thing inside of you, and we’ll see how well you do.” Amelia grumbled. Her eyes were glued to Gura’s phone when the shorter girl brought it out.

A low thrum sounded, though it was hard to hear over the early Christmas music playing. Amelia let out a long sigh, gripping the shirt she’d been looking at a little tighter, she closed her eyes, and just focused on her breathing.

“Come on, lets go get you some clothes.”

“Yeah, right…” Amelia gripped Gura’s arm a little too tightly, and stiffly walked at her side, letting out a soft whimper every once in a while.

The woman’s clothing department was massive, and there were a few women wandering around looking at things. Amelia let out a whimper seeing them, and bit her bottom lip, trying to be inconspicuous, trying not to draw attention to herself. Her grip on Gura tightened, and Gura just looked back with that damn amused smile.

“What was it you wanted to buy?” Gura asked smugly.

Amelia swallowed, and stood straighter on shaking feet. “This way I – I think.” She let go of Gura’s arm, and started to make her way through the department.

She didn’t actually know where to go, she just had to start moving, but it was a difficult task considering the endless vibrations. The urge to just forgo public decency and find a secluded little corner so she could unbutton her shorts and stick her fingers in herself was growing increasingly stronger, especially since Gura just kept playing with the damn phone. In fact, she was about to just ask Gura if they could head into the bathroom and just finish it when an employee walked over.

“Are you finding everything all right?” She asked Amelia with a sweet smile. She was wearing a professional looking blouse and skirt, and Amelia had to blink a few tears out of her eyes to see her clearly. She was so close to coming that she could hardly focus.

“F – Fine…” Amelia muttered.

“Actually,” Gura spoke up, “She’s looking for some new shirts – her dog slobbered over the one at home.”

“GURA.” Amelia hissed; her eyes alight.

“Certainly,” The woman said, her eyes darting between the two of them in confusion, “I could lead you to them if you’d like?”

“Please.” Gura replied happily.

Amelia took a deep breath, “Y – Yeah… Ok, t – take us.”

The walk was agonizingly slow for Amelia, especially with Gura constantly raising and lowering the speeds. She’d manage to walk normally for a second, and then she’d stumble as Gura set the device to high, and she’d throw her arm out to steady herself on a nearby rack. Her legs shook uncontrollably until Gura relented and lowered the speed, and then she’d follow the employee again. If the woman they were following had any questions, she was doing an admirable job of not showing it, and she just guided them in an awkward silence.

“Here they are,” she said, leading to a massive area with dozens of racks of shirts and other such things. “They’re separated by brand – you can check out the signs atop of them, and if you look over here, we have the items on sale.”

“Thank you,” Amelia squeaked, Gura had set the damn thing on high again, and she darted her arm out and grabbed a nearby rack again to stabilize herself, “T – T – That will… be…”


Gura wasn’t turning the damn thing down, and drool was dripping out the side of her mouth. She tried to formulate a response, to tell the woman to go away, but when she opened her mouth, she just gasped instead. She clenched her teeth together and pursed her lips to hold in the moans that threatened to come out, beads of sweat dripped down her forehead, and her footing faltered, she leaned heavily against the rack, knocking aside some of the shirts, tossing them to the ground.

“Are you all right? Ma’am?” The employee was considerably worried now, she glanced to Gura, who just held her phone up casually, smiling, “Is there something wrong with your friend?”

“She should be fine,” Gura replied, “Thank you for your help, I’ll handle it from here.”

The woman glanced back to Amelia, who was struggling to stay upright, making various little gasps and moans, and she decided that she really didn’t get paid enough for this. She eyed Amelia warily, “Alright then…”

“T – Th – Thank y – yooooahhhh~!” Amelia let out a loud moan, her eyes rolled back, and she fell to her knees, her legs twitching uncontrollably, “Ah! Ahh, oh my god, fuck…”

Gura turned off the device with her phone, watching the attendant rushing off with a bright red face, and she kneeled next to Amelia, “Feeling good?”

“Ah… I – ah – can’t believe… You – You made me cum in front of – of someone…”

“Sorry, but that was sexy as hell,” She helped Amelia to her feet, but when she let go, Amelia just collapsed into her, “Amelia?”

