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I Rosita, You Wynonna

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Wynonna walks up to the door and tries the handle - locked.  She scowls as she rings the bell.  Jeez, walk in on the horndogs once, twice...five times and they start locking you out!  She thinks back to the last time she came over unannounced.  She let herself in as usual and found Waverly bent over the back of the couch with Nicole behind her.  Oblivious as usual, she didn’t even realize what she had really walked in on until she saw the blanket that Nicole had hastily wrapped around herself tenting out from the strap-on between her legs.  

Wynonna had started laughing outrageously as Nicole’s face turned as red as her hair and she rushed to the bedroom.  Waverly pushed a still laughing Wynonna out of the house, grabbing the key quickly from her hand, and slamming and locking the door in her face.

So now I have to wait outside to be let in like some sort of peasant.   She reaches up to lay on the doorbell, startled when the door opens to reveal a gorgeous brunette standing in the doorway.  Wynonna is struck dumb for a moment, her eyes running up and down the woman standing before her.  She takes a step back to check the numbers on the house before shaking herself out of it.  “Who the hell are you?”

The brunette leans against the door.  “I’m Rosita.”

Wynonna pushes her way into the house.  “What are you doing in my baby sister’s house?  Is she here?  You and Haught Pocket better not be screwing around behind her back!”

Rosita closes the door and steps in front of her.  “Nicole and Waverly are in their office, working.”

Wynonna looks at the closed office door.  “Uh huh, ‘working’.”  She mimes air quotes as she starts walking past Rosita towards the office.  “Well, I just gotta talk to her for a sec.”

Rosita steps in front of her again, blocking her way.  “They are not to be disturbed until lunch.”

Wynonna shrugs.  “It’s noon somewhere.”

“Yes, but not here.  It’s in 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 34 seconds.”  She points away from the office and Wynonna turns around and follows her towards the kitchen.   

Well, that was oddly specific.  “So what’s your deal?  What are you doing in their house?”

Rosita returns to putting away the dishes from breakfast.  “I cook for Nicole and Waverly.  Keep the house clean.  And keep them on schedule.”

Huh, didn’t know they made enough money to have a housekeeper and cook!   She sits down and puts her feet on the table.  “Well, since I’m stuck here, do you know where Waves keeps the good whiskey?  Not the swill I serve to the people in town.  Their unsophisticated pallets could never appreciate it.”  Rosita reaches into the back of a cabinet and pulls down a bottle and glass and sets in front of Wynonna, pushing her feet off the table as she walks away.  Wynonna sits back up with a smirk.  “You wanna join me?”

Rosita continues her work.  “I don’t drink.”

Wynonna pours herself a glass.  “More for me then.”  She takes a long drink.  “So, Rosie, what do you do when you’re not taking care of Waves and Haught Stuff?”

“When I’m not working, I spend my time in the closet.”

Wynonna’s face softens.  “Oh, hey, that sucks.  But you don’t have to hide anything from me.  I’m stuck watching Nicole look at Waves like she’s the cherry on her hot fudge sundae, so I’m used to it.  And I can’t say I haven’t taken a trip or two to the Isle of Lesbos during my world travels.”  When Rosita turns to look at her, Wynonna throws her a half-smile and a wink.  “Maybe I can take you there sometime.”

Rosita shrugs.  “Sure, whatever.”

Wynonna looks at her, eyes wide.  Damn, with that kind of attitude...she may just be my soulmate!   She shakes her head.  “So, what are we having for lunch?”

Rosita lifts an eyebrow at her.  “We?”

“Yeah.  I still have to talk to Waves, so I guess I’m sticking around for a while..”

“I am reheating some chili that I made a few days ago along with some cornbread.”

“Hope it’s better than the stuff from the Chili cookoff of ‘09.”  She mutters.  “But sounds delish.  Wonder how they stay in such great shape, eating like that.”

“They work out a lot.”

Wynonna looks at her in surprise.  “Really?”

Rosita responds with a straight face.  “Yes, I hear them exercising in their room all the time.  Heavy breathing, lots of grunting…”

Wynonna waves her hands at her.  “Stop, stop, stop!  I get it!”  She starts laughing and shaking her head.  “Geez, Rosie!  ‘Exercising’!  Good one!”

A dryer buzzer goes off in the hallway.  Rosita walks out of the kitchen.  Wynonna drains her glass and follows.  Rosita pulls some sheets and blankets out of the dryer and heads into the spare bedroom.  Wynonna leans against the doorframe, watching while Rosita remakes the bed.  She bends over to tuck the blanket under the mattress and Wynonna tilts her head and lets out a small groan.  Rosita turns her head to look at her.  “Can I help you?”

“Just admiring the view.”  She gestures at the bed with her head.  “Unless you’re offering.”

Rosita looks at the bed and back at Wynonna.  “Sure, whatever.”

Wynonna is slightly taken aback.  “Wait?  Seriously?”  

Rosita shrugs.  “If that’s what you want, it’s fine with me.”

Wynonna quickly steps into the room and closes the door.  “What about Waverly and Nicole?  What about lunch?”

Rosita tilts her head.  “I have time.  It’s not noon yet and it shouldn’t take very long.”

Wynonna saunters up to her.  “So cocky.  Pretty sure of yourself, huh?”  Rosita grabs the back of Wynonna’s head and pulls her into a hard, fast kiss before releasing her.  Wynonna stumbles back slightly.  “Yeah, okay.  Well deserved cockiness.”  She grabs Rosita by the hips and pulls her back into another longer kiss.