“You’ve been edging me for like two hours,” Amelia grumbled, “Give me like five minutes… Let me hold you, ok?”

Gura chuckled, “Yeah, ok.” She looked at the phone, and Amelia swatted at her hand limply, “Eh?”

“Don’t you dare turn the fucking thing on yet.” She growled, “Five. Minutes.”

“Alright, alright.” Gura lowered the phone, and put it in her pocket, “There, out of sight, out of mind, yeah?”

Amelia let out a shuddered breath, “Good.”

They just awkwardly stood together, holding one another in the middle of the store. Amelia was still shaking, but Gura made sure to hold her up – it was easy with her Atlantean strength after all. People glanced their way as they walked by, but a quick glare from Gura sent them away. A few minutes later, Amelia was feeling steadier on her feet, and they left the store without buying anything. The woman who’d helped them watched them steadily, and as they left, she turned to her co-worker.

“You wouldn’t believe what they were doing…” She muttered to her friend.


Amelia grunted in the passenger seat, Gura literally only gave her a moment of respite after her orgasm, and was already playing with the phone again. She panted and clawed at her shorts, it still felt way too sensitive right now, almost painfully so. “Fucking hell…” She whined, biting her bottom lip and bucking her hips, “Gura! Fucking – you - !”

“Yeah?” Gura had her eyes on the road and one hand on the steering wheel, the other playing with the phone.

“K – Keep your damn eyes on the road.” She grimaced as the car swerved very slightly, “D – damnit. Where are you even going?”

“The park,” Gura replied, the car turning down a long and winding road, “Figured we could take a little walk.”

“When it’s t – this – fucking c – co - fuck!” She bucked her hips again, “T – turn that thing d – down I – if you’re going to talk to m – me~.” Tears were at the corners of her eyes, “Oh fuck…”

“I like hearing you like this,” Gura said as she turned the car into an almost empty lot. There were only a handful of other vehicles around, undoubtedly due to the cold air. There were of course a few people out an about, a person walking along a trail with their dog, another woman with some children who were running around the playground like little insane minions.

“Fuck off,” Amelia grunted.

Gura flicked her thumb downward again, and Amelia let out a soft sigh, “Come on, just a little walk? And then we can go home.”

“You’re a sadist,” Amelia mumbled, but she followed Gura’s lead and unbuckled her seatbelt.

“And you’re a masochist. Admit it, you love this.” Gura got out of the car and slammed her door shut, casually flipping the phone in her arms, her sharp teeth pulled back into a crooked grin.

Amelia stumbled out of the car, and shut the door behind her. She didn’t even give Gura an answer, instead she motioned for her to come over, waving her hand, “Well, c – come on.”

The walk – if it could even be called that – was a brief affair. Amelia staggered beside Gura, who was busy messing with the phone, adjusting the settings of the device on the fly. It lasted for all of five minutes, they got maybe twenty yards down the path, where Amelia was struggling not to come again in public, and she kneeled where she stood, right in the middle of the path.

“Ame?” Gura walked over.

Amelia glanced up, and looked around manically, her eyes landing on an old wooden bathroom. There were two sides, one for men, the other for women, and Amelia gripped Gura’s arm tightly, painfully so, “We’re going in there.” Amelia growled, “NOW.”

“Uh, sure thing.” Gura agreed, and allowed herself to be dragged over by Amelia. Amelia nearly tripped when Gura adjusted the settings again, but in a swift movement, Amelia’s hand darted over and grabbed the phone out of her hand, “Hey!”

“We’re done with this.” Amelia turned it off, and marched the rest of the way into the bathroom. It appeared that the restroom had been renovated recently, the stalls looked brand new, and the sinks were a nice white sheen, with new mirrors installed above them. The door closed all the way too, and there was a pleasant heat, the heater worked just fine at least.

Once the door was fully shut, Amelia didn’t waste any time, and she quickly unbuttoned her shorts, and pulled them down. She reached into her panties, and pulled out a pink vibrator. It was covered in her slick, and she groaned as it slid out of her, but once it was out, she dropped it and just slammed into Gura backing her into a wall, their lips meeting in a fierce kiss. Her hips bucked against Gura’s thighs, begging for any friction, and her arms held Gura in a death grip.

Gura lifted Amelia up, and took several steps and just placed her ass right on the sink. She deepened the kiss, and felt Amelia’s legs wrapping around her waist. The Atlantean’s hands snaked their way down Amelia’s slender waist, gently across her smooth skin, and down further still. Amelia’s slit was absolutely soaked, and her fingers gently rubbed up and down several times.

“Fucking stop teasing me.” Amelia grunted, thrusting her hips forward, trying to bury Gura’s fingers into her, she sighed when Gura obliged, “Oh my god…”

“Fuck you’re so wet, Ame.” Gura whispered hoarsely to her, “You’re so hot.”

Amelia shrugged her coat off, sweat gleaned in the limited light of the bathroom, dripping down her brow as Gura continued pumping into her in a slow rhythm. Her chest bounced as Gura began to gently sway her hips in time with each thrust of her fingers. “K – Keep going,” Amelia whined, a needy gasp escaping her lips each time Gura buried her fingers in her.

Amelia reached down and touched her swollen clit, and she let out another whiny and loud gasp. Gura’s lips met hers again, and the Atlantean swallowed her needy whines, her grunts and groans were muffled, spittle dripped down her jaw, her chest heaved up and down in heavy breaths, and she toyed with her clit, rubbing it meticulously around her fingers, her pace quickening as Gura’s fingers began to speed up at the same time.

It didn’t take long to come to an orgasm, and this time she didn’t have to hold back. She cried out, her head falling back and painfully hitting the mirror behind her. Gura kept pumping into her even as her muscles convulsed, and kept pulsating as the orgasm went on and on. Her vision blanked out – over two hours of build-up, in addition to already coming once before at the store took its toll on her, and her entire body felt like it was shutting down.

“Ame?” Gura whispered, her voice tinted with a husky edge that made Amelia’s core tingle. She pulled out her fingers, eliciting a whine from Amelia.

“F – fuck…” Amelia gasped, “Holy fuck.”

“Feel good?”

“I – I don’t think I’ve ever come that hard,” She admitted, blinking the spots out of her eyes, “Holy shit.”

Gura lifted her weight off of Amelia, but let out a startled cry when Amelia nearly slid right off of the sink to the floor. It was only her quick reflexes that caught her in time, “Ame!”

“I – I can’t feel my legs.” She admitted, wrapping her arms around Gura, “Carry me?”

“Uh… I guess.”

The stench of sweat and sex was thick in the air, and the sink itself was bent a little crooked from them putting their full body weight against it. A part of Gura was thankful that it didn’t fall entirely, but another more reasonable part of her mind was mortified that they damaged it in the first place. She shook aside her thoughts, and looked back to Amelia, who was still practically a limp doll in her grasp.

“Can you get your shorts back on?” Gura asked, she reached down and noticed that Amelia’s panties were soaked, and she didn’t envy the poor girl having to put it back on. Maybe they should have bought some earlier.

“Yeah…” Amelia swallowed thickly, a bit more life returning to her dulled gaze, “Um, hold me up, please?”

Gura helped keep her upright as she wiggled her butt getting her shorts back on, and a part of Gura really wanted to slap her ass, but now really wasn’t the time.

“Did we seriously just do this in a public bathroom?” Amelia asked, buttoning up her shorts. She grabbed her coat from the sink she draped it over, and then grabbed the vibrator too, putting it in a coat pocket to be cleaned later.

“Yeah, we did.” Gura replied, “Uhm… We should get the fuck out of here. It’s pretty obvious what we did.”

Amelia let out a mortified laugh, “Y – yeah…”

They rushed out, Amelia could mostly walk on her own two feet now, and they made it to the car with no incidents. Once in the vehicle, Gura let out a sigh, “Well. I’d call that a successful test run.”

Amelia hummed her agreement, “Ready for your turn?”

“Next week, same time?” Gura asked.

“It’s a date.”