Rosita grabs Wynonna’s shirt and pulls it up and off.  She follows suit with her bra.  Wynonna reaches for Rosita’s shirt but Rosita slaps her hand away.  “Mine stay on.”

Wynonna puts up her hands in surrender.  Rosita pushes her pants and underwear down, leaving Wynonna completely naked in front of her.  She turns them around and pushes Wynonna roughly onto the bed before crawling on top of her, fusing their lips together once more.

Rosita begins a slow journey down, leaving open-mouthed kisses in her wake.  She takes her time licking and sucking at Wynonna’s breasts while trailing her hand down between her legs.  Wynonna runs her hand through Rosita’s hair, tugging lightly to move her to her neglected breast.  

Rosita’s hand runs through her slit, collecting the moisture found there. She makes a few more passes before suddenly thrusting two fingers deep inside of Wynonna and rubbing her clit with her thumb.  Wynonna grabs a pillow and pulls it over her face to drown out her moans and grabs onto the headboard to ground herself.

Rosita nips all around the breast still near her mouth as she vibrates her fingers that are inside Wynonna.  Wynonna arches her back sharply and Rosita loses her rhythm for a moment before thrusting back in, her fingers brushing against the front walls of Wynonna’s pussy.  

Rosita moves back up, pushing the pillow away from Wynonna’s face and connecting their lips once again.  She speeds up the vibrations in her thumb on Wynonna’s clit and swallows down her screams as she feels her walls clench around her thrusting fingers.  She slows her movements, allowing Wynonna to come down from her orgasm slowly, before withdrawing completely and sitting up on the bed next to Wynonna.

Wynonna gasps for air, her body still trembling.  “Damn!  How?  I can’t…”  Her breath evens out and she reaches over and puts a hand on Rosita’s leg.  “That”  She turns onto her side and runs her hand up and down Rosita’s thigh.  “Your turn?”

Rosita shakes her head.  “I’m fine.  Are you now satisfied sexually?”

Wynonna’s eyes open wide before settling back and giving her a smoldering look.  “If that’s what you can do with your fingers, I’d love to see what that wicked tongue of yours can do.”  She spreads her legs in invitation with a smirk and grabs the headboard once more.  

Rosita nods once, “sure, whatever”, before lying back down with her head between Wynonna’s legs.


Nicole is sitting at her desk, reading through a case file.  She closes it and puts a sticky note on the outside that says “Translate pls.  XO” and sets it on the corner of Waverly’s new desk, which is right next to her own.  Waverly saves the purchase order for Chearp Robotics that she is working on and picks up the file, opening a new document on her computer so she can type in the translation.  

They both freeze and look up when they hear the first thump against the wall.  They look at each other in confusion.  Nicole shrugs.  “Maybe Rosita tripped?”

Waverly rolls her eyes.  “She’s a robot.  She doesn’t ‘trip’.”  They hear another thud followed by a deep moan.  “Oh God, Rosie, don’t stop!  I’m coming!”  Their eyes shoot open in surprise.

“Was that…?”  Nicole questions.

“Wynonna?!?”  Waverly lets out with a squeak.  “Oh crap!  She doesn’t know.”

She jumps up and starts for the door when Nicole grabs her wrist.  “What if we just don’t tell her?”

Waverly glares at her.  “Niccoole!”  She pulls away and heads for the door.  Nicole stands up to follow her.

They walk into the hallway just as the bedroom door opens and Rosita walks out of the room and past them towards the kitchen.

Nicole watches her before saying in a loud whisper, “Think she’s going to wash her hands before she makes lunch?”

Waverly turns, slapping her lightly on the chest, and Nicole shrugs with a small smirk.  She walks over to lean against the open bedroom doorframe, crossing her arms, while Nicole stands just out of sight but not earshot.

Wynonna is still laying in bed, chest heaving as she catches her breath, eyes closed.  Waverly clears her throat and Wynonna’s eyes snap open.  “Oh...hi...Baby Girl…”  She gasps as she tries to nonchalantly cover herself with a sheet.  “I’d get up to give you a hug, but I kinda can’t move.”

Waverly lifts an eyebrow and her lip turns up in a very small smirk, but she stays quiet.

“So, I met Rosita.”  Wynonna states obviously.  “Have you ever…?  No, you’ve got HaughtPants.  But, seriously, I think I’m numb.  That woman!  The things she can do with her fingers?  It’s not natural.  And her tongue?”  She shivers as a tiny aftershock runs through her body from the memory.  “She…”

“‘S a robot.”  Waverly states bluntly.

Wynonna looks at her sharply.  “Well, she’s a bit cold and snarky but that’s kinda harsh.”

Waverly looks at her pointedly and gestures with her arm towards the kitchen.  “No, Wynonna.  She’s. A. Robot.”

Wynonna leans up on her elbows, the sheet falling to her waist, as she looks past Waverly.  “Huh.”  She looks back at her sister, raising an eyebrow.  “Think I can borrow her?”

“I think you just did, Earp.”  Nicole says loudly before heading for the kitchen.  Waverly opens and closes her mouth for a moment before shaking her head at Wynonna and turning to follow Nicole.

Wynonna drops back onto the bed.  “Wow!’

~The End~